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You’ll never guess who volunteered to help put back up those Christmas trees.

At least we’re winning the drug war, right? Inmates are sneaking into prison to buy drugs. Fantastic.

Sen. Gordon Smith is no moderate. Even Lincoln Chafee agrees. Serously folks, what’s up with Smith has his sudden disgust with the President’s Iraq policy? When you see your fellow GOP Senators get sent to the woodshed en masse, it makes you want to flip-flop like a mofo, huh?

And you thought my viaduct idea was goofy.

This is hilarious. President Bush goes to court against… blind people.

Twas the first day of Congress

Election Day is so last month, but that isn’t stopping Democrats. Unbelievable!


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Picking on blind people … what else did you expect from the Katrina president? Next thing you know, he’ll kick a dog …

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    What’s with the GOP War Against the Blind, anyway? First he calls a combat soldier in Iraq “boy,” now he’s going after the sightless. Next thing you know, he’ll be cracking amputee jokes in his press conferences …

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    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    Bush is trying to figure out a way to kill all puppies born in Blue states. Right after he makes it legal to hang black people.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Gee, I knew that coins were made different to assist blind people. That’s why dimes and quarters have rough edges, and pennies and nickles do not. I guess it wasn’t that big a deal for printed currency until inflation made change somewhat obsolete for purchases.

    It’s a shame the treasury just didn’t take that into account when they re-designed the currency over the last ten years. How hard could it be to insert a Braille chip in the corner of a bill?

    I did find the government’s response pretty pathetic, saying that the blind people could always use credit cards instead. If you can’t trust the merchant to take the correct payment in bills for a few dollars worth of purchases, a blind person should just hand him over his credit card instead? “Here, sign this – it says you authorize a purchase of $6.46. Trust me”.

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    William "Icebox" Jefferson, Democrat, LA spews:

    The 6 Democrat “Flying Imams” now want to sue US Air!! Standing by is Silverstein, Stein, Loeb, Goodman, and Lowenstein, ready to handle the case!!!!

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    William "Icebox" Jefferson, Democrat, LA spews:

    Children loading guns, hospitals full of cockroaches and elderly people who live mired in their own filth. This is the real Cuba, according to a new children’s book written by Armando Valladares. The prominent poet and author who spent 22 years as one of Fidel Castro’s political prisoners was in Miami on Tuesday to introduce his new book, Los Niños de Cuba. [………….This CAN’T be true because Fidel is a “progressive” Democrat!!! Another Bush lie!!!!! hehe]

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    William "Icebox" Jefferson, Democrat, LA spews:

    If convenience-store clerk Dale Norfolk hadn’t been carrying a gun when someone tried to rob him at work, he might not have lost the job he loved.

    But then, he might be dead.

    On July 12, a man walked into a Circle K on Palm Beach Boulevard in east Fort Myers and fired two shots into the ceiling. When Norfolk pulled his gun out and fired back, the would-be-thief ran off.

    Of the 74 robberies recorded by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office between May 1 and Oct. 31, 28 of them were at convenience stores and gas stations. Many involved guns.

    Norfolk’s experience was one of the few incidents when a clerk pulled a weapon of his or her own. That may be, in part, because clerks are prohibited from arming themselves on the job. [………Without crime and “guvment” checks, how will Democrats support themselves? hehe]

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    proud leftist spews:

    Hey JCH,
    How did you finally lick that nasty case of infected anal fissures? Is there some new antibiotic out there that you have not yet grown immune to? Son, you need to start taking care of yourself. Maybe you should get yourself some literature on safe sex. Don’t just trust whatever any old sailor tells you.

  9. 13

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    If JCH’s daddy had worn a condom then the world would have been saved from another gay, gay-hating republican AWOL coward.

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    William "Icebox" Jefferson, Democrat, LA spews:

    Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs is set to throw gigantic bags of money at its bankers, traders and stockbrokers this year – lavishing them with more than $16.5 billion in bonus loot, the most ever doled out by a Wall Street firm. […………Where are the Democrats screaming for “excess profits taxes”??? Oh, this is GoldmanStein, Loeb, Silverstein, Rosenberg, and Saks…………..Never mind!!!!!]

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    William "Icebox" Jefferson, Democrat, LA spews:

    “Don’t you moder fuckas look in ma icebox!” [William Jefferson, DEMOCRAT, LA]

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    ConservativeFirst spews:

    proud leftist says:

    That was just foul. I’d expect better from you because I know you are capable of it. No one takes JCH seriously, except those who are similiarly deranged. There’s no need to respond to that drivel.

  13. 17

    William "Icebox" Jefferson, Democrat, LA spews:

    16……………….Truth hurts!!! Democrats: “Progressive” commie traitors

  14. 18

    William "Icebox" Jefferson, Democrat, LA spews:

    8 million American Democrat Moooooooooooooooslims say that Hitler did not kill any Jews. Can a Bush hating Democrat voting Mooooooooslim be wrong??

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    danw spews:

    Jim McDermott American patriot.

    An open letter to the group that wants to wiretap everybody. In the name of national security, some seem to forget the contents of the Gingrich tape and scandal that forced him to resign.

    Like Dan Rather having the story right about AWOL Bush, but having one bad document to discredit the whole story. they’d rather go after the messanger, than the message.

    In case you forgot what the tape McDermott released had on it, let’s just say it was more important to National security and the American public good than a Whitehouse stained blue dress.

    Do you people ever get the whole picture, or what?

    Case at a Glance
    Right-wing Republicans Break the Rules: In 1997 Republicans were caught on tape defying a mandate from the House Ethics panel to not conspire against any ruling regarding Newt Gingrich.

    No Settlement for First Amendment Rights: For over 8 years Ohio Rep. John Boehner has been engaged in a frivolous lawsuit against Washington Rep. Jim McDermott for releasing this tape. The lawsuit pits the First Amendment against the Right to Privacy. Tale of the Tapes link>>

    Standing up for Core American Values: Congressman McDermott, an outspoken leader and strong advocate for progressive issues, is being put in front of the political firing squad as an example and warning to others who stand up for core American values.

    With the growing sentiment that our country has been hijacked by special interests, this case amplifies the need to continue the battle for core American values.

    A History of Boehner v. McDermott
    In 1993, House Speaker Tom Foley appointed Jim McDermott co-chair of the House Ethics Committee. McDermott was appointed after only 4 years of service in the Congress. At the end of the 1993-4 session, Newt Gingrich, a Republican Congressman from Georgia, sought Ethics Committee approval of a proposal to use funds raised by a 501 (c-3) organization to launch a teaching and television course accompanied by distribution of teaching materials to a wide range of outlets.

    Gingrich Warned
    McDermott and Ethics Committee co-chair Congressman Fred Grandy (R) both were concerned that Gingrich’s proposal used tax-deductible c-3 money to finance a project that would be primarily a political organizing tool, a commingling that violates federal law as well as various rules and regulations. A strong letter was written to Congressman Gingrich, cautioning against any project that did not follow all applicable laws, federal regulations, and Rules of the House, but granting approval with these caveats.

    Gingrich Fined and Conditions Imposed
    In 1995, Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, and Representative Nancy Johnson (R) of Connecticut was appointed co-chair of the House Ethics Committee with McDermott. The new Committee received a flurry of complaints against the new House Speaker, Mr. Gingrich, beginning with objections to his controversial multi-million dollar book deal with Rupert Murdoch. (This transaction was so problematic, it was later withdrawn.) Despite repeated Republican efforts to dismiss all charges against Speaker Gingrich before adequate investigation by the Committee had been conducted, McDermott insisted that the Committee proceed with the Gingrich investigation in a thorough fashion. This led to the appointment of a Special Counsel to work with the four Ethics Committee members assigned to investigate the charges: Representatives Porter Goss, Steve Schiff, Ben Cardin and Nancy Pelosi. This group of investigators worked in secrecy for nearly a year, found merit in various charges, and imposed upon the Speaker a fine of $300,000. A further condition accepted by the Speaker was agreement that he would not orchestrate a media response to downplay the penalties imposed for his ethics violations.

    Gingrich Breaks Agreement
    Before the resolution setting forth these conditions could be presented to the full Ethics Committee so that all members would be fully informed of the investigating team’s findings and sanctions, the Speaker organized a telephone conference call with House Republican leaders to craft and implement precisely the kind of media response that had been explicitly prohibited in the agreement between Mr.Gingrich and the Ethics Committee investigators. The parties to the conference call included Representative John Boehner of Ohio, as well as attorneys and staff personnel.

    Mr. Boehner, on a trip to Florida at the time, used a cell phone to participate in the conference call. This phone call was intercepted and taped by two local residents, John and Alice Martin, who recognized Speaker Gingrich’s voice. It seemed an important call to them, so they brought their tape recording of it to their Representative, Congresswoman Karen Thurman, by whom they were told to give it to Congressman McDermott. They did so, and McDermott, who had had no contact with them before this encounter, did not see or speak with them again. They subsequently identified themselves to the press and to the Justice Department as the individuals responsible for illegally taping the conference call, and were fined $500 each.

    Tape Made Public
    McDermott listened to the tape and heard Speaker Gingrich describing the elements of the agreement he had entered with investigators, orchestrating a media response in outright violation of that agreement, and discussing the entire matter with individuals beyond the Congress. The discussion took place even though the investigators’ report had yet to be submitted to the full Ethics Committee. McDermott immediately recognized the gravity of the circumstances confirmed by the tape. He understood that the information on the tape was of great public import because it directly concerned the Speaker of the House of Representatives, one of the highest ranking officers of the United States Government. The conference call revealed the clear intention of this prominent public official to manipulate to his own advantage the press coverage of the investigation results.
    That the Speaker had promptly and purposely violated his agreement with the Ethics Committee’s investigators could not be concealed or ignored. Accordingly, McDermott contacted reporters from national daily newspapers, and advised them of the tape and its contents. McDermott’s release of the tape recording of the conference call appropriately brought to public scrutiny the intention and the attempt of the Speaker and other House leaders deliberately to mislead the public by “spinning” the outcome of the Committee’s investigation. Although Congressman Boehner and other Republican leaders continued to press the Justice Department to pursue McDermott, the Department took no action of any kind.

    Gingrich Forced to Resign
    The Ethics Committee’s findings and sanctions sparked significant erosion of Speaker Gingrich’s power. Newt Gingrich resigned on November 7, 1998.

    McDermott Becomes a Target
    Not satisfied with the Justice Department’s refusal to pursue the issue, the House Republican Leadership encouraged Representative Boehner to file a civil suit in the matter. He did so. This was and is the first time in the history of the Congress that one member has sued another. When the case was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, McDermott and his legal team moved for immediate dismissal, citing his First Amendment free speech protections. Federal District Court Judge Thomas Hogan granted that motion..

    The Republican Leadership was not satisfied with this result either, and appealed the decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The case was heard by a panel of three jurists whose 2-1 decision denied McDermott First Amendment protection for his release of the tape recording.

    I suppose that you wouldn’t want an illegally obtained terrorist recording released either?

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    harry tuttle spews:

    The Port Commission reversed the stupid decision to remove them and put the Christmas trees back up.

    It doesn’t seem to be that the commissioners can be so dense as not to have foreseen the reaction to the decision to take the trees down.

    Their votes will be an issue I will take into account at election time.

  17. 21

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    19 Of course the GOP treason is what the McDermott imbroglio is all about. By releasing the tape to news media, McDermott shined a bright light on what Republican cockroaches were doing under a bushel. Gingrich, Boehner, and the other fascists couldn’t stand being exposed for what they are. So they tried to distract attention from their own unethical, un-American activities by attacking McDermott — with the complicity of the so-called “liberal media” which, of course, is owned by right wingers and not a bit liberal at all. Then another neoCONjob, Dubya Bush, turned around and illegally wiretapped millions of Americans who have done absolutely nothing wrong — and the fucking wingnuts not only support it but attack liberals for criticizing this blatant violation of the Constitution and federal law. Fucking hypocrites! The voters have spoken … let the investigations, indictments, and trials begin.

  18. 22


    Thanks for the link Will. That article is from Scotland, where they have had a number of stories of jails that are awash in heroin. Some of the comments are super-wingnutty.

  19. 23

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    CONfirst @16 — Whatsamatter, you squeamish about graphic descriptions of bodily functions? Here’s one for ya: Kiss my cute furry rabbit tail! For a good time, call 1-800-LICK-ROG.

  20. 24

    Daddy Love spews:

    Jay Leno says that with all the storms back east, over 2 million people are totally without power. We call them Republicans.


  21. 25

    ArtFart spews:

    24 At the rate things are going today (and it’s supposed to be even worse Thursday) a lot of us Left Coasters are likely to be sharing in the experience.

    I understand Bush finally issued a disaster-area designation for all the parts of western Washington that were underwater on election night. Let’s see if Secretary Skeletor lets the FEMA trucks roll into our blue state in anything faster than granny gear.

  22. 26

    William "Icebox" Jefferson, Democrat, LA spews:

    Al Qaeda might be on the run in Afghanistan, but Osama bin Laden’s agents are in the driver’s seat at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Officers tell of daily attacks by al Qaeda inmates against U.S. military personnel, who are ordered not to respond. The officers have also been ordered to fulfill the religious, cultural and even entertainment needs of the inmates, including providing Arabic translations of Harry Potter. [……….Since these Moooooooooslim terrorists are on a US Military base, shouldn’t they be able to register Democrat and vote in 2008? hehe]

  23. 27

    William "Icebox" Jefferson, Democrat, LA spews:

    LAX-area hotels urged to end fight against ‘living wage’
    LA Times, by Joe Mathews

    The city’s leading politicians called on hotel owners Tuesday to abandon their effort to block a new ordinance that requires hotels near Los Angeles International Airport to pay a “living wage” valued at $10.64 an hour to their nonunion workers….SNIP…Villaraigosa signed the law last month. “This kind of initiative can be very divisive,” he said of the referendum.

    How much does Nancy Pelosi and hubby pay their non-union hotel employees?

  24. 29

    GBS spews:


    C’mon man, block JCH’s address already.

    Here’s your chance to teach the neocons that they must be held accountable for the promises THEY make.

    JCH promised to NEVER post on HA again if the Dems swept both houses of congress. That happened and JCH is still spewing on the blog.


  25. 30

    rhp6033 spews:

    28: I doubt the almost 300K fine against the Swift Boat Veterans will have any real impact in 2008 elections. The fine comes over two years after the 2004 election. Assuming that their slander eroded any support from Kerry in Ohio (or other close swing states), then it succeeded in its purpose. I think the Republicans would have gladly paid 300K for that result, and much, much, more if they had to.

    We need to close that huge loophole (527 committees) in the campaign financing laws. As my old football coach used to say, “that’s a whole big enough to drive a truck through!”

  26. 32

    William "Icebox" Jefferson, Democrat, LA spews:

    Enoch Root says:

    Didja hear about the 1,300 supposed illegal immigrants rounded up in a multi-state sting by the DHS? […………………………….1300 less Democrat votes in 2008. Now less guess that each illegal family has 8 to 10 in each Democrat Catholic household. That’s a lot of illegal Mexican Democrat votes that will not be cast!!]

  27. 33

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    Why block JCH? He’s the best thing to happen to Dems. Let this inbred, pig-fucking, draft-dodging, child-raping asshole keep posting. Shows what the right is all about. The rethugs on this board cheer him on. Shows what they are about too.

  28. 34

    William "Icebox" Jefferson, Democrat, LA spews:

    Carl, 8 million Mooooooooooooslims who all vote Democrat say that Hitler did not kill any Jews. Can these Democrats be wrong??? hehe, JCH

  29. 35

    Heathen Sinner spews:

    I am Republican – I lie, steal and cheat when I’m not being a family man (fat whore) or being a crying hypocrit. I also share the same feelings as 1 Billion Worldwide Mooooooooslims, I hate fags – Ted Haggard and Friends.