Pacific NW Portal gets even better

From the day it was launched, Pacific Northwest Portal instantly became a must-have bookmark for anybody interested in perusing progressive news and views from the Pacific Northwest. The Portal aggregates feeds from dozens of blogs in Washington, Oregon and Idaho (including yours truly,) and serves as a one-stop-shop for progressive news and information resources.

Andrew at the NW Progressive Institute has been hard at work making the portal even better, including a new Highlights section and the addition of fourteen new blogs, for 106 in all. You can read about the changes on the NW Progressive Blog… which by the way, has received some significant updates of its own.

As TJ points out, Andrew has posted a diary about Pacific NW Portal to DailyKos, and it needs only a couple more “recommends” to make the hot list:


  1. 1

    chardonnay spews:

    isn’t a portal an port of entry ? LOL you are funny Goldy. I can’t wait to hear Mr Cynicals comment on this one.

  2. 2

    AllHatAndNoHorse spews:


    The port you are thinking of, is the one you need to remove your head from.
    This is different.

  3. 5

    Donnageddon spews:

    First Cheap Whine declares “Aborted babies that the left loves to promote”, Then prr @ 4 declares that Moussaoui is a Goldy supporter?

    Neither one of these shit-fer-brains can back up their statements, they just hear Rush, or Hannity, or Savage, or O’Reilly spout this kind of nonesense and think it must be true?

    prr, I ask you like I asked Cheap Whine (who could not respond because she is a lying moron) Can you provide any evidence that Moussaoui supports

    1. The left
    2. Democrats
    3. Goldy

    If not, then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    You guys really put the horses ass in

  4. 6

    prr spews:


    I submit as evidence:

    1. Moussaoui like Goldy is also against the war (but says he supports the troops)
    2. Moussaoui like Goldy Feels that Gregoire is Governor.
    3. Moussaoui like Goldy agrees that Dean Logan has done a great job.
    4. Moussaoui like Patty Murray, feels that Osma Bin Laden is a leader of the people because of his pursuits and Charisma. Goldy Supports Patty Murray
    5. Moussaoui does not support te death penalty
    6. Moussaoui like Goldy did not vote for Bush
    7. Moussaoui like Goldy oppose Tom Delay, Bill Frist and Tom Delays position on removing judges.
    8. Moussaoui like Goldy felt that Terry Schiavo “had it coming”
    9. Moussaoui like Goldy Thinks that Senator Frist kills cats.
    10. Moussaoui like Goldy doesn’t like Tim Eyman
    11. Moussaoui like Goldy Doesn’t like Dino Rossi
    12. Moussaoui like Goldy Doesn’t like Santa
    13. Moussaoui like Goldy doesn’t like puppies.
    14. Moussaoui’s Mom like Goldy’s Mom, doesn’t think he should get the death penalty for his part in the 9/11 attacks.

  5. 8

    zapporo spews:

    torridjoe –

    How utterly pathetic.
    I can just see the furtive repeated clicks now!
    “My wrist is so sore!”
    “Only a couple thousand more and somebody will think that we’re popular”.
    “If only we had conquered talk radio first…”

    Leave it to you lefties to stilt the results.
    I think that the Pacific salt air may have detrimentally affected your cognitive abilities. Don’t worry though, just keep clicking.

    Click your heels torridjoe – soon you’ll be popular too!

  6. 11


    Pacific NW Portal is popular, zapporo. You just don’t like it because you’re a wingnut. And we are conquering talk radio. Every two weeks, Air America has another couple of affiliates.

    I can tell that the Pacific salt air has already detrimentally affected your cognitive abilities, zapporo. You don’t seem to be a big fan of the ocean. Perhaps you should move to the midwest so you won’t be afflicted with this terrible disability. The Left Coast would be better off without you.

  7. 12

    jpgee spews:

    prr @ 6 wow how highly intelligent of you. are you sure you aren’t an unsuccesfull grade school teacher in Redneck, Alabama?

  8. 14

    chardonnay spews:

    MOH @ 11
    No, Air America only has 53 stations. Up from 50 one year ago. Denial looks good on you.

    Conservative talk radio like the NEW Bill Bennet show, immediately hooked 125 stations. NEW!!!!
    Reality looks good on me.

  9. 15

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Char @ 1–
    A portal IS a point of entry.
    A rectum IS a point of exit.
    jpgee, Goldy & the other LEFTISTS seem to get those 2 mixed up.

  10. 16

    chardonnay spews:

    thank you Mr Cynical. I just didn’t have the heart to steal your thunder on this one. -> rectum < - -> portal LOL

  11. 17

    dj spews:

    Chardonnay @ 1 and Cynical @ 15

    Go to Google and type “define: portal” and you will get entries like this:

    Portal A term, generally synonymous with gateway, for a World Wide Web site that is a major starting site for users when they get connected to the web or that users tend to visit as an anchor site, linking to many other sites. . . .

    Oh, and Cynical, you seem to have much anxiety about rectums and their uses as a point of entry. Did you do hard time, or something?

  12. 18

    Donnageddon spews:

    prr @ 6 You have convinced me! Congratulations! I am convinced you are a complete right-wing, Neo-con, Kool-aid-drinking, mouth-breathing, nuckle-dragging, libel-repeating, not-in-touch-with-reality fool.

    I hope this is working out for you.

  13. 20

    zip spews:

    say Char

    All the “progressives” are too busy clenching their teeth and moaning as they read Dean Logan’s deposition to be here. They constantly fling BS at Stefan but they all flock to his site to get real news. Hypocrites.

  14. 21

    chardonnay spews:

    lol, poor Dean, his email to ron sims was hilarious. uh ron, FYI, they were mean to me. They tricked me into saying stuff. LOL do you still love me ron?

  15. 22

    dj spews:

    chardonnay @ 19

    “nice job guys, now bend over and expose your portals. don, dj.”

    “ladies” first :-)

  16. 24

    Alan spews:

    prr @ 4

    Nauseatingly typical of the slimy smears your ilk is good at. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting that piece of crap. Your mother ought to take a belt to you.

  17. 25

    Alan spews:

    dj @ 17

    I wonder if Mr. Cynical is one of BIAW’s “felons” haw haw — just wondering. :D

  18. 26

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Dean Logan–
    Former shoe salesman with a high school education running one of the largest Election Departments in the Country.
    The cream rise to the top in America.
    Don’t you think at least a few “matchbook” training classes in management, statistics and systems would have helped Dean????

    The only defense available now is the “I was captured by space aliens and they put Weird Al Yankovic in my place” defense.

  19. 27

    jpgee spews:

    Or a defense might be I met Mr. Cynical in person and he was so crude and vulgar it fried my brain. That is probably more like it, after Mr. C tried to get ‘intimate’ with him.

  20. 28

    prr spews:

    Alan, jpgee & Donnageddon

    I pretty sure you understand where you can put your responses.

    I would like to put out that the biggest ally that Al Qaeda and it’s vermin (like Moussaoui) have in the US are people such as yourselves.

  21. 29

    AllHatAndNoHorse spews:

    Alqueda’s biggest ally, is gw.
    He’s created a generation of america haters, tenfold the population it previously harbored.

  22. 30


    chardonnay–how many of Bennett’s adds were to stations who previously did not carry the format? AA is turning over entire STATIONS. Bennett is simply being added to existing conservative talk stations. It’s like saying a new show added to ABC’s lineup represents a greater accomplishment than Fox creating 50 new affiliates where none existed before.

  23. 31

    chardonnay spews:

    TJ, you can spin it which ever way it makes you ‘feel’ good. But AIR AMERICA is losing money, like $8 million. Geez, denial or what?

  24. 32

    AllHatAndNoHorse spews:

    90% of the people that call rush, are liberals, he only puts wackos on the air.
    Rush is such a pussy.
    Just like the shrub only allowing wackos into the town hall like meetings.

  25. 33

    chardonnay spews:

    Rush seems to have been right on the money about so many things since the early 90’s & he has stayed #1 all this time. LOL

  26. 34

    AllHatAndNoHorse spews:

    rush is a spineless pussy, afraid to put anyone on the air with a different opinion, and when one does get through, cut them off, he does.
    Much like the shrub’s town halls, and unsoundpolitics loser host.
    All right wing blabbermouths, cut off the opposing opinion.
    my favorite clip is oreilley losing it with glick.
    A real hoot.,2,,9601.html+oreilly+glick+video&hl=en

  27. 35

    Stop their CATerwauling, spay/neuter ALL Pet Libs spews:

    And so, AllMouthandNoSpine, you are an expert in Limbaugh becauseeee…


    God love these closet Conservatives!

  28. 37

    Stop the whistling spews:

    How can you guys use the word PROGRESSIVE when s*o*c*i*a*l*i*s*m has been tried many times before and has never worked yet? You have heard the definition of insane, I am sure–to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

  29. 39

    Stop the whistling spews:

    AllHateAndNoSense–“90% of the people that call Rush are liberals. He only puts wackos on the air.” Though I have to agree that most libs fit that category, He puts them to the front of the line, as does Hannity. They have often said that is their aim. If they did not, you would whine that they were shutting them out! What do you want–BOTH sides of the argument? Share nice with the other kids, okay?

  30. 40

    AllHatAndNoHorse spews:

    rush puts a liberal on the air by accident, he does. When one gets by, he tries to ridicule them, while cutting their audio.
    hannity is a momma’s boy, ideas of his own, he doesnt have.

  31. 41

    dj spews:

    Test post:

    Whatcom 4 13 0 44072 42000 86072
    Whitman 1 0 0 7722 9365 17087
    Yakima 55 30 0 24755 46079 70834