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    YLB spews:

    Large lot with a flat plot in the back for the kids to knock themselves out.

    Only it’s a dog house!

    Master bedroom seems a bit pinched.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Here’s an interesting item from the P-I: It’s illegal to row a rowboat while drunk, but it’s not against the law to ride a bicycle drunk.

    A state trooper offers this explanation: “A boat weighs a lot more than a bike. A boat is just a car for the water — thousands of pounds of weight. I honestly don’t see how those compare (to bikes).”


    BULLSHIT!!! A 200-lb. man on a 30-lb. bicycle crashing into a pedestrian at 30 mph weighs all he needs to weigh to seriously injury the pedestrian. Some cyclists are obnoxious enough when they’re sober; giving them a license to fly drunk is insane.

    This needs to be against the law, and then we need to make our cops enforce it.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    How long will it take adn how many lies will John McCain have to tell before people realize he’s a liar?

    He said all options are on the table for SS, which makes him a liar when he said he would not raise any taxes for any reason (a stupid thing to say in itself). Or, he won’t raise any taxes for any reason, which makes him a liar when he says that all options are on the table for SS.

    Then there’s the one about the candidate who keeps saying stuff about what he’ll do as president, and his campaign constantly contradicts him and says that he does not speak for the campaign. What the fuck? Does McCain speak for his campaign or does his campaign speak for him?

    My personal opinion is that John McCain just keeps spouting contradictory bullshit hoping that stupid people will believe that he favors whatever they like and ignore the rest. He may be an evil genius. Naaaaah.

  4. 7

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @6 My personal opinion is that John McCain is too far gone mentally to know what day of the week this is.

  5. 8

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    While Mr. Cynical screws around trying to flip Wells Fargo again (which is down 4 cents this morning), NOV is up $6.71 today! I’m gonna be a rich fucking capitalist bunny! Why Mr. C placed a $90,000 bet on a bank stock is a fucking mystery. He must be insane.

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    SeattleJew spews:

    As a photographer I have noted a LOT of this lately. In part it is the digital era and pshop make even perspective changes easy. In this case it is more the choice of lens, again made VERY easy by the availability of consumer cameras with long zooms.

    Another trick to look for is “HDR.” In this trick multiple exposures are used to create unreal tonal pallet. The house next door to ours has leaflets where both tricks are used. .. and they want 3.4 million for that!

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    This just posted on

    A great place to do business?
    July 30th, 2008
    In her most recent television ad, Gov. Gregoire claims that Washington is a great place to do business. But virtually every small business organization in the state has endorsed Dino Rossi for Governor. Rossi’s endorsements include the National Federation of Independent Business-Washington, Washington Association of Realtors, Washington Farm Bureau, and Washington Restaurant Association among many others. In fact, NFIB’s members – all small business owners – voted to endorse Rossi over Gregoire 96% to 3%. Clearly, small businesses in Washington want change.

    The claim by Gregoire begs the question – what businesses are telling her that Washington state has a great business climate?

  8. 12

    ArtFart spews:

    6/7 Agreed. I doubt that McCain would qualify as having dementia, but his persona and behavior on the stump appears to be that of a tired man in his seventies who’s using a curmudgeonly growl as a cover for his not being as mentally agile as he once was. It’s really just like Bob Dole, who when he ran for President seemed a shadow of the quick-thinking, acid wit he was a decade earlier.

    How McCain’s handlers are going to deal with this when the television debates come up will be interesting, to say the least. But then again, these same folks somehow managed to foist off Ronald Reagan and (shudder) Dubya–neither of them exactly mental giants–against opponents with far more going on upstairs.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Cynical @ 11: They aren’t comparing Washington with other states. They just figure Rossi will will be more in favor of tilting the balance more in favor of business and against workers and general taxpayers.

    (Note: lower taxes on business invariably leave it up to the general taxpayer to pick up the tab – in the words of just about every economist – “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”.)

  10. 14

    rhp6033 spews:

    RR @ 4: Gee, I didn’t know there was a specific law against rowing a rowboat while drunk. Kind of kills the fun in the T-shirts’ I’ve seen at rowing regattas: “My drinking club has a rowing problem”.

    But isn’t it generally illegal to operate any kind of watercraft while drunk? Besides the danger to oneself, you could cause other boats to get into trouble trying to avoid you, and your passengers might be at risk. Passengers in a wrecked car often survive the wreck, but they don’t have to extricate themselves and swim to shore in order to avoid drowning.

    But that doesn’t mean that bicycles on public streets shouldn’t be held to the same standards as operators of other vehicles – I get your point.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Well, I’m not surprised that McCain is back-peddling from the “all options on the table” statement. He can’t keep the neo-con base happy unless he takes the “no tax” pledge, and he can’t balance the budget without doing away with the Bush tax cuts, much less deal with social security problems.

    (Just to be clear here – the only problem I see with Social Security is that it relies upon the general fund to pay the debt it owes Social Security. Solve the budget deficit, and you solve any problems with Social Security).

    Or is McCain saying: “Let’s just screw the baby-boomers – they don’t get SS until they are 72. Most of them are old hippies anyway, they won’t vote for me. The current seniors will be happy if I don’t cut their benefits, and the X-generation won’t care as long as I don’t increase their taxes – they don’t expect SS to be around when they retire, anyway”. If so, that’s an interesting strategy – cut out the largest demographic bulge in history from your support base, and instead rely upon those in their 30’s and already in their 70’s and up for your votes?

  12. 16

    Rujax! spews:

    THIS small businessman thinks Rossi is a piece of shit who will make Washington LESS friendly to SMALL business and MORE friendly to his LARGE business bribers…I mean “contributors”. Typical Corporatist Republican incompetent.

  13. 17

    Rujax! spews:


    Just WHAT has the Great White Male Hope been doing for four years besides getting his hair ccut and eating chicken-a-la-king???????

  14. 21

    Blue John spews:

    My usual question. What government program, support, aid or benefit that you currently take advantage of, would you like do do without, so taxes can be lower?
    And before you start saying you don’t take advantage of any….Off the top of my head, what about State Troopers, road repair, weights and measures, the prisons, the court system, public water, public parks. Want to go without any of those?
    Why don’t want you want to pay for the social infrastructure that made America great?

  15. 22

    rhp6033 spews:

    I took a look at my property tax statement recently. I’m amazed at the services I get for that small of an amount. In comparison, my cable TV, high-speed internet, and cell phones combined cost a similar amount per year. As much as I enjoy using those devices, I can live without them – but I can’t live without safe roads, police, jails, an education system for not only my own kids but those who will be voters in the next few years, etc.

    But I don’t expect Comcast or T-mobile to come to my door within a few minutes if someone is trying to break into my house. Thank goodness – I can just imagine that 911 call! “We can send someone out in two weeks, sometime within a four-hour window – would you like us to schedule that for the morning or afternoon?”

  16. 23

    Daddy Love spews:

    15 rhp

    It doesn’t really work like that. To make the McCain-Bush Privatize Social Security plan work as proposed, it takes a trillion dollars to replace the current funds being diverted away from SS. That all starts from Day 1 of the plan, if you are indeed going to make “current seniors” happy by not cutting benefits, which are paid for directly out of today’s payroll tax receipts.

  17. 24

    Blue John spews:

    What I’d like to get is Mr Cynical, or the conservatives here, to list the state or the country that has got taxation right. Where is place that is closest to the conservative taxation utopia?

  18. 26

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    13. rhp6033 spews:
    “(Note: lower taxes on business invariably leave it up to the general taxpayer to pick up the tab – in the words of just about every economist – “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”.)”

    Lower taxes means less government workers.
    I can live with that.
    Business invests capital and creates jobs that create wealth.
    Government sucks wealth out of the general populace.
    I don’t expect a KLOWN like you to understand.
    Feeding at the Government Trough kills brain cells….obviously!

  19. 27

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    16. Rujax! spews:
    “THIS small businessman thinks Rossi is a piece of shit who will make Washington LESS friendly to SMALL business and MORE friendly to his LARGE business bribers…I mean “contributors”. Typical Corporatist Republican incompetent.”

    Then why do 97% of National Federation of Independent Business Memnbers (SMALL BUSINESS) support Rossi??
    Why do Hospitality businesses support Rossi?
    Why do Farmers support Rossi.
    Why does the Construction Industry support Rossi?

    rujax, apparently REAL SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS are not as enlightened as you are about how evil Rossi will be to them!

    You are truly a KLOWN.

    Give me one shred of evidence that Rossi will be somehow be bad for small business.
    Give me a list of small businesses that support Gregoire?
    NOTE Your vivid imagination does not count as evidence!

    Her list of supporters is mainly Government Employee Unions and enviro-whackjobs.

  20. 28

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    21. Blue John spews:
    My usual question. What government program, support, aid or benefit that you currently take advantage of, would you like do do without, so taxes can be lower?

    Thanks for asking—
    I’d do away with Superintendent of Public Instruction, consolidate School Districts, gut the Dept of Ecology and DSHS, privatize Dept. of Transportation, fire all at-will State Employees and re-organize allowing them to reapply for new jobs etc. etc.

    Thanks for asking!

  21. 29

    Blue John spews:

    @26. So as an extreme example, you want less government fire fighters and government police men, less soldiers, less public health officials, less military, less FBI, DEA, ICE and less U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents?

  22. 30

    ArtFart spews:

    Oh, I’m sure there are businesses that would just love to do without the ministrations of Weights and Measures….like those who want to sell you stuff. As it is, there’s lots and lots of skating on the edge of the rules.

    Example #1: It’s amazing how often we manage to get twelve gallons of gas into a car with a ten-gallon tank. At least, that’s what the pump says we did.

    Example #2: I have an Ideal wire stripper purchased in 1958 when my parents’ house was being built. It’s still in perfectly good condition–the cutters are still nice and sharp and all that. With the roll of supposedly “12/2″ with ground” Romex I bought a couple months ago, the #12 dies barely scrape the surface of the insulation on the conductors. Methinks the wire manufacturer is pushing the lower diameter limit for “12-gauge” by more than a little bit.

  23. 33

    ArtFart spews:

    27 “Then why do 97% of National Federation of Independent Business Memnbers (SMALL BUSINESS) support Rossi??
    Why do Hospitality businesses support Rossi?
    Why do Farmers support Rossi.
    Why does the Construction Industry support Rossi?”

    Maybe because they’re as stupid as you are…or as crooked (or aspiring to be so) as Ted Stevens and his pals.

  24. 34

    Steve spews:

    @26 “Government sucks wealth out of the general populace.”

    Cynical’s hatred of America, Mom and apple pie is based, in part, on Cynical’s hatred of America’s national and state governments. Unless, of course, those governments are run by goatfucking, commie-fascist Republicans.

  25. 35

    Blue John spews:

    @30. My point exactly!

    @28 Consolidate the school system? Make the schools even less responsive to the people in the community? That’s not a conservative value.
    Gut department of ecology? Where has that turned out well? I can think of Mexico City air quality. I happen to like drinkable water and swimmable lakes. But I agree, it could be reformed.
    Gut DSHS? And do what with the kids in Foster Care? Can they come to live with you?
    Privatize the Transportation department? I don’t know if you have been back east, but the toll roads there were a nightmare. I wonder if we would ever build or maintian any more roads in eastern WA, it wouldn’t be cost effective, except I-90 as a freight corridor.

    No, your choices would destroy the state/America or at least turn it into a 3rd world disaster. Please try again.

  26. 37

    Daddy Love spews:

    28 Cyn

    I’d do away with Superintendent of Public Instruction

    Requires a constitutional amendment.

    consolidate School Districts

    School districts are locally organized and defined.

    gut the Dept of Ecology and DSHS

    Good luck getting your pro-pollution, anti-health plans through the legislature. My guess is that this would be the point at which you would be impeached.

    privatize Dept. of Transportation

    Agin, not getting through the legislature.

    fire all at-will State Employees

    Maybe this would be the point at which you would be impeached. So you’d fire anyone who’s not in a union? Somehow that doesn’t sound like you.

    I’m just not at all sure you know how our state government works. Read the state constitution and write a book report.

  27. 38

    YLB spews:

    Mr. Cynical,

    You don’t live in this State. You pay some property tax. BFD.

    No state in this country besides maybe Utah has done anything close to what you recommend. Ok. Some other states don’t give a damn about the environment.

    Rossi will lose. I hope you then sell your stake in this State. Hopefully people who actually live here will do something useful with it.

    Fuck you very much.

  28. 42

    rhp6033 spews:

    Cynical @ # 28 has pretty much defined what Bush would do if he were in charge of Washington state – if his efforts on a national level are any indication. How’s that working out for Bush, and the nation, by the way? Veterans getting sub-standard medical care, poverty rate rising, national debt exploding, budget deficits as far as the eye can see, contractors sucking out every dollar from the federal treasury while delivering faulty results. Bush’s answer: do it more, with more feeling, this time!

    What happens when you put a party who professes to hate government in charge of government administration? Well, now we know. We would be damned foolish to put them in charge of the state government, after the lessons we learned on a national level.

    Reminds me of a pea-brain who was working in my company when I joined it. He professed to have a business degree, but he was awfully vague on the details, and I have my doubts. I didn’t hire him, he wasn’t my responsibility. I found out he didn’t even know the difference between cost-basis and cash-basis accounting, didn’t understand the basics of industrial insurance laws (told a worker injured in a lunch hour car accident she could choose whether to submit it as an L&I claim or not, it was entirely up to her). He once proposed that our company do away with troublesome details like purchase orders, because they “got in the way of us shipping the products as fast as possible”. (The response: “Uh, dummy, those purchase orders of ours are for our own protection.”

  29. 44

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @11 “In her most recent television ad, Gov. Gregoire claims that Washington is a great place to do business.”

    Uh, no. Her ad is simply communicating what business-friendly Fortune magazine said about Washington being a business-friendly state.

    BTW, Mr. C, did you buy NOV yesterday? It’s up $7.72 today. BOOM is up today, too, but only by about a buck. Hey, I’ll take it! I made $2,250 in the stock market today. Based on an 8-hour workday that’s equivalent to $281.25 an hour — a bit better than Republican employers would like to pay me for working for them. Fuck ‘em, they can do the work themselves! I’ve got a better gig.

  30. 45

    Steve spews:

    @35 “No, your choices would destroy the state/America or at least turn it into a 3rd world disaster.”

    All this, just so Cynical can live somewhere where goatfucking is an accepted lifestyle.

  31. 49

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Rog Sez–
    “I made $2,250 in the stock market today.”

    Good for you!!
    Did you sell anything?
    How did Wells Fargo do today?
    You know that “dumb” investment I made.
    How about JRCC??

    I’m happy to see you make lots of money in the market Rog.
    Now go spend some of it and keep the money flowing.

  32. 50

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Seems like you LEFTIST PINHEADED KLOWNS somehow in your warped alleged minds equate America with large, costly government.
    “Cynical’s hatred of America, Mom and apple pie is based, in part, on Cynical’s hatred of America’s national and state governments.”

    Not me.
    Hey, I’ve never been a fan of Bush.
    I voted for Perot TWICE and only voted for GWB because Gore & Kerry were complete lunatics.

  33. 51

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    If raising taxes is so politically correct in Washington, why doesn’t Gregoire just come out and say she is going to do it??
    What is she hiding for?

    You homeboys have her back on tax increases…,right?

  34. 52

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    43. rhp6033 spews:
    ‘Well, here’s a picture of the Washington State utopia envisioned by Cynical, with pollution controls abolished, business deregulated, and social services eliminated”

    I never said “eliminate”…I said gut.
    These agencies have overreached to the point of feel-good negative returns.

    Hey..I’ll bet Starbucks supports Gregoire!
    Did you see all the layoffs and closures scheduled? Good LEFTIST business.

  35. 54

    rhp6033 spews:

    52: “I never said ‘eliminate… I said gut.”

    If you gut something beyond it’s ability to do it’s function, you have effectively eliminated it. Kind of like Bush did to FEMA prior to Katrina, among other examples.

  36. 55

    Steve spews:

    @50 Are you saying that your hatred of America, Mom and apple pie is not based, in part, on your hatred of America’s national and state governments? Then just why do you hate America, Mom and apple pie?

    Geez, another Republican pedophile busted:

    I’m reckoning that another Republican pedophile being busted isn’t exactly news anymore.

  37. 56

    rhp6033 spews:

    Cynical @ 50: So you voted for Bush twice, but now want to distance yourself from him, saying that you were “never a big fan of Bush”?

    Nice try.

    But hey, I’ll admit I wasn’t a great fan of Gregoire, but I voted for her anyway. She was better than Rossi, after all. But I’ve been impressed with her since she has taken office under difficult circumstances. Anybody who can get the doctors and lawyers to agree to settle their differences on tort reform legislation (to the great dissapointment of the insurance companies) is something of a miracle worker.

  38. 61

    Steve spews:

    Hey, Mr. Cynical, do you have any thoughts to share as to why pedophilia is so rampant amongst you commie-fascist, America-hating freaks on the right?

  39. 63

    rhp6033 spews:

    Speaking of insurance companies….

    Surely most of you know that insurance companies don’t make their money on premiums. They actually make most of their money on their investments. When wall street is doing well, they do very well. When wall street isn’t doing well, they have similar problems.

    This is one of the reasons I didn’t think Mike McGavick was any great business leader. He took over Safeco when it was at the bottom of a stock market decline, and he got out after the stock market recovered, taking a huge bonus for “restoring the company to profitability”. Hey, a chimp pecking on a typewriter could have done that – all he had to do was wait for the stock market to recover, eventually. Of course, he laid off quite a few workers in the process.

    Whenever the stock market is down, they start complaining about how much money they are losing, how they are paying out more in claims than they are collecting in premiums, and somehow the government has to rescue them by enacting “tort reform”, which is loosly defined as “making it damn near impossible for anybody to recover a claim from an insurance company”. They have to do this when the stock market is down to conceal the fact that they NEVER collect more in premiums than they pay out in claims. When the stock market is up, they make a fortune, but nobody’s going to want to rescue them when they have a lot of money on their profit statements.

    If the politicians don’t move fast enough, then they start putting the screws to the doctors – trippling premiums or cancelling coverage entirely, usually for a few very popular doctors without much negative claim history. When those doctors start yelling, then they blame the “greedy trial lawyers”, and set those doctors up as the spokesman for a new “tort reform” campaign.

    So last night, hearing somebody on the news complaining about the stock market (despite some recent recoveries), I got to thinking – it’s about time for the insurance companies to start their “tort reform” campaign again.

    And sure enough, in today’s Seattle Times, there was a big article about how much money Safeco is losing, which it blamed on the unusual number of “natural disasters” it faced this year.

    So get ready, they are all set to start trotting out the doctors in another attempt to make it pretty dang near impossible to sue them. Deny you coverage for medical benefits you paid for? Submit it to binding arbitration composed of a “claims board” consisting of insurance-company selected doctors and administrators – their decision is final. Get injured by an incompetent doctor? First submit it to a “medical review board” staffed by doctors friendly to the insurance company, who never saw anything they considered to be a legitimate lawsuit – their decision is final. Insurance company fails to pay for property damaged in a storm? Submit it to mandatory arbitration – where you have to pay about $100K in advance to cover the “arbitrator’s fees and expenses” before you can even start your claim.

    That’s the type of system they want you to have. What they really, really, don’t want is for a jury of your peers to decide whether or not the insurance company is trying to screw you over. Wonder why?

  40. 64


    As long as Americans are willing to pay taxes to have schools and fire departments, Mr. Cynical will continue to hate America.

  41. 69

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    64. Lee spews:
    As long as Americans are willing to pay taxes to have schools and fire departments, Mr. Cynical will continue to hate America”

    Lee, is this all the better you can do in mischaracterizing what I said?
    I’m willing to pay taxes.
    The question is how much and what are we getting in return aka accountability.

    Gregoire trying to convince us the $8 BILLION increase in spending is an INVESTMENT doesn’t cut it because she fails to clearly define what we are get as a RETURN on our INVESTMENT.

    Isn’t it logical when someone says spending $8 BILLION is an investment to also define what we will get in return??…besides higher salaries & benefits for those who support her political campaign.

  42. 74

    Steve spews:

    Since Marvin is still in therapy, perhaps Mr. Cynical can offer up a feeble excuse for all the commie-fascist Republican pedophiles being busted in the past few years. Is it something in the Kool-Aid you guys drink? What kind of, um, personal issues do you have going for you?

  43. 80

    Rujax! spews:

    Yeah…(the dumbfuck known as) Mr. Cynical…

    Like Blackwater was a small business and got small business loans.

    There are no small businesses in the “Small Business Groups” they’re fronts for right-wing wackos like BIAW and their ilk.

  44. 81

    Rujax! spews:

    So..(the dumbfuck known as) Mr. Cynical…

    You DON’T KNOW shit about small business and you could give a shit less. If you knew something about small business you’d know that the health of small businesses depends on a healthy middle class which depends on JOBS…JAY-OH-BEE-ESSS.

    Good paying, family wage jobs that you don’t like because you are a cheap labor klownservative.

  45. 82

    Rujax! spews:

    We have unions to protect worker’s good paying family-wage JOBS from the likes of (the dumbfuck known as) Mr. Cynical…

  46. 83

    Rujax! spews:

    I don’t know why an ignoramus like me has to school (the dumbfuck known as) Mr. Cynical…

    …but here goes…


    Yikes…no wonder the rethugs are in trouble.

  47. 85

    Steve spews:

    Perhaps there’s a commie-fascist troll willing to explain how it is that the “liberal” corporate media fails to connect the dots and report on the huge GOP pedophilia problem the same way they reported on the Catholic Church and it’s priests.