by Goldy, 02/23/2010, 8:49 AM

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1. passionatejus spews:

Young Republicans are always the same — they haven’t worked a day in their lives and their tuition has always been paid for by mommy and daddy.

When I was in college I knew a lot of Young Republicans. Every single one of them was against government student loans for folks such as myself. They also had had all their tuition paid for by their parents.

Must be nice…

2. Michael spews:

In other news Rightie hero Bernard Kerik is headed off to jail.

And Najibullah Zaz has plead guilty to terrorism charges in a public court room in NYC.

3. Michael spews:

OMG, we have got to counter the threat to our country posed by the liberal neo-monarchists!

4. Michael spews:

‘Oh, and remember the Republican revolution that was going to come from Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming governor?

WASHINGTON — While Republican leaders in Washington are urging President Barack Obama to start from scratch on a health care bill, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday dismissed the idea as “bogus talk.”

It marked the second day in a row that Schwarzenegger strayed from his party’s positions.

On Sunday, he defended Obama’s economic stimulus plan and chided elected officials, most of them Republicans, who oppose the overall stimulus but are quick to trumpet individual projects in their states that are paid for by the stimulus.

5. Troll spews:

Thank you, Seattle Times, for exposing this:

North Highline fire chief: $186,370

King County executive: $186,038

Seattle fire chief: $173,709

Washington governor: $166,884

Seattle mayor: $166,622

Burien/Normandy Park fire chief: $143,737

It makes me wonder how many other overpaid local government employees are out there who we aren’t hearing about.

6. Michael spews:

OMG!!! Castro-ites!!! We’ve got to watch out for those Castro-ites in congress!!!


7. BeerNotWar spews:

Troll @5

All those salaries don’t add up to the take home pay of a single VP at WellPoint, whose salary you would no doubt defend as a necessary for attracting “talent.”

So I assume when your house is on fire you’d like the fire department that responds to be led by a guy making $15 and hour without benefits? Who’s never fought a fire himself? Those fire chiefs probably spent years running in and out of burning buildings before they made chief. Sounds like they’ve earned their money to me.

8. Blue John spews:

Troll, why do you hate Capitalism? If you are really a Republican, you should applaud them for making so much money!

9. Michael spews:


Troll’s one of the Castro-ites the folks at C-pac warned us about.

10. Mr. Cynical spews:

1. passionatejus spews:

Young Republicans are always the same — they haven’t worked a day in their lives and their tuition has always been paid for by mommy and daddy.

Absolutely false.
You Leftist Pinheaded KLOWNS are no so far off the deep-end because of the death of Progressivism, you make up outrageous generalities. Lots of Conservative Kids have actually been WORKING & SAVING…something unfamiliar to you Atheist Progressives who simply gourge on Guv’mint handouts.

Pathetic post by a typical Leftist Atheist Progressive. Envy & Jealousy is blinding you KLOWN.

11. Mr. Cynical spews:

Troll @ 5–
Wages are only 2/3 of the TOTAL COMPENSATION PACKAGE for these folks. You need to add Benefits and Paid time-off.
And if you want to see other overpaid Gov’mint works, check out this website of ALL State Employees!

Take look at the TOTAL COMPENSATION of State Employees at the above site. Wages are only a part of the total compensation package. This site shows the true picture.
It adds 30% for Benefits (which comes straight from the State Human Resources website). It also puts a value on the 44 days off State Employees can get (Vacation, Sick Leave, Personal Days, Holidays). Do you realize they only work 82% of the weekdays.

We need to cut Wages by 10%, Benefits by 20% and Paid Time-off by 20%…allowing us to lay-off thousands of excess Guv’mint workers.


Look for the Liquor Store CLERK who has TOTAL COMPENSATION of over $100K!!!!!!!!!!!

12. ArtFart spews:

@5 So? You’d rather someone getting minimum wage in charge of the folks who’ll risk their necks pulling you out from under the car that landed on you when you tried to use a cardboard box for a jack stand?

Just because they get paid more than you do in your part-time job dancing on the corner disguised as a mattress doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it.

13. ArtFart spews:

@4 Not only that, but the guy the wingfucks thought was going to be their new robotic foot soldier in the Senate voted for the latest jobs bill.

14. my ancestors came from Europe spews:

It makes me wonder how many other overpaid local government employees are out there who we aren’t hearing about.

Nice distraction from overpaid CEO’s who get overpaid by shipping jobs out of this country.

Mike McGavick was one of those. And he was paid cheaply in comparison to some of these other CEOs.

15. Daddy Love spews:

Bernie “I failed in Iraq” Kerik going to prison for 4 years is pretty sweet. Sweeter still the coverage of same (

District Judge Stephen Robinson went well beyond federal sentencing guidelines, which suggested 27 to 33 months. He said the guidelines do not take into account “the almost operatic proportions of this case.”

The judge said that after 9/11, Kerik “in many ways acted in the highest tradition of a public servant.” But then, he added, “The fact that Mr. Kerik would use that event for personal gain and aggrandizement is a dark place in the soul for me.”

16. Daddy Love spews:

13 AF

Yes, it almost looks as if Scott Brown wants to be re-elected in two years or something.

17. Daddy Love spews:

10 Cyn

He didn’t say “conservative kids;” he said Young Republicans. You DO know what those are, don’t you?

18. Daddy Love spews:

5 T

You document their existing pay, but you have done nothing to establish that they are “overpaid.” How many fire departments have you run? Compare them to other comparable communities around similarly affluent cities, or compate the government execs to others from comparably sized (and again, comparbly affluent) comunities, and tell us what you come up with. I’m dying to hear the results.

Otherwise it’s just more dumbass GOP opinion. I am sure that’s not company you want to be in.

19. Daddy Love spews:

Funny, but back in March 2009 the GOP was bitching about how the stimulus bill didn’t offer enough right-away short-term spending. Now that it is really starting to kick in they’re bitching because (they claim) it hasn’t created enough jobs.

Yeah. Yet. Like it or not, it will do a lot more by Election Day 2010. Weird, huh?

20. Zotz spews:

@12: Snicker… It’s funny cuz’ it’s true… Well done!

21. Jesus spews:

The only good friend Cyniklown has is his latest pet goat. Don’t ask what happened to his other goats.

22. Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

BeerNotWar@7: Oh my!

WellPoint again? Friend of Odumba and Max Baucus? Need to see the HuffPo article again? Do you pay attention to pertinent currect event facts?

Making a useless effort to compare WellPoint to a public servant pay grade?

23. Jesus spews:

Have you seen any of the videos where the Repugnents are taking credit for jobs created by the stimulus bill when they voted against it? Priceless.

24. Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

Troll, why do you hate Capitalism?

Maybe you are rubbing off on him BlueJohn.

25. manoftruth spews:

now a jew, adler, is suing hotdog makers because her kid choked to death. priceless

26. off-topic troll spews:

It makes me wonder how many other overpaid local government employees are out there who we aren’t hearing about.

Close, but not quite right.

A better point to ponder is the hundreds of thousands of “nonessential workers” who stayed away from work in D.C. for a week when it snowed.

Somehow the Republic survived without them, but kept paying them anyway. And then paid them to come back to “work.”

Regressive Democrats in Olympia today claim they’ll make their proposed sales tax increase more palatable, but not less regressive, by sending home state workers on furlough. Those workers, it seems, are also nonessential. But not to Rabbit. No nonessentials in his unparalleled Big Bang universe. In RabbitWorld, every government worker and shirker is an undispensable woman, man, and ruminant … unless the worker in question really works and is therefore a non-union Republican.

27. EvergreenRailfan spews:

Looks like an Oil War brewing, this one involving a potential Second Falklands War. The Argentines are upset that the British are drilling for possible oil discoveries off the Islands, which Britain has had for centuries, and fought a war to take them back after Argentina invaded. Some of the conditions of 1982 are coming back, economic problems in both Britain and Argentina, and unpopular governments(there were some saying Thatcher was not that popular prior to the Falkands War) in both countries. The problem is, this time Argentina would not be facing less than a hundred Royal Marines on the Falklands, or what the Argentines call the Malvinas, but a few hundred Army troops, and a small RAF Detachment.

A decade ago, different leaders in both countries agreed to share the wealth if they hit oil, but that was at $10 per barrel, at $75, all bets are off it seems, nationalists in other S. American countries are backing Argentina. Although this time, the Royal Navy can take on the Argentine Navy even better. Sure the RN really handed to the Argentine Navy sinking at least one cruiser, but in air attacks, the RN lost several ships, including HMS SHeffield(should not have sold the Argentines two ships of the same design!).

28. EvergreenRailfan spews:

A little history on the conflict I mentioned that is interesting. Britain tried to give the Falklands back to Argentina before the war, but the Islanders refused.

29. ArtFart spews:

@24 Are you kidding? The only “rubbing off” Troll ever experiences is self-inflicted.

30. ArtFart spews:

@27 Meh…so the Brits peddled Cadbury to buy bullets?

31. EvergreenRailfan spews:

Maybe, although as I thought I put in, they are in much better shape militarily than Argentina. What I meant by unpopular, is scandals are affecting Prime Minister Brown, the latest one is about being a bully, of his own staff. The main cause of economic issues is the City as I believe they call London’s financial district. Plus, the US owns many British Companies as it is, GM almost sold it’s Vauxhall/Opel divisions(but backed out), and Carnival owns Cunard line. They kept it independent though in some aspects.

32. just another nonessential govt employee spews:

Troll’s point @5 is that the N Highline firechief was perhaps overpaid in comparison to other essential govt employees.

Apparently the chief agrees. This morning he said that he inherited his excessive pay, and tried to give it away as charity. And his essential govt employment, apparently nonessential, ends soon. At the end of his day, the chief walks with $300,000.

Not bad, but not the big time. For big-time government pay you have to be essential Mark Emmert or formerly essential Ty Willingham.

33. Doc Daneeka spews:

Laugh it up.
Yuk, yuk.

And why not? For anyone with a shred of reason, the neo-conservative spectacle is laugh-till-you-hurt funny.

Meanwhile the abject and unspoken fear of a black President is driving this “hilarious” crazy train straight to a sweep of the mid-terms.

Remember how funny W was back in 2000?

How funny is he now?

34. what's up, doc? spews:

Having a very bad day? Can’t heal thyself? Go up to the yuk-a-minute laff-riot Rall thread for black-president fear on the crazy train.

Rad Rall wants Obama gone. Neo-Marxist Prof Green from Hofstra probably wants him impeached.

Funniest shit you’ve ever smoked, man, and we’re not even down to Lee’s seeds and stems.

35. manoftruth spews:

Meanwhile the abject and unspoken fear of a black President is driving this “hilarious” crazy train straight to a sweep of the mid-terms.

‘course, don’t forget, the jew controlled media kept complaining about bush’s christianity.

36. Michael spews:


The N Highline firechief is indeed over paid. Troll has never had a point.

37. Michael spews:

I find it interesting that C-Pack can’t find a way to define their convention without using a reference point that’s over 40 years old and a product of the left.

38. proud leftist spews:

How did we ever get to the point in this country that anyone takes frothers such as these serious about anything? Maybe the theory of evolution is wrong. The human species, at least the American subspecies, appears to be devolving.

39. Mr. Cynical spews:

You KLOWNS can talk all the smack you want.
In 8 more months, you are going to see your wetdream evaporate!
You get 100% control of local, State and Federal political offices and what do you do??
Screw it up!
You KLOWNS beat everything, you know that?!!

Fortunately, America won’t be fooled again–

Generic Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 35%
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For the second straight week, Republican candidates lead Democrats by nine points in the latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot.

The new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 44% would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate while 35% would opt for his or her Democratic opponent.


40. proud leftist spews:

Hey Cynny,
How’s it going, old chum? Those new meds working for you? They seem to have you feeling all sunny and hopeful. I suppose that’s good, but I hope you don’t get too optimistic or your crash in November could wipe you out completely.

41. manoftruth spews:

you’re the fool proud leftist. you say you’re christian and you support these jews raping wall steet, running hollywood, running the political system by running fund raisers in their ritzy homes, owning almost every news outlet, controling all the trial lawyers, ad on and on. i hope you have a son. then, when he’s old enough he’ll find out there’s no place in this country for a white christian male.

42. proud leftist spews:

41: ” . . . there’s no place in this country for a white christian male.”

I’ve found my place. It’s a place of privilege. It’s a place where I know I don’t have to work as hard as a woman or person of color to have doors opened for me. It’s a place where I can be confident that my race and gender have very little to do with whatever failures I’ve experienced. If you have failed to find such a place, it is probably because you are an ignorant, racist hater who should be ashamed to call yourself a Christian. I’m ashamed, as a Christian, that someone like you professes the same religion. By the way, how do you reconcile your anti-Semitism with the reality of Jesus having been a Jew?

43. manoftruth spews:

I’ve found my place. It’s a place of privilege. It’s a place where I know I don’t have to work as hard as a woman or person of color to have doors opened for me.

LOL…so proud leftist, i take it then you’ve never read the want ads, where state colleges advertise and say “women. people of color and disabled are encouraged to apply”. doesnt seem like it wants to invite you.

btw, i wasn’t talking about you. i was talking about your son, who is going to inherit a world where white christian men need not apply.

44. manoftruth spews:

also, college enrollment. women 57 per cent, men 43. guess its all that ritalin they’re feeding young boys.

45. manoftruth spews:

any tv or movie court room scene. judge, black male, black female, white woman, asian….oops, guess your position of privelage doesnt include judgeships anymore.

46. manoftruth spews:

espn….98 per cent of on air personalities
former athletes, women, african american, jewish….you missed out again, unless you’re part of the 2 per cent.