Open Thread 5/1

- Occupy Seattle’s May Day schedule.

– I hadn’t heard of Startup Weekend GOV but the winners look like they’re creating some innovative things.

Shaun and Erica have more on McMorris Rogers.

– Texas’ anti-Planned Parenthood law is unconstitutional.

– I’m not sure if it’s an honor or a dishonor that Twilight wasn’t filmed in Washington.

Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Joe Cowley Rides A Plane, Degrades Women Everywhere


  1. 1

    No Time for Fascists spews:

    Topics on the talk radio on my drive in today.

    On the single liberal talk radio show, they were commenting on the right wing tactic to deny Obama credit for removing Osama Bin Ladin. To deny Obama credit where bush failed. That to the right, it’s OK to have bush fly to fly to an aircraft for a photo op to claim “mission accomplished”, but photos of the group in the situation room is too much! It’s ok for bush to spike the football but not Obama.

    Right on cue, on one of conservative talk radio stations, I hear outrage that Obama is trying to take credit getting Bin Ladin. That it wasn’t a big deal if the mission had failed, republicans would been understanding if Obama had tried and failed. (right!) Then they imagine Obama would punished the OPs team and abandoned them in Pakistan if they failed. And then they go off that so many of the troops would be denouncing Obama right now but they are coerced to silence to keep their benefits. Because nobody in military is denouncing Obama, this proves there is a conspiracy!
    Summary: Obama is incompetent, at best.

    And on another conservative talk radio station, they were savaging Dan Savage. First they set the stage by attacking his character and what he does by implying he encouraged pedophilia and that his column was nothing but the encouragement of depraved sex acts. Then they played the persecuted christian card because Dan Savage pointed out the flawed logic that christians use claiming it was their religious right to be bigots and bully homosexuals. Savage did mock the people leaving the room and he apologized for that. You think Santorium will apologize for all the things he says about gay people? Probably not, because according to him, the bible says they have the duty to bully gay people.
    Summary: Liberals are trying to oppress christians

    Conservative Sound Bites:
    “The labor union who writes all the TV and Movies sides with the Occupy movement. That says it all. ”
    “Obama thinks everyone in Congress and USA is in the KKK, so that’s why he’s trying to destroy America.”
    More spreading of hate, fear and doubt by conservative radio.

  2. 3

    rhp6033 spews:

    My old home state is reminding me of why it’s politics used to drive me crazy.

    The state legislature has passed bill written by the Family Action Council of Tennessee requiring teachers to “exclusively and emphatically” promote abstinence while banning anything deemed “gateway sexual activity.”

    Planned Parenthood instructors could be fined $500 for each instance in which they teach or promote the teaching (i.e., provide instructional materials) for any method of birth control other than absitanance). Teachers who don’t actively discourage “gateway sexual activity” (i.e., “…encouraging an individual to engage in non-abstinent behavior,” are required to be dismissed and/or fined. “Gateway sexual activity” could mean one student sitting in another’s lap, contact between student’s clothed bodies (i.e., embracing, rubbing hands on other’s clothed thighs, etc.)

    “Gateway Sexual Activity” banned in Tennessee

    Of course, that’s a law so restrictive and vague as to beg to be overturned on First Amendment grounds.

  3. 4

    rhp6033 spews:

    # 2: One of the dirty little secrets in the red states has been that right-wing politicians will go on a crusade against abortion, but make sure any anti-abortion legislation is drafted so poorly that it won’t survive a court challenge.

    Why? Because they like the option of having their own daughter/grand-daughters to be able to have abortions to get rid of any inconvening obsticles to their futures as sorority sisters, young adult bible study leaders, and beauty queen contestants.

  4. 5

    Michael spews:

    Nice to see that McMorris-Rogers is staying in the news. She really is dreadful and not very helpful for most folks in her district.

  5. 6


    Aubrey McClendon – a low-down, conniving, money-grubbing SCOUNDREL:

    Lies his ass off if it’s in his “interest” (otherwise known as “selling his vision”). Not a single world about dirt and livestock farmers in the sand hills of Nebraska.

    Entertaining as hell though. I’ll give him that.

  6. 9

    Bob spews:

    @1 Bush had eight years to earn a Nobel and came up empty.

    Barack did it in his first month! Now THAT’s accomplishment.

  7. 11


    8 – Wow Bob. Shine a light! The upside is that bridges are being repaired. Government spending is good for something after all. Good, services and people move safely. Thank heavens!

    Of course if insane Republicans get their way, those bridges would just be “privatized” to Republican boosters just like so much of national security. It’s a great deal for the taxpayer! Just look at how Iraq turned out.

    Obama will win Ohio just like people there overturned Kasich’s over-the-top jihad against unions. Kasich is Obama’s best friend in Ohio.

  8. 12

    Bob spews:

    @ 10

    Sorry, screwed up the link:

    Note that Occupy’s leadership are among those arrested, and that Occupy plans a whole lot more in the way of demonstrations in Charlotte during the DNC.

    By the time the convention is over no one will remember that asshole taking a dump on the police cruiser last year. We’ll have much, much more to associate them with, just in time for the October ad rollouts.

    Nice job, Dems. Ignore the lawlessness at your peril. You always have.

  9. 13

    Bob spews:

    @ 11 Tobacco settlement payments sold to private investors to raise money is GOOOOODDDD.

    Bridge toll revenues/maintenance sold to private investors to raise money is BAAAAAADDDDDDD.

    Got it.

  10. 14

    Steve spews:

    @8 Yeah, and I recall you wingnuts similarly birthing goats when Republicans lied us into a senseless fucking war. Oh wait, I remember now. You cheered. And you called anybody who questioned your bullshit fucking war a goddamned fucking traitor.

  11. 15

    Bob spews:

    @ 14 Our lauded Secretary of State might disagree with your statement. If memory serves, her unwillingness to pull a John Edwards about what was known at the time is why we have a President Obama instead of a President Clinton.

  12. 17


    You know when things are bad like they are now, change for the better is never easy.

    It’s hardly ever neat and orderly, every hair in place, like a Dave Reichert style Republican.

    Some people get in the streets and raise hell. Mostly young people because they don’t know any better.

    But then the older folks – the mom and dads join them because heh everything else has been tried and why not. Then the Grandmas and Grandpas join in because hey the shit is bad!

    This has happened before in our history and it will happen again.

    Democracy is never clean and orderly and right wingers can never comprehend that.

  13. 19

    Bob spews:

    @ 17

    ‘things are bad like they are now’

    I suppose you mean, like Axelrod meant, do we want to continue down this path, or……….


    Things aren’t that bad. We keep hearing that jobs are being created, every month, since…… since whatever point the Dems need to point to when they get told that they barely created enough jobs to keep up with population growth.

    Things aren’t that bad. They’re just not going to improve, substantially, at the rate we’re going.

    All that spending didn’t work and your solution is to do it again but spend MORE this time? It’s Krugman’s, anyway.

    Maybe if we give MORE money to the unions and to the green-jobs types we’ll get all the shit they promised us the first time we blindly gave them all that money.

    Let’s continue down that same path, but this time, let’s FLOOR IT!

    A couple of days ago you said austerity didn’t work. Well, neither did the idiotic spending.

    Time to back a different horse.

  14. 21


    18 – I haven’t looked at the details but it looks to be another example of the FBI EXECUTING IT”S OWN TERRORIST PLOT!

    I mean I see the logic behind this. They’d rather be proactive than reactive but it looks pretty damn silly and it might be better for them if they didn’t crow about it. Then again if they didn’t crow about it, then the real bad guys might actually pull some ugly shit.

    In the meantime, they’re going to be filling up the prisons with dumbasses who couldn’t execute shoplifting a candy bar on their own.

  15. 23

    Steve spews:

    It is understandable that the lawlessness of a DFH taking a dump on a police cruiser would deeply offend a wingnut’s sensibilities. But curb-stomping defenseless women, blowing up government buldings with day-care centers in them, bombing the Olympics and murdering doctors? Eh, not so much.

  16. 24

    Bob spews:

    @ 20, 21

    So, we should concentrate on the competent antisocials, rather than the incompetent ones?

    How, praytell, do you make that distinction?

    The guy who tried to set off the bomb in Times Square – was he incompetent because it didn’t go off? How about Richard Reid? The underwear bomber?

    How do we know, in those close-call cases, that those guys were borderline competent, incompetent, or extremely competent but perhaps unlucky?

    I don’t think we do. Means kissing more than a few frogs.

  17. 26

    Steve spews:

    “We’ll have much, much more to associate them with”

    And that’s a good thing, associating the Democrats with some DFH taking a dump on a police cruiser. But Democrats associating Republicans with the violent right-wing extremists that they’ve invited into their Big Fucking Tent? I’m sure that somehow crosses the fucking line.

  18. 27

    Bob spews:

    @ 25

    Who’s in the Dem tent?

    There are the retired terrorists like Ayers and Wife. There are the inciters like Sharpton. There are the inciters-in-training like New Black Panther party.

    I think there’s plenty to go around. We can even pad the numbers, as your side did with Gerald Loughner. Remember him? A product of right-wing extremism, until it turned out he wasn’t.

    While you’re pointing out the ills in the right-wing tent, don’t forget to clean house in your own.

  19. 28

    Steve spews:

    Republicans know what’s fucking important. Take the good Republicans of Tennessee who just passed a bill defining “sexual conduct encouraging an individual to engage in a non-abstinent behavior.” Well done!

  20. 29

    Steve spews:

    Gerald Loughner. As I recall, he was assigned by wingnuts to the Timothy McVeigh wing of the Democratic Party. A better fit there than in the Alan Greenspan/Richard Armitage wing that exists only in the fertile imaginations of our wingnut friends.

    Indeed, we should fret over a lame, domestic terrorist last heard from sometime in middle of the last century, oh, and a couple of crazy, isolated black people, rather than examine the violent right-wing extremists being coddled by Republican politicians today.

  21. 30

    Bob spews:

    @ 28

    “rather than examine the violent right-wing extremists being coddled by Republican politicians today.”

    Ah, yes, that’s right. As I recall from the Dem ’10 campaign talking points those were the 70 year old men and women attending Tea Party gatherings and cleaning up after themselves when the events ended.

    Oh, yeah. And then they voted.

    Steve, how are you going to examine those ‘extremists’ you suspect? Why, you’re going to have the FBI (@16) do it, aren’t you?

    Have a good day, all. I gotta go punch a hippie.

  22. 31


    New Black Panther party.

    Are there more 2 guys in that? That’s all I’ve seen.

    Bobby Rush was an old Panther back in the day and when he showed in a hoodie at the podium in the House – oooh can you imagine the weapons set to kill on him!

    Ayers and wife.. Two folks Breitbart, Tucker Carlson and other right wing dings were just dying to dine with and did. Yawwwwn.. We just got over Chappaquiddick and the KKK senator from West Virginia and now they’ll be boring us to tears with these two until they kick.

    A product of right-wing extremism, until it turned out he wasn’t.

    Heh. Some funny bit of obsession with fiat money and little bit of Ayn Rand. Ron Paul and Paul Ryan would approve.

  23. 36


    Mitt the pathological liar:

    Romney said the president “went around at the beginning of his term and apologized for America around the world, it made us just heartsick.” Never happened. A lie. “The president is planning on cutting $1 trillion out of military spending.” A lie. Romney said President Obama “went before the United Nations” and “said nothing about thousands of rockets being rained in on Israel from the Gaza Strip.” A lie. Romney said, “[T]his president should have put in place crippling sanctions against Iran, he did not.” A lie. Romney said Obama “failed to communicate that military options are on the table” with regards to Iran’s nuclear program. A lie. Romney said  Syria is Iran’s “route to the sea.” A lie, and a dumb one since Iran doesn’t share a border with Syria and has more than a thousand miles of its own coastline. Romney said Obama “decided to give Russia their number one foreign policy objective—removal of our missile defense sites from Eastern Europe—and got nothing in return.” A lie. Romney said: “You know how many trade agreements this president has negotiated? Zero.” A lie.

    The RMoney campaign’s central strategy is to lie its way to power.

  24. 37

    rhp6033 spews:

    # 26: The “New Black Panthers”???? Don’t make me laugh. A handful of folks who discovered that the name hadn’t been trademarked have tried to take over the mantle of the Black Panthers, which were disolved in 1982. They have been labeled by the Southern Poverty Law Center (considered by many Republicans as a black-controled leftist organization) as a “hate group”. The original founders of the Black Panther Party in 1966 have dissavowed the group.

    As for the original Black Panthers, they caused the Republican establishment in sacramento to soil their pants when they appeared at the capita exercising their second amendment rights (photo) for self-defense. Many whites called for their immediate arrest as a danger to the community, regardless of the fact that they had not committed any crime. Apparantly to many wingnuts, the 2nd Amendment, 1st Amendment, and the right to vote (among other civil rights) only accrued to the benefit of white men.

  25. 38

    Politically Incorrect - who has been banned over at spews:

    @3 & 4,

    Rhp, I’m all in favor of abortions for unmarried teenage girls. Shit, if they don’t use birth control, it’s OK with me to use abortion as the final and effective method of birth control. The most important thing is to have NO out-of-wedlock births, and abortion is a sure fire way to make that happen!

  26. 39


    36 – The right wingers are OBSESSED with them.. All I’ve seen is two guys at one polling place.

    And apparently they’re all talk. If they acted on some of the crazy things they’ve said, they’d all be in jail right now. Just like these dumbass anarchists the FBI framed.

    Ok a little reading shows they are more than 2 guys but why are right wingers trying to associate them with the Democrats? The old black panthers hated the establishment political parties and these new guys aren’t any different in that regard.

    Well the question answers itself. Associate crazy, angry black guys with the Dems and you make people afraid. Scared people vote for the right wingers.

  27. 40

    Liberal Scientist is a slut who occasionally wears a hoodie spews:

    I’m watching Obama speaking in Afghanistan right now.

    Mittens is so fucked.

  28. 41

    Liberal Scientist is a slut who occasionally wears a hoodie spews:

    Can any of you Mitt fluffers around here, honestly, truthfully, imagine Mitt giving a speach like that, to that effect? Really?

  29. 42

    rhp6033 spews:

    As I’ve mentioned before, I’m against abortion, for philosophical reasons relating to when life begins, and what our obligations (as a society) are with respect to that life. But I’m not crazy on the issue, I believe in the right of self-defense (when the life of the mother is at stake). I also would make an exception for cases of rape and incest, mostly for practical purposes.

    But I’m not a hypocrite. If my teenage daughter had become pregnant but was in no position to care for the child, I would have helped to arrange an adoption, or taken care of the child myself. Similarly, folks who are anti-abortion should provide reasonable care for the children and realize not all of them are adoptable or have grandparents who are in a position to care for them. In those cases, social structures need to be in place to care for the child.

    What I don’t like is hypocrites who, out of one side of their mouth, mouth anti-abortion talking points; and with the other insisting on removing the social structures to suppport children of “inconvenient circumstances”; all the while arranging an abortion for their own children so it doesn’t interfere with their child’s social standing in the community or college prospects.

  30. 43

    Michael spews:


    At the request of prosecutors, a judge has dismissed charges against an Ohio man who was among members of a southern Michigan militia accused of conspiring to attack the government.

    Jacob Ward of Huron, Ohio, didn’t participate in the recent trial because of his mental health. The pending case against him was dismissed Monday because Detroit federal Judge Victoria Roberts already has said the government didn’t have enough evidence to prove conspiracy charges against other Hutaree members.

    Seven people were acquitted of the most serious charges in March. They included militia leader David Stone, who subsequently pleaded guilty to a gun charge and awaits his sentence. His son Joshua Stone and co-defendant Joshua Clough (CLUF), made similar guilty pleas.

    It seems to me that the FBI is making up stories and getting the gullible to go along with them to justify their budget not getting cut.

    There are scary and legitimate targets for the FBI and I hope they don’t miss one of them because they were too busy delivering fake bombs to gullible waker-bakers that enjoyed all the attention that an FBI plant paid them.

  31. 44


    Before the right wingers come in here and crow “how convenient this is not being discussed”..

    Broken windows.. Yes, juvenile. There exists better ways to make your point.

    Right wingers are wetting themselves right now or soiling their pants.. Poor dears. Behave yourselves protesters.

  32. 46

    Michael spews:

    Mitt Romney’s spokesman on foreign policy issues abruptly quit Tuesday after anti-gay conservatives made an issue of his outspoken support for gay marriage. Richard Grenell resigned on what was to be his first official day on the job, citing the “hyper-partisan discussion of personal issues.”

    Don’t like gay marriage, don’t have one. It’s that simple. Who someone else marries is none of your business.

  33. 47


    44 – He wants Anne RMoney for Prez instead.. He’s called her a “conservative”. Hasn’t called Mitt that to my recollection.

  34. 48

    Steve spews:

    “The right wingers are OBSESSED with them..”

    They’re just stoking fear and hatred of black people. Again. Heh. Other than dead black teens in hoodies littering our sidewalks, what could go wrong with that?

  35. 50

    Steve spews:

    I believe it would be a good thing for America if wingnuts were made to deny any association with the American Fascist Movement at least three times a day. And just for good measure, Mitt should be made to deny any allegience to the Mormon Dominionists who want to rule the world at least three times a day as well.

  36. 52

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Screwball Names Daughter For Gun

    “Levi Johnston’s second child will be a girl named Breeze Beretta, his pregnant girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby [said].

    “Beretta is the name of an Italian firearms manufacturer, and Oglesby confirmed that the child will be named after a gun.

    “She also talked about the accidental nature of the pregnancy. ‘We were out at the cabin for like, four days, and forgot the birth control,’ she said. …

    “Bristol Palin has been … criticizing Johnston for being an absent father. She … is ‘upset’ he is having another child already, and .. she worries Tripp could be teased at school. ‘I don’t want him to go to elementary school with 10 half-siblings,’ she said.”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: No comment.

  37. 54

    Steve spews:

    If any Republican candidate doesn’t have to deny at least three times a day that he fucks goats, then the left-wing-commie-corporate media (did I just say that?) isn’t doing their damned job.

  38. 55

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Rmoney’s foreign policy/national security guru has been forced to leave the campaign by pressure from anti-gay conservatives.

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Who cares if his replacement knows anything about foreign policy or national security as long as he’s only fucking wimmin.

  39. 57

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I figured out why conservatives are trying to convert all the gay Republicans to heteros. At the GOP’s current birth rate the party will be extinct in 30 years. Of course, there’s always the hope that
    Levi Johnston can repopulate the GOP all by himself …

  40. 58

    Steve spews:

    “as long as he’s only fucking wimmin”

    That’s the odd thing about Republicans. They don’t fuck women, they fuck goats. Well, OK, most of them fuck goats. Still, I find it a bit odd.

  41. 59


    So some Brit parliamentary committee has determined old doddering silly Rupert Murdoch isn’t fit to run his company.

    Big Whoop! Well after all the damage he’s done to democracy here and in Britain and everywhere else, we can be thankful he’s getting some grief.

  42. 60

    proud leftist spews:

    Is it just me, or does the Mittster seem more and more artificial the more you see of him?

  43. 61

    proud leftist spews:

    Steve @ 58,
    As long as they’re female goats, Republican goatfuckers get a pass. Still, it is a bit curious.

  44. 62

    Michael spews:

    At the rate they’re going the Republicans will be extinct after this November.

  45. 64


    Who cares if the Twilight movies were shot in B.C. instead of Washington? Admittedly, had the movies been shot on location in their proper locations, that would’ve provided a bit of a boost for local economies, but they would’ve only been brief and transitory boosts. Instead, we have busloads of Twihards coming up through Port Angeles to Forks during the summer months and smaller numbers almost year-round. And the tourists keep coming, year after year. I would think they provide a better economic boost to Forks, to Port Angeles, and even to Seattle than what a film cast and crew would spend in a few weeks or months.

  46. 65

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    We’re Right, They’re Wrong

    “With most of Europe in a protracted recession and struggling to regain levels of output last seen in 2008, policy from the Obama administration has stopped the world’s largest economy from suffering a similar fate, according to UBS senior advisor George Magnus.

    “‘The idea that harsh deficit-cutting will energize private sector lending and spending, aka ‘expansionary fiscal contraction,’ has been proven to be an empty cupboard, and acknowledged as such by officials supervising the Greek debt restructuring, for example,’ said Magnus in a research report released on Monday. …

    “‘In almost all cases, it is impossible for the private and public sectors to deleverage simultaneously without triggering or sustaining a depression.'”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Republicans don’t know a damn thing about economics. Exhibit A: 1929. Exhibit B: 2007. Exhibit C: Europe, 2012 …