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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 Darcy has always been gainfully employed. Before entering public life, she was an important executive at Microsoft responsible in charge of a multimillion-dollar budget and dozens of staff. Now she’s the executive director of an important public policy nonprofit. And you? You can’t even get a newspaper delivery job.

  2. 4

    JedTheHead spews:

    @1 – She is MUCH better looking than Darcy.

    @2 – Roger, stop inflating her resume! She was not an executive at Microsoft and you know it. Even Darcy admitted to the Times that she was only a middle manager and that a staff member put executive on her ’06 site “by mistake” (http://seattletimes.nwsource.c.....er23m.html). She is now the ED of the ultra-left Progressive Congress Action Fund but important might be stretching it a bit…

  3. 9

    KlynicalsAFool spews:

    Where is that idiot Klynical?
    President Obama was -15 10 days ago.
    now he’s only -13.
    Klynical always disappears when President Obama is on a roll–

    Sunday, April 25, 2010
    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows that 29% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -13

  4. 11

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    @4 Jed sez, “….the ultra-left Progressive Congress Action Fund.”

    Like you have a fucking clue as to what constitutes “ultra-left”?*** By that standard the Chamber of Commerce is ‘ultra-right’.

    Please get a clue.

    ***Attend a meeting of the Socialist Workers Party, fer instance.

  5. 12

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    I was not aware the Crayola folks had purchased the rights to silly-putty. Another new thing learned today.

  6. 14

    righton spews:

    roger, you need to face reality; as #4 reminds you she was one of the lowest level managers out there…never by any stretch an exe.

    yes, she is runnig something now.

    Not sure why hand made signs are bad; i guess our grass roots protests are different than your Soros funded pre made signs.

  7. 15

    The Tennessee Stud and the Running of the Goats spews:

    The goats are running in Cajamarca. And Proud 2 B An Ass (he’s the one on the right) is paying very close attention.

    Trying to get down with the Klassic Komics version of Plato’s Republican, but pedantic rhp insists that Plato was a proud lefist or a proud ass. That’s organic fertilizer from the south end of a north-bound goat, and is final proof that turgid pedantic tedious rhp doesn’t know Plato from Play-Doh.

    (Is it true that Soros and the Crayola folks arbitraged Play-Doh and Silly Putty? And is it true that tedious pedantic rhp, the Tennessee stud, doesn’t know his Plato Republicans from pizzle rot?)

  8. 16

    Darcy Christ Superstar spews:

    Say it ain’t so! Resume’ hyperinflation? By our little plumpmuffin Darcy?

  9. 17

    Michael spews:


    The last “grass roots” protest by the right I saw had signs made for them by KVI radio.

  10. 18

    Borat and the running of the Goat spews:

    Thomas Frank, the ninny who does a KIRO gig with mini-ninny Dave Ross, wrote about Goat Gland Brinkley who ran for governor of Kansas in 1930 and 1932. Brinkley was a goatist for all seasons, an anti-Darwin fundamentalist who was “pro-labor, anti-corporate, and in favor of state-subsidized health care and old-age retirement schemes.”

    Perhaps state-subsidized Obamacare (Jon Stewart says that saying Obamacare is even more vile than saying Tea Bagger) will give a break to HA’s liberal gloating goat glanders.

    Thomas Frank also writes that Roe v. Wade let the legal profession

    override everyone from the church to the state legislature. the decision superseded laws in almost every state. …cemented forever a stereotype of liberalism as a doctrine of a tiny clique of experts, an unholy combination of doctors and lawyers, of bureaucrats and professionals, securing their “reforms” by judicial command rather than by democratic consensus.

    – via What’s the Matter with Kansas, page 199.

    Good a reason as any to despise the liberal legal profession.

  11. 19

    Rujax! spews:

    RNC Chairman Steele: African-Americans ‘don’t have a reason’ to vote Republican.

    In candid remarks made before a group of students at DePaul University, RNC Chairman Michael Steele said African-Americans “don’t have a reason” to vote for Republicans because “we haven’t done a very good job of giving you one.”

    I love the “Oreo Cookie Man”. Here he speaks honestly (for a change) about race and the Republican Party.

    I hope colsandersfavoritechicken gets a chance to see this.

  12. 20

    Rujax! spews:


    Myron Monson is such a ninny he takes “ninny-ing” to a hitherto unheard of level.

  13. 21

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Police arrested a 23-year-old man who said he “wanted to see the president” at a North Carolina airport where Air Force One was departing for Washington D.C. The man had a gun, formulas for rifle scopes, a police scanner, and a car equipped with police lights, sirens, and radios.

  14. 22

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @18 “despise the liberal legal profession”

    Everyone despises the legal profession — until they need a lawyer.

  15. 23

    Toby spews:

    re 18:

    override everyone from the church to the state legislature.

    ‘Everyone’??? I was under the impression that churches and legislatures were institutions, not people. And if churches want to get into politics and dictate public policy, they must give up their tax exempt status.

  16. 26

    Troutski spews:

    Looks like some states are getting their AG’s under control and out of the health care lawsuits by capping AG spending through legislation.

  17. 27

    rhp6033 spews:

    # 15: said…

    “Trying to get down with the Klassic Komics version of Plato’s Republican, but pedantic rhp insists that Plato was a proud lefist or a proud ass….”

    For the second time, it’s “Plato’s Republic”, or “The Republic”, by Plato. NOT “Plato’s Republican.” Try to keep it straight.

    And secondly, as you well know, I never made any comment about Plato’s teachings, other than to note that they were the earliest writings on the first western nation to form a republican (small “r”) form of government. Trying to pidgeon-hole Plato into a modern U.S. left/right dichotomy would be nonsense.

    But you obviously don’t care to read what I wrote, you prefer to misquote (i.e., make stuff up as you go along), and then take a swipe at it.

    Just another example of your regular use of the “straw man” logical fallacy, which was the original point of my post in the first place. Interesting that in response to my post you ignored the main text, went on to the minor comment at the end which had no substantive points, intentionially mis-quoted from it so you could attack the mis-quote rather than deal with the substance of the argument (a point which you could not win).

    Come back when you are willing to debate like an adult, rather than trying to play sophomoric games.

  18. 29

    correctnotright spews:

    Looks like the republican party has taken the popular stand once again. That is, if one means popular with the Wall Street banking and investment firms:

    An overwhelming majority of Americans want increased government oversight of the nation’s financial infrastructure as the country slowly begins to recover from the collapse of 2007, the poll finds. Sixty-five percent said they support “stricter federal regulations on the way banks and other financial institutions conduct their business.” That’s good news for a White House that chose financial reform as the next legislative fight after the divisive health care debate.

    The poll shows that Americans lean toward favoring the specifics Democratic financial reform agenda, though they still don’t understand some of it. On the politics side, however, the public seems to have made up its mind about who to trust on reform: 52% say they trust President Obama to reform the system, while just 35% say they trust the Republicans in Congress to do a better job.


    Why do republicans support the big money interests?

    Even Sarah Palin is getting her big money:

    Over the past year, Palin has amassed a $12 million fortune and shows no sign of slowing down. Her memoir has so far sold more than 2.2 million copies, and Palin is planning a second book with HarperCollins. This January, she signed a three-year contributor deal with Fox News worth $1 million a year, according to people familiar with the deal. In March, Palin and Burnett sold her cable show to TLC for a reported $1 million per episode, of which Palin is said to take in about $250,000 for each of the eight installments.

  19. 31


    i guess our grass roots protests are different than your Soros funded pre made signs.

    LOL! “our”. Wrongon’s a teabagger! and OMG!

    S O R O S…

    The magical word that turns boils tea bagger brains.. The pitifully tiny amount that exists anyway.

    Sure sucks to be these diminished fools.

  20. 32

    Michael spews:

    I better get to growing me some chickens, I’m going to need 6549 of them for my eventual hip replacement.

  21. 35

    Michael spews:


    Why do republicans support the big money interests?

    They’re the party of “fuck you, I got mine.”

  22. 36

    Michael spews:

    Norman Arminger/Sarah Palin 2012 (R)!

    It’s time for the Republicans to come clean and admit that want antebellum back, that they want to create the Neo-Feudal States of America.

  23. 39

    rhp6033 spews:

    Looks like the Republicans are embracing their “unity” in the face of a party-line vote today on financial reform. Incumbent Republicans are being forced to the far right to resist the efforts.

    Yet in the primaries, Republican incumbents who voted for TARP are being roasted by their Tea Bag party opponants for participating in the federal bailout. Even John McCain, who only two years ago was the Republican presidential nominee, is having the fight of his life to keep his seat from Tea Party challengers.

    The inconsistency of these positions doesn’t seem to be noticed within the Republican Party: candidates are being criticized for bailing out the banks, but are also joining in lock-step to prevent reform which would keep it from happening again.

  24. 40

    Puddybud sez, Ask the arschloch for his home HA database spews:

    Reform HA Libtardos? Once again stupid is as stupid talks… yeah, that’s correctnotright…

    Why do republicans support the big money interests?

    Of course this proves how much of an ASS and incorrect this fool is…

    “Among the considerations still in the balance: A big provision being sought by Warren Buffett in recent weeks. A key Senate committee had changed its proposed overhaul of derivatives regulation after lobbying by Mr. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., potentially helping the famed investor avoid a financial hit, congressional aides say.

    Sunday night’s deal, hammered out by Senate Banking Chairman Chris Dodd (D., Conn.) and Senate Agriculture Chairwoman Blanche Lincoln (D., Ark.) reflects the populist, anti-bank sentiments simmering on Capitol Hill. A Senate Democratic official said the two have “worked out a deal,” which is expected to be folded into a broader Democratic measure that revamps the U.S. system of financial regulation in the wake of the catastrophic financial collapse that occurred in 2008. The agreement includes a proposal that could force banks to spin off their lucrative derivative trading operations, reshaping Wall Street.”

    correctnotright, such a buffoon!
    correctnotright, reading from the DUMMOCRAPT Nat’l Commie approved web site.
    correctnotright, as stupid as the arschloch!

    Warren Buffet is a big time tool of the DUMMOCRAPTS… gotta protect Warren from the proposed legislation!

  25. 41

    KlynicalsAFool spews:

    Where in the hell in Klynical??
    President Obama is now only -12…and Klynical disappears like the coward he is.

    Monday, April 26, 2010
    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 29% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-one percent (41%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -12

  26. 42

    Who's the Man with the Master Plan? spews:

    ¡Hola Habaneros!

    It’s another quiet day in Sanctuary City where we’re all a little below average, some more below than others.

    There’s rhp, for instance, the Tennessee stud who seems so tenured that he gives tenure a bad name. He’s also thick as a Tennessee teabagger brick.

    Meanwhile: Dori/Myron is high on Arizona’s attempt to shame our federal government into enforcing federal law, but Medved sounds like an Obama echo chamber. Medved asserts that ~95% of Arizona’s ~450,000 illegal immigrants are gainfully employed, and that getting Sheriff Joe to rigorously enforce federal/Arizona law will cripple the state’s economy. Willing workers will be driven out and the liberal legal establishment will drive in to complete Arizona’s crippling by launching a Cat-5 hurricane of whiner litigation for every possible perceived inconveniencing of a campesino’s or companero’s civil “rights.”

    Medved’s real concern, though, is that Arizona will kill the GOP from sea to sea and from border to porous border. The emerging of Karl Rove’s permanent Republican majority depended on skimming an increasing share of socially conservative Hispanic voters to make up for the declining share (down to 74% of all voters in 2008, down from 81% 2000) of GOP-tilting Anglos.

    Medved channels Obama. Arizona’s law to enforce the law is bad law. And Medved puts another cork in Rove and Bush. As governor and president GWB put Rove’s peaceable kingdom of conservative Hispanics and conservative Anglos at the top of his master plan, a plan that was demonstrably dead four years before Arizona made its move.

    So is this a great day for America, as Dori and Rush aver? Or is this the last-ditch death of Plato’s great Republican Party, as Medved implies? Beats me. Wish we had brainiac rhp here to sort it out for us.

  27. 43

    Joe Strummer and the Clash spews:

    Yid with Lid gets it, as usual. Of course The Yid gets tips in the tip jar, but he also gets the pathology of Obamacare, the misunderestimating of Obamacare’s costs.

    Same nonsense we got about 44 years ago from LBJ and later from GWB … the pitching of deceptive low balls to make unsustainable entitlements palatable.

    To be fair and balanced, other sites today make a case that the Medicare Actuary Report of Obamacare’s lying lies is an incomplete report that doesn’t fully integrate ‘revenues’ into its calculus.

    If only turgid pedantic brainiac rhp were here to make sense of it all. To lead us through this I-net minefield of clashing Claymores and IEDs.

  28. 44

    not easy being green spews:

    Warren Olney blows. Today on To the Point he interviewed the de regueur fanatic green activist, a green Republican from Seattle, and a green reporter from the L.A. Times. It was an amen chorus singing in 3-part harmony about the glory of going green and taxing carbon, and about villains (Big Oil, Big Coal) that are trying to sidetrack California’s green crusade.

    What Warren Olney blew was this: He failed to pull everybody back to the inconvenient truth that California’s clean pristine green dream machine is, in the real world, being crashed by Big Green, which (as everybody knows) is where the really big money is.

    Same story, different day. It’s a variation on the theme of greeniacs Teddy Kennedy and Walter Cronkite, dead white males, suddenly abandoning their green cred when it was remotely possible that their million-dollar Cape Cod views might have been a little bit marred by pristine green wind turbines way off on the far horizon.

    Amazing how things change for liberals when their liberal fascism bumps up against their own back yards or watery vistas.

    The good news for us deniers and skeptical inquirers, those of us who question the efficiency of solar-panel plantations as big as an eastern state or of 400-foot wind towers mangling birds across hundreds of square-Pickens miles of Texas, is that there will always be at least one of those birds, or a snale darter, or a tiny toad, that will rise up to shut the whole damn thing down.

  29. 46

    Scrofula Scabies Smegma and Rabbit, Attorneys at Law spews:

    Huffington Post gains strength as news site – could soon pass The New York Times online…

    – via Orbusmax

    UW’s few remaining taxpayer-paid public PCs are fanatically filtered to filter out the trash, which includes all dot-com sites.

    All except, oh,
    And the obscene
    And the
    And (with quasi-conservative Kausfiles recently stomped).
    And Seattle Jew’s wild and crazy blog.

    And among the estimable dot-orgs that get past Conan the Librarian’s battle axe, there’s the obscene

    No SoundPolitics. No Malkin. No Orbusmax. No WSJ. No WeeklyStandard. No NationalReview.

    Notice a pattern?

    UW does unaccountably let get through, but to normal people that’s mostly just more Seattle liberal lunacy. To goldy, however, it’s probably proof that UW is irredeemably in the red-state conservative tank.

    Then there’s SPL Wallingford: About thirty short shelves of “nonfiction,” book after book from the far left to the farther left, not one from the center or right. Political brainwashing bought with tax dollars, no conditioner.

  30. 47

    Puddybud sez, Ask the arschloch for his home HA database spews:

    Will the media connect the dots if someone attacks a Wall Street person based on this fool?

    Slate… Leftist Pinheads.

    Don’t hold your breath!

  31. 48

    Puddybud sez, Ask the arschloch for his home HA database spews:

    Comedy Central censors South Park on one religion while they allow South park to brutally attack another religion… where are the libtardos?

    Typically Qwiet!

  32. 49

    KlynicalsAFool spews:

    Here is a Democratic Party incumbent in SD doing well:
    Monday, April 26, 2010
    Democratic Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is still in a close race with her strongest Republican challenger.
    A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely South Dakota voters finds Herseth Sandlin earning just 45% support to 41% for Republican Chris Nelson. The challenger is South Dakota’s secretary of state.

    You would think if the Tea Party were that strong, it would be strong in SD. Obviously, it’s not.

  33. 50

    KlynicalsAFool spews:

    In ND, the incumbent Democrat is only down 4 points!

    A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters in North Dakota finds Republican Rick Berg with 49% support, while incumbent Congressman Earl Pomeroy earns 45% of the vote.

  34. 51

    KlynicalsAFool spews:

    Here is yet another Klynical has avoided-
    Monday, April 26, 2010
    Republican candidates now hold a six-point lead over Democrats in the latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot, the narrowest gap between the two parties this year.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 44% of likely U.S. voters would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate, while 38% would opt for his or her Democratic opponent.

    Closest gap of the year and Klynical is gone, hopefully for good.

  35. 52


    For anyone who’s a fan of Lloyd Dangle’s Troubletown (formerly in the Stranger) he will be appearing at Jewelbox theater (at The Rendezvous) 2322 2nd Avenue this Thursday. Come one and all to check it out for more informtion go here.

  36. 53

    TJ spews:

    ’22. Roger Rabbit farts:

    @18 “despise the liberal legal profession”
    Everyone despises the legal profession — until they need a lawyer.’

    Yeah, but being the courthouse janitor and buddying up with Judges and Lawyers does not make you a lawyer, as much as you like to think you are one; so you needn’t worry about such things. Good luck you crusty old piece of shit, you are fun to kick around I must confess. :)