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Ava Emeline Rosenberg – born April 19 at 6:51pm – 6lbs 3oz. Now go back outside and enjoy the sun.


  1. 2 spews:

    Lee, how incredibly lovely! All the best to baby and mother and sibling and you.

    Now, put away the computer and enjoy the baby.

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    Liberal Scientist is a slut who occasionally wears a hoodie spews:

    Nicely done – lovely baby – congrats, and savor every second.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hey Lee, before you know it, this kid will turn 16 and get her driver’s license, and then you’ll never see her or the car again — only the payments. But, as I recall, you’re not a first-time parent so I think you already know this.

    My daughter is in her 30s now, and the only time I ever hear from her is when she needs money.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I’ve had a rough life in a lot of ways, and the birth of my daughter was no exception. She was a breech baby who was delivered by an emergency C-section. A nurse brought the baby out in a basinet and left her with me. I was left alone with the baby, and for the next three hours, while Mrs. Rabbit remained in the operating room, I didn’t know whether my kid still had a mother. I was only told there were “complications” and there was “bleeding.” Fortunately, Mrs. R pulled through and still hits me with the frying pan when I get out of line, which is frequently.

    I’ve been tested many times in my life. It doesn’t seem random. Sometimes I think the Great Mother Rabbit Spirit put me through all this shit to strengthen me, so I would have what it takes to fight Republicans.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    George Zimmerman made bail and is out of jail, but as a felony homicide arrestee, he isn’t allowed to have guns. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that aggravates the shit out of the NRA, almost as much as the ban on civilian possession of ICBMs and nuclear warheads does! They think anybody should be allowed to have guns. I suspect they’re afraid of a law banning gun possession by mental defects, which would mean all the Ted Nugent types would have to give up their arsenals. I think that prospect terrifies them.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    President Obama is using executive overreach techniques pioneered by Dubya to get things done. To me, this is poetic justice — what goes around, comes around! If Republicans don’t like it, they have no one to blame but themselves.

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: It’s about time! I’ve been saying for years now on this blog that Democrats need to behave more like Republicans.

  7. 21

    bob spews:


    I’m assuming that you’re just as OK with President Romney continuing the same pattern beginning next year.

    ‘If the Dems don’t like it, they have no one to blame but themselves’ for being largely silent while Obama has perpetuated and even expanded it. Right?

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    Deathfrogg spews:

    @ 19 Mrs. Rabbit

    Nestle’ has been in the baby food biz for a long time. Starting in the late 1940’s, in a push to gain a wider market, they sent Evilangelical missionaries to South and Central America to push the idea that breastfeeding was a sin, in that exposing the breasts was a sinful act. As this was a missionary effort, the United Nations and the US Government helped to finance the operations. Many of the Evilangelical churches around the country were actively helping to fund this.

    The missionaries opened small churches in remote villages to hand out bibles and preach the “Word Of God” to the illiterate locals, and actively discouraged them from breastfeeding their infants. Instilling shame at the female body was part of the process.

    Then in the late 1950’s then started selling the baby formula to those people who had no way of reading the instructions and no understanding of how germs worked, and the people there were using contaminated water from open sewers and contaminated streams to make the formula with. This of course gave those infants all sorts of interesting diseases that caused diarrhea, which is often fatal to infants, especially in third world countries where medical care is almost nonexistent. By the time the scandal broke in the mid-80s, the estimates of infant fatalities from drinking formula made with contaminated water were in the upper 300,000s.

    All so Nestle’ could make money.

  9. 24

    ArtFart spews:

    Congratulations, Lee…to use the old fisherman’s joke, this one definitely looks like a keeper.