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    Michael spews:


    A 52-year-old Brandon woman is recovering after her boyfriend accidentally shot her instead of a hog while the two were hunting in western Flagler County.

    Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies said it happened at the Cowart Hunt Camp on County Road 305 on Saturday evening.

    Deputies said Steven Egan, 52, and his girlfriend Lisa Simmons were inside a tent when Egan saw a hog. He shot at the hog but wasn’t sure if he hit it.

    Egan then walked out of the tent to look for the hog. When he heard some rustling in the woods, he fired again.

    Instead of hitting the hog, Egan shot Simmons with his .30 caliber rifle. The bullet went through both of her legs.

    So much for knowing your target and what’s behind it.

    I’m not anti-gun. I’m anti-dumb-with-a-gun. People like this guy need to be charged with crimes and have their guns taken away. You have a right to own a firearm, you don’t have a right to be an idiot with a firearm. When you’ve proven yourself to be a hazard with a firearm you should have that right revoked.

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    ArtFart spews:

    That the Marines will allow women who are motivated and meet the qualifications to serve in combat to do so is in my view a positive.

    That we still have so many of our men and women in uniform in harm’s way after a decade, many for their third or fourth deployment, with so little to show for it, I find utterly deplorable.

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    albert camus spews:

    I didn’t know Mohammedans did bad things!!! Kinda changes your whole perspective. Thanks for this rad new information!!

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    No Time for Fascists spews:

    If “corporations are people too”, as Romney has said, does that make him a serial killer because he’s helped destroy so many of them?

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    No Time for Fascists spews:

    @2. That’s awful. But just because some body else is worse, doesn’t mean Redlining is not bad.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Nugent Signs Plea Deal

    Rightwing loudmouth Ted Nugent, whose speech to the NRA earned him a Secret Service visit, pled guilty today to illegally hunting, killing, and transporting a bear in Alaska.

    This isn’t Nugent’s first game violation, it turns out. “In August 2010, Nugent had his deer hunting license revoked in California after he pled no contest to misdemeanor charges of deer-baiting and not having a properly signed tag,” MSNBC reports.


    Roger Rabbit Commentary: I would be amazed if legitimate hunters still have any respect left for this guy. He’s no sportsman, he’s a poacher.

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    Bob spews:

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: I would be amazed if legitimate hunters still have any respect left for this guy. He’s no sportsman, he’s a poacher.

    Blind loyalty is a strange thing. Look at Obama: He’s an incompetent, partisan hack and yet his praises are sung daily on this site.

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    A vulture feeds on dead flesh..

    A parasite sucks the lifeblood out of a living host.

    When Bain purchased the mill, Sanderson says, change was immediate. Equipment upgrades stopped. Maintenance became an afterthought. Managers were replaced by people who knew nothing of steel. The union’s profit-sharing plan was sliced twice in the first year — then whacked altogether.

    “When Bain Capital took over, it seemed like everything was being neglected in our plant,” Sanderson says. “Nothing was being invested in our plant. We didn’t have the necessary time to maintain our equipment. They had people here that didn’t know what they were doing. It was like they were taking money from us and putting it somewhere else.”

    History would prove him correct. While Georgetown was beginning its descent to bankruptcy, Romney was helping himself to the company’s treasury.

    Mitt (R-Money) is a PARASITE capitalist.

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    Look at Bush, R-Money, Santorum, Paul, Bachmann, Gringrich, Pawlenty: They’re all incompetent, demagogic, partisan hacks

    And Bob would vote for any of them if they were the nominee of the corrupt party of the oligarchy in this country – the Republican party.

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    ArtFart spews:

    @9 There’s a company based here in the Northwest that thrived as an independent corporation for ages and then was purchased by a giant member of a related industry about 30 years ago. About ten years later, said company got into some nasty trouble with regulators (the industry involved being one in which failure of its products would likely kill people). At that time the giant corporation unloaded said smaller company on Bain. The managers Bain brought in basically did what was necessary to satisfy the regulators and get them off their backs–in the process of which they actually had to solve some of the underlying organizational problems. Once the little company returned to profitability, the Bain folks sold them to another giant, collected the capital gains and went on their way. Along the way, a lot of the rank and file worked very hard and the reward for most of them was that they got to keep their jobs.

    Now, some time later and through a variety of machinations, that company is once again in the hands of Bain. It will be interesting to see what happens this time around.

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    Bob spews:


    So, if current-day Bain is a proxy for Romney, is current-day Illinois a proxy for Obama?

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    14 – Mitt (R-Money)’s record at Bain has been heavily researched and more is being uncovered every day.

    His record as Governor (pro-choice, Romneycare, etc..) is an open book..

    His nasty campaign against his opponents for the nomination is none too flattering..

    And let’s not forget his embarrassing campaign back in 2007-2008..

    No decent person would vote for this abomination of a politician.

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    No Time for Fascists spews:

    Blind loyalty is a strange thing.
    So is blind hatred on your part.

    Care to list some of the policies Obama has put in place that you find incompetent, so we can discuss them?

  14. 17

    Bob spews:


    Obama’s history, on the other hand……….

    How he did at Occidental College?

    How he did at Columbia?

    You would think he would be awfully proud of those records, since they got him into Harvard Law. And yet……

    Educational records were important when it meant belittling George W. Bush. They became less important when it turned out Bush’s grades were better than Kerry’s.

    Records are important when they’re the opposing party’s records. Not so much when they’re the ones of the candidate whose background you don’t want researched.

    You want to talk nasty campaigns? Go look at a certain Illinois Democratic US Senate primary race in 2004.

    Now imagine if a GOP candidate had done to Democrats what Barack Obama did to Democrats back then. Isn’t that what your ilk accused Bush of doing in FL in 2000?

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    Bob spews:

    I wonder how the Congressional Black Caucus is going to respond to this:

    Union Sues Indiana Governor; Claims Right-To-Work Law Enforces Slavery

    Lefties, when you demagogue everything you can, rather than avoiding making an argument on its merits, eventually you jump the shark.

    For the unions, that was about a dozen sharks ago.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    # 7: Killing baited dear (or even bair) is a pretty lazy way of hunting. You don’t even bother to get out of your tree-stand, you just sit there with a rifle and wait for the deer to become attracted to, and distracted by, the bait.

    A couple of years ago there was a big fuss about whether Alaska should sell permits to hunt wolves by helicopter. My position: by all means, allow them to hunt, as much as they want. But just keep it on an equal basis. No helicopters, no guns. The hunter can carry a knife with a blade no longer than a wolve’s teeth. THEN after all things are equal, can they go hunting to their heart’s content. Heck, turn it into a reality show and sell pay-per-view tickets!

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    albert camus spews:

    re 19: Turning your opponents argument on its head and applying it to the other side (no matter how stretched the claim) is right out of the Karl Rove handbook.

    From day 1, President Barack Obama has worked to end the war in Iraq, expand access to health care for all Americans, and implement an economic recovery program that has created nearly 3 million jobs. The question is simple: Will we go on to build upon these reforms, or will we return to the miasma of Republican hegemonic oligopoly with its depressions, recessions, and stagflation.

    CHANGE IS: equal pay for equal work – Improving women’s health – protecting women’s right to choose

    CHANGE IS: Ending insurance company abuses – keeping premiums low – expanding access to care – closing the Medicare prescription ‘donut hole’ (or, as it is better known, as the average Republican voter’s intelligence quotient).

    CHANGE IS: Putting Americans back to work and rebuilding a fair economy for the middle class – 3.6 million jobs saved or created by cutting taxes, investing in clean energy, roads and bridges, — keeping teachers in classrooms – AND protecting unemployment benefits. Obama saved the American auto industry, preventing the loss of 1.4 million jobs – The private sector has created nearly 3 million jobs in the past 21 months and President Obama is fighting for the American Jobs Act, which would put even more people back to work and more money in peoples’ pockets.

    CHANGE IS: Creating an economy built to last beyond the next bubble created by the bankers that subsidize Republican hegemony.
    We need to: Out educate the rest of the world – out innovate the rest of the world – make sure everyone plays by the same rules – make sure that everyone does their fair share.

    Why does a presidential aspirant like Romney need a secret Swiss bank account? Isn’t that for deposed dictators?

    And, finally, Change is ending the war in Iraq and Afghanistan; refocus our energies toward dismantling Al Qaeda and similar organizations and honoring our veterans who have fought for a decade in wars started by the criminal Bush administration to enrich companies such as Halliburton and Blackwater.

    And, in this Republican caused depression we are suffering through, the prescient words of George W. Bush ring ever more clearly: “It is becoming harder and harder in this day and age to put food on our children’s heads.”

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    No Time for Fascists spews:

    Link is broken.
    From the title alone, there is nothing misogynist about it. It’s an authority figure telling an underling to follow orders. Republicans never have a problem with that.

    Unless in your mind, a Black man should never tell a woman what to do. Is he being uppity or something?

  19. 23

    Bob spews:

    @ 21

    Is there any promotion of Obama, Inc. that you have ever read with a critical eye?

    I expect such rah-rah regurgitation like this from Rujax. Didn’t fully appreciate he was in good company.

  20. 24

    Michael spews:


    Lefties, when you demagogue everything you can, rather than avoiding making an argument on its merits, eventually you jump the shark.

    Yep and the same holds true for the right. What doesn’t hold true is the idea of equivalence. The left doesn’t do this sort of crap nearly as often as the right nor does it cause the level of harm done by the right.

  21. 25

    Bob spews:

    @ 19

    Please. Both sides do it, probably equally, when they know they are going to get their ass kicked in the next election.

    Your ilk is busy making as many people as possible fear the unknown. It’s preferable to running on Obama’s record, ‘created or saved’ notwithstanding (was @21 really serious about that?).

    Show us some objective evidence of greater ‘harm’ by the right than by the left.

  22. 26

    Bob spews:

    Democrats, party of intolerance:

    A March 12 Pew study showed that Democrats are far more likely that conservatives to disconnect from people who disagree with them.

    “In all, 28% of liberals have blocked, unfriended, or hidden someone on SNS [social networking sites] because of one of these reasons, compared with 16% of conservatives and 14% of moderates,” said the report, tiled “Social networking sites and politics.”

    Read more:

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    rhp6033 spews:

    # 17: Bush’s academic record explained what had become pretty obvious by that point: George H.W. Bush wasn’t a very bright guy, and was at best a fraternity prankster who just did barely enough to get buy, with his father’s influence and money.

    Kerry, on the other hand, earned his own way into Yale and graduated with decent grades. After service in the Navy he got his law degree on his own, and went to work for the prosecutor’s office.

    Due to the difference in money and influence, the two simply aren’t comparable.

  24. 29

    albert camus spews:

    re 23: In order to re-gurgitate, one must gurgitate in the first place — which you haven’t. Besides, Republicans regurgitate talking points all the time.

  25. 30

    albert camus spews:

    re 25: “Your ilk is busy making as many people as possible fear the unknown”

    Like President Cheney’s energy policy?

  26. 31

    Michael spews:

    Well Iraq and Afghanistan were your boy’s idea and not enforcing banking regulations by the Bush Admin did sorta crash the economy…

  27. 32

    No Time for Fascists spews:

    A March 12 Pew study showed that Democrats are far more likely that conservatives to disconnect from people who disagree with them.

    I don’t know.
    Maybe republicans secretly like what the democrats are saying, but the converse is not true.

    For example, during an online conversation, I told a conservative acquaintance that I liked some socialist policies. He fired back, wondering why in the hell I admired people who nail babies to trees in front of their parents. WTF? Why would I voluntarily spend time with people who think like that?

    Why should I waste my social media time with people who are so passionate about being wrong. It’s not even fun. I want to spend my social media time with people I actually like.

  28. 33

    ArtFart spews:

    I don’t fault Obama for his intentions going into office, nor do I doubt his sincerity regarding most of them. On the other hand, I might find some quarrel regarding his effectiveness, and in connection with that an apparent unwillingness to stray outside of prescribed protocol and attempting to follow some sort of political “etiquitte” when the opposition has never had the slightest intention of playing by those (or for that matter, any) rules.

    It took a painfully long time to get us mostly out of Iraq, although our supposedly (snort!) “support” role there could continue for decades–and meanwhile Afghanistan continues to trundle along with no apparent end in sight. If I’d been in Obama’s shoes, when I’d learned I’d been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, I’d have respectfully declined to accept it and perhaps ask that they keep it on ice until the wars were actually concluded. I certainly wouldn’t have embarked on health care reform until that had been accomplished and the economy better stabilized (the two things the voters wanted the most). Knowing what a fracas there’d been when the Clintons attempted it, I’d consider that a good second-term project, good for expending one’s remaining “political capital” on as a lame duck.

    Other than that, it’s been frustrating to watch the man act as if he brought a pair of boxing gloves to a gunfight, and his apparent attempts to be “respectful” to the Paul Ryan crowd who’d as soon kick him in the nuts as shake his hand. Then again, perhaps he’s strategically smarter than he seems–in the end, it may just prove out that if you give crazy people enough rope, they’ll end up hanging themselves.

  29. 34

    rhp6033 spews:

    It’s really quite simple.

    Republicans want to take everything which is public in American and turn it into their private property under the auspicies of “ending socialism”, “creating jobs”, etc. This incudes turning over public lands to corporations at miniscule rates to lumber and mine and drill.

    Republicans also want to take things that belong to the average American and turn them over to their cronies to mis-manage and collect fees until nothing of value exists. This includes social security trust funds, health insurance, student loans, etc.

    When their “hands off” business philosophy ends up to (predictably) cost most Americans their jobs, their retirements, their savings, Republicans don’t even apologize – they try to deflect blame, require average taxpayers to bear the burden of their own failure, and give us lectures on “risk” and “reward”. In the meantime, they continue to bring in multi-million dollar per year salaries and bunuses.

    Democrats, on the other hand, try to protect the average American taxpayer and working man by protecting living-wage jobs, the right to form unions and go on stike (if necessary), and keep un-earned profits and inherited earnings a reasonable size, with a fair tax proportionate to the taxpayer’s ability to pay.

    Just because we don’t think some Democrats are effective enough in their efforts doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate their efforts on our behalf.

  30. 35


    his apparent attempts to be “respectful” to the Paul Ryan crowd

    Obama has little regard for Paul Ryan. He has publicly ridiculed both Ryan budgets (IIRC, the first budget while Ryan was in the audience) and even attacked Ryan himself as a hypocrite for having voted for the Iraq war, medicare part d and the raising of the debt limit 7 times under Bush.

    Good on him. Ryan is a creep. Was it good politics? I’m not sure. I was surprised at the vehemence and tone myself.

  31. 36


    Is there any promotion of Obama, Inc. that you have ever read with a critical eye?

    Sure. Does that mean I’ll vote for Willard RMoney?

    No freaking way.

  32. 37

    Michael spews:

    A March 12 Pew study showed that Democrats are far more likely that conservatives to disconnect from people who disagree with them.

    Go here and watch some of this video. The creator of the video spends 48 minutes talking about the evils of Obama without getting a single fact straight. Why would I bother to engage with this person?

    There are plenty of factually accurate reasons to not like Obama, but this guy spends 48 minutes and as far as I can tell every argument he makes against Obama is either untrue or logical fallacy. So yeah, I tend to tune people like that out.

  33. 38

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 I once met a guy who was shot by a careless hunter. The accident left him permanently blind. A couple of years later, the hunter came by and asked the victim to sign a waiver so he could get his hunting license back. The victim turned to his roommate and said, “Mike, would you do me a favor and beat the shit out of this guy?”

  34. 39

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @11 Overall, Obama has been a pretty good president, considering the gravity of the multiple crises he inherited from the incompetent coke-snorter who preceded him.

  35. 40

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    It takes a political party like the GOP to nominate someone with Dubya’s record.

  36. 41

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @25 “probably equally”

    Bullshit. One of my biggest beefs with Democrats is they don’t behave like Republicans enough. Fight fire with fire!

  37. 42

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @26 All that proves is more conservatives are insufferable. Most liberals are pretty easy to get along with. Conservatives, not so much.

  38. 43

    Michael spews:

    Good point.
    One of my uncles was Marine infantry in Viet Nam. He came home just in time for deer season and almost got nailed by a hunter. Talk about irony.

  39. 44

    ArtFart spews:

    @14 That’s just the problem. Which Mitt (of the ones we’ve seen or even ones not yet revealed) would wind up running the country if he prevailed in November? Presumably, the one we’ve been hearing from for the last year or so is the one who knows he has to pander to (1.) the Kochs and the other monetarists have the GOP machinery all bought and paid for and (2.) the teahadists who’ve had their brains turned to mush by a constant stream of ideological syphilis from Fox, right wing radio and their local dominionist pulpits. After he walks out of the convention with a nice big “APPROVED” stamp on his butt, he then has to convince the moderates, the undecided and even a few progressives that all along he’s always really been the Mitt who ran the Bay State. Either that, or the GOP dirty tricksters are going to have to hijack the vote counts in about a dozen states.

  40. 45

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Wisconsin Update

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, and 4 GOP state senators are facing recall. The primary will be on May 8 and the main event on June 5.

    Polls show all 6 GOP candidates leading their potential Democratic opponents, but Walker and one senator face close races. If only one of the 4 senators loses, Democrats will win control of the state senate, effectively ending Walker’s ability to pass legislation even if he survives the recall.

  41. 46

    ArtFart spews:

    @21 In the course of my education, I was forced to read your book–twice in English and once in French. I thought it sucked in either language.

  42. 47

    Puddybud spews:

    Elizabeth Warren HYPOCRITE!

    Senate Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren signaled on Friday that she hasn’t voluntarily paid a higher income tax rate on her Massachusetts tax returns than required.

    Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s campaign had pressed Warren on the issue after she criticized him for voting again a bill that would have increased taxes on millionaires.

    “I paid my taxes and I did not make a charitable contribution to the state,’’ Warren said when asked if she opted to pay a higher 5.85 percent rate on her Massachusetts income tax, as allowed under state law, rather than the standard 5.3 percent rate.

    Fair use to spot another DUMMOCRAPT who doesn’t have a clue!

  43. 48

    Puddybud spews:

    Hey Roger, Wisconsin peeps will recognize they will pay through the nose if unions run the state again come June 6th.

  44. 49

    Puddybud spews:

    More on HYPOCRITE Millionaire Elizabeth Warren 1%er…

    “The problem with running a campaign based on self-righteousness and moral superiority is that you had better live up to the same standard you would impose on everyone else,” Barnett said. “Millionaire Warren lectures others about their obligation and responsibility to pay higher taxes, but she refuses to pay the optional higher rate available in Massachusetts.”

    Barnett continued, “This is the sort of hypocrisy and double-speak voters are sick and tired of hearing from politicians, especially those who can’t keep their hands out of others’ pocketbooks.”

    Do as I say not as I do libtard!
    I’ll tell you what to do and when to do it and you don’t pay any attention to what I do libtard!
    I’ve got all these self richeous ideas that YOU can pay for to make me ‘holier than thou’ libtard.

    The bottom line: This millionaire DUMMOCRAPT lady is dangerous. Very dangerous!

  45. 50

    Puddybud spews:

    Ahhh yes, ylb head explodesJim Wanderhei, Politico Editor

    JIM VANDEHEI: He hits at something we get a ton of, which is: Are reporters biased? There is no doubt that—I’ve worked at the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and worked here at Politico. If I had to guess, if you put all of the reporters that I’ve ever worked with on truth serum, most of them vote Democratic.

    Nuff Said SUCKA!

  46. 53

    Puddybud spews:

    Point? Man you are STUPID. Politico is DUMMOCRAPT and you are still a moron!

    You and your ilk hate America no me. I want everyone to make as much as possible. You want class warfare!

    See ya!

  47. 57

    The 5% spews:

    51. YLB reporting on right wing family values since Dec 2004. spews:
    50 – Your point?

    Anyone with a freaking brain votes for the best D you can get..

    Anyone who hates this country votes R..

    Sure sucks to be you america hater!

    04/24/2012 AT 4:38 AM

    Shorter YLBasement: I’m a party lemming!


  48. 60


    that’s before they went leftist!

    Politico headlined their story “Obama: I have some Hawaii laziness,” while the Daily Caller went with “Obama: “There’s a laziness in me,” and National Journal selected “Obama Blames Hawaii For His ‘Deep Down’ Laziness.”

    Nice Christmas present for Obama by Politico.. How “leftist”.. How kneejerk dumbass of PuddyStupid who like the Birchers sees a “leftist” under every bed.

    What a miserable dope.

  49. 62


    A fine example of how the poor vote…

    I voted for the winners in 2006 and 2008..

    A lot if not all of my stuff won in 2009 and even some stuff in 2010..

    I predict some of my issues will win this year as well..

    Judging by your comment record here, one can easily see that you are impoverished in spirit and mental capacity. I’d pity you but those bridges burned long ago.