Open thread 5-27-05

Man there’s a lot of shit going on the threads. Looks like you all really need this sandbox. Fire away.


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    Danw spews:

    I think this guy worked for Newsweek

    “Fascism, which was not afraid to call itself reactionary… does not hesitate to call itself illiberal and anti-liberal.”

    _Benito Mussolini

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    marks spews:

    I think one of the largest problems with the Left-leaning posters here is keeping track of who is who (a problem made much more difficult by Don-Wsux-Alan-Patty-name du jour here). This may be a helpful tool, as I have rated each poster according to what they would be like as drinking company IMO:

    dj – probably one of the people I would most enjoy having a beer and discussion with…
    RDC- Same as dj…
    tj – As above…
    Nindad and jsa – Probably good conversation if we could get beyond questions of what beer to drink, not that I would be objecting to a particular local beer (just say no! to Bud/Coors/Miller and enjoy a decent microbrew)…
    Don-Wsux-Alan-Patty-(name du jour here) – Keep the beer away from him! Perhaps, better yet, just fit the keg to his mouth and duct tape it…Now that I think about it, just duct tape his mouth shut so access to the keg is unencumbered for the rest of us…
    DanW and Harry Poon – Off-limits topic: The latest conspiracy theory regarding how the R’s stole: The White House, Money, Power, Christmas, the toddler’s lollipop, etc – I think that would lead to this exchange “Hi…(sound of crickets chirping while drinking our beer, followed by)…Have a good night”…
    Erik – We would simply disagree with each other on what beer to drink and the conversation would degenerate from there…
    Goldy – Not sure how much beer he would be able to consume before becoming obnoxiously vile, as opposed to his usual deleteriously vile. It would be entertaining conversation, though perhaps not intelligent…

    If I missed you on this list, then I missed you on this list…

    This list is not intended as a helpful reference…

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    headless lucy spews:

    It is inevitable that the Bush mob will have a lower and lower public approval rating the longer they are in power. When they are out of power, we need to repudiate the debts they are incurring in our name as being the debts incurred by a foreign occupying force. My children’s lives will not be spent in service to these mentally diseased pimps and whores. I am dead serious. Multi-national corporate whores must be made to be “personally responsible” for their depradations and their property must be sold at public auction to reduce the societal debt they have incurred. Word to the wise: If you are powerless and have no influence why do the powers that be expend so much energy and wealth on silencing you? You need to organize. Capital is organized. So is labor. But it is being attacked on every front.

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    marks spews:

    Sorry I missed you on the list dr. I’ll pass on us taking a warm shower together and sharing the Soft-Soap (you know, takes longer to pick up)…

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    These LEFTIST FREELOADING PINHEADS personalities hinge to a large degree on WHO is buying the beer.
    As long as YOU are doing something for them, they are all nearly tolerable….dj is the only guy I could say I would enjoy having a beer with and perhaps Goldy (surprisingly). I say Goldy because I went to college with several annoying Jews from Brooklyn who make Goldy look like Rabbi Lapin and could handle them. None of them could hold their beer and were sloppy, goofy drunks.
    Don/Alan/thatPrick-was born to be obnoxious. A sad waste of humanity. An example of PUKE WITH LEGS. I’m just kidding really. I’ve played around here long enough to know the personalities. Don tries hard to get under my skin…but never has and never will. Although I realize he pretends to be upset most of the time too.
    However make them spend even a dime of their own coin and that’s where it quickly slides downhill.

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    headless lucy spews:

    Mr. Cynical is a Jew drunk wannabe. Mr.C.: It’s OK to be a white honky dumb loudmouthed prejudiced beer drinking drunk(dumbass) drunk. It’s not like you are the only one with pre-conceptions about other people. Hey, for all I know you ight be some pepperonni face white lookin’ niggah….

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    It seems the “deep-end” has clearly found you…yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever more.
    So glad you work for our Public School System and our kids are in your hands….NOT!!!!

    I think you’ve been eatin’ them urinal biscuits again. There are some serious chemicals in them not made for human consumption. And, of course, there is a $25 for each biscuit you’ve eaten!

    Lucy…you are giving LEFTIST PINHEADS a bad name.

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    Patrick spews:

    Reply to 6

    Why go to all that trouble for nothing? According to you rightys I talk out of my ass … if you duct tape the keg to my mouth I’ll fart away per usual! :D

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    Patrick spews:

    Comment on 7

    “Word to the wise: If you are powerless and have no influence why do the powers that be expend so much energy and wealth on silencing you?”

    I would reword this slightly: “If you are powerless and have no influence why do the powers that be expend so much energy and wealth on robbing and silencing you?”

    Otherwise, you’re right on, Lucy! I especially like the idea of repudiating Bush-incurred debts … although that probably means war with China, the collateral damage would be mostly Wal-Marts.

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    RossiSux2 spews:

    Let’s talk about the banking analogy. This one really cracks me up. The message threads on (un)Sound Pisspot are full of dribble about how no bank would run their accounting like King County Elections does. This is completely true. If KCE accounted for ballots like the private banking industry accounts for depositors’ money, the missing ballots would be in the hundreds of billions, not hundreds. As in, $500,000,000,000.00 missing. That’s how much the S & L’s mislaid back in the eighties during the Reagan Corruption, er, I mean, Reagan Administration. Can you imagine KCE losing 500 billion ballots and not being able to explain where they went? If that happened, there might actually be some substance to this election challenge stuff. The taxpayers, who had to bail out the depositors, would be a lot better off if only we could get the banking system to run their accounts as well as KCE runs theirs. Still not perfect, but, um, a 100,000,000% improvement!

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    RossiSux2 spews:

    Reply to 10

    Why shouldn’t you sticky-fingered BIAW lackeys buy the beer? You have all the money! You stole ours, and you’re siphoning off L & I taxes meant for injured workers too! The least you can do is pick up the bar tab, you greedy cheapskates!

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    RossiSux2 spews:

    Comment on 11

    The problem with drinking with Mr. Cynical is he doesn’t know which hole the beer is supposed to go in.

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    RossiSux2 spews:

    Let’s see, there was something else … oh yeah, I wanted to mention the Viagra flap. You’ve all heard of this? It seems America’s most popular Giddy-Up-Cowboy drug has a defect. Some of its regular users go blind, mostly lonely old men who use the stuff even though they don’t have any female companionship. Now I wonder what could cause that, hahaha?

    By the way, if you see a fat old guy wearing shades and slowly making his way along the sidewalk tapping a white cane, be nice and get out of his way, because it’s probably our very own Mr. Cynical.

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    righton spews:

    rossi and other libs

    You guys are as accounting challenged as our “elections” staff. S+L’s stole money, and also made huge (greedy) mistakes. But the individual branch, or even bank as whole, never lost track of the $$.

    KC “elections” hasn’t a clue as to how to account for the ballots.

  15. 22

    RossiSux2 spews:

    Reply to 20

    Oh, I see how the banking industry works … when you steal $500,000,000,000.00, you have to kept track of how much you stole, so you know how much to bill the taxpayers for the bailout.

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    RossiSux2 spews:

    Oh, here’s an interesting item from …
    something for REAL Republicans to think about (you trolls may disregard) …

    “To be a Republican these days, you have to be in favor of … massive centralized government, nation-building, torture, rape, murder, the plundering of tax dollars by defense and oil companies, a pestilent friendship with Saudi Arabia despite the fact that a good deal of global terrorism comes straight out of that country, and the eternal occupation of a nation that does not want us there and does not believe that we are bringing anything like freedom to their doorstep. …

    “If I were a Republican, I’d … be up nights wondering if men like Tom DeLay and the religious extremists he empowers as a means of political self-defense are the proper banner-carriers for my party. I’d wonder how we are making our nation safer by manufacturing terrorists in Iraq while ignoring the ones in Saudi Arabia. …

    “If I were a Republican, I’d be thinking about getting this millstone off my neck. I wouldn’t become a Democrat, because that’s just too crazy. I might seriously consider withdrawing my support from this so-called Republican administration, because with every word and deed they betray the principles I would hold dear as a member of the Grand Old Party. I’d seriously consider cleaning house, and restoring my party to something worthy of respect and loyalty.

    “If I didn’t do these things as a Republican, then everything done in my name and by my party would be my responsibility. If I were a Republican, I don’t think I could stand that burden.”

    Read the complete piece at

    Basically what he’s saying is the GOP has been carjacked by a gang of gnomes, dwarves, and trolls because the rightful owner left the keys in the ignition and the motor running; and that legal liability attaches to such carelessness. In other words, if you’re a Republican (a real one), it’s your responsibility to go out and get your party back before it runs over everything in sight, so get cracking! Or we’ll sue you for the damages!

  17. 24

    RossiSux2 spews:

    Here’s another good piece from about the impending implosion of the GOP. There’s so much good stuff in this one, it’s hard to pick an excerpt for quote. I chose this one as a teaser to get you to click on the link and read the whole thing at

    “The day after Frist lost control of his caucus, 50 GOP House members defied Bush’s promised veto and piled onto an impressive majority that passed legislation approving stem cell research. …

    “Suddenly, George has a problem. Stem cell research is very popular among the folks, and can help millions of Americans afflicted with a wide variety of diseases. Take diabetes for one example. There are 18.2 million Americans suffering from diabetes today, a lot of them children. According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 213,000 people will die of diabetes this year alone.

    “George is going to have a hell of a time explaining to these people why Jesus says they can’t be cured.”

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    JCH spews:

    Proof of Signature [A Little John Kerry update that you will NOT read in the MSM. Enjoy!!!]

    John Kerry now claims to have signed form SF-180, and his minions are apparently scurrying about Washington to find a postage stamp to mail the form.

    But no proof has been produced that the senator has signed the form, or that he intends to make all his military records public.

    By contrast, the day after Kerry made his promise on national TV, Swiftee John O’Neill signed form SF-180, and made a copy available to the media. On the form, he has authorized the release of all his records to anyone who asks for them.

    You can see O’Neill’s form here. Where’s Kerry’s form?

  19. 26

    RossiSux2 spews:

    In a previous thread, I mentioned that I supported Gregoire because she’s a visionary. One of the things Gregoire wants to do is put our state in the forefront of stem cell research, using tobacco settlement money to get it jump started. This vision has the potential to bring thousands of high paying technology jobs to Washington. If we don’t get those jobs, some other state will, very likely California. In my opinion, we should all write to the Gubernarator (Ah-nold) and encourage him to ban stem cell research in California by executive fiat, so the research and production jobs will come here instead. See — a GOP fundie ass-kisser is good for something after all! I have another idea too — let’s withhold the treatments that come out of this research from the religio-zealots who opposed it from the beginning. Not so much because they don’t deserve to be cured, although they don’t, but because we don’t want to force on them something that’s against their moral beliefs do we? You know, like labeling blood donated by black folks, so white folks have the option of refusing a transfusion and dying rather than have their bloodlines polluted by blood of the wrong color. I’m pretty sure it works the same for heathen cures, in the thinking of these folks. So, I propose that Washington become the center of the universe for research into a new generation of medical cures for us heathens, with these life-saving treatments optional for the “saved” souls who are unwilling to die for their celestial purification.

  20. 27

    marks spews:

    Comment @14

    Don-Wsux-Alan-Patty-RossiSux2-name du jour here- needs help!
    I have devised a simple procedure to get him started on rehabilitation using a hypobaric chamber, a catcher’s mitt, and salad spoons.

    Before getting to that, we should understand his perspective, or worldview, such as it is. In order to see his perspective, it requires a speculum, which should give any person pause before actually considering getting a look at said perspective. Coincidentally, the use of a speculum is the only way Don-Wsux-Alan-Patty can obtain light or oxygen in his current predicament.

    In short, Don-Wsux-Alan-Patty’s head has been swallowed by his a$$, cutting off oxygen and vision.

    So, how to help Don-Wsux-Alan-Patty:

    He needs to get into a hypobaric chamber set for low-pressure atmospheric conditions. This will help his body’s gasses to expand and make the extraction of his head easier using salad spoons. Unfortunately, there is a high risk that the huge level of gas buildup within him will violently expel his head, hence the catcher’s mitt. A regimen of cognitive-development programs should help his subsequent rehabilitation go faster, but there is still the obvious likelihood that he suffers permanent brain damage from hypoxia, not to mention the resultant apoxia from the chamber use. Proper balance may never be attained, and his a$$ may enable a relapse/reinsertion due to it’s immense dimension and his head’s affinity with it. :)

  21. 28

    RossiSux2 spews:

    Speaking of gas, we’re soon going to run out of it. No matter how much of our coastlines and wildlife preserves the Rape-Ruin-Run crowd currently running things in D.C. opens up to drilling, we simply cannot drill our way to an Eternal Oil Supply, for the simple reason that an E.O.S. does not exist.

    If I may digress briefly, just to show you how willfully ignorant the intentionally-anti-science rightwing crowd can be, I actually read on a right-wing web site that oil will last forever. The reasoning went like this. The world’s oilfields will never be depleted because there are limitless pools of oil buried deep in the earth’s mantle that seep upward to refill the oil reservoirs. I’m not kidding, these guys are serious, they actually believe this shit.

    It’s amazing how many misconceptions they managed to incorporate into this one stupid idea. First of all, underground oil reservoirs are not giant tanks full of liquid oil. They are beds of porous rocks with liquid oil in tiny spaces in the rocks. Secondly, mankind has been pumping oil out of the ground for over 150 years now, and none of the oilfields exploited to date has refilled itself, so the empirical evidence for this theory is lousy to say the least. Third, the theoretical basis for it is lousy too, because oil can’t exist deeper than about 17,000 feet for the reason that the heat and pressure at greater depths breaks down the oil molecules. So, while the world runs out of oil, these idiots fiddle away and delude themselves that we’re not running out of oil so there’s no need to find another energy source.

    Now, back to reality. The world currently consumes something like 86 million barrels of oil a day, but is on a trajectory to consume 121 million barrels a day within 20 years. At CURRENT consumption the world has a 29 year supply of petroleum left.

    How much time do we have to do something about it? Here’s a hint.

    “The US government knows that conventional oil is running out fast. According to a report on oil shales and unconventional oil supplies prepared by the US office of petroleum reserves last year, ‘world oil reserves are being depleted three times as fast as they are being discovered. Oil is being produced from past discoveries, but the re¬‚serves are not being fully replaced. Remaining oil reserves of individual oil companies must continue to shrink. The disparity between increasing production and declining discoveries can only have one outcome: a practical supply limit will be reached and future supply to meet conventional oil demand will not be available.’

    “It continues: ‘Although there is no agreement about the date that world oil production will peak, forecasts presented by USGS geologist Les Magoon, the Oil and Gas Journal, and others expect the peak will occur between 2003 and 2020. What is notable … is that none extend beyond the year 2020, suggesting that the world may be facing shortfalls much sooner than expected.'”

    Read the complete article here:

    Meanwhile, the Bush Administration fiddles.

  22. 29

    G Davis spews:

    Marks…to be sure, have a beer with those on your list…you and I will have a sip of fine aged scotch! ;0

  23. 30

    dj spews:

    marks @ 6

    I’d enjoy a beer and conversation with you, too—just agree beforehand to leave your salad spoons at home!


    I keep hoping you show up at the Montlake Ale House on Tuesdays so I can buy you a beer.


    Perhaps after this election contest is over and everyone has had the opportunity to gloat/lick wounds, Goldy and Stefan can organize a big blog-junkie party somewhere.

    Recreation: We could take out our anger at each other in volleyball (The Davidians v. The Snarks?). . . .

    Security: Hire the Hells Angels. . . .

    Funding: The BIAW would be happy to kick in half for SP. The HA liberals could do their own fund raising (hey, we can ask Mrs. Cynical for a generous contribution, since she wears the pants when it comes to household finances). . . .

    More fund raising and entertainment: SP folks and HA conservatives would gladly pay $5 a pop for the chance to throw a baseball and drop Goldy into the dunk tank. Liberals might cough up $1 a pop for a shot at dunking Stefan.

    Food: potluck. (More security: well-guarded separate food table for liberals and conservatives. No food contributions from conservatives to the liberal food table and vice versa.).

    Entertainment: Expert witness mud wrestling! (Mr. Cynical is taking bets.)

    More entertainment: Hire Judge Bridges to do a stand-up routine!

  24. 31

    marks spews:

    dj @26

    Food: potluck. (More security: well-guarded separate food table for liberals and conservatives. No food contributions from conservatives to the liberal food table and vice versa.).

    That’s the thing with you Liberals: always making things “safe” and avoiding the element of danger. I was thinking we’d hire a crane and do some bungee jumping. We’d have Dean Logan measure out the length of the bungee…

    As for the salad spoons, since RossiSux likely will not follow through with the regimen I have prescribed, they will likely be in the salad.

  25. 32

    dj spews:

    marks @ 27

    “I was thinking we’d hire a crane and do some bungee jumping. We’d have Dean Logan measure out the length of the bungee…

    Hey, if Logan is a USBA certified jumpmaster, no problem. But if he shows up and the ink is still wet on his certificate, I conceed election fraud!

  26. 33

    headless lucy spews:

    Mr. Cynical: I could enjoy a bottle of beer with you if the bottle were buried in your head. Then I would take the gun from your cold dead hands and put it to some positive purpose. How do you like it when your rhetoric is used on you?

  27. 35

    headless lucy spews:

    REPUDIATE REPUBLICAN INCURRED DEBT. Make the faceless bastards pay for it themselves. It’s now a movement called: RRID! Rid the world of these overreaching bastards!

  28. 38

    N in Seattle spews:


    If you had any cojones, you’d show up at DrinkingLiberally Montlake, where I’d buy you whichever domestic big-corporate beer you want.

    You’d find that we’re regular people with regular ideas … we’re always ready to discuss and argue without name-calling or ad hominems. Are you?

    PS. No matter that you skipped over me. I don’t post much in these comment insult-fests.

  29. 41

    dj spews:

    N in Seattle @ 34

    I’ve enjoyed drinking with you at Montlake. Marks doesn’t know what he is missing.

  30. 42

    N in Seattle spews:

    dj @ 37

    Thanks, it’s been good and valuable for me as well. Maybe marks does know what he’s missing. Refer back to my comment re: cojones.

  31. 43

    RossiSux2 spews:

    Reply to 26

    Someday I will, but my visits are necessarily rare and unannounced, in order to minimize the impact on the neighborhood of the papparazis and fans who follow me everywhere I go.

  32. 44

    RossiSux2 spews:

    P.S., the volleyball idea is OK, but a snowball fight is better. Ever try to put a rock in a volleyball? Hiring the Hell’s Angels for security as okay as long as they’re working for us, and agree no guns, only knives.

  33. 45

    RossiSux2 spews:

    P.S. 2, fundraising is no problem. Raise their L & I taxes and take it out of that. Why not? What’s good for Rossi and the BIAW, should be okay for the Democrats too.

  34. 46

    RossiSux2 spews:

    Comment on 28

    I read on the Darwin Awards web site about a guy who jumped off a 70 foot high bridge with a 90 foot long bungee cord. I’m not kidding, no shit! Scratch one Republican.

  35. 48

    marks spews:

    dj & N in Seattle

    To be honest, I wish I could. Next time I am in the neighborhood I will. Naturally, it is sorta tough to just drop in from here.

    As for cahones, a few weeks ago I bought Goldy’s beer at the gathering (via Amazon Honor System). That was not the first, and probably won’t be the last. If Goldy happens to make a particularly poignant and/or hilarious point, specifically one that challenges or changes my view on that point, I buy him a beer. Since he has been centered on the contest over the last week, I have not reached for my wallet. I expect that will change once this court matter is resolved and Goldy again challenges my views or gives me a good guffaw. To be honest, I prefer the challenge, but it is tough to beat a good laugh, even when laughing at myself…

  36. 52

    marks spews:

    RossiSux2 @45

    I consider where I am right now as financial exile…I earn a living wage here, but hope to make it back there.

    You ever been here? If it was during summer, you know why I don’t want to stay…

    On Rossi, I don’t think he wins when the appeal goes before the WASC, so I am not as concerned as I once was. Until recently I was staying out of this topic, but I found that to be nearly impossible right now.

  37. 53

    Dan B spews:

    Looking at this string??? it occurs to me he biggest difference between today’s self-called liberals/leftists and the neocons is that the neocons have an absolute phobia about the “J” word… :-)

    Comments like “(#10) I went to college with several annoying Jews from Brooklyn who make Goldy look like Rabbi Lapin” or ” (#11) Mr. Cynical is a Jew drunk wannabe” would get you tarred and feathered as an anti-semite on any neocon page… Which is totally unreasonable; tarring and feathering should be reserved for sore losers in the gubernatorial contests…

    But you have to wonder. Neocons are so very often the opposite of their public personas. Look at Jim West. Staunch defender of that ol’ time morality :-( in public, homosexual stalker in private.

    Yes, you have to wonder…

  38. 55

    zapporo spews:

    Blogs are the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    Because they allow wackjob nutburger liberals to live in fantasyland.
    The best part?
    It doesn’t require any government funds!

    Oh where is Shantmai when you need her most?

  39. 56

    RossiSux2 spews:

    Try this for reality:

    U.S. Senators – 2 D’s
    Congressmen – 6 D’s, 3 R’s
    Governor – D
    Lt. Governor – D
    State Senate – D
    State House – D
    King County Executive – D
    King County Council – controlled by D’s

    Bend over and kiss my ass hahaha

  40. 57

    zapporo spews:

    Fawning Rossi Fan @56 –
    Why? Because you are such a teeny weeny pinhead?
    You are so far left you wouldn’t know the middle of the road if it kicked you in the ass. Reread this thread if you don’t believe me.
    I can just see it a few years hence – “Why that damn neo-con – He said Gerald Ford and Walter Mondale were decent men! Freaking winger!

  41. 59

    RossiSux2 spews:

    Reply to 57

    I seem to be in sync with the majority in this state, judging from electoral results.

  42. 60

    reggie spews:

    Don @ 26

    It should come as no surprise to you that the companies in this state that are already doing Stem Cell Research don’t want the state involved at all.

    We are doing fine so far and don’t need Chrissy “help” in any way, shape, or form. let the private sector do the research. once you get the state involved things tend to slow down. Sometimes to a crawl.

    Your assertion that it will create jobs is laughable. Our company is doing some of the work for California’s Stem Cell Research…and we are based in Bothell. How is that helping the Californian economy? How many extra people did we have to hire to do the extra research?…none. You think it will be different when Chrissy start throwing money around? Unlikely.

    Rossi’s had a better opinion on Stem Cell Research. He said that he didn’t oppose it he just didn’t want to fund it. This is the main reason I support him over Chrissy. Use the tobacco money for social programs instead of getting involved in something you don’t know shit about. (are you listening Arnie?)

    A better plan would have been tax incentives to keep us here. Again that would have been the Rossi approach.

  43. 61

    Mr. Cynical spews:


    Some of these LEFTIST PINHEADS actually are starting to believe the crap that comes out of there orifices. Amazing, huh?
    The cure is there for them if only they become regulars at:

  44. 62

    pbj spews:


    “That’s how much the S & L’s mislaid back in the eighties during the Reagan Corruption, er, I mean, Reagan Administration. “

    You always mention this but fail to mention that the “Keting Five” were mostly Democrats on the take.

    In 1989, the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association in California collapsed. It was estimated that a government bail-out of Lincoln would cost over two billion dollars. Charles Keating, the Chairman of Lincoln’s parent company, was implicated by the press by Common Cause for being personally responsible for this, the nation’s largest thrift failure.

    When the House Banking Committee heard testimony on the Lincoln collapse, Keating suggested that the problem was the fault of the regulators whom he suggested had a vendetta against him and were out to sabotage his business. Edwin J. Gray, the former head of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, on the other hand, testified that his agency’s auditing was anything but activist. Further, Gray said he had been approached by a number of influential senators to discontinue investigations of the Lincoln S&L. Later, it was revealed that these senators had received substantial campaign contributions–both directly and indirectly–from Keating, totaling over 1.3 million dollars.

    A number of investigations began as to whether these senators had acted improperly and whether Keating had been able to buy influence through his campaign contributions. These included investigations by the State of California, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Senate Ethics Committee. While the California and the Justice Department investigations concentrated on Keating’s action, the Senate Ethics Committee investigation concentrated on the actions of the five senators implicated: Alan Cranston (D, CA), Dennis DeConcini (D, AZ), John Glenn (D, OH), John McCain (R, AZ), and Donald Riegle (D, MI). These men were dubbed the Keating Five.

    Although the special counsel to the Ethics Committee advised the Senate that Senators Glenn and McCain (R-AZ) were not substantially involved, months of testimony revealed that all five senators had acted improperly in varying degrees.

    In the end, the Senate Ethics Committee concluded that Senators Cranston, DeConcini, and Riegle had substantially interfered with the federal regulators’ enforcement processes at the request of Charles Keating. In August 1991, the Ethics Committee recommended to the full Senate the censuring of Cranston for reprehensible conduct. The other four senators were noted for questionable conduct. Cranston had already decided not to seek re-election, citing medical problems.

  45. 63

    JCH spews:

    [Goldenstein and fellow Democrat “buddies” head for Cuba. Read on…….]
    WASHINGTON – In the last few months, the small commercial air service to the naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, has been carrying people the military authorities had hoped would never be allowed there: American lawyers. And they have been arriving in increasing numbers, providing more than a third of about 530 remaining detainees with representation in federal court…

  46. 64

    JCH spews:

    58…..Headless Lucy: Atlas has Shrugged, and “guvment” parasite hacks like you will soon have to tax each other as the private sector Republicans move on. Classic!

  47. 65

    Puddybud spews:

    David: The other issues brought up by PacMan you brushed off. Just as I suspected. He was asking about thoughts and actions of liberals. You ignored them. So, here are his questions I found on May 5th.

    Goldy, why is it that Democrats think you guys/gals are superior to anyone else?
    Do you fly out of your bed straight up?
    Does your crap not stink?
    Does the herd mentality occur here?
    You don’t answer critical thought against you?
    You don’t consider that your point may be dead wrong?
    I have seen many questions from the right that are glossed over by your posters. Why is that? Does the kitchen heat scorch you all?
    Why do you all dwell on Florida 2000?
    Why do you dwell on Ohio 2004?
    Both states had problems in Democratic strongholds, and you blame Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell for your problems in bad polling actions by Democrats?
    I see many similarities in the name calling, the swearing, the virtual pie throwing by your bloggers that we saw in person by Californeeaah Democrats. Is this the standard playbook of Democrats?
    Why are you so beholden to MoveOn.Org in your thoughts?
    Are the Seattle Times and the Post-Intellengence(?) Democratic leaning newspapers like the LA Times and the SAN Francisco Chronicle? If the answer is yes, then I get how you come to your posting decisions. If the answer is no, then I why does it seem that the comments from Stefan’s site seem to have more credibility than yours?

    I ask these questions because I hear WA State is an interesting place. But, if these are true about your state politics, I wonder how the state functions. We had too many years of Grey Davis and we are going to be digging out of his mess for years to come.

    Just a humble man, from an overtaxed land, looking for the truth, justice and the American Way. Superman show 1957.

    What is funny is the girly men down here must have their cousins up there. Pretty soon you will be paying our gas taxes. We heard a story that your legislature pass Californeeah gas types. Is that true?



  48. 66

    David spews:

    Oh, for crying out loud Darrell/Pudster/Puddybud, I told you I hadn’t seen questions from PacMan about liberal thought. And I still haven’t.

    You’ve copied and re-posted a couple of his posts now (digging back to May 8, and now May 5), neither of which ask any real questions about liberal thought—mostly just falsely-premised rhetorical potshots. If you can dig up real questions, I’ll try to address them for you.

    In the meantime, I’m feeling upbeat today, so here are some answers to the silly queries @ 65:

    why is it that Democrats think you guys/gals are superior to anyone else?
    Because we’re taller.

    Do you fly out of your bed straight up?
    I do, but then I’m a little odd.

    Does your crap not stink?
    Almost as much as yours.

    Does the herd mentality occur here?
    Baa! Mooo! We can’t match the barnyard over at unSound Politics, though, or the herds you find at the KVI-570 ranch.

    You don’t answer critical thought against you?
    What? Where?

    You don’t consider that your point may be dead wrong?
    I’ll admit I’m wrong when I’m wrong. And (unlike a lot of the right-wing trolls here) I’ll verify facts before I post them, and admit uncertainty if I’m not sure about something. I’m part of the reality-based community, along with most Democrats.

    I have seen many questions from the right that are glossed over by your posters. Why is that? Does the kitchen heat scorch you all?
    Have you stopped beating your wife yet? Yes or no.

    Why do you all dwell on Florida 2000?
    We wuz robbed.

    Why do you dwell on Ohio 2004?
    Some people think we wuz robbed, I haven’t heard the details.

    Both states had problems in Democratic strongholds, and you blame Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell for your problems in bad polling actions by Democrats?
    The butterfly ballot in Palm Beach, FL wouldn’t have been an issue if Katherine Harris hadn’t purged tens of thousands of legal, registered Democrat voters from the rolls shortly before the election, preventing them from voting.

    I recall that Ken Blackwell in Ohio made a series of partisan rulings as to the conduct of the election, and I wonder if that included putting insufficient numbers of voting machines in urban Democratic strongholds, creating long lines for potential voters, for instance. Others care more and know more.

    I see many similarities in the name calling, the swearing, the virtual pie throwing by your bloggers that we saw in person by Californeeaah Democrats. Is this the standard playbook of Democrats?
    No, it’s the standard playbook of polarized, partisan politics (especially when it comes to bloggers and the people who comment on blogs). See, e.g., headless lucy, Mr. Cynical.

    Why are you so beholden to MoveOn.Org in your thoughts?
    Huh? Oh, I’d forgotten about them. Guess I should see what they’re up to.

    Are the Seattle Times and the Post-Intellengence(?) Democratic leaning newspapers…
    …like the LA Times and the SAN Francisco Chronicle?
    Not them either.

    why does it seem that the comments from Stefan’s site seem to have more credibility than yours?
    Because you don’t understand what credibility is.

    We heard a story that your legislature pass Californeeah gas types. Is that true?
    Dude, that didn’t even make sense. Oh, well.

  49. 68

    Puddybud spews:

    If Al Qaeda and the Taliban blow up a mosque in recent news, how many Koran books are destroyed? Where is the outrage?