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    Richard Pope spews:

    At least John Corzine is taking some personal responsibility for the accident. Which is a lot better than his staff trying to blame some innocent driver in the days immediately after the accident. Is Corzine going to cut a public service announcement against speeding next?

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    Libertarian spews:


    That’s not a bad idea. At least Corzine can make something a little constructive out of irresponsible behavior.

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    ArtFart spews:

    Well, lessee…last fall we switched our fish-wrapper subscription from Fairview Fanny to the Pea-Eye because of the former’s increasing irrelevance. This morning, I realized that I can run but I can’t hide.

    The Crawford Caligula has been screeching the last few days about “fighting them over there” and how something’s just gotta be done about Iran’s “Nook-ya-lar” program. At the same time, two full carrier battle groups, complete with the Bonhomme Richard loaded with Marines, have commenced “training exercises”…right in the middle of the Straits of Hormuz.

    OK, the PI did run the story, buried on page 5. But what did they deign so important to the good people of Seattle as to occupy fully two-thirds of the front page? The winners of “American Idol”. Most of the rest of page one was occupied by the gripping tale of Jones Soda winning the pop concession at Qwest field.

    What the FUCK???????

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @3 “News” is whatever the unwashed masses will pay 50 cents to read, Art. Any 2nd-year J-school student can tell ya that.

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    UnImpressed spews:

    You had a previous thread about a major tax increase for Transportation. Before we go too far on that, take a look at where the INVESTMENT INCOME on current Gas Tax dollars goes. A reasonable person would believe that the Investment Income stays with the Gas Tax Revenue and goes to Transportation……right?
    It makes absolutely no sense for this Investment Income to go anywhere else BUT to Transportation….right?
    Take a look at where the Investment Income goes Goldy and report back to us. Please.

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    oh, poor corzine! did he get a ticket like he should have…or is it just enough that he’s really really sorry and he got hurt too?
    what a load of crap!
    typical liberal…he thinks he’s above the law and when it’s proven to him that he isn’t he tries to spin that dirty straw into gold.
    weren’t his peeps blaming a complete innocent right after the “accident”?
    this video would gag a maggot.

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    You never cease to amaze me. The guy almost gets killed, and rather than just blame everyone else, he not only takes responsibility for his own injuries, but makes a public service announcement admitting to his own mistake and trying to keep others from doing likewise.

    And you find fault with that.

    (Oh, and in the states that I’m familiar with, the driver is the one that gets the ticket. Gov Corzine was not driving.)

    Not surprising, as just the other day you were complaining that I don’t think that it’s appropriate for the government to become the grocery police.

    Don’t you Republicans keep saying that you’re in favor of smaller government? (No, I really believe it, but you folks do keep saying that you are.)

    I guess you just think that government should avoid regulating big business. Checking in bedrooms, passenger seats, doctor’s offices and grocery carts are proper government functions.

    Ok, I understand now.

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    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    Let’s remind folks of the facts…

    “Publicans – you can skip this part since you can’t deal with facts..”

    1) Governor wasn’t driving so he’s not responsible for speed
    2) When monkeyface Bush was driving (not riding) without a seatbelt, the baby-raping right said nothing

    case closed

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    Spike spews:

    I have been simmering all day about the astonishing front page of the P-I and came here to find that ArtFart stole my thunder. Good for him. It makes me feel less lonely. My personal disbelief is not the huge spread on American Idol. At least there is a kind of national interest in that silliness. The big news article on the upper right, though, is as mind boggling an example of bad judgment as a newspaper could display. “Jones Soda Pulls Off a Seahawks Upset.” Can you believe that with all the events taking place in the world, the P-I thinks that Jones’ coup at the football stadium ranks as number one? Didn’t anything happen anywhere in the world that was more important than who drinks what beverage in section 45, row 12, seat 6? Isn’t this an issue that the most antagonistic liberals and conservatives on HA can agree on?

    Blast it. I much prefer the P-I for my daily paper. I still refer to the Sunday paper as the Sunday P-I. But lordy, how can I go to the front porch and pick up a paper as tripish and trivial as the one today? Talk about Seattle provincial.

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    Spike spews:

    And further cause for amazement: CGhost’s jaw-dropping political cruelty in response to the Corzine clip. I wouldn’t wish Corzine’s accident on anyone, not even on Dobson, but CGhost is relishing a political opponent’s horrific experience. Amazing how personal this stuff can be. Didn’t I read that the governor did get a ticket for not wearing his seat belt? In most of the world the driver is responsible for the accident, though CGhost doesn’t know that. Corzine is a millionaire, anyway. He paid for his stupidity with the crutches he is using and the blood he lost. Why doesn’t that satisfy CGhost? Perhaps Corzine has actually learned his lesson. Perhaps he would like to turn his stupidity to the benefit of others tempted to feel above the laws of physics. Perhaps he would like to encourage, aargh, even ChristmasGhost to wear a seat belt, the way sane people do? Perhaps CGhost will refuse to buckle up, since a liberal is urging him to do so. The consequences of that might make a nice thread here. I am sure the liberals would all feel sorry to hear of CGhost’s death from political bullheadedness.

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    Tuor spews:

    Spike @11,

    If you think CGhost is cruel, then I can’t fathom what you’ll think about my thoughts on the matter.

    Corzine didn’t end up almost dead in the hospital merely because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt, but also because his vehicle was doing 90+ MPH on a freeway. He and the rest of his motorcade almost took out some innocent smuck whom later was closely investigated to see if he somehow may have caused it.

    Then, after tax payers paid to put him back together again (we’re better than all the king’s horses and men), his motorcade *again* speeds as they transport him away from the hospital.

    If this had been you or I, we would’ve been charged with some sort of vehicular crime like reckless driving and failure to wear a seatbelt (especially now that the Feds are controlling the freeways, dictating the states adhere to their programs like “Click it or ticket”).

    So, no, our political masters clearly are not held to the same standards as us. But it’s our fault: they get away with this sort of stuff because we allow them to get away with it.

    It’s nice to see Corzine out there telling us all how we should follow the law (for our own good), but he’s a hypocrite, which is hardly new in a politician. I think one of his PR guys saw a way of scoring points and maybe defusing some of the antipathy generated by his failure to be charged for anything as a result of his own actions.

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    Heathen Sinner spews:

    @#4 – Hey Roger I bet this guy is a Republican too. Way to hold someone to personal responsibility…but you them poor black folk are making out good too.

    Hancock’s father files suit
    Restaurant, towing company, stalled car driver sued

    ST. LOUIS (AP) — The father of Josh Hancock filed suit Thursday, claiming a restaurant provided drinks to the St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher even though he was intoxicated prior to the crash that killed him.

    The suit, filed in St. Louis Circuit Court by Dean Hancock of Tupelo, Miss., does not specify damages. Mike Shannon’s Restaurant, owned by the longtime Cardinals broadcaster who starred on three World Series teams in the 1960s, is a defendant in the case along with Shannon’s daughter, Patricia Shannon Van Matre, the restaurant manager.

    Other defendants include Eddie’s Towing, the company whose flatbed tow truck was struck by Hancock’s sport utility vehicle in the early hours of April 29; tow truck driver Jacob Edward Hargrove; and Justin Tolar, the driver whose stalled car on Interstate 64 was being assisted by Hargrove.

    The Cardinals and Major League Baseball were not listed as defendants.

    Authorities said the 29-year pitcher had a blood content of nearly twice the legal limit for alcohol in his system when he crashed into the back of the tow truck. He was also speeding, using a cell phone and wasn’t wearing a seat belt, Police Chief Joe Mokwa said after the accident. Marijuana also was found in the SUV.

    Mokwa said Hancock went to Shannon’s not long after the Cardinals played a day game against the Chicago Cubs on April 28. The lawsuit claimed that Hancock was a regular at the restaurant bar and was there for more than……

    Sports Illustrated

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    Spike spews:

    Actually, I read that the injuries were caused by the failure to wear a seat belt. The accident would likely have not hurt him, had he been wearing one. No one else was seriously injured. Not that the speed is not an issue, but the issue is much broader than what the man is doing on the clip. I see no need to make it a political issue. He is not being hypocritical; he is responding to an enormous failure in judgment. Do you really think he would go to the 7-11 without a belt now or for the rest of his life? Hypocracy would be his seat belt ads BEFORE the accident, not now.
    I don’t see the other issue as political, either. You are right that our political leaders take on the kind of royal rights that the politburo had when they drove on their personal dedicated highway lanes. Make it broader. Have you ever been in D.C. and seen how the city shuts down street after street for bigwigs who are zooming here and there? It is infuriating. Have you seen how Seattle’s highways are tied up, no matter the people, when one of them is in town? I have seen it myself with Cheney closing I-5 and 520 so he could go to a fund raiser in Medina. And I have seen I-5 closed so Clinton could drive smoothly to the same kind of event. It is not a right-left issue. It is a power versus the people issue.

    But you and your friend CGhost want to make it a political issue. It seems like knee jerk politicization, when it really is something we all should sympathize with (Corzine) or detest (politicians owning the highways).

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    Tuor spews:

    Spike @12,

    I guess my irritation was more at the speed at which is motorcade was going than him not wearing a seat-belt. I am cynical enough to think his commerical, while amusing, was nontheless done for political reasons rather than a don’t-do-the-stupid-thing-I-just-did type of deal. But I don’t know the guy, so maybe he really is sincere on this one.

    I’m only too happy to look at things from a broader perspective, as that’s what I tend to do anyway. :P

    I suppose you could say that I’m politicizing this, but then, Corzine is a politician, and IMO politics is never far from *anything* they do. Note that I’m not singling out Corzine because of his party affliation or political ideology — I don’t know what they are and, as you noted, they really have no bearing on this particular issue.

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    spike…are you truly this stupid?
    “The accident would likely have not hurt him, had he been wearing one. ”

    oh, right. a collision at over 90 miles an hour [the police have put the speed at 91] and he wouldn’t have been hurt if he were just wearing his seatbelt.what is this ? a MAGIC seatbelt?
    i take it you are not a fan of either engineering theories or physics? [or thinking at all for that matter…]
    i won’ t even stoop to answer your ridiculous claim that i wished this on him and politicized it….except to point out i did neither.
    you, sir, are a complete idiot.
    he is an entitled ass…and i am basing this on all aspects of his life. he is also a very slow learner. right after he gets out of the hospital…what does he do…again????
    uh huh.
    and your claim that he wasn’t driving so it’s not his fault. hmmmm…..that’s a thinker.
    what do you know about corzine that i don’t? do you really think that his driver was just “makin’ it up” as he went along? corzine is a control freak. if you think that the driver wasn’t told to do what he did by him…think again.
    and as far as roads being closed when politicians come through…especially the presidents motorcade. oh, come on! are you simple? it’s because of nuts [like you] they have to do that.but if you want to talk about real show stopping showboating i seem to remember a real dumbass we had for president who shut down some runways at a major airport [LAX]so he could get a special “haircut”
    now that we know what we do about him…don’t you ever wonder what he was really getting?
    look…don’t you get it at all? politicians are all alike…except for the few rare ones that any of us are lucky to find, are lucky enough to have actually “serve” our country.they are few and far between.and corzine is sooooo not a one of them!
    according to you [and his whiny self serving video]he just had a “lapse in judgment”…..
    oh, good grief!
    why isn’t he in jail for that simple “lapse” in judgment then….as tuor points out, the way the rest of us would be?
    wouldn’t that be the right thing to do?

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    Puddybud Who Left The Reservation spews:

    Stupidman: Like I wrote earlier you give idiots a bad name:

    Fact: In Texas on your private property, you do not have to wear seat belts.

    Fact: Farmers don’t wear seat belts when farming on their private property

    Fact: A seat belt cut off the blood supply to Stupidman’s father’s “Stern” Parts causing missing chromosomes in the payload to stupidman’s mother.

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    Spike spews:

    @17 CG
    Well you certainly did learn invective back in junior high, didn’t you. The papers said that his injuries were a result of his seatbelt stupidity, not the speed. Others were neither killed nor severely injured. I certainly do think that he was speeding along with the same political egoism that others speed. You must know him personally, though, if you know so confidently that he is “a control freak.”

    Very amusing of you to bring up Clinton, as I bundled him with Cheney as part of the same group in this broader area. But “dumbass”? You know that you never had it so good as during his tenure as president. I wonder if the source of your hatred is your knowing somewhere in your being that he was easily the smartest and most competent president in your lifetime. You probably also know that the “airport haircut” canard was just another wingnut made-up issue and had almost no connection with reality. But you seem to hold your slanders dear to your heart, and like making up some of your own. Have you ever tried rational discussion in your life?

  18. 20

    Spike spews:

    Tuor @15

    You are being reasonable and intelligent, so I can’t argue much with what you say. I would quibble with “amusing,” though. I see nothing amusing in those massive broken bones, the intensive care, the multiple operations, the crutches. I would not be amused by any politician going through that, but like you I don’t know Corzine. He brought this on his own head, though, so all he can do is make the best of it, and this clip is doing that, no matter what his motivations might be politically. No reason at all to assume political calculation was his primary motivation, given the event.

  19. 22


    spike…where to begin with your stupidity?
    clinton’s runway haircut was made up? get real you fool. remember i am a california resident…i don’t live in the country’s dumbest backwater like you do, okay? so i can actually read, for happened….
    and for you to say this :”I wonder if the source of your hatred is your knowing somewhere in your being that he was easily the smartest and most competent president in your lifetime.”

    oh gawd…i am gagging…with laughter!
    are you serious? clinton was an idiot. a fool. a dishonest liar and cheat and he never met a situation he didn’t want to spin for HIS OWN BENEFIT. he abused the truth,his own family, women, our society and everything else we all hold near and dear…..AND he accomplished NOTHING. absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G. he was a travesty of a president [and human being]…and thank god he’s gone. and hillary won’t be bringing him back into the white house no matter how many times you hold your breath and kick and scream. it isn’t going to happen.after all, if we want sophomoric dirty jokes we have people like goldyroger, don’t we? we don’t have to vote classless white trailer trash into office.
    and the topper!!!!
    after all the bitching on here about china??? clinton was THE manchurian candidate you tool…..god, the idiocy of some people![YOU] truly amazing!the money he took from the chinese???? the influence he peddled?
    he was the worst president AFTER jimmy “the dhimmy” carter.i had to give him that…it would be hard to top that idiot carter.
    and corzine is a control freak, and yes i do know,and though i am sorry that anyone was hurt, i think he should shut up and count his blessings. haven’t we all heard enough from stupid politicians/entertainers while they make excuses for their bad/criminal behavior?
    your “you never had it so good” comment is truly telling. welfare recipient are you? figures.
    as for me, i personally liked the 80’s best…reagan and all.
    let’s put it this way…
    clinton was to republicans what bush is to democrats.

  20. 23

    The blood of our soldiers is on the hands of the people who voted for Bush spews:

    “clinton was to republicans what bush is to democrats.”

    Pathetic, DEADSOLDIERSghost, even for you.

    Clinton was a Rhodes scholar.
    Nobody uses the word scholar to describe Bush.

    Clinton listened to his military commanders and went to war in Kosovo, achieved a unprecedented military victory in 78 days without one combat death or one boot on the ground over a country with a much stronger military than Iraq.
    Bush’s failure speaks for themselves and he’s breaking our military, that is, if you want to believe the generals who served Bush. You probably don’t you just want to bash the generals who are now speaking truth to power.

    Clinton paid down the national debt.
    Bush, Bush Sr. & Reagan all ran up the debt creating birth taxes.

    Clinton crafted the greatest economic expansion in history.
    Bush, fucked it up.

    Reagan was another anti-American idiot, like all conservatives.


    Sheeeeez you have a serious inferiority complex, sweet cheeks.

  21. 24

    spike spews:

    CGhost, I don’t need to demolish your idiotic ramblings. @23 does it with a list of undeniable truths. You really can have no response connected to reality, when you read his/her points.

    Except that you seem unable even to read simple English You say “clinton’s runway haircut was made up?” What I actually said was “You probably also know that the “airport haircut” canard was just another wingnut made-up issue and had almost no connection with reality.”

    Can you read simple English? I said “made-up issue.” It doesn’t matter if the detail was true or false. What matters is that it is another stupid GOP false issue, something to pretend has significance when in fact is is just a diversion from real issues. It is like the GOP tub thumping about burning the flag, something that has NO reality to anyone’s lives but which gets the wingnuts all lathered up. No thoughtful person gives a damn when or where Clinton gets his hair cut. And no thoughtful person cares about his private sexual life, either. But the GOP have no real issues, so they look for inane hot button issues.

    Even most GOP admit that Clinton’s years were wonderful years for most us. His genius is indisputable. His management skills unequaled. If you think welfare recipients were the only people who benefited from his days, you were clearly living in a cave, yearning for the return of Herbert Hoover.

    And does it make you feel good to get into barnyard name calling? It does indeed make a person want to throw some mud back at you, I have to admit. But it doesn’t do you any credit to stoop to that level, and it utterly undermines anything you might have worth reading (not that you have come up with anything yet, on any thread you have entered).