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    Steve spews:

    “This looks like a really terrible movie”

    If that Kevin James movie is “really terrible”, where would that leave Atlas Shrugged and Palin’s soon to be released bio flick? Hmm, if we forced terrorists at Gitmo to watch those movies, by the Geneva Convention would that be considered torture?

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    Michael spews:

    Commenters from the Seattle Times to KOMO News to KING5 have groused loudly about the city’s announcement earlier this week that it will spend $10 million to build a bike and pedestrian bridge connecting Myrtle Edwards Park to Queen Anne.

    Is there anything, anywhere that commenters on the web have not “groused loudly” about?

    Personally, I prefer my grouse wrapped in pancetta or with a morel sauce.

  3. 3

    Michael spews:

    Lookie, lookie:

    the number of cars and trucks crossing the SR-520 bridge across Lake Washington has held steady for…wait for it…more than 20 years. It was hard for me to believe at first, but it’s the only conclusion you can reach from the state’s Annual Traffic Report series.

    Yep, and with gas prices staying in the high range from here on out, less credit available to buy cars (and fewer people qualifying for that credit), infill development, and last but not least baby boomers retiring, those numbers will be going down not up. But, our beloved folks down at wsdot have the numbers on car trips going up, even when there own data says they will be going down. Lovely.

  4. 4

    uptown spews:

    You mean the pedestrian bridge that the city has been promising LQA forever?
    You want more money for bikes, go get your own federal grants.