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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    If Stevens wins and the Senate refuses to seat him, will Palin fill his seat by appointing herself, or her husband? My money is on herself.

  2. 4

    My Left Foot spews:


    The Alaska legislature changed the rules after Frank Murkowski appointed his daughter to fill a vacant US Senate seat several years ago.

    Alaska law now holds that a special election must be held. The governor does not appoint an interim Senator.

    Palin would be free to run for the seat if she chooses.

  3. 5

    slingshot spews:

    Palin could run as Peggy from King of the Hill.

    I don’t have FOX “News”, but do all their hosts & commentaters have that waxy museum look? It’s really weird looking. Maybe they don’t maintain a proper diet, or sumthin’?

  4. 6

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    We know you’re stupid enough to vote for a guy who favors a 40% federal sales tax. You don’t need to brag about it.

  5. 7

    mark spews:

    Obama started backpedaling in his acceptance speech. All OF A SUDDEN government, you
    know , can’t solve all our problems. Never
    heard that during the campaign. Saw a truck
    on I-5 today with a sign in the back window.
    “The uneducated have spoken”. This is gonna be good! Remember, just cause you won the
    special olympics, you’re still RETARDED.

  6. 8

    Proud to be SeattleJew Today spews:

    Why is it “sadly ironic” that African Americans disagree with you on gay marriage?

    I assume you already knew that the majority of AA have fairly traditional views of marriage. I suspect, given the overwhelming problem of poor single mother families in the AA community, that gay marriage seems at best a luxury issue for rich folks.

  7. 9

    notaboomer spews:

    we obama faithful draw the line at snorting coke and praying 5 times a day and will not gay marry on demand no matter how much mark and his trollbots want to watch us consummate.

  8. 10

    David spews:

    No wonder John McCain lost. People in his campaign used phrases like “lack of knowledgeabilty” instead of “amazing lack of basic knowledge” or “pretty damned uniformed”.

    At first I thought maybe she was playing an airhead thinking the Republican base would like that and she had some hidden talents, because I thought that McCain was a patriot ad would never do anything to put his country in jeopardy.

    Instead we find that he thought so little of “we the people” that he would put have put someone like this within reach of the nuclear codes.

    I am just flabbergasted. It’s like he purposefully picked a running mate that made him be more patriotic if he lost.

  9. 11

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    If 70% of mcsame voters were anti-gay the good liberals would loudly call them homophobic.
    But because it’s 70% of the black population the good liberals won’t say a thing.
    Double standard or cowards?
    Isn’t it funny how it worked out… to get obama elected another special interest group of the democrats got screwed.

  10. 12

    Holly spews:

    Yeah and Barack didn’t know that the U.S. has 50 states…per his speach…”I have been to 57 states and have 3 to go…” So what is the point this author is making? Biden told a handicap man in a wheelchair that was supposedly his ‘friend’ to “stand up” for an applause…DUH. I could go on, but it’s pointless.

  11. 13

    Real American spews:

    Marvin the Martian spewed

    to get obama elected another special interest group of the democrats got screwed.

    Fascinating. explain the linkage between those two completely different outcomes.

    In other words, Marvin, my very “special” friend, how did one group need to get “screwed” in order for Obama to get elected.

    Take your time. No one expects you to have an answer. We all know that you are a complete moron.

  12. 14

    Real American spews:

    “Heather” @ 12 spewed

    DUH. I could go on, but it’s pointless.

    Please do! Your idiocy serves as an excellent example of the complete lack of rationality of the wingnut mind.

  13. 15

    David spews:

    Someone being tired is much different than someone being ignorant. Sarah Palin is ignorant.

    But Obama won, Gregoire won, Goldmark seems to be winning so far and Burner’s race is close. So is Franken’s, and if he loses Coleman gets indicted. Stevens is already convicted, just hasn’t been sentenced yet.

    The nicest thing is that the Bush Administration left a horrid mess to clean up; we won’t have time to pay attention to the trolls while we are fixing it.

  14. 16

    Sinbad spews:

    It’s ironic that people who disdain Palin’s intellect use the term ‘knowledgeability’ to describe it.

  15. 17

    David spews:

    I can say it. The voters that voted for Obama and then voted for Proposition 8 are homophobic.

    I’m thinking though of trying to get a friend in California to start a better traditional marriage amendment. It will have the same wording about gays and marriage and also declare null and void any divorces and marriages after divorces. Second marriages after death of spouse only.

    I got the idea from Hagee, who was commenting on Proposition 8 and declared that marriage is between one man and one woman for life.

    Not one of the “defense of marriage” initiatives mentions the “for life” thing; so how can they be “defense of marriage” acts?

  16. 18

    Don Joe spews:

    Better yet, Fox Noise sat on this information until after the election, because it was “off the record.” I’m not sure which I find more disturbing: that Fox would sit on this information, or that Republicans could reliably expect Fox to sit on it.

    Do we need any better proof that “Fair and Balanced” != “Truth”?

  17. 19

    Broadway Joe spews:

    This just shows the homophobia that still runs through the African-American community, which is reinforced by their religious leaders, like the (not so) good Reverend Hutch, who now has an army of Eastern European goons to fight (in his opinion) the good fight.

    Kinda sad, ain’t it?

  18. 21


    I have nothing against gays, but when they try to brainwash grade school kids with books pro-homosexuality books like King and King, it serves them right that Prop 8 passed. Stop brainwashing young children!

  19. 22


    I don’t understand why blacks are so happy and proud over Obama’s win. Obama is half white and half black. The black half of him comes from an absent and irresponsible black father. The white half of him comes from a very responsible white mother who raised him. If anything, black people should be ashamed of how his father ran away after Barack was born, as so many black fathers do.

  20. 24

    correctnotright spews:

    @12: Yup you are pointless.
    Obama knows how many states there are – thatwas a momentary mispeak.

    On the other hand, Palin does NOT know:
    Who is in NAFTA
    That Africa is a continent, not a country
    Any supreme court decisions besides Roe v Wade
    What newspapers she reads
    What the Bush doctrine is
    What the role of the VP is in the senate

    She is clearly incompetent and uninformed. Her wardrobe is ridiculous – she went on a shopping spree for clothes over the 150K she already had and charged them to the personal credit cards of her aides.

    She was shown by a non-partisan report to have abused her office and to be unethical.

    She used government funds to cart her kids around – illegally – and is now in a lawsuit on that.

    She lies about her record – including repeatedly lying about the bridge to nowhere.

    Yet this is the new right wing republican icon. Ignorant, corrupt, vain and decietful – no woinder they love her! sounds just like the trolls on this site. Especially the trolls like idiot Mark, who warned us not to criticize her.

    Mark: hahahhahahaha

  21. 25

    correctnotright spews:

    @21: Stop showing everyone what an idiot and racist you are. Just because the kids books have too many big words for you doesn’t mean you have to criticize them.

    Don’t get angry – learn how to read.

  22. 26

    rational spews:

    Vote for prop 8 is a vote to deny equal rights to a section of population. African Americans, who were victims of such denial of rights, should know better. You cannot restrict others’ rights. Gay marriage isn’t mutually exclusive with straight marriage. I don’t know what else but intolerance would cause someone to oppose equal rights for others.

  23. 27

    correctnotright spews:

    @7: Mark
    Guess you have notlistened to many Obama speeches before. He has said that government cannot do everything before and he has said that we need to make sacrifices. Also, he has said that change will not happen overnight – that the mess of the Bush admisnitration went on for 8 years and ti will take a long time to clean up.

    Maybe you should actually pay attention before shooting off at the mouth. All of your pathetic predictions have been false – why would anyone listen to you?

  24. 28



    rational, I don’t really know you, but I am a respected commenter on HA. Many here consider me to be the unofficial moderator of this board, and I consider myself to be second in command to Goldy on this blog. With that said, let me ask you something. Do you think it’s okay to teach young grade schoolers that homosexuality is natural and normal, using books such as King & King?

  25. 29

    correctnotright spews:

    Mark cracks me up – here we have evidence from the McCain campaign on Faux news that Palin is ignorant. Yet Mark tries to say that the “ignorant” people won. I guess Harvard Law review means ignorant to Mark….what is intelligence to Mark – running up large clothing bills at Neimann Marcus? Saying stupid things about Putin’s head? Answering questions with so much rambling it is tough to even figure out what she is saying?

    Yup – INTELLIGENCE won this election. Organization, committment, consistency, integrity – those were the hallmarks of the successful Obama campaign. McCain and the politics of negativity and division lost bigtime. Palin dragged down the ticket and McCain’s stupid decision to shore up the right wingnut base backfired when he improperly vetted Palin. He showed himself to be erratic and he destroyed his own “experience” issue.

  26. 30

    correctnotright spews:

    @28: hahahha
    You are a well known wingnut with absurd views and a highly overated self-image. Delusional is the only way I can describe your postings with any degree of accuracy.

  27. 31


    Prediction: There will be a movement among the people in the Rainier Valley to rename Rainier Avenue to Barack H. Obama Ave.

    I called it first!

  28. 32

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Here is a good article about the future of the Republican Party….Jindal (1st Indian-American to run for President??), Crist, Pawlenty, Cantor, Palin).

    I believe 2010 will be the beginning of a new Conservative Revolution. You KLOWNS do not grasp the seriousness of the economic recession…nor do you have any viable solutions that don’t have serious negative consequences.

    It ain’t as simple as tax rich people and corporations more and give money to people who pay ZERO taxes now.
    I’m hoping at least one of you KLOWNS can take off you colorful costume and ground yourself in the reality of the problems we face.

    If you don’t and hold Obama to all his campaign rhetoric, he will fail. He knows that…but do you?

  29. 33

    Andy spews:

    Last night Tom brokow, stated the country needs to come together to support obama the guy who bought an election. This is a laugh over 50 million of us and more America’s will share our views about him shortly.
    Over half billion dollars will buy you an election however, money can’t buy you respect.
    Nothing wrong having a black person as President, however, the lies and insults he fired at us with his gang of friends we will never respect or support him no matter what happens.

    The riots have started.

  30. 34

    Wakeup spews:

    26. rational spews:

    Vote for prop 8 is a vote to deny equal rights to a section of population. African Americans, who were victims of such denial of rights, should know better. You cannot restrict others’ rights. Gay marriage isn’t mutually exclusive with straight marriage. I don’t know what else but intolerance would cause someone to oppose equal rights for others.

    The truth is most black folks hate fags.
    They do not consider them human….rather, a perverted abomination.
    If you have any Black friends, you would know the depth of the hate & disgust.
    Ironic, isn’t it.

  31. 35

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Andy @ 33–
    Obama will have about 2 months to establish himself. Citizens will then no longer be interested in his feel-good speeches about Hope & Change.
    They will be demanding “Where’s the Beef!”

    It will become a violent tug-of-war between factions of the Democratic Party AND let’s not forget, the 46% of folks who supported McCain.

    Obama has never accomplished a thing except write 2 books about himself and win elections.
    There is no “Beef” in his track record.

    He will find that many of his supporters will have a very strong string when it comes to patience. You can tell the high & varied expectations even in this cesspool.

    Although I have noticed many of you coming to grips with reality. You still have this Blame Bush for everything mantra that will also wear thin in the coming 2 years.

    If the Economy is worse off 2 years from now than today, Obama is in deep trouble, as are the Democrats.

    It’s now about ACTION.
    You KLOWNS seem to mistake motion & talk for ACTION.
    Like I said, the tear-jerking “if I can do it, anything is possible” speeches have a half-life. Look out 2 years….what do you see????

  32. 36

    correctnotright spews:

    @32: Cynical is the same person who told us the economy was in good shape not too long ago – speaking of a KLOWN.

    Yes, the economy stinks – thanks for agreeing with us (just 4 months late).

    The Bush administration policies for the last 8 years have culminated in economic collapse.

    More free market with no regulation is not the way to fix what a lack of regualtion brought.

    It is NAIVE to think that the free market will regulate itself (see what Greenspan, A. apologized for).

    And pathetic “andy” :

    Keep dreaming about the election being bought if it makes you feel good. Obama outraised McCain from small contributions from millions of supporters. I call that democracy.

    Obama also ran a better campaign, was more organized, gave better speeches, outdebated McCain, picked a qualified running mate, showed better judgement and has a coherent plan on the economy – and Mccain didn’t. That is why Obama won an overwhelming victory.

  33. 37

    correctnotright spews:

    @35: Notice how cynical has suddenly become an advisor to Obama?

    Thanks, but no thanks for your advice cynical.

    President-elect Obama did just fine without your advice and will do just fine now that he is OUR PRESIDENT.

    I know Obama said that he would listen to those who did not vote for him – but he did not promise to listen to crazy wingnuts who have been wrong on most every issue.

  34. 38


    Will everyone here give me credit to be the first to predict that Rainier Ave. will soon be renamed Barack H. Obama Ave?

  35. 39

    YLB spews:

    You still have this Blame Bush

    That’s hilarious. Wingnuts have blamed all the screw-ups of the last 8 years on Bill Clinton including the Wall Street meltdown.

    Yes, we’ll blame a lot on Bush because it’s freaking justified. Republicans have held the Congress more or less since 1994.

    Even over the last two years, Bush had a working conservative majority between McConnell’s filibuster minority and the blue dogs in the House.

  36. 40

    YLB spews:

    33 – I suppose being the right wing dolt you are, you’re seeing a race riot here. So typical.

  37. 41

    YLB spews:

    The right wing, Limbaugh-addicted shitheads must really be concentrated in the 8th. Who else who choose a muscle-headed empty suit who pays more attention to his hair than stringing coherent sentences together over someone decently capable of representing their district?

    It’ll turn eventually I guess.

  38. 43

    Andy spews:

    Obama won didn’t he or is the campaign still on for the next 4 years?
    Day 2 of obama, and you idiots are still talking about McCain,Palin and Bush..
    I can understand why,If obama was my guy we would need a distraction.
    Good luck trying to make him stand on his own two feet without going to Head Start.
    You paid for him and he’s yours lock stock and barrel.
    Don’t look for us to support him he’s your president and what money can buy.

  39. 45

    Andy spews:

    Race riot? You’re a idiot you can’t tell the difference from workers demanding they get paid and Race riot.
    Gee,no wonder obama won with fools like you supporting him.

  40. 46

    Steve spews:

    Ranching in Montana is such easy work. It allows Cynical to post on Western Washington political blogs morning, noon and night.

    All Cynical does is lie through his ass. There is no ranch. He has no investments. It’s all lies. He’s just a goatfucking BIAW troll, deservedly drowning in his overhelming feelings of stupidity, inadequacy, insecurity and self-hate.

  41. 47


    There will be race riots (black on white) if anything happens to Obama, even if it’s just an accident, like his plane crashes. Blacks will go wild.

    BTW, has anyone noticed that he started his campaign with totally black hair, then when his experience was questioned, he suddenly had some gray in his hair, but now that he’s won the gray is gone?

  42. 48

    Steve spews:

    So where’s that goatfucker Pudz? I reckon he’s hiding behind new sockpuppet screen names. Fucking coward.

  43. 49

    Andy spews:

    Yeah, Also he never wore the flag until a few months ago same for Jay leno last night.
    Once our troops come home over 50 million American Flags will be fly upside down. We will not forget the trash from the fools on this site or the democrat party’s disgusting antics over the last 8 years.

  44. 50

    Steve spews:

    And then there’s that stupid goatfucker, Troll. You will be getting your pink slip from the bankrupt BIAW any day now, asswipe.

  45. 51

    Steve spews:

    @49 “We will not forget”

    Nobody gives a flying monkey fuck what America-haters like you might remember or forget.

  46. 52

    YLB spews:

    45 – I can tell just fine. It’s idiots like you who wish for stuff like that or fear-monger about it. By the way, the word “riot” appears nowhere in that article.

    The implication is clear.

  47. 53

    YellowPup spews:

    It’s interesting to see Fox align itself with the faction against Palin for 2012. Since Fox is just the Republican party’s information office, this has to be a politically motivated release of info.

    It’s funny that it was the Republicans who kept trying to play the sexism card. Now look whose first to get thrown under the bus.

  48. 54

    YLB spews:

    We will not forget

    We have long memories here too. Go ahead. Pull shit. It’ll only confirm everything we’ve always said about you Limbots.

  49. 55

    Andy spews:

    Are we getting buyers remorse.
    Hey, you wished for this asshole you paid for him and he’s your mess to clean up.
    Where on the outside looking in and see a bunch of losers trying to prop up a loser.
    Whatever happens to American from Nov. 4 on is obama’s mess get used to it.

  50. 57

    YLB spews:

    the democrat party’s disgusting antics over the last 8 years.

    You mean loathing that monkey you voted for twice? Shit, practically the whole country is with us on that one.

    Except of course for the true believing sycophants like you.

  51. 58

    YLB spews:

    he’s your mess to clean up.

    LMAO!!! We’ve barely even begun to clean up the current White House monkey’s mess and this guy has jumped a generation ahead.

    That’s the delusion-based community for you.

    Hint: the monkey leaves office Jan 20. He can still do a lot of damage until then.

  52. 59

    Steve spews:

    @53 The disinteration of the Republican party has only just begun. In fours years they’ll either be the party of Christo-fascist extremists or the party of delusional goatfucking trolls. Either way, they’re headed towards utter irrelevancy as a bottom tier third-party, fighting for table scraps with the other losers.

  53. 60

    ArtFart spews:

    Heh…looks like I was right about something the other day. I speculated that one of the things that brought Boeing back to the table with the Machinists might be that they’d found big subcontractor problems on the 787 project. Well, today’s WSJ reports that the company’s admitted that the latest delay, which yesterday they said was all the union’s fault, is because they’ve found multiple outsourced subassemblies to be loaded with fastener problems–wrong parts, stuff installed backwards, improper torqueing, etc.

    One can’t help but wonder whether if the strike hadn’t provided the time to discover all this, they’d have found out later in a much more unpleasant fashion.

  54. 61

    YLB spews:

    It really cracks me up when these wingnuts whine about “socialism”.

    It’s so obvious where they can go to practice “capitalism” which is their word for fascism:

    Two places. The South and Idaho/Wyoming/Utah. That’s where Republicans live. Go there and leave the rest of us the F alone.

  55. 62

    Steve spews:

    @61 Indeed, the Republican party is falling apart. It is becoming a regional third-tier party of Christo-fascists and goatfucking trolls, now abandoned by the corporatists. The only thing presently holding that coalition together is their shared hatred for America.

  56. 63

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    Didn’t get what you thought you deserved??
    Welcome to socialism comrades. Get used to it.

    Lines were long and tempers flared Wednesday not to vote but to get paid for canvassing for Barack Obama. Several hundred people are still waiting to get their pay for last-minute campaigning. Police were called to the Obama campaign office on North Meridian Street downtown to control the crowd.

    The line was long and the crowd was angry at times.

    “I want my money today! It’s my money. I want it right now!” yelled one former campaign worker.

    At least one person had an epiphany…

    “Talking about they’ll mail it to us. I ain’t worried about that, man. They’re not going to mail nothin’,” said Martin.

  57. 64

    correctnotright spews:

    @55: Andy (or troll of the moment)

    Here is sorry uneducated “Andy” spewing nonsense:

    Where on the outside looking in and see a bunch of losers trying to prop up a loser.

    First Andy, the correct grammer is We’re not where.

    Second, you are the loser – you and the wingnut fearmongers LOST.

    Obama has won. We don’t need to make excuses for Obama. He ran a great campaign. He closed the deal. He routed the republicans and won a majority of votes (when was the last time a republican non-president did that?)

    Obama will make us proud of America precisely because he is an intelligent and thinking person (unlike Bush) who has surrounded himself with quality people. He also has the ability to take in differing viewpoints – unlike Bush.

    Americans trusted him to run this country and that is why he was elected in a landslide – because the scare tactics and viewpoints of the right wing are morally and intellectually bankrupt.

    Your continued harping and concern trolling are pathetic. Go meet up with the remnants of your shattered republican party and do the self-examination of why you have lost so badly in the elections. You lost the Presidency, the seante, the house, the governors overall, the governor in Washington state, the legislature in Washington state, most of the congressional seats.

    Maybe it is time for you to think about why you alienate voters and regular people. Why the politics of fear, deception, lies and innuendo have been so throughly rejected.

    Now look at your posts and apologize for your obnoxious behavior. You are like a third grader who loses and blames the refs, the winners and anyone else within earshot. Grow UP!

  58. 65

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    13. Real American spews:
    In other words, Marvin, my very “special” friend, how did one group need to get “screwed” in order for Obama to get elected.

    It’s no secret that the black community is anti-gay.
    The more blacks voting for obama meant more votes against gay marriage.

  59. 66

    YLB spews:

    Geez where do the wingnuts get this stuff?

    Must be Drudge. I’d rather die than click on that scumbag’s site.

  60. 67

    Steve spews:

    Pudz is probably hiding behind new screen names like “Andy”. Fucking coward. I want to see his head explode.

  61. 68

    Andy spews:

    He’s your screw up get used to it. You wanted him and now feel like you lost so don’t blame us for your misgivings.

    The market is responding to him ,where heading into a depression and all you idiots are talking about is past history it’s a new day.
    All of you are a bunch of sheep.

  62. 69

    YLB spews:

    67 – Puddy is smart enough to deny us the pleasure. At least for a little while.

    It may take as long as a few months but his head WILL explode.

    The trick is to be patient like a hunter.

  63. 70

    YLB spews:

    Right wing lunatic @ 68

    You are ignored. You’re so ignorant it’s both pathetic and oh so BOOOORRRIIINGGG….

  64. 71

    ArtFart spews:

    66 “Must be Drudge. I’d rather die than click on that scumbag’s site.”

    Naah…It’s what they happen to hear while they’re wanking off over Michelle Malkin.

  65. 73

    My Goldy Itches spews:

    I must face the music and admit: I MGI, who has been derided as a troll and a wing nut at various times……

    Voted for BHO


    Voted for Gregoire


    Voted for…..The Darcy

    It was a long and gut wrenching, even tortured process and digestion of information, facts, and well…..a little fear for what a McCain Administration might have brought. What ultimately pushed me over the edge for Obama was Sarah Palin. The thought of a theoretical possibility of Sarah Palin being President scared the living shit out of me. As for my votes for Gregoire, I didn’t think she was that bad of a Governor to begin with. And my vote for The Darcy… came down to the moment in the voting booth, I was staring at my ballot for 5 minutes thinking about Reichert’s record in Congress so far and I honestly had to admite that I was underwhelmed to say the least so I thought what the fuck, I’ll give The Darcy a shot. I may be embarrassed in a year, but I just wanted to scribble a vote for SOMEONE and get the fuck out of there because I was late to work.

  66. 74

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @28 “I am a respected commenter on HA.”

    I checked with the goats. They not only have no respect for you, they said you’re not even a good lay.

  67. 76

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    Now with the election over the media will have to tell the truth to regain what little credibility they once had.

    In the weeks before Election Day, we heard regularly that John McCain was running the sleaziest campaign in a generation, if not in American history.

    But unlike those exaggerations, the line about McCain threatens to stain a man’s name for history. And when viewed without partisan blinders or presentist lenses, the charge doesn’t hold up.

    Indeed, McCain’s campaign probably wasn’t even the dirtiest of 2008—a prize that belongs, arguably, to Obama himself for ascribing racism to Bill and Hillary Clinton in the days between the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries.

  68. 77

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    71. ArtFart spews:
    Naah…It’s what they happen to hear while they’re wanking off over Michelle Malkin.

    I’m sure those 7th grade wanking off insults really put a smile on your face.

  69. 79

    YLB spews:

    MGI @ 73.

    That’s at least three times you’ve announced this.

    Ok we commend you already.

    Now apologize for calling Obama a muslim and all that implies and change your obnoxious handle and then we can debate your right wing views with a bit more equanimity.

  70. 80

    rational spews:

    @28 Troll…

    If teaching young kids about sex (homesex or heterosex) is bad, the proposition should have been about banning that kind of teaching.

    Instead, Prop 8 is about denying rights to a segment of population. Constitutions are about affirming individual rights and not about denying rights. Heterosexual marriages are not automatically illegal if homosexual marriages are made legal. Both marriages can coexist because they don’t harm the rights of others. Prop 8 takes the unusual step of denying rights. A democracy’s strength is shown in its ability to uphold the rights of minorities, but California demonstrated that it is not as tolerant as it ought to be.

  71. 82

    correctnotright spews:

    @76: didn’t you hear – the media is telling the truth finally. Listen to Faux News now tell us all the details on the incompetence, the diva-like qualities and the shopping sprees of one Sarah Palin.

    And yes – McCain ran a dirty disgraceful campaign and STILL lost. He had nothing but rith wing name calling and suggestive racist undertones. The whole real americans shtick was abhorrent and juvenile. The whole socialist name-calling and the irrelveant ayers accusastions fell flat. Real Americans voted in record numbers and the immature right wing name-calling LOST.

    North Carolina goes for Obama – first time for a democrat since Carter.

    The numbers don’t lie – Obama now has 364 electoral votes with the possiblity of more from Missouri and from Neb. 1. this was a rout of historic proportions.

    The poor rightwingnuts are beside themselves – they don’t know how they have been relegated to the dustbin of history and their hero Bush is leaving office as a disgrace.

  72. 84

    William spews:

    We thought you lefties wanted change you got it and all your ranting about is Republicans past history. Change is watching the market dive since we started Change.
    Let’s talk about obama and how he’s going to screw us? Met with out tax guy today all our money is going into safe harbor.

  73. 87

    andy spews:


    Hey uneducated crack smoker follower of a sheep herder.

    Proper spelling in America is “senate” not “SEANTE”

    “Second, you are the loser – you and the wingnut fearmongers LOST.”

    Wing nut is two words same as fear mongers.

    Stop you pathetic game of schooling fool.

    This must be the first time you entered in to politics, we can see a typical left wing wacko is out of his league like BHO.

    You picked him because he was black never on accomplishments cause he has none just like you.

    Two days later and you fools are still talking history which means “Change means nothing just a word.”

    So loser keep talking about the last 8 years, history will prove, after 1 year of BHO we lived in a third world country and gave up our rights as citizens to follow a hollow kid from the bowels of Chicago who’s only accomplishment was a community organizer.

    This piece of human waste is yours you made him; you’re responsible for him.

    Get out of under your rock dip head.
    The only purpose in life for you is crying over spilled milk. You wind bags couldn’t wait to steal another election and with over half billion dollars he’s the first Democrat to buy one.

  74. 88

    YLB spews:

    You wind bags couldn’t wait to steal another election and with over half billion dollars he’s the first Democrat to buy one.

    It wasn’t bought idiot. People actually VOTED for Obama. But the money for his campaign came from many, many donors (yes, American donors) instead of a few rich schmucks like it did in the days before campaign finance reform.

    We can thank your name-calling candidate for that. Great “accomplishment” huh?