by Goldy, 04/26/2007, 7:55 PM

36 Responses to “Open thread”

1. Union Fireman spews:

Can you say Fear mongering?

2. YOS LIB BRO spews:


3. Donnageddon spews:

Vetoing a bill that provides more money to fight the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq than asked for, and finally lets the Iraqi government that THEY are now in charge of their fate, while getting our troops out of harms way in a civil war would be TREASON!

And since Bush hates the troops and is the most treasonous President ever, expect the blood drinking asshole to veto it.

4. My Left Foot spews:

The irony is that Bush is trying to insure his legacy.

Pulling out of Iraq would be admitting he was wrong all along and would further lessen his place in history. Staying, insures that he will be remembered as the Worst President Ever. Only Bush would be concerned about being remembered as something less than the Worst President Ever.

Funny how that works.

6. AGuy spews:

The video sums it up: Democrats are cut-and-run, lying whiners. Rudy is right: another Democrat President means another 9-11.

If you want to protect your children’s future, keep the Donkeys out of the White House.

7. Alouiscious spews:

THe sUpreem court polititical figures are FUCKS. What they do wrong, is distort their output to favor campaign contributors. They’re as crooked as ever has been, nationwide.

8. Donnageddon spews:

AGuy, very convincing argument!

Now, back away from the keyboard, turn off the lights and suckle Limbaugh’s ample breast.

9. RightEqualsStupid spews:

Here we go this is great. The Dems will sit the funding bill on the cowardly draft-dodging, AWOL asshole’s desk on the four year anniversary of the fucked up Mission Accomplished PR stunt that failed like everything else the chickenshit Publicans do.

Then we’ll find out that Bush hates our troops. He could fund the war by signing the bill – but he really hates our troops since they had the guts to fight and he didn’t so he will veto the bill that would give them the money they need. That’s all we need to focus on from here on out. Baby Bush used a veto on the bill that would have reinforced the troops.

Game over – Dems win in 08 and then we can really start putting the wood to you traitors and cowards and dick suckers on the right.

10. GS spews:


He’s a friend of this country!

11. Donnageddon spews:

Thank you for playing, GS.

12. Roger Rabbit spews:

@6 If you want to see your child’s future under Republicans, click here:

13. Roger Rabbit spews:

Why would Bush sign the bill? He didn’t fund body armor, vehicle armor, or battle helmets.

14. Donnageddon spews:

RR, The Neocons would have you believe that the photographer of our brave soldiers coffins was a traitor.

Neocons think every patriot is a traitor.

It is just the way they roll.

15. MtRainier spews:

Donnageddon, you are giving the Neocons a lot of credit @14. I have never known a Neocon to ‘think’!

16. Dan Rather spews:

Donnageddon says:

RR, The Neocons would have you believe that the photographer of our brave soldiers coffins was a traitor.

Yeah we do. If you want to photograph a dead soldier pick a democrat, that is if you can find one. Leave the republicans soldiers alone and dont throw out their ballots.

17. SeattleDan spews:

See you at the next Bund meeting there, Dan. Be sure to have your copy of Mein Kampf, you little fascist, you. And before you come to the meeting, take your Meds.

18. Donnageddon spews:

Moron that uses the name Dan Rather: Pat Tillman

Think about it. Rue the fact that you have piled your hatred on our soldiers.

Then hang yourself.

In that order.

19. Donnageddon spews:

MtRanier, you are correct. I often foolishly apply “thought” to the America hating neocons.

I will strive to do better.

One would hope they would strive to apply “Thought” to their traitorous philosophy.

20. Where's Al when you need him spews:

WASHINGTON — A flock of small jets took flight from Washington Thursday, each carrying a Democratic presidential candidate to South Carolina for the first debate of the political season.

No one jet pooled, no one took commercial flights to save money, fuel or emissions.

All Global Warming experts I presume!


21. Donnageddon spews:

@ 20 Sometimes to restore Democracy and American values back to the government, you need jet planes.

But, really, do you think you are gaining any points for claptrap Karl Rove mindless posts like that? Did you convince anyone about anything except for your idiocy?

22. RepublicansFirst! spews:

Donnageddon! You have shown the weakness of your HEATHEN BILE!


DEMONcrats must use steam engine Iron Horses! The oil begotten by the blood of the poor Americans too stupid to have a WEALTHY family dying in Iraq is for the advantage of REPUBLICANS! GLOBAL WARMING is a SATANIC truth of the most SATANIC tool of SCIENCE!!!!

The American REPUBLIC is built on the sacrifice of the lesser americans who do not have connections and old money.

THAT is GODs desire! That is why HE gave them old money!!

DEMONcrats must just use overwhelming public opnion of the lesser americans, not the GOD CHOSEN rich!

How more simply can I make it for your “book learned” damned heathen soul!

23. seattlejew spews:
Gates hired Portland Educator
And Seattle hired ????????????????????????

24. zip spews:

“It is hard to be disappointed in Darcy’s amazing, come-from-nowhere, 2006 campaign”. (Earth to Goldy: she lost.)She was an empty vessel pumped up by out-of-state interests. Maybe the left party can find a candidate with a resume for 2008 or 10?

25. RightEqualsStupid spews:

More proof from Bush regime insiders that the lying piece of shit who sits in the White House acted in a way that warrants his impeachment – now!

26. RightEqualsStupid spews:

Economy is tanking – growth rate lowest in four years. This is a perfect storm people. About the time the election comes around – Iraq will have been more than five years of shit – the economy will be in the tank – more Publican scandals will have been uncovered. Looks like we’re in for a sweep – a super majority in both houses AND the White House. Man is this gonna be fun!

27. zappini spews:

King County plans to adopt mail ballot tracking. This is more than envelope tracking. It adds a unique barcode to your ballot that is linked to your voter’s id. This eliminates your secret ballot, taking away all voter privacy. Unique barcodes on ballots are unconstitutional, illegal, and bad policy.

Protect Our Secret Ballot – May 1st 7:00pm

How Your Vote Can Be Tracked to You: San Juan County Ballot Tracking

28. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

Used Full Toilet Roll Stupid:

There is a reason I deal with AG Edwards; they continue to call it right.

“The big picture remains a 55-month-old bull market that is supported by a decent economy and corporate earnings that are coming in better than the gloomy Guses had projected.”

Did AG Edwards say 55-month bull market nd a decent economy?

I guess your new name ain’t Mr Stupid but now is Gloomy Gus Used Full Toilet Roll Stupid from now on!

29. Right Stuff spews:

RightEqualsStupid says:

Economy is tanking – growth rate lowest in four years. This is a perfect storm people. About the time the election comes around – Iraq will have been more than five years of shit – the economy will be in the tank – more Publican scandals will have been uncovered. Looks like we’re in for a sweep – a super majority in both houses AND the White House. Man is this gonna be fun!

Athough I couldn’t disagree more with your analysis of the state of the economy etc, thank you for the shining example of liberalism. Your position is that the country isn’t doing so well… And you are happy? It is going to be fun?
Proves once again that liberals hate their country.

30. ArtFart spews:

On another subject (what the hell, this IS an open thread)…

You might consider calling your congress-critter’s office and asking him/her to support HR 2060, the “Internet Radio Equality Act”, just introduced in the House by Jay Inslee and Don Manzullo (R-Il). If you happen to like to listen to streaming music on your computer, this is best hope of preventing most webcasters from being forced to close up shop in two and a half weeks.

31. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

Man dies in Miami-Dade Jail?

Isn’t this another case of Moonbat!s in charge?

32. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

Right Stuff: You’d da thunk Gloomy Gus Used Full Toilet Roll Stupid would care about the people at the lowest rung or last hired since they’re normally his folk!

Not this ASSWipe! That’s why it takes a full toilet roll to wipe up his messes!

33. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

Moonbat!s: I noticed some were missing on April 22nd. Were you in the worshiper’s line at Red Square celebrating the 137 anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s birth? No?

Well you all espouse his politics!

34. George W. Bush lost the WAR and GBS knows that conservatives politicians and their supporters are TROOP HATERS!! spews:

Hey, Puddybud, you guys on the right have a big day coming up next Tuesday, huh?

You know, the 4th anniversay of “Mission Accomplished” Day!

Baaa haaaa haaa haaaa.

Oh, man, hate to rain on your “victory parade” but that’s the day another Repubican politician (Bush) is going to vote against the troops and veto the money he requested.

35. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

Hey GBS: Many of your side will be celebrating May Day.

1) Communist Workers Day
2) Cuban May Day
3) Immigrant Day
4) Dia de La Rasa

36. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

erratum La Raza!