Opportunity, opportunity/
This is your big opportunity

-Elvis Costello, Opportunity


I snapped this photo during one of my several guest appearances on “The David Goldstein Show.” I was a guest on his very first show. Tom Clendening took a chance on Goldy, and Goldy took a chance on me. For that, I am very thankful.

I’m a longtime radio nerd. I first listened to “The Bill Gallant Show,” which is still the best show on politics I’ve ever heard. I listened for a long time to “The Tom Leykis Show.” That is, until the retards at Entercom decided to change the format of the only FM talk station, “The Buzz.” “Leykis” killed in Seattle, and was the highest rated drive-time show, second only to Mariner’s games. While controversial, he had the most entertaining show on the radio. His feud with the P-I’s Susan Paytner is legendary: She’s yet to flash her boobs for charity.

Lastly, before “The Buzz” went country, they picked up a show from Washington D.C. called “The Don and Mike Show.” It was like nothing I had ever heard in Seattle’s lame media market. They are often described as a “morning show in the afternoon” because they’re funny and do goofy gags.

“The Buzz” eventually dropped D & M, and I’ve always been looking for a way to get a hold of the show. Spokane (you bastards!) have been getting the show for years. It’s, like, the one good thing I like about that place. When “Don and Mike” started podcasting their entrie show, I found it and started downloading it… only to learn that Don Gerronimo (The “Don” of “Don and Mike”) is retiring in only a few months.

I have decided, much to the surprise of the parents, friends, etcetera, not to pursue a career in politics and instead pursue radio. Sitting in on Goldy’s show was fun, but political radio ain’t my thing. Goofball radio, here I come!


  1. 1

    correctnotright spews:

    Wow – you look like a real pro there – what is your next gig Will?

    I’ll tune in to hear you on the radio.

  2. 2

    darcy'spimpRIP spews:

    Wow – you look like a real pro there – what is your next gig Will?

    I’ll tune in to hear you on the radio.

    The pic is Goldstein, you dumbass.

  3. 3


    Well since I like Will a whole lot more than Goldy, good luck will. As to the demise of Goldy… too bad so sad. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of the station.

  4. 6

    Mark The Redneck Rabbit spews:

    I actually have a serious radio question. HTF can Leykis not be on during afternoon drive. As noted above in Will Hyphen-Name’s blather, Leykis was #1 in this market as he is in every other market he’s in.

    Was it just to much for the Feminist Utopia of Seattle to handle? Ya gotta wonder HTF the raw economics can be defeated by the idiot girlz who run this place.

  5. 8

    Mark The Redneck-Rabbit spews:

    Will Hyphen-Name – I gotta ask… you said you listened to The Professor. Obviously you’re not a 101 graduate…

    You know the equation: Hyphen Name = Beeach… that’s a given.

    But how the fuck can you look yourself in the mirror with a hyphen name? Don’t you feel sorta stoopid?

    I’ll let you in on a secret… all the guys you work with think you’re a pathetic pussy. They won’t tell ya that, but since I’m such I nice guy, I will. Drop the hyphen name. Act like a fucking man. Get into her purse, get ‘em out, and put ‘em on. And if she gives you any shit about it, kick her to the curb.

  6. 10

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    if she gives you any shit about it, kick her to the curb.

    That’s the class act we expect from Mark the pea brain.

    How much did you have to pay in the divorce settlement?

    How long have you been welshing on your bet with Goldy?

  7. 11



    Susan Paynter was with the P-I for 39-years, retiring last summer.


    That you inquire says (1) You ain’t from these parts, and (2) you’re pretty disgustingly hard up.

    Tom Leykis is a genuinely sexually repressed and frustrated man. Leykis 101…isn’t that what you would like practiced upon your sister or your daughter?

    He’s living proof that men are pigs.

    The Piper

  8. 12

    RIPdarcypimp spews:

    The Mormons could have taught the darcypimp a great big lesson had they simply called into his show and told him he had an immediate choice to make: his filthy little blog or his radio show…

    I’d have paid money to hear that answer… especially since we all know the darcypimp would have discarded you little asses like yesterdays diaper wipes… and NOT by closing the blog…. oh no, your darcypimp would have been offering it for sale to the highest bidder, begging brotherbloggers to please pay him for it.

    Too bad. They clearly didn’t think him worthy enough to make the offer…. might have been great radio too.. if we ever got past the Minnie Mouse whine and stutter.


  9. 14

    My Goldy Itches spews:

    I took was depressed when Tom Leykis was no longer available during drive time. His Leykis 101 tips worked like a charm!

  10. 15

    Rick D spews:

    Goldy finally had to come to the realization that the term “horses ass” was his destiny and not Eyman’s……..Kiro 710 knows when to let go of it’s jackasses that aren’t producing.

    Somewhere in Mukilteo, someone is smiling……..ear to ear!!

  11. 17

    Does your neighbor torture cats? spews:

    What if you learned that your affable neighbor who you enjoyed drinking beer with was snatching cats off the street and torturing them? Would you continue to associate with the guy? Would your respect for him be increased or diminished?

    On this blog there are regular posters Puddy and Piper. Someone argued in a different thread that although Puddy and Piper don’t share the opinions of most folks on this thread they should be still be treated with respect.

    But Puddy and Piper helped enable Bush to illegally invade and occupy a country and kill hundreds of thousands of it’s citizens. And Puddy and Piper continue to support Bush’s use of torture and killing of civilians including children.

    Who is the worst human being? The torturer of cats? Or Puddy and Piper the enablers and supporters of mass killing and the use of torture?

    Treat these two with respect if you will. But I would argue that enablers and supporters of war crimes are not worthy of respect.

  12. 18

    Broadway Joe spews:


    I treat Piper with respect because he can actually make valid points. I may not agree with him, but he’s respectful, until you get him started on rabbit recipes. Then he’s actually pretty funny. Also, I just can’t front too hard on someone who’s a marching-band geek like myself.

    (Note to Piper: I mean ‘geek’ in a respectful way, since I am one myself. We’ll have to compare what parades we’ve marched in over the years. Maybe we shared a street or two back in the day.)

    Now on the other hand, PudWhacker is one of the most evil and sick minds this bunch has to deal with. When he recently called me ‘delusional’ for my work in the recent caucuses in Nevada (former Washingtonian – moved to Reno 10 months ago) , he failed to understand that I did more to help our country in 90 minutes than he/she/it has ever done in its entire miserable life. It also doesn’t help his case that he’s been revealed to be a Fred Phelps Commando. Or is it a Rev. Hutch Commando? Either way, he’s a hateful little homophobic slug who can’t quite manage to disguise the cut-and-paste hate speech he tries to pass off as independent thought. He deserves nothing but to be continually smacked down by us for his hateful stupidity.

  13. 19

    Tomas Kissmyass spews:

    Goldy I can’t believe it. It’s about time. Why do liberals think they are so smart? You are such a LOSER. You got your liberal ASS kicked royally. Maybe you can go back to whining on your blog…. Hahahahahahaha…

  14. 20

    Insomniac spews:

    Somebody here wrote something nasty about the Midnight Truckers. Aside from the superlative Dori, MT was as good as KIRO got before it got into the sewer with Goldstein.

    Suggestion: Bring ‘em back and let them truckers roll, 10-4.

    Next suggestion: Take seriously our complaints about canned homogenized syndicated spam (Phil Hendrie) and throw it out while noting that the Midnight Truckers are not canned homogenized syndicated spam. The Truckers are canned syndicated cool.

  15. 21

    18 spews:

    Fred Phelps = Hutcherson? On a blog that reeks with sewage, much of it from me, your sliming of Hutch and Puddy is the epitome of slime. Hope you gag on it.

  16. 22

    Broadway Joe spews:


    You don’t read Orcinus much, do you? The good (term used loosely) Rev. Hutch is a violent gay-basher in his own right, as we all know. And did you know that he spent his time in Eastern Europe (as a Tyrant-appointed ‘special envoy’ hooking up with the leaders of an organization called ‘Watchers On The Walls’. These lunatics actually consider themselves to be (in their own words, no less) “God’s holy poison” to rid the world of gays. They’ve been infiltrating the cities of the west coast recently, and attacks against local gay communities in those cites have gone up at a dramatic rate. I have no doubts that Hutch went to Eastern Europe (Latvia and Lithuania, IIRC) with the explicit purpose of encouraging WotW to spread their hate to the Seattle area, thus helping his (and Puddy’s) own sick cause.

    And speaking of the hatemongeirng Phelps clan, we just ran their worthless asses out of Reno, thanks to the real heroes of the Patriot Guard:


    And here’s Phelps’ resulting hissy fit…….


    Sick bunch of bastards. But that’s what happens when the haters are outnumbered, oh I don’t know, 5:1, maybe 10:1 by veterans and other protectors of liberty on motorcycles…….

    You really should fuck off now. Anyone who supports the hate of a Phelps or Hutcherson is themselves no different than a neo-Nazi or a Klansman. And you’re in way over your sheet, asshole.

  17. 24

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Rethuglicans. Bunch of fucking cockroaches. Just step on ‘em with the Big Boot of Truth, and watch them splatter.

  18. 25

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Delusional Joe: Still burning?

    I didn’t call you delusional on your Nevada stuff. It for all of YOUR OTHER POSITIONS.

    You said:”It also doesn’t help his case that he’s been revealed to be a Fred Phelps Commando. Or is it a Rev. Hutch Commando?”

    Fred Phelps – I stated my dislike for him.

    Ken Hutcherson – I’ve never heard him so I have no opinion.

    Keep those delusions going…

  19. 26

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Delusional Blow Job Joe: So I guess you are in agreement with your GLA and GLAAD friends and their statements? How about your NAMBLA friends?

    Just checking…

  20. 27

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Delusions? You’re the delusional one, fuckwad. And your homophobia is on full display, AGAIN. NAMBLA? Who the fuck are they?

    ………checking Wikipedia……….

    Hmmm, sounds a little dicey to me. Guess I need to watch ‘South Park’ more often. Your attempt to smear the GLBT community as pedophiles is as useless as you are, Phelps Boy. That’s the SOP that wingnuts like you use to justify their homphobia.

    And you claim that you don’t know who Ken Hutcherson is?


    But since you’re a retarded little fuckwad, allow me to introduce you……


    As I have stated previously, Hutcherson was given the title of Special Envoy by Your-President-Not-Mine (I love it when I can use Rethuglican hate-speech against another Rethuglican – go look up Bob Dornan if you dare – that’s his quote) to the Baltic nations (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) that are home to the Watchers on the Walls (go read up on them on Orcinus – I double-dog dare you to). It wouldn’t terribly surprise me that the not-so-good Rev. Hutch (who is a tremendous egotist) went there (with tacit permission from YPNM) to, how shall we say, ‘encourage’ WotW to spread its vile hatred of their common enemy to the West Coast. You have noticed a recent influx of Eastern European immigrants to the West Coast, haven’t you? Oh that’s right, you’re too busy making your silly little Photoshops. Well, they are moving here. There’s even a little EE/Russian community here in the Truckee Meadows. And 99% of them are honest, hard-working, decent people. But the Watchers came with them, and crimes against the GLBT community in West Coast cities has gone up sharply in the last few years.

    Reading between the lines, it seems to me that Hutcherson is raising his own private little army of gay-bashers, a potentially nationwide group that could put Phelps and his inbreds to shame. And given the tacit support of the administration of YPNM, it will probably have to take a truly shocking event (you know, that which you’ve dreamt of for so long) to jar the nation and the upcoming Democratic administration into action.

    Hutcherson’s eventual fall from grace will make Ted Haggard’s look like a trip down the slip-and-slide. But it will also bring fully into the light an ugly underside already seen in many African-American churches and their ministers: the blatant spreading of virulent homophobia. Here’s some examples:






    As usual, your excuse for logic is fatally flawed by the hateful ideology you pursue. I win yet again. You really should just go away, I’m almost embarrassed to just destroy you for what, the tenth or twelfth time. Or is it the twentieth? Go back to fucking your blow-up doll with Coultergeist’s picture taped on it, and your photoshops and love notes to Fred Phelps. You’re just out of your depth here, playing with the big boys.