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    But Bachmann saw something far more sinister: As she told a conference in 2003, “Tax-free zones are meant to be the catalyst to put the final nail in this system to have a state-planned economy.” She railed against the plan as a redistribution of wealth, and framed it in the larger context of a push for what she called a “Soviet-style” economy, in which bureaucrats, businesses, and public schools would work together to create an economy that matched their own globalistic vision.

    Whose program is crazy Michelle Bachmann droning about?

    [] Barack Obama
    [] Jerry Brown
    [] Jack Kemp
    [] None of the Above.

    It’s none of the above. She’s talking about a Tim Pawlenty program.

    Yeah, she’s called Tim Pawlenty a communist. What a crackpot!

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 Pawlenty is a communist. He wants to redistribute wealth. He’d simply redistribute it from the poor to the rich, instead of the other way around, which is only a technical detail. If you’re a redistributionist, you’re a commie, period!! Bachmann is right for a change.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Which brings us to the candidates’ fundraising reports, which is as revelatory as anything about who’s actually in this race and who’s just posturing. Here’s the latest scoop from Fundraising Central:

    Pawlenty raised about $4.34 million in the April – June period.

    Santorum raised only $582K, much of which he spent on … fundraising; so he appears to be netting next to nothing.

    Romney raised $18 million.

    Herman Cain reported $2.5 million but didn’t say how much of that was his own money.

    Gingrich is over $1 million in the hole.

    Ron Paul “was expected to report a strong fundraising quarter.”

    Bachmann’s figures are unknown at this point.

    Huntsman reported $4.1 million but half of it may be his own money.

    Palin has raised only $1.7 million in the last TWO quarters.

    Obama raised $86 million in the April – June period.

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: It still looks very much like an Obama – Romney contest with the rest of the GOP freak show merely there as hotdog vendors.

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    Steve spews:

    @4 I suspect he’s more of a commie-fascist. Oh, wait, that’s what we’re supposed to be. WTF? One’s head could spin of one’s shoulders trying follow these loons.

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    Steve spews:

    @5 “Gingrich is over $1 million in the hole.”

    What? Did he go shopping at Tiffany’s again?

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    Heh. I heard Palin spent a lot of her SarahPAC money living high in 5 star hotels on her book tour.

    She couldn’t hack it as the Queen of Alaska now she’s preening for the Queen of the U.S. coronation.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Roger Rabbit Agrees With Tim Eyman!

    Yes, it’s true, I finally agree with Tim Eyman on something!!!

    No, I don’t agree with him about blocking red light cameras. At first suspicious that red light cameras were merely a sinister scheme of greedy municipalities to extract more money from hapless citizens, I’ve come to realise that fewer rabbits will be squashed in crosswalks if more drivers actually STOP at red lights instead of barreling through the intersection at full tilt. So, I hope Eyman’s initiatives to block red light cameras fail — and fail miserably, at that.

    The City of Monroe is planning to SUE the backers of that city’s “repeal red light cameras” initiative. That’s right, the city is gonna SUE them for filing an initiative!

    Eyman said, “It is really an extraordinarily arrogant thing to do to sue your own citizens for exercising their constitutional right to initiative,” he said. “It is a total waste of city revenue, (which) they claim they don’t have a lot of, but they seem to have plenty to hire a lawyer.”

    I gotta agree with him on this. It is extraordinarily arrogant for public officials to sue their own citizens to keep them from voting. Look, guys (meaning you who push the levers of power in Monroe City Hall), I’ll tell you the same thing I told Goldy (an Eastern Carpetbagger) when Goldy was railing against our state initiative process: This is the West, and we like our direct democracy out here in the West, so get used to it.

    If you want to take away my right to vote on anything I please, you’ll have to pry my initiative from my cold dead fingers.

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    Well, no resolution of the debt crisis in sight. In fact, the situation appears to be spinning out of control. That’s fine with me — I WANT a Treasury default and a stock market crash, because I sold a bunch of stocks and piled up cash over the last few weeks so I can take shares off the hands of panic-stricken Republicans for 30 cents on the dollar. So let’s hear a great big cheer for default!

    DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault! DEE-fault!

    [Rabbit paws clapping in background]

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    Steve spews:

    How does Tom Watson do it at 61 years old?? Today he has a head-line grabbing hole-in-one and he’s in the mix at the Open again.

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    @11 I’m older than he is, and I’ll bet I could hit a golf ball almost that far, although there’s no telling where the hell it would end up. Since hole-in-ones are random-chance events, I have as good odds of making one as he does.

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    What Will Happen In A DEE-Fault

    Projected August revenue intake: $172.4 billion
    Projected August bills: $306.7 billion

    What can be paid: Medicare and Medicaid payments ($50B), social security benefits ($49.2B), debt interest ($29B), education and tuition ($14B), unemployment benefits ($12.8B), food stamps ($9.3B), housing assistance ($6.7B), veterans programs ($2.9B).

    What can’t be paid: Defense contractors ($31.7B), federal payroll ($14.2B), tax refunds ($3.9B), Department of Energy ($3.5B), Department of Justice and federal courts ($1.4B), Department of Transportation (including air traffic control system) ($1.3B), Centers for Disease Control ($500M).

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    Americans Digging Themselves Out

    Meanwhile, households have reduced their debt load by $1 trillion in the last 2 1/2 years, consumer loan delinquencies have declined 30% since 2009, and average credit scores are improving.

    However, household debt levels are still elevated compared to the past — 115% of income vs. 75% in 1970 – 2000.

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    don spews:

    Speaking of Eyman, no comments on Joni Balter’s editorial in the Times yesterday about governments putting levies on the ballot. Apparently, voters are overwhelmed by being asked to tax themselves. Isn’t this what Eyman and the Times wanted?

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    don spews:

    Speaking of Eyman, no comments on Joni Balter’s editorial in the Times yesterday about governments putting levies on the ballot. Apparently, voters are overwhelmed by being asked to tax themselves. Isn’t this what Eyman and the Times wanted?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    GOP Is Out Of Touch

    This poll shows what Americans really want:

    81% favor tax surcharges on people earning over $1 million

    78% favor eliminating earmark spending

    76% favor eliminating weapons programs the Pentagon doesn’t want [only 76%?? — RR]

    74% favor eliminating tax credits for the oil and gas industry

    68% favor phasing out Bush tax cuts for families earning over $250,000

    62% favor reducing Social Security and Medicare benefits for wealthy retirees

    57% favor cutting subsidies to build new nuclear power plants

    What Americans don’t want:

    Only 22% favor cutting Social Security benefits

    Only 22% favor cutting K-12 education

    Only 23% favor cutting Medicare benefits

    Only 32% favor cutting Medicaid

    Only 39% favor cutting college student loans

    Only 43% favor cutting unemployment benefits

    Only 44% favor Paul Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program

    Only 45% favor eliminating funding to Planned Parenthood

    Only 45% favor reducing farm subsidies

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    Michael spews:

    Bobbie Mac’s 911 call made the Spokesman Review.

    State Democrats are trying to get the most mileage possible out of an incident last week that prompted King County Young Republicans to call 9-1-1 to report — ohmagawd! —a Democrat in their midst.

    The whole thing started on July 7 when the Young Rs rented out the North Bellevue Community Center to hear a speech from Rob McKenna, the attorney general who would be governor. Dems sent a person with a videocamera to record the event for posterity, and likely for slicing and dicing to use in various anti-McKenna campaign ads.

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    americafirst spews:

    @21. Roger Rabbit spews:
    This conflicts with generic ballot data and amounts to asking children if their allowance should be cut. If the alternative is a ruined Obama economy, fear trumps desires.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @23 It’s true you can manipulate poll results by how you frame the questions. It’s also true that Americans love to get something for nothing and programs like Social Security, Medicare, etc. will always be popular as long as people think they’re free.

    As for the economy, that’s pretty straightforward. Unregulated free markets always destroy themselves. Competition always eliminates market players until only one monopolist remains. And history has made it very clear that electing Republicans is always followed by corruption and economic crashes.

    There are two very simple reasons why Republicans should not be put back in power. First, they caused the mess we’re in right now. Second, they’re still wedded to Hooverite economics, which will lead to another disaster.

    I’m not saying Obama is a great president. He’s no F.D.R. — he had a chance to be, but traded that chance away for Wall Street campaign money. But it wasn’t Obama who ruined this economy; the Republicans you voted for did that (which, btw, makes you a culpable actor). Obama’s mistake with the stimulus was that it wasn’t big enough. He wasn’t wrong to save the auto companies, but he wasn’t right in letting banks use bailout funds to pay executive bonuses and pay off counterparties. He also can be faulted for failing to activate the 101st Airborne Division for domestic insurrection duty when the banks began mass-producing falsified foreclosure paperwork and filing it with courts. The bank executives responsible for that should have been summarily shot without trials the same way Osama bin Laden was — they are Enemies of the People and Enemies of the State. And Obama has been waaaaay too kind to numbskull Republicans who want to bring the economy down for a second time by forcing a government default. Obama’s faults are not enough, not too much, leadership.

    For you to scontend otherwise is, well, the stupidity of ignorance.

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    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    I heard Palin spent a lot of her SarahPAC money living high in 5 star hotels on her book tour.

    Someone talked to you or was this from one of your standard kook-aid sites moron?

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    czechsaaz spews:


    But it was quoted as “Just a family vacation” by the half-term quitter herself. But using political donations on a personal vacation doesn’t bother you. ‘Cause she’s not a ‘D.’

    BTW, she stayed at the 4 Diamond Jersey City Hyatt Regency. Minimum rate for a King room, $374. I’d guess she probably stayed in a suite @ $500 or more. So “living high” off political donations seems a pretty accurate description.

    (These are according to public FEC filings, oh self-proclaimed wonder master of the internet search. Seems to me a moron would be the kind of person who tries to ignore easily verifiable FACTS and ridicules people for displaying FACTS without looking into them. Mike Rogers, yaaaargh….)