Open thread 9-30-05



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    windie spews:

    Miller folded, and Scooter Libby is the other leak in the Plame case.

    I suppose this surprises nobody on either side, tho.

    I predict now: Rightie troll responses

    A whole bunch of blaming Wilson and Plame;
    But the Democrats…!!
    We should talk about
    Random attack on one of the lefties
    Mr. Irrelevant says LEFTIST PINHEAD
    ProudASS insults a veteran, maybe talking about killing children.
    SOMEBODY makes a threat

    Hmm thats all I can think of. It’ll do I think tho’

  2. 2


    Mr. Irrelevant Pinhead is his full name. Irrelevant is the first name, Pinhead is the last name.

    The middle name? He NEVER says it….but I will:

    Mr. Irrelvant “WannabeLefty” Pinhead

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    righton spews:

    Wash state democrats typically guilty of campaign finance

    Dem party last go around ‘
    Council people compton, wills

    what’s up w/ the party of corruption?

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    Puddybud spews:

    Naah, you all had Miller’s leak pegged as Rove. Do we need a Google on this blog to review the bile spewed by your side on whom Judith Miller was hiding? Not that your Pavrovial (special spelling) itch is unsatisfied, what’s next? If DeLay get’s off what’s next?

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    ConservativeFirst spews:

    Any guesses on who made the following statements?

    “The root of the evil of the corporate and large-monied interest domination of politics is money.”

    “This is in the Bible. This isn’t rocket science. The root of all evil truly is money, especially in politics. People talk about how money is the mother’s milk of politics. Well, it’s the devil’s brew. And what we’ve got to do, we’ve got to turn off the tap.”

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    BreakingWind@1 and OMOH@2–
    I thank y’all for your constant attention.
    I wear your insults like a Badge of Honor.
    Actually my middle name is Fukew…..quite uncommon, but my parents were thinking that I’d probably end up wrasslin’ with a bunch of Commies someday….so they armed me with a middle name that clearly expresses how I feel about folks like ‘ew!!!

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    windie spews:


    This is worse, dummy (for the administration, anyways). If rove leaked to Cooper, but Libby leaked to Miller, that says at least that there are 2 people in the WH willing to leak classified info for politics, at most it could be used as evidence of conspiracy. Its hard for Rove to be an overzealous lone wolf that got out of control when the assistant to the VP did the same thing…

    Also, the short memoried people of the nation might have been forgetting ’bout the scandal, what with the hurricane and all… This brings it back into the news. I’m tired of them assuming that americans are easily led morons with ADD.

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    Heath spews:

    The thing I keep wondering about the Miller release is this: Why was it so vital that the special prosecutor agreed to limit his questioning to the source she is revealing (Libby), and not explore the possibility of other sources?

    Who were her other sources?

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    K spews:

    How ’bout thus one administration apologists. Corruption, cronyism and incompetitence, the Bush legacy.

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 – Federal auditors said on Friday that the Bush administration violated the law by buying favorable news coverage of President Bush’s education policies, by making payments to the conservative commentator Armstrong Williams and by hiring a public relations company to analyze media perceptions of the Republican Party.

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    headless lucy spews:

    Republicans are corrupt crooks and racists. They hate the common man and work night and day to keep him in economic shackles. They are the shills and whores of corporate power and greed. Turn off the corporate money faucet and politics changes overnight.

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    NoWonder spews:

    windie @ 8

    ‘..WH willing to leak classified info..’

    There must be something other than leaking her name the prosecutor is going after. Wilson’s wife’s name was leaked by Wilson himself in 1999, (Who’s Who in America), and her position at the CIA by other soyrces related to the Niger trip.

    I agree with Heath @ 9 that there must be something else to the Miller connection. The Miller/Libby meetings, as well as his release to her, were well known months ago.

    Whatever the prosecutor is going for is either very juicy or very boring. We will find out soon.

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    Heath spews:


    Plame was a public figure, there’s no doubt. What’s not published in Who’s Who is her full job title. I wonder if the questioning is also along the lines of ‘who used the word [operative]’ or something like that. If I remember right, didn’t she sometimes have an office job in Africa through some business or something? The people there would have known her as an American businessperson with a certain name.

    But mostly I was intrigued at how specific-seeming were the limitations regarding Miller’s other sources.

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    Cal Porter spews:

    Just looked over your site. You’ve apply named this as that it’s pure Horse Puckey. I’ve looked and puked and now bannished you from this unit forever**

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Cal……come back Cal. PULLLLLEASE come back!!!
    While there is an extraordinary amount of horseshit flung around here……what do expect outta a HORSESASS!!!
    These LEFTIST PINHEADS need to be challenged and played with. As you can see they take these oh so seriously.
    While this is far from the most informative Blog out there…it does serve a purpose. Perhaps I will figure it out someday, but I think it has something to do with understanding the LEFTIST PINHEAD fragile psyche and using that knowledge to your advantage elsewhere.
    Cal Porter won’t you PULLLLLLLLLLEASE come home!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Axl-Rod spews:


    The Bush-dolt and his ‘Pube masters worked SO HARD to steal all three branches of govt. – and they really didn’t get much done !!

    Country bankrupt = no more tax cuts.

    Bush weaker & dumber every day = ‘Pube agenda derailed.

    Discount Army led by airheads = crisis in enlistment.

    Starved FEMA = two swift, brutal kicks below the bible belt.

    Arrogance & ignorance = no international deals or friends.

    Feeble, incompetent cabinet = approval rating dropping daily.

    fleischer, rove, delay, ashcrack, powell, etc. = bye bye.

    Rabid desire to destroy democracy = govt. size grows by 1 million people.

    Saudi Prince cock in Bush’s mouth = SUV clowns crying as their precious tax cut is pumped into their silly gas-tanks.

    Fatty foods & mental retardation = no gains on the Supreme Court.

    Thinly disguised bigots = no progress with Black voters.

    so many failures, so many conservative buffoons & god-lickers …

    I’m totally delighted, totally !! Can’t believe it – but they actually succeeded in inserting their own heads into their own rectums. Other than the smell – I really don’t see much damage !

    If this is the best they can do when in total control — we don’t have much to worry about.

    9/11 handed them a golden goose – and they killed it !!! hahahaha wow

    I always knew their dopeyness would defeat them eventually – but I had no idea how quickly and completely they’d crash.

    Normal people always have to remember that the ‘conservative’ disease is self-defeating. They can’t help but fail.

    When we return to power (sooner rather than later, apparently) we won’t have much trouble sending them to the back of the bus for another 50 years, just like last time.

    God is definitely a Democrat !! No doubt about that. We always win.

    Look at the last three oafs the ‘Pubes have given us: a Gimp, a Wimp, and a Simp.

    Now we have three more years to watch them roast like swine on a spit, and we don’t have to take responsibility for anything that happens. We can piss on their heads any time we want. Can his ratings actually go negative? Will he start drinking again?
    I don’t know – but it’s all good.

  16. 21

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Rujax is a little fragile when he fails to take his Prozac.
    He is also VERY SERIOUS about this Blog. His little LEFTIST PINHEAD world revolves around the success and failure of…….
    rujax is a pathetic LEFTIST PINHEAD….not that there is any other kind!

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    Jerry Springer Jr. spews:

    Another useless thread with Mr. Cynical as your host. Guess I’ll go back to tpmcafe, which — try as the wingers might — they’ll never manage to hijack.

  18. 23

    Puddybud spews:

    Cynical: Rugrat602 has a blog too. But who reads it?

    Jerry Springer Jr, please go back to Cincinnati and ask yo daddy to renew your back stage pass for you and your whatever so you two can oogle the freaks yo daddy enjoys putting on. But on second thought, maybe you should stick around and ensure Rugrat602 takes his Fukitol!!! Rugrat602, did you order the red-neck trucker special? You better take that Fukitol soon, a megadose, or you’ll be blogging just like stuckonstupiddon!

  19. 24

    Puddybud spews:

    In all seriousness Goldy, if I could escape alive from a stuck on stupid drinking event, I’d buy you a pitcher of some good German brewski, and I don’t even drink. It would be my thanks for having this blog so us on the right can laugh, poke fun, and communicate against the animal hind parts stuck on stupid lefties here.

    Remember lefties, Lt Gen Honore addressed his 9/20 remark to a MSM hournalist, whom couldn’t get it in his vacuum packed cranial orifice what hurricane the general was talking about! We know over 85% of MSM journalists voted donk this past election, hence we are 85% sure that the stuck on stupid comment was aimed at your kind!!! Well, on second thought, when you replay the question and parse it through, I am 100% sure it was a donk who asked the question!

  20. 28

    headless lucy spews:

    Puddybud: What do you think of Bunnatine Greene? If you take a few minutes to actually look around you without your twisted righty glasses on, you’d realize that America is losing everything. Multi-national corporations own our government and they have no loyalty to our country. Their only goal is to have a profitable next quarter.

    Blabbing your stupid righty crap is a distration at best, a destructive disservice to this blog at worst. Which is why I think you need to be banned from this blog. You and your cohorts have had your Johnnie-One-Note sneering mono-messge heard and now it’s time for you to get the hell off the stage before we need to grab the hook and pull you off.

  21. 29

    Puddybud spews:

    I need to be banned? Ha ha ha ha. Shit, am I a racist enabler? Do I call people racist names fully accepted as racist all over the world except in your anal orifice where your head resides? Fuck you Lucite.

    Uhhh, we lost everything in the last administration. When your boy allowed computerized missile technology into the Chinese hands, their targeting improved in orders of magnitude. When those Los Alamos disks went missing, more left. Wake up Lucite, it started on your guys watch. NAFTA happenned when? WTO happened when?

    Regarding Ms Greenhouse, sister to the Great Elgin Baylor, I haven’t studied her case. You see before I jump on something I want to find out whom is doing whom. That’s why I laughed at Goldy’s racism charge of Mike Brown. Ray Nagin is more culpable. Kathleen Blanco is more culpable. Talk to the people there. Enough of this bullshit writes about how people down there are praising Bush but you ignorant asses can’t believe it. Well it’s the same for Greenhouse. You lefties twist everything out of proportion that when the truth comes out, no one is prepared for it. I will investigate it. Thanks racist lucite.

  22. 30

    you have alot of excuses in seattle spews:

    I moslty agree with axl-rods post. The norm in seattle is not taking responsiblity for shit. petty anty excuses……. good to see something go against the norm…… this blog …. most of squeaking like the pigs you are. Truth hurts doesn’t it!!! And to jerk that referred to NAFTA. Bush did enact CAFTA !!! And for good reason . To you republicans who create these spoiled kids who don’t want to work 8 hours let alone overtime . Get off your lazy ass and go to work!!!! That is why alot of hard working Americans that put in more overtime in this country are losing their jobs to NAFTA and CAFTA. I do see the hard workers will having jobs in the new work force….. Alot of you people come to work and do the bare minimum. Also, Were tired of dealing with your childrens temper tantrums and think the rest of society has to put up with it. And then dealing with the stressed out parents in the same fashion. Keep that shit in your family and definitely behind your closed doors!!! Were not putting up either of your shit .. One thing I have to say to republicans “Have you paid up your debt?” This more than usually renders them speechless on their Pro-Bush march. that is one good thing that Bush has done……… The new bankruptcy laws….. no longer can you stick us responsible bill paying adults with your tabs !!! Time to wean Jane and Johhnny of mommy and daddy’s wallet !!!! Make them responsible in the process. If not no longer do you get bailed out.
    How is that tax cut working out……?? don’t look so hot now does it. I told people when you get it, it wont add up to a hill of beans after he gets done with you . Surely also just because you voted for him he doesnt care about you….. ha ha ha… EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON……….

  23. 32

    you have alot of excuses in seattle spews:

    have you republicans paid up your debt……. hope so….. going to take more than tax cut to pay off your debt…….

  24. 33

    you have alot of excuses in seattle spews:

    tell your children when they come to work they have work eight hours and overtime…….. and not just doing the bare minimum. bush is WTO-ing the crapola out of you republicans as well you dont seem to mind i see………

  25. 34

    Axl-Rod spews:

    Yeah – I can’t believe these peasant-‘Pubes think they are benefiting from this admins. policies. Is it purely ideological? I guarantee they’re not getting any raises, their benefits are dissapearing, the tax-cut is long gone – handed over to Texaco. Interest rates are rising, imports are more expensive and the debt-burden will strangle the economy for years to come. Inflation is coming big-time and all their “wealth” will dissapear. The truly rich are just waiting to buy up all their foreclosed properties.

    The market was at 10,500 when Bush came in, and it’s still exactly there. Do they enjoy funding the Chinese rise to power? haha woo – the real genius of the top-echelon ‘Pubes is that they somehow convinced the mindless-minions that they’re “winning”. I can’t believe it – it doesn’t make sense.

  26. 35

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    News flash for you sport: – our INCOME doubled under Bush. Our house value SOARED under Bush. Our stock dividends MULTIPLIED under Bush.

  27. 37

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    You’ll forgive me if I don’t give a fat rat’s ass (aka, Ron Sims) what you believe.

  28. 39

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    I guess the fourth time is the charm for that liberal darling, the esteemed Paul Krugman: “NY Times runs FOURTH correction on same Krugman column…”

    Gotta love it.
    Krugman: the epitome of a HorsesASS!

  29. 40

    windie spews:

    ProudASS, presuming that you’re not lying thru’ your teeth…

    Congradulations for being in Bush’s (tiny) group targeted for help.

  30. 41

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    See windbag, that’s the same mistake you simpleton liberals make every single time: we WORK for what we achieve. We are rewarded FOR our excellence in achievement. Keeping, investing, growing and using our OWN money to move the economy is not being “helped”.

  31. 42

    Puddybud spews:

    ProudAss has said it as plain as can be. I am working hard and will make lots of good money this year. Goldy can see where I’m at this week. In my neighborhood, selling house prices have just about doubled. So windie, there are three rules of living: Location, Location, Location. Apparently for you and axle-grease-on-his-rod, you all living is loserville Seattle aren’t seeing the uptick like ProudAss and I are. Every house sold this year in my neighborhood is ~300K higher than when purchased. These liberals sit on the side lines when others are making money. Cynical has given stock tips to you over the past few months. I like the economy. My business is great, PRAISE THE LORD!

  32. 43

    Puddybud spews:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you ProudAss for the NY Times correction. Finally JustDumbBozo (JDB) will READ THE TRUTH, since he discounted the National Review Krugman expose. He’s a worthless economic dipship but The ‘Bozo likes him.

    “In describing the results of the ballot study by the group led by The Miami Herald in his column of Aug. 26, Paul Krugman relied on the Herald report, which listed only three hypothetical statewide recounts, two of which went to Al Gore. There was, however, a fourth recount, which would have gone to George W. Bush. In this case, the two stricter-standard recounts went to Mr. Bush. A later study, by a group that included The New York Times, used two methods to count ballots: relying on the judgment of a majority of those examining each ballot, or requiring unanimity. Mr. Gore lost one hypothetical recount on the unanimity basis.”

    Will I see JustDumbBozo admit his mistake? No, ANIMAL HIND PARTS lefties only spew lies, never retractions!

  33. 44

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    You gotta love these quotes Puddy…

    “How is it that cultural coverage in The New York Times, which yesterday seemed as awful as it was possible to be, is today even worse?”

    “After all, we are talking about a newspaper that actually employs Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich, and Bob Herbert, not as comic relief but as some of its star pundits. These are folks, infatuated by a combination of narcissism, ideology, and moral hysteria.”

  34. 45

    Puddybud spews:

    And just think ProudAss, these “NY Times Pundits” are held in even higher regard by these LEFTIST PINHEAD RACIST ENABLERS here at Animal Hind Parts in Seattle, WA! They still have McDermott as their Congressional leader.

  35. 46

    Puddybud spews:

    Media Matters is funded by George Soros. Listening to Jed Babbin who was smeared by Media Matters.

  36. 47

    JCH spews:

    Just returned from a dive trip on MAUI. Very few Democrats around as most hotels do not take food stamps, “$2000″ debit cards, or welfare checks. Did you libs miss me? JCH

  37. 48

    Crystal Dave spews:

    …Say, why don’t you(JCH), Mr. Cynical, and Puddybud go beat off somewhere else. There’s plenty of rightwing, neo-con blogs where you and your kind can have a circle jerk. You obviously don’t like it here; so leave! A-wipes…

    Love and Light,

    Crystal Dave (The Wizard of Wyrd)

    P.S. 25% of the net income gains went to the top .1%…what’s wrong with this picture? Hunker down in your close-gated communities; we’re coming for you…

  38. 51

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Err on the side of LIFE:
    Italian Coma Victim Awakens After Two Years, Says He Heard Everything
    by Steven Ertelt
    October 5, 2005

    Rome, Italy — A man who had been placed in a coma for two years as a result of an automobile accident recently awoke and told doctors and his family that he heard and understood everything going on around him during the time.
    Salvatore Crisafulli, a father of four, describes his case as a “miracle” proving that lost causes are not hopeless.

    “The doctors said that I wasn’t conscious, but I understood everything and I cried in desperation,” Crisafulli, who is 38, told Italian media outlets Thursday.

    Although the situations are not entirely similar, Crisafulli’s brother Pietro called the recovery “an Italian Terri Schiavo case.”

    He emerged from the coma three months ago and began speaking recently — his first word was “Mamma.”

    The news comes at the same time as a national bioethics committee in Italy put forward guidelines saying that incapacitated patients should be provided normal medical care, including food and water.

    “To feed an unconscious patient through a tube is not a medical act,” the committee’s president, Francesco D’Agostino, said, according to a Reuters report. “It’s like giving a bottle to a newborn baby who can’t be nursed by its mother … And then we reflect on the Schiavo case. The woman was left to die of starvation.”

    “My brother speaks and remembers. I don’t expect that he will be like he was, but it’s already a miracle,” Pietro told the Italian Corriere della Sera newspaper. “And to think that some doctors said that it was all useless and that he would be dead in three, four months.”