by Goldy, 06/24/2007, 8:48 AM

Apparently, when HA moved servers Friday night, the old server was never shut down. Thus, as the new IP propagated through the various DNS servers over the next day, some of you continued to see the old site, while others (like me) were taken to the new site. Some of you may have seen comments, and at least one post, disappear. To which I say: oops.

Everything should be operating normally now. (Normal, by HA standards, anyway.) If not, let me know.

11 Responses to “Open thread”

1. RonK, Seattle spews:

Can Seattle find its voice?

Gonzales is coming. The man is an instrument of Constitutional nullification by the combination of legal weaselisms and sheer obstinacy.

Can we greet him in a way that sends a message? Can the left bring more to the occasion than face paint and papier mache?

Where’s the principled right? The patriots raised on a diet of civics lessons — limited government and checks and balances? The ones who drummed these lessons into their children even when public school curricula no longer did? When will they react to the a program of precedents that will endure to leave them voiceless in future turns of the historical wheel, if not decisively discredited in our time?

Where’s the goo-goo middle? Here’s a man who has run his executive department to ruin, exposed for the flop he is, and responds with a virtual “let’s see you try and stop me!”?

Gonzales in Seattle. Will we break the thrall of civic futility’s hypnotic drumbeat?

Will we make a statement?

2. YOS LIB BRO spews:

Some of you may have seen comments, and at least one post, disappear.


3. Roger Rabbit spews:

Where is the state bar association that licensed this creature? Disbar Gonzales. Problem solved.

4. Roger Rabbit spews:

Let’s hold a fundraiser for Goldy by selling $5 tickets to watch Jane Balogh pick up litter.

5. Roger Rabbit spews:

We’ll call it “The HorsesAss Peep Show.”

6. RonK, Seattle spews:

RR – Hos does disbarment solve any of the aforementioned problems?

7. Richard Pope spews:

Roger Rabbit @ 3


Alberto R. ‘Al’ Gonzales

Bar Card Number*: 08118550

Work Address United States Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave Nw
Washington, DC, 20530

Work Phone Number (202) 514-5000

Primary Practice Location WASHINGTON , District Of Columbia

Current Member Status
Eligible To Practice In Texas

License Information
State Bar Card Number*: 08118550
Texas Licensed*: 05/13/1983

Practice Information
Firm: United States Department of Justice
Firm Size: None Specified
Occupation: None Specified
Primary Practice Areas: No information reported by attorney
Services Provided:
No information reported by attorney

Assistance available in languages:
No information reported by attorney
Courts of Admittance:
Federal Courts of Admittance:
No Federal Courts reported by attorney
Other Courts of Admittance:
No information reported by attorney
Other States Where authorized to practice:
No Other States reported by attorney

Education and Certification History
Law Schools:
Law School Graduation Date Degree Earned
Harvard University
Texas Board of Legal Specialization Certifications:
No profile data on file for Texas Board of Legal Specialization Certification

Public Disciplinary History
Public Disciplinary History – Texas*:

*NOTE: Only Texas disciplinary sanctions within the past 10 years are displayed. For sanction information beyond 10 years, please contact the Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel at (877)953-5535.

Public Disciplinary History – Other:
No information reported by attorney

Statutory Profile Last Certified On: 03/19/2007

8. Dave Gibney spews:

rr @ 3, You are expecting this from Texan Lawyers, unlikely at best.

9. Yer Killin Me spews:


I believe the law states that the Attorney General must be licensed to practice law. So, if Gonzales is disbarred, he can no longer be Attorney General.

That’s the way it works when you have respect for the law, anyway. I’m not sure even Mr. Laws-Don’t-Apply-To-Me could keep a disbarred attorney on as AG.

10. Lee spews:

My post was the one deleted, but it was just a link over to my Birds Eye View Contest, which is STILL unsolved…

11. ArtFart spews:

I guess how in the world a knuckle-dragger like Gonzales got through Harvard Law is as much of a mystery as how his boss got through Harvard School of Business. Maybe he lectured his professors about how the Constitution only applies to the “right” people, the way Bush did one of his about how all poor people are lazy.