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- People keep telling me that McGinn is obsessed with Highway 99, but when I read his Facebook, Twitter, and official blog, I’m not sure it’s even the highway project he spends the most time on.

– Those green bike lanes look pretty snazzy.

Greatest open letter ever.

Shorter Pudge: The fact that all those people didn’t believe Obama was really American proves that there’s something bad. About Obama.

– Is HA Back on track for everyone? I haven’t noticed anything funky on the front page/comments the last few days, but the first time I tried to post this, WordPress ate it.


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    Faceless Bureaucrat spews:

    If you think that’s such a great open letter then clearly HA is going down hill. Like the letter writer, Goldy tended to be self-indulgent. But at least he was an excellent thinker, political strategist and wordsmith.

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    Deathfrogg spews:

    From Tom Craighead, guest column
    Date: Monday, 14 May 2007 15:57

    Author, publisher, and internet pundit Tom Craighead recently wrote the following to his subscribers. It is reproduced here with permission. After reading this, you can visit his website. His book, The Lethal Liberal Society in America, is available on Amazon.

    Barack Obama vs An Angel From Heaven, Angela McGlowan

    Barack Hussein Obama. What color is he? I think of him as a chameleon, you know, the little lizard that changes colors all the time. He is playing the “race card”, changing colors to suit his audience.

    When Barack talks to black audiences, he talks “ebonic” to show his black brothers he is one of them. “Yassah, vote fo me, and I’ll keep those welfaya checks a commin’. I’m with y’all, heah?”

    Obama was educated in “Ivy League” schools. He is very bright, and speaks with a golden tongue when he addresses white audiences. And yes he sounds very convincing. And yes he can change his color to suit his audience. He is playing the “race card”.

    Obama’s downfall will be (hopefully) that he is an anti-war Democrat, and he so often states, “I voted against the war from the beginning!” Is he being honest with the people? Telling one group one thing, and another group something else – in his effort to FOOL America. Or as my friend Angela McGlowan very appropriately put it, he is BAMBOOZLING America. More on Angela further down in this blog.

    How powerful is Obama? Well, he beat the conservative of all conservatives Alan Keyes for the senate race in Illinois. Granted, Keyes is not from Illinois, he was sent there to run against Barack. But hey, Barack is not ‘from’ Illinois either. He was born in Hawaii before it was a state. Hmmm, it was a territory of the US, but not yet a state. Hmmm again.

    His voting record is in ‘lock step’ with the left. He voted against GW’s conservative appointments to the US Supreme Court. Obama continually rants against the war as though America feels the same way. Why then do our troops have so much support from Americans everywhere?

    I will not forget that Barack Hussein Obama was born a Muslim, the very same religion that has vowed to rule the world. The very same religion that promotes suicide bombers as a means to become martyrs, who will receive 72 virgins in their heaven. The very same religion that vows to kill all infidels (you and me). He changed his religion knowing it would not be good for his political future. But did he really?

    We have absolutely no way of knowing where Obama’s true allegiance lies. I’ll leave you with this thought. I believe electing Barack Hussein Obama would be like me handing you a hand grenade. After you grasp it, I pull the pin. The grenade will not explode until you release the handle. In other words, the election is the grenade, and if Obama is elected, he can release the handle and America blows up. Communists/Muslims will be America. Do we want to take that chance?

    But wait, God (I believe) has sent us a very special messenger, in the name of Angela McGlowan (I have dubbed her our ‘Angel of Hope’). She is a Black lady, and has written a book titled, ‘BAMBOOZLED!’ Her book explains in detail how Black Democrats are being BAMBOOZLED, or perhaps another term ‘HOODWINKED’ by, and other left wing elements.

    The very, very sad part of all this is, the Dems care not one ‘hoot’ about Black America. Angela McGlowan cares. I believe every American should read her book, and become enlightened. Bill O’Reilly was so enthused about Angela’s writing, he called her onto his show.

    Angela is not new to the world of political science. She has met with President Bush and members of his cabinet. FOX news is so impressed, she is now a (conservative) political annalist with FOX. Angela’s dream is to wake up Black America and bring them back to the Party of Lincoln.

    Southern Blacks, who have been victims of racial prejudice, that is unmerciful the way the Dems and their cohorts, the KKK treat Black America.

    Thankfully, educated Blacks are coming to the Republican party. This brilliant lady I now call my personal friend, is the answer to America’s dream for he Black brothers and sisters. And she does NOT like the evil Barack Obama. Angela’s website is shown below. Go there please. God bless Angela, and you.

    Face it burfurs, you paperhangers and blackshirts got your asses handed to you.

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    tensor spews:

    Shorter Pudge: The fact that all those people didn’t believe Obama was really American proves that there’s something bad. About Obama.

    Watching Pudge wallow and flop in birther santorum, whining all the time that Big Bad Barack didn’t save birther morons from themselves was the best local outcome of this nonsense yet.

    I’m curious about his assumption that this release will change anything, though. As one of his many hostile commenters noted, TPM has asked birther-friendly Republicans if they now believe President Obama is legitimate, but none of them answered yes.

    (I’m sure that when the racist morons who were whining for the “long form” aren’t placated by it, Pudge will write a column accusing them of having lied. Sure.)

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    Deathfrogg spews:

    Alex Jones spouts his bullshit take on the subject.

    Look, you neofascists have no case, you never did, and the fact that everything your leaders are doing involves totally removing the citizen from the Government and putting private companies in charge only shows what you are really about.

    You want a King. A dictator. A bookburning emperor type. You’d be happier with someone comparable to Saddam Hussein or Joseph Stalin in the White House. Or maybe David Koch or Eric Prince.

    Everything your “leadership” does, every piece of legislation, every subversion of long standing Federal law bears this out. It is now perfectly acceptable, and in fact, expected, to torture prisoners. It is perfectly acceptable to you, to force teachers out of the job when they teach anything without the christian bible being involved. You see nothing wrong with cold-bloodedly murdering physicians in front of their wives, kids and fellow parishioners. You have no problem with shutting down medical clinics for the simple reason of they provide medical care to women. You see nothing wrong with redefining the word “Rape” to eliminate every modern definition of the word. You cheer when a white man blows up a truck in front of a Federal office building, killing a LOT of law enforcement personnel, along with dozens of kids and mothers and grandmothers etc. But then you condemn the brown men when they smash the headquarters of some of the largest banks in the world.

    So fuck alla you authoritarian, anti constitutionalist nazi fuckheads. Your shits getting real old, real fast. You stopped fooling the smart folks 40 years ago, and now even the dumbshits are catching on.

    And with that, I’ll pour me another two fingers of Oban.

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    proud leftist spews:

    Idiocy cannot be appeased. Obama should have ignored the birther bullshit. I doubt a single one of the knuckle-draggers will change his or her position because of this release. Wingnuts don’t do facts, so why try to appeal to them with facts?

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    Michael spews:

    What they really want is to be lords of the manor in a neo-feudalist state. It’s a nice little fantasy, but 90% the people cheering for it would end up serfs.

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    Blue John spews:

    I don’t get people like Angela McGlowan. Yes the democrats used to be racists and the republicans used to be the liberal good party, but that switched during the 60s. If you go by the actions of the parties NOW, the republicans only care about the rich and the powerful. That’s it. They were the party of Lincoln generations ago, but they abandoned that by their actions NOW.

    I think “Thankfully, educated Blacks are coming to the Republican party.” is code for “Thankfully, rich Blacks are coming to the Republican party.”

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    rhp6033 spews:

    # 9: Actually, it reminds me of the attempts by neo-Confederates to try to argue thatblacks in the South willingly fought for the Confederate cause in significant numbers. They seem to think that if people believe that to be so, then it proves their argument that the war wasn’t about slavery, but “state’s rights”.

    Of course, the only real “states rights” the Confederates were really concerned about were the right to own slaves. All other complaints, such as tariff rates, were of little consequence to the average southerner.

    So if you go on various Civil War history forums, blogs, and discussion boards, you will inevitably run into someone coming up with a period photo of a black guy in Confederate uniform, arguing that it proves that blacks served in the Confederate Army. Of course, these fellows are never identified by name or unit, so it’s probable that they were personal servants of officers who outfitted them in uniforms, or the occassional teamster of wagoneer assigned to service with the army under a contract with his owner.

    Anyway, that’s the way the Republican party treats it’s “black converts”. They make celebrities of them, and like to show them off to prove that they aren’t racists. For ambitious blacks who don’t care much about the cause of their fellow blacks, it seems like a good deal. A black person in the Democratic Party is just one of many – like the blacks in the “colored” union army units of the Civil War. But a black person in the Republican Party is like finding a black within the Confederate Army – why, that’s a newsworthy items, and they have a much greater likelihood of being propelled faster up the party ladder where their visability serves a purpose.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I always highlight and copy my comments before clicking on the “Submit Comment” button because some of them go into the ether.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Too Ignorant To Be President Dep’t

    Speaking of ether, The Donald must be inhaling the stuff, or maybe he’s getting high on one of those helium tanks they use to fill kids’ balloons, because he thinks SCOTUS should be turned into a trial court:

    “A frequent critic of the federal health care law passed last year, Trump said the Supreme Court should decide the dozens of lawsuits challenging the legislation and urged district courts not to waste their time on it.”

    Yeah, well, I’m a lawyer and he’s not, so let me explain how the judicial system works. Federal district courts are trial courts and SCOTUS is an appellate court. This means district courts make decisions and SCOTUS checks them for incorrect interpretations or applications of law if someone appeals. SCOTUS is not set up to be the original trier of cases nor does it have jurisdiction to pull a case out of district court to preempt the trial process.

    Most people know this. The Donald apparently doesn’t. Do you want someone this ignorant appointing SCOTUS justices? I sure don’t.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The Donald is about to get an education on why rank amateurs who daydream of sitting in the Oval Office don’t fare well on the presidential campaign trail: Lacking background in government and experience in politics, they don’t know basic facts that any candidate for a major office has to know, and when they fumble (as The Donald just did, and no doubt will do many more times as his quixotic bid to “fix Washington” unfolds) the media jumps all over them.

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    Douglass Firz spews:

    The fact that Obama was born 2 years after Hawaii became a state proves that he had plenty of time to develop a sick affinity for Jim Nabors. Pudge said so.

    The real fact that Pudge wants to keep under wraps is that Mitch McConnell suffers from a condition known as “frenulum breve”, which stunts penis growth to the size of a newborn. This is even smaller than the average penis size of most Porsche ‘Carrerra’ owners.

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    Steve spews:

    It looks to me like Pudge set a new personal record for accusing people in his comment threads of being liars. I didn’t bother to count, but I’d bet he played the “liar” card at least a hundred times in that one thread.

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    Steve spews:

    I see that Breitbart is up to his old tricks – posting edited videos.

    If conservatism is so damned wonderful, why do its proponents have to lie their asses off to make a point?

    Of course, careers are again ruined thanks to the spineless reaction of those who should know better. I’d be more excited about the left if there were enough leftists with fucking spine enough to stand up to this shit.

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    Michael spews:

    The 4Mill can be made up and the 20 week rule can be worked around ‘specially when you consider HIPAA rules. It’s red meat for the base that will have little, if any, real world effect. They only question is is Daniels deluded enough to think he’s really changing anything?

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    Michael spews:

    From the department of duh:;f=1001
    “Taxes [have] essentially no impact on causing people to leave a state,” says Jeff Thompson, of the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

    In a study tracking 18 years of migration between states in New England, Thompson found that people mostly move for job-related reasons. They go where the jobs are, regardless of whether it’s low-tax New Hampshire or higher-tax Maine. “If you’re living in a state and your tax bill goes up by a thousand or two thousand dollars,” he says, “that … pales in comparison to what it would cost you to actually move. And it might not be worth it to have to be farther away from your job, farther away from your friends.” And Thompson says the stickiness of where you live is just as strong for those with higher incomes. In fact, they often have bigger houses, and businesses they can’t move, and more ties to a community. So why the persistent idea that the rich are ready to pack up at a moment’s notice if state taxes get bumped up? Part of it is the power of anecdotes.

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    22 – It’s not about those who “move”..

    It’s about those who “stay”.. Right wingers stay put if the tax bill is lower and they find those of like mind to bitch about taxes and share what they heard on Rush.

    Eventually a small minority builds up to be the pain in the ass tail who wags the dog.

    So this is why things have only gotten worse in this state since the go-go days of the late 80’s and 90’s.

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    I trust that the Southern States affected by the tornadoes are turning down “federal gubmint handouts” as they slowly rebuild from the turmoil of the storms.

    I’m sure our trolls will turn in inspiring stories of “salt of the earth” people “pulling themselves up by their bootstraps”..

    The President is wasting his time. Those people down there don’t want any “handouts” from a “socialist”.