by Carl, 07/15/2013, 8:39 PM

I don’t own a TV box, and although I could find it, I rarely watch breaking news on television. But judging from my twitter feed, the coverage of the reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict was infused with the assumption that riots would happen, and surprised that they didn’t.

Obviously, first and foremost the problem with this is the dehumanizing nature of it. It treats the black (and other, to the extent they’re acknowledged) folks who would protest this verdict as simply violence just waiting to happen. It certainly doesn’t give voice to the actual reason people were out to describe the level of violence.

Now sure, it’s more complex than just that. This has something to do with media sensationalism in general. Here on May Day even before some smashed windows, the story of some anarchists overshadowed much larger peaceful protests for immigration reform.

And it all adds up to a disincentive to participate. Don’t go to that march, it might be violent.

12 Responses to “Peaceful”

1. Troll spews:

IDK, I’ve been reading the New Black Panther Party Twitter feed. I believe they represent the average black person. And they don’t seem to be advocating peace.

They are saying now is the time to stand up and fight back. That there are no good crackers. And that all white people have a little bit of Hitler in them.

2. No Time for Fascists spews:

Troll, You are so funny. I am rolling on the ground, in tears, by your pathetic attempts to race bait. You should take your act on the road. You are hilarious! Do some more, do some more! Don’t stop. It’s TOO funny!

3. Roger Rabbit spews:

I always figured jurors would talk, and thanks to juror B37 (she who hopes to become a millionaire from a book deal), we now know what the first vote was:

Murder – 1 juror
Manslaughter – 2 jurors
Acquittal – 3 jurors

Juror B37 told Anderson Cooper that Zimmerman “shouldn’t have gotten out of that car.” Duh. Why were 3 jurors confused about this?

4. Roger Rabbit spews:

Former state Rep. Kip Tokuda has died.

5. Roger Rabbit spews:

Buried on the front page of the Sunday Times was a story about “a fundamental change in training the state’s future police officers.” It explained,

“Breaking years of tradition, the academy has shifted away from fashioning warriors in a military mold. Instead, the academy’s goal is to train ‘guardians’ of communities. ‘This is not about preparing soldiers to go to war. It’s a different role,’ said Sue Rahr, the former King County sheriff who last year took over as executive director of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, which runs the academy. … [T]he instruction also included an increased emphasis on expressing empathy, following constitutional requirements and treating citizens with respect and dignity.”

Roger Rabbit Commentary: Yay for this! Also, I think police departments should be careful about hiring recently-discharged military folks. I’m not saying don’t hire them, but make sure they understand police work isn’t soldiering. All across America, police departments have become too militarized, and it’s showing up in police shootings (sometimes of innocent people) and violent, brutal, military-style attacks against protesters — here in America, people DO have a right to assemble, speak, and petition the government with their grievances! Too many of our cops seem to have forgotten that.

6. Roger Rabbit spews:

The Second Amendment only gives people a right to carry guns. It doesn’t give them a right to use them.

7. EvergreenRailfan spews:

4)I think he was the firat statw rep I voted for. 37 th District. I met him once when he was doorbelling, and saw him in action from the gallery. It was just after my high school had won the state title, and he joked that we should give Cleveland a chance. We did, they scored on us next year. He was a graduate of Cleveland High School.

8. Roger Rabbit spews:

It appears Juror B37 was the dominating personality on the jury who engineered George Zimmerman’s acquittal — and now aims to profit handsomely from her jury service. She says she believes Zimmerman’s “heart was in the right place” the night he shot Martin and that she believed “from the start” he was not guilty. At least three of the other jurors wanted to find him guilty of either murder or manslaughter, according to what Juror B37 told Anderson Cooper.

9. wharfrat spews:

@8 Does this suggest grounds for a mistrial? If we have an allegedly neutral juror now stating that she thought “from the start” that he was not guilty how does that square with her answers about listening to evidence, etc?

10. Deathfrogg spews:

Yeppers, Them neegroze sure is violent.

Lester Chambers, formerly of the Chambers Brothers.

attacked on stage.

11. Deathfrogg spews:

Meh, stupid HTML thingy.

12. N in Seattle spews:


I always figured jurors would talk, and thanks to juror B37 (she who hopes to become a millionaire from a book deal), we now know what the first vote was:

Murder – 1 juror
Manslaughter – 2 jurors
Acquittal – 3 jurors

Roger, you’re a lawyer. Does the above mean that the three alternatives were mutually exclusive? That it was not permissible to convict on both murder and manslaughter?

Or are you saying that the question being answered on the initial vote was “what’s the maximum charge on which you would convict?”, in which case I presume that the murder-juror would also have convicted on manslaughter.