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Haunted Mansion at Disneyland last week. They do a “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme this time of year. Photo credit to my wife.

Happy processed sugar, kids.


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    proud leftist spews:

    My father, as I’ve said here before, is a Lutheran minister, now 75 years old. He strongly advocates for the separation of church and state; he says that combining the two corrupts both. He is now mostly retired. He lives in Idaho, one of about a half dozen states that are considered solidly red. He knows that whatever efforts he might expend there are better expended elsewhere.
    I have to say how proud I am of him today. Because of his computer literacy limitations, I had to help him get in touch with the Obama campaign in Montana (his natal state), a state that is in play. He will be spending the next couple days in the Missoula area making sure that those who have committed to Obama will make their way to the polls. Despite his bad driving skills, he’s prepared to give any Democratic Montanan who can’t get there otherwise, a drive to the polls. As Sarah Palin would say, let’s give him a “shout out.”

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    @ 1–

    Thanks for relating that. I’ve met some pretty amazing folks lately who also are devout. It’s time we get to a better place in our society, where more folks can respect each other. But of course people have to earn respect, like your dad has.

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    proud leftist spews:

    Jon @ 3
    I’m a bit of a musician, not very good, but good enough to try to feel at times like I’m an “artist.” Still, when I see a photo like that of above, I know I ain’t no artist. Artists see things that others don’t. Contemporary Republicans, for instance, they ain’t artists. They can’t even see their own faces if they were to look in the men’s room mirror.
    If you can’t see yourself, you sure as hell can’t figure out someone else.

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    Leslie spews:

    Did I hear right on KOMO-4 tonight that 3500 ballots were thrown out because signatures didn’t match in King County? I can’t find anything about it anywhere, including their website.

    I’m new to Washington (Kitsap County). If my signature on the ballot doesn’t match my one on my registration (for example, I use a middle initial instead of my full name), will that disqualify my ballot? Anyone know? Online, all I can find is some kind of similar debacle from 2004.

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    Puddybud spews:

    Leslie: what do you consider you “legal” signature? My Seattle based lawyer mentioned to me my legal signature is the one I use on “official” documents like my mortgage signing, my passport renewal, etc. That’s the one people should use for their voter registration card.

    Maybe some people are nonchalant about their signature on their voting ballot.

    Or it could be someone hijacked their vote. Maybe they should call their local ACORN office.

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    Puddybud spews:

    Looks like yelling loser boy is wrong as always. Lefty hate strikes again.

    Police: Obama Supporter Attacks 75-Year-Old Man Campaigning For McCain

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    Leslie spews:

    Puddybud: All my life, I’ve signed using only my middle initial . . . However, in the course of moving to new states twice in two years, there have been several occasions where officials have insisted that my signature match my full name (no initials). I have no memory of where or when I signed my full name.

    There was no information on the report as to how signatures didn’t match. Perhaps people signed for relatives and the actual handwriting didn’t match. I have no idea and would like to know what’s going on.

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    slingshot spews:

    Diaria of the keyboard? Too much sugar last night?

    Hey Goldy, you’re not accepting godless money in the current fundraising effort, are you?