Open Thread 4/26

- In the get-a-job moment, let’s not lose sight of McKenna campaigning on King County’s dime.

– Patty Murray supporting all of the provisions in the Violence Against Women Act.

– Connecticut ends its death penalty.

Prostitutey is a word.

– As is Torquemadian.

This Saturday, April 28, please join your friends at Cascade Bicycle Club, Feet First, and Futurewise for a walking tour of Northgate, the biking, walking, and transit neighborhood of the future.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    When is Dan Satterberg going to file criminal charges against Robber McKenna for campaigning on the taxpayer’s dime? That’s against the law. If a Democrat did that McKenna would hold a press conference to promise he’ll put the guy in jail.

  2. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    “Connecticut ends its death penalty.”

    Not entirely. The repeal law doesn’t apply to the 11 men on Connecticut’s death row. Given how difficult it is to make the death penalty stick, most of them are likely to win commutations in the courts, but there will be a lot of public pressure for those two grisly home invaders to get the chop.

  3. 3

    Michael spews:

    Scanning rightwing sites and Utube channels this morning it looks like the Paulites are all going nuts and are convinced he’s going to be the Republican nominee. The Republican Party’s turned into a zoo for the politically insane.

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    Politically Incorrect - who has been banned over at spews:


    They may as well commute all these death penalty cases to life without parole since it has turned into such a long-term legal process. Just give ‘em life without parole and call it a day.

  5. 5

    Politically Incorrect - who has been banned over at spews:


    Ron Paul won’t get the Rep nomination, but I’m going to write him in for prez in November. That’s the good thing about our system: you can vote for whomever you want! You’re free to vote for whomever you want, too!

  6. 6

    Michael spews:

    I’m wondering what the Paulites are going to do when their guy doesn’t get the nomination. They’re pretty convinced that Paul’s the one everyone really wants and that there’s all sorts of conspiracies afoot to keep him from getting the nomination.

  7. 7

    Michael spews:


    loose lips are sinking the shiny reputation of the Secret Service. In recent days details of two more alleged incidents involving agents or U.S. servicemen picking up prostitutes in South America have arisen, both of which happened within the past year.

    A Brazilian reporter brought one incident to light during a press conference in Brasilia with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who is currently traveling around South America. The reporter highlighted a strikingly similar scandal that occurred in the Brazilian capital in December 2011. As the story goes, a prostitute was involved in a payment dispute with three Marines who were serving as a security detail for the U.S. Embassy.

    Read more:

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @5 “That’s the good thing about our system: you can vote for whomever you want!”

    And who you vote for says a lot about you as a ciizen and a person. See, e.g., “stupid is as stupid does.” And there are few things dumber than Ron Paul’s economic ideas.

  9. 9

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @4 I don’t think I’d settle for that if I were the guy who lost his entire family in that home invasion and barely survived himself.

    The entire state of Connecticut is up in arms about this case. The Conn. legislature specifically had these perps in mind when they didn’t make abolition retroactive. The public wouldn’t have stood for that.

    I predict these two depraved killers will be executed even though it’ll take years and cost Conn. taxpayers millions, even if the other nine on Conn.’s death row all get commutations. The good citizens of Conn. are prepared to go to the ends of the earth to put away these two vermin.

    I know someone who lives in Conn. and that’s the read I get on this.

  10. 10

    shark tales spews:


    Why do you wonder about irrelevant things?

    What are all the Darcy-ites going to do when their candidate loses?

    Answer: they will go on with their lives like everyone else.

    Please, no more stupid questions who’s only function is demonstrate how snarky you can be – its really rather lame, and childish.

  11. 11

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @10 What are you going to do when she wins? Darcy hugs rabbits! The only thing you hug is your own crotch.

  12. 12

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    This is what a state run by Flat Earthers looks like.

    “Arizona lawmakers appear close to sending to Gov. Jan Brewer a tea party-backed bill that proponents say would stop a United Nations takeover conspiracy ….

    “A final legislative vote is expected Monday on a bill that would outlaw government support of any of the 27 principles contained in the 1992 United Nations Rio Declaration on Environment and Development …

    “Among the U.N. declaration’s non-binding principles are calls for sustainable development, environmental protection, eradicating poverty, eliminating unsustainable production and consumption patterns, economic growth and the participation of women in government decisions.

    ” … It is sponsored by state Sen. Judy Burges, R-Sun City West, who also sponsored a state birther bill that Brewer vetoed last year.”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: The bright side of this stupid bill is it’ll be illegal for Burges and Brewer to hold public office in Arizona.

  13. 13

    shark tales spews:

    11. Roger Rabbit spews:
    @10 What are you going to do when she wins? Darcy hugs rabbits! The only thing you hug is your own crotch.

    04/26/2012 AT 6:45 PM

    at least my crotch still works, you old bastard.

  14. 14

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Arizona Republicans apparently think their state legislature has nothing more pressing to do than pass laws against using CFL light bulbs in public buildings.

    I’m not kidding, under this stupid law, conserving energy will be illegal. Anything that improves the environment will be illegal. So next time you’re driving through* Arizona make sure you throw some litter out the car window so you don’t get arrested for having a litter bag in your car.

    * Why would anyone want to stop there?

  15. 16

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    “What happens to a two-party political system when one party goes mad? That is the question posed … by two scholars at two respected think-tanks, Thomas Mann of the Brookings Institution and Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute. … [They] claim that the Republican Party has become ‘an insurgent outlier — ideologically extreme; contemptuous of the inherited social and economic policy regime; scornful of compromise; unpersuaded by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition.'”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: I’m not making this up. Serious scholars — liberal and conservative — have concluded the GOP is nuts. It’s awfully hard to argue with their conclusions (see, e.g., Arizona).

  16. 19

    No Time for Fascists spews:

    I’m watching Rachel Maddow and she’s showing what all republican government is like. In Michigan, in Wisconsin, in Iowa. Those governments will do anything to stay in power. They negated a key public initiative because a font size was wrong. What happens if Citizen United is too toxic, too powerful, and republicans get in charge of the country?

  17. 21

    Politically Incorrect - who has been banned over at spews:

    From 8:

    “And there are few things dumber than Ron Paul’s economic ideas.”

    Yep, for the people who suck the system dry, be they welfare cheats or corporate cheats, Ron Paul’s idea are pretty damn scary. It could mean an end to the freebies!

    Paul’s ideas about ending the empire are spot on, however. This empire is costing us our freedom (Patriot Act & Homeland Security, e.g.) and depleting our treasury ($16 trillion debt w/ $1.3 trillion deficit).

  18. 22

    rhp6033 spews:

    It’s been a pretty strange month.

    Rupert Murdoch is testifying in Britain, and claims he isn’t really powerful enough to control his own son’s conduct within the Murdoch empire.

    Tampa, home of the Republican Convention, has banned lumber and super-soakers as “dangerous weapons” during the convention. But it can’t ban handguns, because Florida state law (ontrolled by the NRA and Tea Party fanatics) have prohibited local governments from regulating handguns in any way.

    With Santorum dropping out, and Newt’s numbers lower than Ron Paul’s, the Newt is finally dropping out – sometime next week, he says. He claims to need that long to “suspend” his campaign, even though nobody else needed more than a few hours to suspend their own campaigns. Three guesses: (a) Newt thinks he can still raise enough money over the next few days so he hasn’t actually spent any of his own money on his own campaign; (b) Newt was unable to negotiate a meaningful role in a future Romney campaign and administration, but thinks he can do so if given a few more days; (c) Newt really likes having the aurora of power which comes from having the Secret Service provide protection for him at $400,000 or so a week at taxpayer expense, and can’t bear to give it up any earlier than necessary.

    With Santorum and Romney finally shown the door, Romney is free to try to move to the center – at least the “center” his handlers prefer voters to see. That means the really silly stuff, such as America’s war on Women and doubling student loan interest rates, is put on the back burner until after the election. Plenty of time to start riding that train again in 2013, they figure.

    Karl Rove seems oddly quiet, at least by his standards. Which means he’s got something in the works. He seems to have been irritated by the distractions caused by Santorum and Limbaugh in their “culture war” this past week. For him, it’s all about the money, and they were endangering the dump-truck loads of money which the Republicans could harvest once they were back in the Presidency and in control of at least one House of Congress. Rove is already trotting out some “test” campaigns, attacking Obama’s strengths on the economy, jobs, and even his popularity (i.e., “celbrety”) status. I think he’s got bigger distractions in the works, with some fake “outrage” over a “non-issue issue” soon to arise.

  19. 23


    22 – Newt may also have more books to sell (another fantasy) and he needs the protection from “glitter bombs”.

  20. 24


    Karl Rove seems oddly quiet, at least by his standards.

    Yep, he’s busy as hell trying to make the most of the many, many, many, many millions of dollars he’s been tasked to spend to keep right wing servants of oligarchy at the levers of power.