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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Conservatives are afraid to admit that President Obama’s comment about the Cambridge police department may have been justified. According to Wikipedia,

    “Jon Shane, who spent 17 years as a police officer in Newark, New Jersey and is now a professor of criminal justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice who specializes in police policy and practice, told TIME magazine that, had he been the responding officer, he would not have arrested Gates after identifying him. He described Gates’s behavior as ‘contempt of cop’ which officers are supposed to handle as a first amendment right under the U.S. Constitution. … Eugene O’Donnell, a professor of law and police studies at John Jay College, told the TIME reporter that disorderly conduct is ‘probably the most abused statute in America.'”

    In short, the cops’ conduct is, at the very least, debatable. To what extent race enters is also debatable, but even if one accepts the (iffy) assumption that Professor Gates’ race had nothing to do with the officer’s actions, making sarcastic remarks to a police officer simply isn’t an arrestable offense in this country. In short, a pretty good case can be made that this was, in fact, a stupid arrest.

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    What do the TOP 10 cities with the HIGHEST POVERTY RATE have in common? DEMOCRAT leadership.

    St. Louis
    El Paso

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    And now onto cities with the highest MURDER rates. Does anyone care to guess what these cities have in common?

    1 New Orleans
    2 Washington, D.C.
    3 Detroit
    4 Baltimore
    5 Atlanta
    6 St. Louis
    7 Birmingham
    8 Newark, NJ
    9 Oakland, CA
    10 Memphis

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    Gman spews:

    @3 – they are run by heterosexuals.

    Heterosexuals are murderers and have screwed up this country for the last 200 years.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    The racial atttacks on the presdient by the Right are incrasing in both freuency and intensity. I expect to see more white-on-black (or -brown) hate crimes as a result.

    The bigger picture, it seems to me, is that what we’re going to see over the two Obama terms is that it will be just like Clinton–the Right will attack NON-STOP and will manufacture outrage over any thing that happens during his term. With Clinton, it went on and on, and on and on, non-stop for eight years (as Clinton was easily re-elected against the extremely weak Republican field–much like now).

    ALl I’m saying is, be ready. It won’t stop, they won’t stfu, and it’s going to keep on for seven and a half more years. They have people in the press (Lou Dobbs is a good example) who will carry their vile water for them.

    If the Republicans had a one-vote majority in the House they’d be impeaching Obama right now!

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    Daddy Love spews:

    6 T

    You should take a course or two in both statistics and logic. Correlation proves only correlation, not causation. Perhaps both characteristics stem from some other cause or causes that you are not smart enough to think of (surely that could not be!). Higher poverty, perhaps? People who are out of work or are poor surely see Democratic governance as preferable to the “let ‘em die!” Republicans.

    Oh, why do I bother?

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    I’m a Democrat, but that won’t stop me from calling bullshit on my fellow Democrats who, through their bashing of Republicans, seem to be suggesting that by electing Democrats, things will be better; their lives will be better. That’s just not true.

    Posting those top ten lists is my way of asking you to stop lying. Electing Democrats won’t do shit. In fact, if any of you have studied political science, like I have, you’d have learned that on the political spectrum of all the world’s political parties, US Democrats and Republicans are so close together that others in the world consider any attempt at distinguishing the two is … brb … international business call.

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    My Left Foot spews:


    OMG I voted for a ni..(BONG)!!

    (before anyone freaks out about the above, it is a reference to a scene in Blazing Saddles, a classic Mel Brooks vehicle. If you can’t smile about it, well, fuck you).

    By the way, Glen Beck. Fuck you, you racist cocksucking dickwad.

  9. 13

    My Left Foot spews:


    You are no Democrat. You are not on an international business call either…well other than looking for a Russian/Filipino bride because your own kind…fat, ugly, uneducated, tattooed, leather halter wearing, wannabes won’t have you.

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    Steve spews:

    The only interest the old white men of the GOP and their troll lackeys have in the Lib State cop is in how to use him to label our president a racist. To Republican’s and their trolls, the guy is only a means to an end. This is really no different than how they used 9/11 first responders as an excuse to drap themselves in the American flag. How do Republicans act out their real values towards our first responders? How do they really view the heroes of 9/11? Need you ask?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Lose Your Home! Go Bankrupt! Get Sick And Die!

    Republicans like health care just the way it is! They don’t want the 47 million working poor who lack insurance to get medical care. They don’t want to protect consumers who paid good money for health insurance from arbitrary denials, hidden fine print, nonrenewals, and soaring copays and deductibles. And, above all, they OPPOSE bankruptcy relief for people hit with crushing medical debts! So, if you enjoy being screwed out of your life savings by greedy for-profit insurance companies whose executives get paid millions a year for dreaming up ingenious new ways to rob you — vote Republican!!

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @17 I have a deal for you, troll! I see in this morning’s news that New York City is offering the homeless a one-way plane ticket out of town. I’ll go one better and offer you a one-way flight to the outer reaches of the solar system! (Launch will be from a giant potato gun.)


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    Daddy Love spews:

    17 T

    I am a partisan Democrat. Thus, I try to elect more Democrats. And hey, if we pass the extensions that will put into place so-called “universal” health care, many people WILL be better off. Duh.

    In fact, if you go back through the last century at the major federal legislative achievements that have improved people’s lives, they were ALL proposed and passed by Democrats. I could supply a list, and I think Roger Rabbit has one at the ready. Little things like rural electrification, the Family and Medical Leave Act, Social Security, the Civil Rights Act, Medicare, and so on.

    So, no can do.

    Your assertions about the various political parties are unsupported, and I doubt that your logical skills will enable you to adequately obtain or express supporting data.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Republicans Support Crime

    The White House announced today that distressed Washington communities will receive $18 million of federal stimulus funds to hire cops.

    When Bill Clinton was president he used federal money to put 100,000 more cops on America’s streets.

    When George W. Bush was president he yanked the funding and pulled cops off the streets to give tax breaks to billionaires. Not only that, after 9/11, he reassigned 2,200 FBI agents to anti-terrorism duties and didn’t replace them; as a result, bank robberies, white collar crimes, and fraud soared.

    Republicans like crime. After all, they commit most of it. If you want less policing and a freer hand for criminals — vote Republican.

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    czechsaaz spews:


    “Post Hoc Propter Hoc” Look it up. It will serve you well. It is one of the classic failures of logic/debate.

    You’re guilty ergo, you’ve lost. (I’ll up the odds @20 to 65-1 stupid.)

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    czechsaaz spews:


    Particularly apt today, “The way you’re lollygaggin’ around with them picks and shovels, you’d think it was a hundred and twenty degrees. Can’t be more than a hundred ‘n’ fourteen.”

  17. 26


    You all can become angry at the facts @2 and @3, you can shake your fist at them, you can stomp your feet, you can scream and yell and cite fancy arguments in latin, but nothing will change the fact that what I said was true.

    Democrats run the cities with the highest murder rates, and the highest poverty rates.

  18. 27

    Gus spews:

    Why hasn’t the media pickup up on Larry Phillips exaggerated expense accounts?

    Every month the King County Council files reimbursement requests but none of the other council members requests as much as Larry Phillips.

    He walks to and from Sound Transit Meetings but asks for mileage reimbursements!

    This is the guy who wanted other people to pay for his Tyee dues so he could have better Husky Tickets.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    RR @ 1: Agreed. Also:

    Years ago, I spoke with a public prosecutor about an incident where several black women were refused service at the Denny’s by SeaTac airport, and were told to leave. When they protested that excluding them from service because of their race was illegal, they were arrested by off-duty sheriff’s deputies serving as security for the restaurant, on charges of trespass and creating a public disturbance.

    The prosecutor (who was black) explained that the manager mistakenly believed them to be prostitutes, and since so many prostitutes working that section of the highway were black, he argued it was a reasonable assumption.

    But the prosecutor also admitted that the entire arrest was probably an example of “unofficial policy”. The police would probably have settled for making the women leave, until they threatened to file a complaint.

    The rumor being circulated in the police locker rooms at the time was that if an officer thinks there is going to be a complaint filed against them, their best defensive is an aggressive offense. They believe they should go ahead and arrest the person for “creating a public disturbance”, or some similar offense. This allows the officer to get his story out first in the form of the official arrest report, make to make it look like the defendant is merely filing the complaint in retaliation for the arrest, and also to something of value to “trade” in return for dropping the complaint.

    In that case it worked: the gals accepted an offer to drop the charges in return for agreeing not to pursue complaints against the deputies, the county, or the restaurant. The threat of a potential criminal conviction on your record is a powerful tool in the police aresnal.

  20. 29

    Daddy Love spews:

    26 T

    You don’t get it, and apparently you won’t EVER get it, because you are too stupid or lazy to look up what we’re telling you.

    @2 and @3? Don’t make me laugh. First, you never supported your assertions that the cities in question have high rates of [whatever]. Cite a source, Mr. Lazy McLazerson. Second, you never supported your assertions that the cities in question have Democratic leadership. Again, a citation is needed.

    Third, as several posters here have attempted to educate you regarding, two correlated factors do not imply that one caused the other.

    Look at it this way:
    Maybe Democrats have been elected in the named cities BECAUSE They have high povery (which I alerady suggested). Either my explanation or yours is possible, and of course it could be that they are coincidental, caused by some third factors, or caused by a complex combination of factors. Your little lists (and why don’t you tell us from where you stole them?) “prove” NOTHING.

  21. 30

    czechsaaz spews:

    @26 as it relates to 22

    So you made a declarative statement. Are you ready to admit that a declarative is NOT an argument and therefore there was nothing to be “won?”

    The odds on stupid now stand at about 90-1 for.

  22. 31



    Citation would be needed if this were a doctoral thesis, BUT IT’S A FUCKING BLOG’S COMMENT SECTION!!!!! I’m not citing shit!

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    X'ad spews:

    Troll’s ONLY purpose here is to annoy. Don’t expect rational commentary from him, he only says things that will get the attention he craves.

    He’s easily ignored.

    But if y’all have nothing to better to do than respond to baiting by half-wits, enjoy!

  24. 33

    rhp6033 spews:

    There is a strong correlation between prostate cancer and death. Therefore, under Troll’s analysis, death causes prostate cancer.

  25. 35

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    O-blah-blah-blah continues to wilt under scrutiny:

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
    Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 29% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-nine percent (39%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -10. The President’s Approval Index rating is down four points over the past week and 11 points over the past month.

    Just 23% believe health care costs will go down if health care reform is passed. Most (53%) expect prices would rise and 50% expect the quality of care would decline.

    The LEFTIST PINHEADED KLOWNS are now back to screaming RACISM. Anyone who disagrees strongly with O-blah-blah-blah is a RACIST.
    Ain’t gonna sell. O-blah-blah-blah now has a record of Legislation he has proposed and comments…decisions. Americans elected a guy with ZERO experience making decisions.
    Well, the job doesn’t come with training wheels!
    Obamunism is a failure.
    Obama is now trying to run away from his own bullsh*t.


  26. 37

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    And look at how much Americans dislike Botox/Face job Pelosi!

    Tuesday, July 28, 2009

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains America’s best-known – and least-liked – congressional leader, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

    Fifty-seven percent (57%) of U.S. voters have an unfavorable view of the Democratic congresswoman from San Francisco, and 35% view her favorably. But those who have a very unfavorable opinion of Pelosi overwhelm those who regard her very favorably – by a five-to-one margin – 45% to nine percent (9%).

    Pelosi is a wretched, shrill bitch.
    She is in charge.
    Americans dislike her overwhelmingly…many dislike her immensely.

    In 6 months, O-blah-blah, Pelosi & Reid have blown all their Political Capital with their inexperience, shrillness etc. Blaming Bush has worn thin. They are now acccountable…and seem to hate it….just as many Americans have grown to hate them.

  27. 38

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    34. Mr. Cynical spews:
    The LEFTIST PINHEADED KLOWNS are now back to screaming RACISM. Anyone who disagrees strongly with O-blah-blah-blah is a RACIST.
    Ain’t gonna sell.

    Of course the left-wingnuts will cry racism to every criticism of the obama, that works well for them.
    Unfortunately, the moderates are the ones deciding elections and they might not agree with the cries of racism. After all, it’s the moderates that elected the obama.

  28. 39

    YLB spews:

    The wingnuts are going super-nova batshit insane over this President. Well that was to be expected. We’ve been seeing the build up of this insanity here in the comment threads since the inception of this blog as the right wing has sunk into the quicksand.

    It’s just too sick. I trust the American people will ignore this ugly noise and concentrate on the REALITY of changing the ugly status quo in this country.

    A status quo that is NOT working for them.

  29. 41

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Look at the Poll numbers dimwit..the vast majority, including many Democrats, agree with me.
    The political capital of Obama has been squandered. It is 10 times harder to rebuild trust once it is lost. The arrogant bastard was tooooo arrogant to put this into his reasoning. He over-estimated the “love’ his l’il people have for him. Now he will be forced to sit back and watch the Blue Dog Dems and Conservative Dem Senators control the show…O-blah-blah-blah and Pelosi will be forced to try and claim some “victory” over their gutted plans.


  30. 42

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Newest Inductee Into GOP Hall Of Shame

    “NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 29) — A Tennessee lawmaker resigned from the state Senate on Tuesday after his extramarital affair with a 22-year-old intern was revealed by an investigation into an extortion case. ‘Due to recent events, I have decided to … resign my Senate seat …,’ Republican Sen. Paul Stanley wrote in his resignation letter. …

    “Stanley … sponsored … measures to ban gay couples from adopting children [and opposed]funding for Planned Parenthood because he said unmarried people should not have sex.”

    [Quoted from Associated Press under fair use.]

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Well, at least this wingnut hypocrite was true to his beliefs: He had sex with a married woman. (The article says the intern’s husband is serving prison time in Florida.) The fact they both were married to other people is a technical detail.

  31. 43

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    There’s an interesting juxtaposition of news stories in today’s AOL News. A story under one headline says,

    “Information emerges about the woman whose rant at a town hall meeting has fired up the ‘birther’ base.”

    And a story under that one says,

    “Researchers say that the typical American lifestyle is chockfull of risk factors for mental illness. It turns out that everyday stresses can literally drive you crazy unless you learn to deal with them.”

    Connect the dots.

  32. 44

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @40 Really? A wingnut political renaissance is just around the corner? Whatever.

    [raucous rabbit laughter in background]

  33. 45

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Meanwhile, conservative radio host John Batchelor has labeled the “birther” movement a “neutron stink bomb” that illustrates “the slow-motion decomposition of the GOP.”

    Batchelor writes, “What is going on with the despondent Republican Party that it hosts loonies called the birthers in its ranks? The answer may be that the birther phenomenon is a mutation of a political virus called incoherence. Incoherence … killed the Whigs … it killed the Klan and the American communists. The birther mutation looks to erase what remains of the GOP’s credibility with the electorate, already at an all-time low and still sinking to third- and fourth-party numbers, if there were a third or a fourth party. … The party, having lost its principles, its confidence, its courage, and then having lost an election, now experiences what it is to lose its mind, too, while it slips into the ash heap with other novelties.”

    Batchelor notes that 158 House Republicans, suddenly alarmed by the damage that birthers are doing to their party, voted with Democrats on a resolution declaring President Obama was born in Hawaii.

  34. 46

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    On the subject of President Obama’s citizenship, Lou Dobbs said, “I don’t know what the reality is. No one does.”

    He’s half right.

  35. 48

    X'ad spews:

    Rog, is “raucus rabbit laughter” raucus laughter from a rabbit or laughter from a raucus rabbit…..or raucus rabid laughter, or ….

    Keep up the Republicide!!!!

  36. 49


    Goldy, I have an assignment for you. You like to pretend you’re a journalist, when all you really do is comb through the Seattle Times editorial section day after day, looking for pieces to rant about. I guess bitching at real journalists makes you feel like one yourself.

    Okay, now for your assignment. This will actually get you started on the road to becoming a real journalist. You know that 17 year old guy who allegedly shot the convenience store clerk Ballard? Well, he reportedly went to Ingraham High School, and he was on the track team. What I want you to do is to go down the Seattle Public Schools archive dept., go through recent yearbooks from his school, see who else was on the track team, locate some of those people, and then interview …. brb … business call.

  37. 51

    Daddy Love spews:

    30 T

    Then you’re not proving shit, and you should stop claiming that you are. You sound kind of like a dimwit. Are you?

  38. 52

    Daddy Love spews:

    32 rhp

    Dammit, and here I was planning to die this vacation! Not now–too dangerous. I might get cancer.

  39. 53

    Dreams from My Obama spews:

    Rachel Solomon of the Dub Daily asserts that it’s bad form to equate UW’s compelled common-book bulk puchase of Barack Obama’s “novel” with the compelled purchase of Third Reich postage stamps. It’s bad form, according to Solomon, because no student is compelled to read Obama’s book and because his book is “free.”

    Common books are not free. Taxpayers are compelled to buy them. Then the books (Obama’s bio is the latest in a series of four common books that run the gamut of diversity from far left to farther left) are “given” away in a benevolent gesture — paid for with other people’s money — to build bonds of leftist solidarity.

    Solomon asserts that Obama’s … novel (surely calling his bio a novel is more demeaning than equating its bulk purchase with national socialist postage) is apolitical. Not so. Every dollar and dime of royalties to the book’s leftist author is a political dollar and a political dime.

    To repeat: nobody on campus is compelled to read Obama’s book, even if it’s assigned reading. But somebody was compelled to buy the book by the truckload and to enrich its politically partisan author. It’s not like being forced to lick Obama and to stick him on a letter, but it’s close.

  40. 54

    Official Greeter spews:

    Uppity hoppity newbie @1 @18 @19 @23 @41 @42 @43 @44 is pushing the envelope of our not-quite infinite patience.

    Not only does he disrespect our hearty DeMolay greeting, but he forces us to endure the stench of his projectile farting @1 @18 @19 @23 @41 @42 @43 @44 …

    There’s a circle of hell reserved for disrespectful ass-gas newbies who pollute the gene pool and who saturate HA’s pristine environment with methane. That circle of hell entails boiling shit, potato chips, generic beer, and Republicans.

  41. 55

    Official Greeter spews:

    Can’t find it now, but in early 2008 lovable old hnmt posted a fable about Obama’s inauguration in 2009 … Chief Justice Plame, defense secretary Sheehan, Keith Odormann, a puff of smoke at the lecturn, etc.

    Had a paragraph about the last surviving Republicans, McCain and Larry Craig, denning at Hayden Lake, and a snarky bit about Bush and Cheney greasing their guns, glaring at each other.

    Anybody catch this week’s Time mag about the Bush-Cheney Final Days? Our hnmt, in addition to being lovable, was again way ahead of the curve. As usual.

  42. 57

    Puddybud is shocked SHOCKED spews:

    Clueless wondermoron,

    Puddy traveling fool sumtin hard for a wondermoron to comprehend. Butt, stay monomaniacal as ever fool.

    You can check with goldy ya dumb moron.

  43. 58

    Daddy Love spews:

    51 DOMO

    Maybe you could be more wrong, but it’s hard to imagine how.

    Rachel Solomon of the Dub Daily asserts

    Citation/link, please. An assertion on your part does not equal an acceptance of fact on mine.

    …that it’s bad form to equate UW’s compelled common-book bulk puchase of Barack Obama’s “novel” with the compelled purchase of Third Reich postage stamps. It’s bad form, according to Solomon, because no student is compelled to read Obama’s book and because his book is “free.”

    No, it’s bad form to equate the president with a Nazi. Or to equate the UW with the Nazis. Because outside of wingnut-land, these things do not equate.

    Common books are not free. Taxpayers are compelled to buy them.

    Do you know how the University of Washington is funded? It is not completely tax funded. Did you know that? Oh, but you’re Republican, of course you do not.

    Then the books (Obama’s bio is the latest in a series of four common books that run the gamut of diversity from far left to farther left) are “given” away in a benevolent gesture — paid for with other people’s money — to build bonds of leftist solidarity.

    Or, you have no idea what the selection process was and are pulling this out of your ass.

    But somebody was compelled to buy the book by the truckload and to enrich its politically partisan author.

    You mean some employee of the U whose jobs it is to make purchases was “compelled” to buy the book? I thought that was just called doing your job.

    It’s not like being forced to lick Obama and to stick him on a letter, but it’s close.

    So it’s OK for YOU to call Obama a Nazi stamp, or something. It’s so confusing talking to people who take a metaphor and then forget what they were comparing.

    Oh, and for you: UW funding (PDF)

    In FY2009, the UW received approximately $410 million from the state General Fund and $295 million from tuition and fees. Your probably can’t do the math, so that is 58% public funding.

    Next FY the UW those numbers will be $320 million and $330 million, respectively. 49% public funding.

    So Obama’s books were bought with the private dollars, and you can’t complain, right?

  44. 59

    Daddy Love spews:

    @n Cyn

    Obama is very popular, though not as popular as when he was inaugurated. This is actually normal. Bush couldn’t break 50% approval in his first year (before 9/11) as I recall.

    But Obama is comfortably over that mark. If you cut off his top and bottom ratings as outliers, he is between 54% and 57% job approval in July 2009.

    His favorability ratings (how much people like him)are even higher: 61% in July 2009

    Look at the Poll numbers dimwit..the vast majority, including many Democrats, agree with me.

    Nope. Wrong. Trust not there? Political capital “squandered?” Did I mention the results for the question:

    “Who do you trust to do a better job handling health care reform: Obama or the Republicans in Congress?”
    Obama 54%
    Republicans 34%

    You see, you are an ignorant twit, and you refuse to educate yourself. While that puts you in good standing among Republicans, real people think you are a fool.

  45. 60

    YLB spews:

    Puddy traveling

    To wingnut oblivion apparently. Shit, you’ve already there a long time.

    So you’re traveling in circles. Enjoy..

  46. 61

    My Left Foot spews:

    troll, you ignorant slut:

    Please, for the love of God, state just one Democratic position that you agree with. Just one fucking plank in the platform that you agree with…..

    What you are is a liar, a fraud. A poser. Nothing more.

    This is the last post I will direct at you. I wish everyone would do the same.


  47. 63

    My Left Foot spews:


    I bet $5 troll can’t get past the title page before his brain twists into a tiny little knot.

  48. 64



    Democratic positions I agree with:

    – The Environment.
    – Abortion
    – Reduction in Military Spending
    – Regulation of Business
    – Drug Policy

    And some other stuff I can’t think of right now.

  49. 65

    Dreams of My Obama spews:

    Here’s Solomon’s article, Dad, from yesterday’s Daily. You certainly are, um, free to accept or reject my assertion about Solomon’s assertion. In fact, since you’re high on facts, let’s choose the Solomonic assertion solution: cut in half, rinse, repeat.

    Nobody at the Daily equated the president to a Nazi, aside from equating President B-U-S(wastika)-H to Hitler. But that was long long ago and far far away. We’re all liberal now, so it’s bad form to suggest that our president is a totalitarian dictator.

    Somebody at the Daily did assert or imply or suggest that pulling four of four UW common books from the far left or the extreme left was perhaps fascistic, particularly since the students for whom those books were bought were not free to choose alternate gifts. Common books: left, all left, nothing but the left. … Isn’t it risible that some leftists are “pro-choice.”

    Funds are fungible, Dad. Every school boy knows that. Although every dollar and dime of royalties from the compelled purchase of Obama’s book became a leftist dollar and dime, you’re probably correct that invoices were not necessarily paid with dollars extorted from unwilling taxpayers. Maybe some taxpayers were willing to propagandize young students. Maybe somebody dipped into UW’s bloated endowment. Maybe overpaid Emmert donated a few bucks from his golden parachute. But the bottom line is the bottom line: thousands of copies of Obamas book and of three books even farther to the left were bought in a no-choice propagandizing manner that reminded the Daily’s token conservative of national socialists forcing citizens to buy national socialist postage so Nazis would get kick-backs from no-choice bulk purchases.

    Hope this helps you get past your crippling confusion. If you have better information about UW’s bulk-buy cost accounting, or about selfless academic bureaucrats selflessly doing the tough job of enriching left-wingers, please please share. We love your attempts to confect coherence, really we do, and together we’ll get you past your crippling limitations.

  50. 66

    YLB spews:

    Poor sad HNMT @ 64

    Barack Obama is a man of quite a few significant firsts – first African-American Prez of the Harvard Law Review, first African-American Prez of these United States.

    And each time he was helped to those firsts by folks a little to the right of the dial – many Republican voters crossed lines to support him for the Oval Office – many scared to death of an embarrassing know-nothing like Sarah being one-heartbeat away from the big chair. In the case of Harvard, he reached out to staunch Federalist Society types and won their confidence.

    Unlike FDR , it may pain Barack a bit that he has won your hate (all he had to do to get that meager bauble was to win). Hate is not a welcome emotion to the President. But he’ll soldier on just the same. And we who voted for him will stand with him every step of the way to sideline those who prefer to dwell in fear.

  51. 67

    GBS spews:

    36. Mr. Cynical spews:

    In 6 months, O-blah-blah, Pelosi & Reid have blown all their Political Capital with their inexperience, shrillness etc. Blaming Bush has worn thin.


    And how many years did you guys try to blame Pres. Clinton for all your failures???

    But, keep shilling what you’re shilling because you’re helping America realize why it shouldn’t vote for Republicans.

    See, Americans aren’t sooooooooo stupid as to believe that the problems we face were created by Pres. Obama or Democrats. Furthermore, the majority of Americans don’t believe in ‘get rich’ schemes. That’s why they understand Pres. Obama cannot fix the worst financial disaster since the Great Depression (another Republican caused disaster BTW) in merely a few months.

    Oh sure, there are numbskulls like yourself who believe in get rich schemes, you fools buy them all the time.

    One last bit, you’re not an active stock trader either. You’re foolish comments regarding trading styles, methodologies, capital gains tax, having a broker who only takes clients whose net worth is $5 million or greater, yet you take stock advice off HA blog is 100% laughable.

    No one, and I mean NO ONE who has $5 million+ portfolio is going to bring a “hot stock tip” from a “Liberal” blog to their broker to “consider.”

    Then, you never did produce your trade slips.

    What a looooooooooser you are.

    Now I know why you moved to Montana. The Interior West, Mid West and Deep South are for idiots who cannot AFFORD to live in nice places. The “retard ratio” explains why:

    A) They vote predominately Republican
    B) Are poor. Stupid people cannot be high earners.

  52. 68

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I sold covered calls on Wells Fargo BEFORE you ever brought it up.
    You are the typical LEFTIST PINHEAD who has wonderful ideas…but is too gutless to pull the trigger.
    Progressives like to intellectualize….YAWN!!

    It takes courage to invest capital.
    Get some balls GBS.
    Keep playing with your l’il teeny investments.

  53. 69

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Your endless envy of the success of others is choking the life out of you.
    Grow up.
    Wise up.
    Grow some gonads you pussy!

  54. 70

    Steve spews:

    Such bullshit! I’m still waiting for Mr. Klynical to send Goldy his trade confirmations. Goldy’s had mine for a few months now but Mr. Klynical, fucked up in the head liar that he is, has been a no-show.

  55. 71

    GBS spews:

    Mr. C.

    IF you had even one testicle, you’d show your trade slip.

    No trade slip NO BALLS.

    Stop lying, it’s pathetic.