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    Ten Years After spews:

    RE: Leaking tanks at Hanford

    Nuclear power was a very poorly thought-out idea. They never did have a good solution for handling the waste still don’t.

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    Ten Years After spews:

    The Post Office will stop making Saturday deliveries in August. Perhaps they should go to Tuesday through Saturday delivery instead. Mail on Tuesday is low, so it’s not much shift to a Tuesday through Saturday schedule. Also, since many holidays are on Monday, the Post Office could avoid having to pay for holiday pay for many federal holidays.

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    @ 4

    Also, since many holidays are on Monday, the Post Office could avoid having to pay for holiday pay for many federal holidays.

    Yeah, ‘coz unions are so willing to make concessions in the name of fiscal soundness.

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    Ten Years After spews:

    From 5,

    I didn’t say it would be easy. It’s worth a look, given the potential for cost savings.

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    ArtFart spews:

    Considering that with a Revolutionary War-era single-shot, probably flintlock musket (or, for that matter, a contemporary pistol) it was such a chore to load, prime, cock and fire the fool thing, I’d be willing to accept that it would be somewhat harder to unintentionally kill someone with it–or for that matter yourself. Therefore, it’s pretty easy to turn Barton’s argument on its head and venture that the framers wouldn’t have been thinking about the highly efficient killing instruments so near and dear to our current generation of gun idolators.

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    ArtFart spews:

    Ames Lake??!?!! How “pure” is a small body of water surrounded by hundreds of acres of former dairy farms?

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    Sequester jitters: Defense cuts could hit Democratic districts the worst

    “Democrats won 47 percent of the seats in the House of Representatives in the 2012 election, but 58 percent of the military’s fiscal 2012 prime contract spending went to companies performing work in those districts. Among the top districts, military spending in those represented by Democrats averaged $893 million this year, vs. $573 million in those represented by Republicans.”

    Read more:

    You sure about that,


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    Gman spews:

    @10 – thats because people in blue states work and people in red states are a bunch of poor toothless individuals on welfare, just think of Mississippi

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    @ 11

    Think of Los Angeles County, where 20% of the population is on financial assistance. I bet the population of that county is greater than the population of MS.

    Regardless, your explanation doesn’t diminish the conundrum for Dems.

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    14 – The Republican food stamp recipients will hate Obama even more after the sequester Bob.

    As if such a thing were possible.

    But get miffed at their batshit insane reps they sent to Congress? No! Never!

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    Once upon a time the late, unlamented troll little Maxie Wankatansky got excited about the candidacy of horse riding, shotgun carrying horses ass Dale Petersen.

    Wish I could prove it but Darryl removed the comment.

    Well guess what??

    He was busted for shop-lifting..

    Said it was all a mistake! He needed to take a bathroom break!

    I love it!

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    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    The movie “Lincoln” may have finally righted a historical wrong. Mississippi for years has been the only slave state not to ratify the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, the amendment that abolished slavery once and for all. It was supposed to have been done as a condition for re-admission to the Union, but President Johnson let Mississippi back in anyway. They held the vote on ratifying the 13th in 1995, but a clerical error, notifying the United States Archivist of the Ratification. This year, the Mississippi Secretary of State sent the paperwork in.

    I would say “What took so long?”, but then again, this is the state that was still fighting the Civil War(and it was a fight), in 1962, during the effort to admit James Meridith to Ole Miss.(ESPN had a great documentary on that, called “Ghosts of Ole Miss”)

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    Porter Browning spews:

    1) There is no damn good reason to believe women voting has improved anything. You cannot add zeroes to produce a sum. Maybe you are lucky enough to be born into a better group but all the women in my family and the vast majority of the women I grew up with are dumb cunts.

    For that matter there is no damn good reason to believe having dummies of either gender voting is a good idea. There are way too many stupid people voting, which is a huge part of America’s current problems.

    2) Gun accidents are irrelevant. If you are afraid of accidents stay away from firearms. If you don’t like firearms stay away from them and people who have them. You have no right or good reason though to restrict others to the scope of your fears. I for one don’t care if you are afraid.

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    Porter Browning spews:

    We still have a nuclear waste problem because idiots won’t let us solve the problem. Good solutions have been staring us in the face for 40 years…

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    Gman spews:

    @19 porter – Why do Republicans hate gay marriage so much then. Do you? You don’t like gays just stay away from them, but don’t take away their right to live in happiness and be equal.

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    all the women in my family and the vast majority of the women I grew up with are dumb cunts.

    Too bad stupid right winger.. Constitution says women have the right to weigh in on who governs the society in which they live..

    A mentally challenged person living in a group home who likes Mitt Romney’s likeness on the tube is entitled to vote for Mitt Romney..

    Bet you have no problem with that.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    We — and the world — now know the Iraq War was sold to the American people with a pack of lies. As more information gets declassified and we learn more details about the process by which the Bush administration decided to invade Iraq, it becomes clear the war policy’s chief salesmen — Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld — knew they were lying. And didn’t care. Fix the facts around the policy, that was their policy. We also know they were looking for an excuse to launch a war against Iraq even before 9/11/01, and they latched onto the terrorist attacks to start a war against a country that had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks.

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: The world doesn’t have a workable system to hold American warmongers accountable or bring American war criminals to trial, so we are left with only the judgment of history and its prerogative to hold up Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld as killers.

    I’m not stating this out of sympathy for Saddam or his henchmen. The world is better off without them. But even in those terms, it’s difficult to portray this as a noble war, because all wars kill large numbers of innocents, and that fact alone makes all wars automatically evil.

    And that’s before we even get into Bush’s Komical Keystone Kops (KKK for short) rounding up innocent Iraqi civilians and torturing them (sometimes to death). Bush and his henchlings lied about that, too, until they got caught red-handed in the act. If you’re going to torture people, at least do it to bad guys who arguably have it coming. They couldn’t even do that right.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @22 If we can assume his mother was a dumb cunt, too, that would explain a number of things.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @19 As “dumb” as women voters arguably might be, they look positively brilliant compared to white male voters whose political thinking is guided by the likes of Romney, Trump, and Nugent.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @10 Bring ‘em on! There’s too goddam many submarines, aircraft carriers, strike bombers, missiles, and nuclear warheads in the world. Like pastry, you’ll be better off with less.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Why, exactly, does the United States need to spend more on military stuff than the rest of the world combined for self-defense?

    Does the Pentagon figure American democracy and capitalism are so loved by humanity that the rest of the world will gang up on us?

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    Ten Years After spews:

    From 28,

    I don’t think we can afford to run the military-industrial complex any longer. It’s time to scale it down and bring our forces to a level that supports national defense, not imperial conquest. We need to do a lot of soul-searching as to what exactly we stand for. Did we allow the Islamic world to replace the Soviet Union as the boogeyman? What exactly is the point of such a far-reaching military presence?

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    ArtFart spews:

    @29 We haven’t been able to afford the military-industrial complex for a long time–at least not what’s left of it. Time was, money from the military pork barrel paid for a lot of stuff that contributed to the advancement of science, technological innovation and the improvement of society–early development of computers, the heavy bombers that morphed into today’s airliners, great experiments in high-energy physics, sold to the Pentagon as development of some Buck Rogers death ray, that instead enabled us to learn a hell of a lot about what we and the rest of the universe are made of. Then there was that little excursion that culminated in “one small step” on another world. Oh, yeah–also squeeze cheese and Tang. Now the better technology is being developed for civilian use and the Beltway Bandits just slurp up obscene amounts of money on cost-plus contracts building shit that doesn’t work.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @29 “Did we allow the Islamic world to replace the Soviet Union as the boogeyman?”

    Islamists with AK-47s and RPGs aren’t much of a problem until you invade their country and try to tell them what to do. Then all the tanks, jets, bombs, and missiles in the world won’t be enough.

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    @ 32

    Islamists with AK-47s and RPGs aren’t much of a problem until you invade their country and try to tell them what to do.

    Perhaps not.

    Islamists with large bombs in a boat next to a naval warship were just a wee bit o’ trouble before we started invading, though.

    And a couple of handsful of Islamists with box cutters and some rudimentary jet piloting capability caused a bit of a dustup before we started invading, as well.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    # 32: Reagan sends U.S. Marines into Beirut as neutral “peacekeepers”, then bombards the hills held by Islamist militias in support of Christian militias. Apparantly he thought the Muslims in Lebanon would distinguish between the U.S. Navy and the Marines? A suicide bomber blows up the Marine barrackes, and the Marines are withdrawn.

    U.S. ciitizens are kidnapped in Lebanon. Reagan tries to exchange arms for hostages. More hostages are taken, more arms exchanged, etc. Iraq finds out, and is pissed. So we start giving them intelligence data, satelite photos, etc. Now Iran is pissed (again).

    Iraq invades Kuwait after State Dept. doesn’t give a strong enough signal of support for Kuwait. Bush the Elder floods Saudi Arabia with U.S. and allied troops, tanks, etc. Kuwait is defeated surprisingly easily, but Bush wants the P.R. of a “90 day war”, and stops just short of armored Army and Marines linking up to cut off Iraqi armor from retreating into Iraq. They allow Saddam to survive, okay helicopter flights which Saddam uses to put down rebellions in the south and north.

    U.S. troops now stay in Saudi Arabia to counter future attempts by Saddam. But Saudi Arabia is the homeland of Mecca, the center of Islamic faith, and the presence of foreign troops is seen by many Muslims as an affront to Islam – especially with the cultural incursions which accompany U.S. troops. Al Quida is born to attack the U.S. wherever it is vulnerable.

    George W. Bush (the younger) invades Iraq to try to fix the mistakes made by his father at the end of that war, and blaming it on Al Quida and 9/11.

    Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfield were all architects of these disasters. Putting a Republican in charge of foreign policy, especially that in the middle-east, is foolhardy.

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    @ 34

    Should we be anchoring our estimation of Obama’s capability to handle things because of deeds of his predecessors nearly 30 years ago, because they are members of the same party? What’s the cutoff for complicity via party similarity, rhp?

  28. 36


    ‘nother minstrel show, Lib Sci style:

    Actually, this is 70 minutes of Clarence Thomas in front of a law student group. Only time I’ve seen him before was on 60 Minutes and when he gave his ‘high-tech lynching’ retort to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Haven’t seen it yet.

    “I need people to disagree in a way that moves things forward,” he said. “That’s how you get things done.”

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    rhp6033 spews:

    By the way, it’s time to be very careful now.

    Some cyber-security companies are reporting that the Chinese Army is conducting cyber-attacks on the U.S. to test security systems and find vulnerabilities. The head of the company behind today’s press release compared the effects of such a potential attack to 9/11, and that our infrastructure is at risk.

    But what’s inferred, but not directly stated, is that it’s time to spend a huge of money on private security companies to test and install new internet security systems all across the country. It’s taking the military-industrial complex to an entirely different plane.

    So based on what we know now, this could be preperation for a major hacking attack aimed at disrupting power, water, natural gas, oil pipelines, traffic control systems on roadways, etc., all of which needs immediate protection.

    Or it could simply be an industry that’s seeking new ways to get a boatload of money out of the government right at the time when the White House and Congress are looking at significant budget cuts to defense programs. Remember that before the invasion of Iraq, the “intelligence reports” submitted by the U.S. government created alarming reports of Iraqi involvement with Al Quida and attempts to purchase uranium in Africa – all of which turned out to be completely false.

  30. 38

    Ten Years After spews:

    All this talk about the Chinese hacking makes me wonder what our own government is doing in that arena. I’ve decided that we are not the good guys on the world’s stage – just another player with our own agenda.