1. 2

    Hannah spews:

    @ 1 – probably the very painful memories of being a POW. Who in their right mind would want to open an old wound as horrifying as that?
    Just because we don’t agree with his polictics, let his time serving the US in war be what it is. I think McCain deserves recognition for his service in a war for our country. Most politicians nowadays have no military experience, let alone have ever gone to war. And to be a POW in those conditions in those times?

  2. 3

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    @2 why should we give JohnBoy a pass? Republicans haven’t been willing to give John Kerry or Mac Cleland a pass. And how do we know that JohnBoy deserves anything? If this were the shoe on the other foot – Faux News Channel would be spinning up headlines on this every five minutes. McCain shouldn’t get a pass just because HE says he was a “war hero.”

  3. 5

    Richard Pope spews:

    ByeByeGOP @ 1 & 3

    I think John McCain should be given a pass, but only on his time serving as a POW. Any other aspect of his military record should be open to ridicule, if one wants to attempt that.

  4. 6

    Hannah spews:

    So what? Lower ourselves and play their game? McCain says he is a hero, but so did hundreds of thousands of others when he was a POW during the war. Basically, let’s not play their game. You disapprove of the reps not giving Kerry (how much time did he serve in the actual war) or Max Cleland (horrible accident) a pass? Well don’t play tat for tat by declaring a vocabulary war on McCain. that is just lowering yourself into the political game.

  5. 7

    PP spews:

    byebyegop @3 by your logic and since you grew up to be such an asshole one can conclude you mom must of been a hooker.

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    PP spews:


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    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    Seems you found your cap key PP. Now if you want to really make a profound statement. Hit {alt} F4

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    PP spews:


  9. 11

    HockeyPuck the dribbling Necromancer spews:

    George W. Bush is a war hero, too. The VC never once attacked Texas on his watch — when he was there — and sober.

  10. 12

    The Gothic Bunny spews:

    When is John McCain going to release his medical records regarding his bout with cancer and discuss his age?

    John Boy is 71 and last time I saw him he was reading from a 3×5 card just to say a few words of thank you while a news camera was filming. John Boy McCain put down the little thank you note and stumbled and could not remember what the hell he was going to say.

    McCain is too old and too senile to be president.

  11. 13

    Mrs. Gothic Bunny spews:

    Hey Hockey puck.

    During the Vietnam war, Bush Jr. was on an AWOL Chickenhawk mission flying over his Chicken ranch in Texas.

  12. 14

    Richard Pope spews:

    Andrew at Northwest Progressive Institute has an excellent article on the BIAW Seven — Key House Democrats siding with the BIAW against Homeowners. These are seven self-professed Democrats in the state House who have received contributions from the BIAW and are opposed to the passage of SB 6385 — the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights — in the state House. The BIAW Seven include: Speaker Frank Chopp (D-43), Judy Clibborn (D-41), Fred Jarrett (D-41, or was that R-41?), Larry Springer (D-45), Deborah Eddy (D-48), Ross Hunter (D-48), and Mark Ericks (D-1).

  13. 15

    Richard Pope spews:

    Andrew at Northwest Progressive Institute has an excellent article on the BIAW Seven — Key House Democrats siding with the BIAW against Homeowners. These are seven self-professed Democrats in the state House who have received contributions from the BIAW and are opposed to the passage of SB 6385 — the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights — in the state House. The BIAW Seven include: Speaker Frank Chopp (D-43), Judy Clibborn (D-41), Fred Jarrett (D-41, or was that R-41?), Larry Springer (D-45), Deborah Eddy (D-48), Ross Hunter (D-48), and Mark Ericks (D-1).

  14. 16

    Richard Pope spews:

    It is really unfortunate that practically the entire Eastside Democratic House delegation is in the pocket of the BIAW. Ironically enough, on the state Senate side, all of the Eastside delegation — Democrats Brian Weinstein, Rodney Tom, and Eric Oemig, as well as Republican Cheryl Pflug — all support SB 6385.

    We could use some progressive Democratic candidates to stand up to the BIAW incumbents in the August primary election. How about folks like Maureen Judge in the 41st, Keri Andrews in the 48th, and Brad Larssen in the 45th (assuming he files his candidacy papers on time for a change)?

  15. 18


    @16 TBO

    So what? You fdon’t suppose that these “drugs” are antural compounds washing off of plants on our wilderness?

    Remember the “mercury in swordfish story?” That was so cool until someone found a dried specimen form the 1860s in a whaling museum in Friday harbor! Guess what … the old fish already had mercury! Or how about the claim that smoking cigarettes was bad for you but smoking salmon was OK? Now that was a librul fish story!

    One thing is obvious … all these scientists who find this stuff are being paid TAX money. Cut the jobs and we won’t hear any more of this commie BS.

    Besides, I can never figure you libruls out. You put a posion, fluoride in my water and tell me it is good for me BUT you find PRESCRIPTION drugs in the water and ohhh ohhh.

  16. 19

    Mrs. Gothic Bunny spews:

    Supporting the Troops

    Remember when “support the troops” was Republicans’ favorite phrase for abusing liberals who refused to sign up for their warmongering and torture? Well, this is how Republican contractors “support the troops”:

    “Dozens of U.S. troops in Iraq fell sick at bases using ‘unmonitored and potentially unsafe’ water supplied by the military and a contractor once owned by Vice President Dick Cheney’s former company, the Pentagon’s internal watchdog says.

    “A report obtained by The Associated Press said soldiers experienced skin abscesses, cellulitis, skin infections, diarrhea and other illnesses after using discolored, smelly water for personal hygiene and laundry at five U.S. military sites in Iraq.”

    Quoted under fair use; for complete story and/or copyright info see

  17. 20

    Mrs. Gothic Bunny spews:

    @2 “Just because we don’t agree with his polictics, let his time serving the US in war be what it is.”

    After how Republicans treated Kerry and Cleland? I don’t think so, sweetheart. The Golden Rule applies here: Do to them what they did to us. McCain gets no free pass from me. He signed a propaganda “confession” and cooperated with the enemy. Republicans wanted to hang Jane Fonda for that; I say hang them together.*

    * Just kidding! All I’m doing here is cracking an Ann Coulter joke so people can see how ridiculous her rhetoric about killing liberals is.

  18. 21

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @2 (continued) So, Hannah, why is it okay for them to slander and lie about Kerry’s military service to win an election, but we’re supposed to pussyfoot around the glaring deficiencies in McCain’s military record?

    Here’s a guy that had everything greased for him because he was the son and grandson of 4-star admirals. What did he do with that? He used it to skate through the Naval Academy, pulling stunts that would have gotten an ordinary cadet kicked out, goofing off, not applying himself to the academic work, and graduating 894th in a class of 895.

    McCain did no better in his early duty assignments. Although he somehow into flight school, where he quickly developed a reputation as a flyboy who liked to party, he wasn’t much of a pilot. In fairly short order, he wrecked two multi-million-dollar Navy jets and took out a set of power lines. He was then assigned to training duties to keep him out of circulation. He had to beg for a combat assignment in Vietnam, and when he got over there, he lost yet another plane and got himself captured. He was the only pilot in a flight of 20 attack aircraft that got shot down, calling his competence into question.

    Sure, he was tortured and beaten into signing that propaganda “confession” — but his fellow POWs were also tortured and beaten, and they didn’t crack like McCain did.

    After he was repatriated, the first thing he did was ditch his wife, who had been disfigured in a car accident. The Pentagon assigned him to lobbying duties on Capitol Hill because he was considered unqualified to command a squadron or ship. McCain resigned from the Navy because he wasn’t promotable — he lacked the skills to advance or perform a real Navy job.

    Yes, of course we all should sympathize with McCain for what he suffered, and respect his personal sacrifices as a POW — and we all do. But he also wants us to hire him as commander-in-chief, and it’s not only fair to ask why a man who was unqualified to command a single ship should be considered qualified to command the entire military — it would be foolish not to.

    Absolutely nothing in McCain’s personal history qualifies him to be the leader of the free world. He was a slacker and an underachiever who used an illustrious family name to get away with misbehavior and failure. He was, by Republican definitions, a traitor who cooperated with the enemy. He was not trusted by the Navy, or given even minor command responsibilities, and for good reason: He had proved himself to be a one-man wrecking crew where Navy (and power company) property was concerned. Why should we trust him with the economy, our soldiers’ lives, and the safety of the free world?

    We shouldn’t.

  19. 22

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    #18 and #19 were accidentally posted by Roger Rabbit under Mrs. Rabbit’s screen name.

  20. 23

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @5 Ridiculing McCain’s entire military record is easy. All you have to do is look at where the Navy assigned him. After spending a couple million dollars to train him as a pilot, they gave him a lobbyist job. What does that tell you? I’ll tell you. In the immortal Republican phrase, he’s “unfit for command.”

  21. 24

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @6 “Lower ourselves and play their game?”

    I don’t have to lower myself to play their game. I used to be a Republican, so I started out in politics at their level, and simply never bothered to climb any higher.

    Why should I, when they don’t? I think the rules should be the same for everyone. Therefore, I play the way they do — dirty.

  22. 26

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @8 McCain signed a propaganda “confession.” Other POWs who were treated as badly or worse didn’t. Some died rather than cooperate with the enemy. Sure, McCain was under extreme duress, but he also cracked and cooperated with the enemy. Are we supposed to admire that?

  23. 27

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @8 This isn’t about whether McCain is a war hero, though. It’s fine with me if people call him a “war hero.” Hell, I’m fine with McCain calling himself a “war hero” if he wants to. He went through hell as a POW and we all respect that.

    However, as a voter and a citizen, I’m currently conducting job interviews with people who want me to hire them to be President of the United States. What’s relevant in these interviews is their qualifications for this job, not whether they got their arms pulled out of their shoulder sockets in another line of work. What, exactly, makes Applicant McCain a superior candidate for this employment? His lousy academic record? His accomplishments as a party boy and womanizer? His three aircraft crashes? Colliding with power lines while piloting a Navy jet? Being considered by the Navy as unfit for even a minor command post? Where is the President amid all this manure? For this job, I want to see a better recommendation than “Reject” from his former employers. In any sentient Human Resources department, this resume wouldn’t get past the slush pile. Only the GOP is capable of nominating such a turkey for America’s most demanding office.

  24. 28

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @10 Can anyone tell me which of our troll idiots is? I know one of them likes to type in all caps, but I forget which one. We have several who can’t spell “too” correctly, so that’s of no help.

  25. 30

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @17 “You fdon’t suppose that these “drugs” are antural compounds washing off of plants on our wilderness?”

    Acetaminophen is a natural compound that washes off plants? What about ibuprofen? Is that a natural compound too?

    Do plants manufacture compounds that happen to be chemically identical to painkillers, antibiotics, anti-cholesterol drugs, asthma and epilepsy medications, and common drugs for treating mental illness and heart problems?

    This stuff didn’t wash off plants, it went through people’s bladders into toilet bowls along with their piss and shit.

    If you want to drink that water, noooooooo problem, drink away! One less wingnut blockhead in the world.

  26. 31

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Great video (courtesy of the Ukranian Army’s Recruiting Office, of course). And as usual, Roger is my hero.

  27. 32

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    Once you pass the same tired excuses Pelletizer gives for John McCain, you have an almost empty thread.

    Pelletizer, you mix McCain’s personal life with his military life. There is no comparison to anything anyone has done in life unless you were a POW. Since you were rear eschalon, you never had to worry about being captured.

    The beeg deeference between McCain and Kerry was what they did when under duress of war. One ran the other endured. That is the beeg deeference.

    BBG – You are scum. No, not pond scum. SCUM.

  28. 33

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    So, if you don’t vote for Obama you’re racist, but if you don’t vote for Hillary you’re sexist?

    So is the NY Times suggesting vote for McCain?

  29. 34

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    Headless Lucy (And his 18 other voices):

    Here is a funny… Another PuddyFact verified by the MSM.

    Why will 20 percent of white Democrats vote for McCain if Obama becomes the Democratic nominee?

    McCain leads in crossover votes Published: March 7, 2008 at 11:47 AM

    WASHINGTON, March 7 (UPI) — U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., sways more votes than Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., in the competition for crossover support, a survey indicated.

    A Pew Research Center survey found that approximately 14 percent of Democrats claimed they would support McCain instead of Obama, compared to the 8 percent of Republicans who said they would support Obama, The Washington Times reported Friday.

    “McCain poses a clear and present danger to Obama in that he draws Democrat base support in historic numbers,” Republican strategist Scott Reed said.

    Twenty percent of white Democratic voters said they would support McCain if Obama becomes the Democratic nominee, which is twice the number who said they would change party support if Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., became the party’s nominee, the survey said.

    PuddyStudy – Who are the 8% who will vote for Obama? Hint: how many ________________ voted for GWB in 2004.

    Clueless Idiot: Found that on Yahoo, you know that liberal bastion of intelligence. BTW Clueless Idiot – Still an idiot.

    Hannah, I’ve always said people of your voting persuasion were racist. The 16%ers here (you not included because you ask great questions) said Puddy was wrong.
    Eeuuuuuuuuuunnnnt. (The incorrect buzzer rings).

  30. 35

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    PuddyStudy –

    Who said – Well I don’t think Obama is a muslim?

    Who released the picture of Obama in Somali Garb?

    Heilary Cliton – Favorite candidate of Pelletizer, Jennie Tlazoteotl racist Headless Lucy and other 16%ers here on HorsesASSHoles.

    PuddyFact: Who acts racist in their campaigning while getting a pass from the liberal MSM?

  31. 36

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    In that 3AM AD, Obama should create a response ad when the phone rings and Heilary answers it, she should say:

    “Monica Lewinsky”?

  32. 38

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    Another PuddyQuiz:

    Who brought up Barack Obama’s drug use?

    [ ]Heilary Cliton
    [ ]John McCain

    Come on peeple!

  33. 39

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    Another PuddyQuiz

    If Heilary Cliton loses the Donkey Nomination she will:

    [ ]Finally write a piece of legislation in the US Senate for NY State
    [ ]Drop Slick Willie like a hot potato
    [ ]Pout forever
    [ ]Claim she was wobbed
    [ ]All de above

  34. 41

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    Late last week a California judge banned home parental schooling so over 150,000 kids are now truant.

    Some time ago I delivered a few URLs discussing early 1900s Progressives. You know the ones Heilary is patterning herself after. They were against home schooling. Looks like we’ve gone full circle. Look it up HoesesASSholers.

  35. 42

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Interesting RR the similarities between GW Bush and Johnboy. Neither one did anything of merit. Both relied on relatives to get ahead in the military. Johnboy wrecked multimillion dollar airplanes while GW was bankrupting companies his daddy gave him to play with.

    Johnboy and GW both disgraced the uniform. Neither is a capable commander and this time we WON’T give Johnboy a pass. I have been in touch with no less than three 527s. We’ll have ads up as soon as the conventions are over.

  36. 43

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Oh yes I forgot – it turns out Puddyprick was a draft dodger who, in order to avoid jail, sucked every dick he could at the local recruiting station. This after he let his wife fuck him in the ass with a rubber dick. Anything to avoid actually fighting in a war you claim to support huh prick?

  37. 45

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    BBG: No you got that wrong about PuddyPrick. We know PP is right about you though.

    Seems blatantly obvious you BBG are the expert on sucking real and rubber dick. Please don’t project what you and your boyfriend do each night to each other on PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator.

  38. 46

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    BBG: I guess you forgot John McCain’s USMC son Jimmy just returned home with his unit after his initial stay in Iraq.

    Sucks to be you…

  39. 48

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    Jennie Tlaz: SeattleJew said it best in his alter ego on nother thread:

    “Ya, voting for Clinton is gonna be hard. Even if she had legs like Loren, that face explains why the muslims veil their women!”

    So just in case you skipped it:

  40. 49

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Let’s see – I guess you just have to blame it on the fact that PuddyPrick is so cum drunk he can’t reason. I ask how many of GW Bush’s relatives are in Iraq – and the coward responds that Johnboy McCain’s son returned from Iraq??? No wonder these fools vote GOP. They’re so fundamentally stupid they can’t see the difference between Bush and McCain – then again – I guess they’re one in the same. Sucks to be a republican.

  41. 50

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Hey PuddyPrick – I’ll be sending copies of the video to McCain’s campaign myself. No need to worry. He’ll see them. And then he’ll become very afraid that the truth will come out. I repeat – what’s Johnboy hiding? es.htm

  42. 51

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    BBG: You fool. The question of Bush relatives in IRAQ is a stupid question covered many times on HorsesASSHoles.

    Results 1 – 10 of about 64 from for bush twins iraq

    I was letting you down easy cuz your are a poor illiterate moron when it comes to deciphering facts. R U Jethro’s son cuz ciphering ain’t your forte?

  43. 52

    rhp6033 spews:

    I’m usually willing to give McCain a pass on the Vietnam war – after all, at least he volunteered for combat.

    But I won’t give the GOP a pass, in general. What do you think they would do if Obama had been a pilot shot down somewhere, who signed a confession under torture? I know the time-line works against him being in Vietnam, but perhaps elsewhere? I’m convinced that Rove & his minnions (Limbaugh, O’Reilly, etc.) would be harping every day that he was an incompetent pilot, a traitor, he should be shot instead of running for office, unfit for high command, etc. Do any of you wingnuts out there really, seriously, dispute that they would be doing this?

    I don’t blame McCaine for who his parents were. I don’t blame him for being a bad pilot (never having been a pilot, I don’t presume to judge one). I don’t blame him for being shot down and captured (hey, shit happens in war, to the good and the bad). The confession bothers me, but I wasn’t being tortured, so I’d probably give him a pass on that one, too.

    But I can blame him for joining the Republican Party, engaging in misconduct known as the “Keating Five”, being cozy with lobbyist, and most importantly, with sitting back in 2004 while Rove & Co. trashed a fellow Vietnam-era vet for partison advantage. Those were all character-revealing choices, and he will have to live with the consequences.

  44. 53

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Is there an inbred right wing freak who can interpret for Puddy Prick. I honestly have no idea what the stupid piece of shit is trying to say. Anyone? Anyone?

  45. 54

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    BBG: I communicate just fine with intelligent lefties such as rhp6033, GBS and correctnotrigth.

    You on the other hand are qualifying for the PuddyPrick dull knife award, given to the most moronic of the 16%ers.

    Winners and members in good standing:
    Clueless Idiot (YLB)
    Headless Lucy

    Honorable Mention

    Keep up the good work.

  46. 55

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    BBG: I communicate just fine with intelligent lefties such as rhp6033, GBS and correctnotright.

    You on the other hand are qualifying for the PuddyPrick dull knife award, given to the most moronic of the 16%ers.

    Winners and members in good standing:
    Clueless Idiot (YLB)
    Headless Lucy

    Honorable Mention

    Keep up the good work.

  47. 56

    Richard Pope spews:

    Roger Rabbit @ 20

    “Here’s a guy [John McCain] that had everything greased for him because he was the son and grandson of 4-star admirals. What did he do with that? He used it to skate through the Naval Academy, pulling stunts that would have gotten an ordinary cadet kicked out, goofing off, not applying himself to the academic work, and graduating 894th in a class of 895.”

    ROGER! Give the man some credit! John McCain actually graduated 894th in a class of 899! At least according to his Wikipedia article. This means he out-achieved five of his classmates in GPA, and not just one.

    However — I have always wondered how many of McCain’s class members flunked out and didn’t graduate due to low GPA, and how far McCain was above the minimum GPA for graduation?

  48. 57

    Richard Pope spews:

    PuddyPfister @ 53

    I haven’t seen “Donnageddon” on here in so long, that I don’t even remember the correct spelling of her/his handle anymore.

  49. 58


    Now here’s a piece of legislation I enthusiastically support:

    “Kentucky Representative Tim Couch filed a bill this week to make anonymous posting online illegal.

    The bill would require anyone who contributes to a website to register their real name, address and e-mail address with that site.

    Their full name would be used anytime a comment is posted.

    If the bill becomes law, the website operator would have to pay if someone was allowed to post anonymously on their site. The fine would be five-hundred dollars for a first offense and one-thousand dollars for each offense after that.

    Representative Couch says he filed the bill in hopes of cutting down on online bullying. He says that has especially been a problem in his Eastern Kentucky district.”

    Given the amount of scurrilous and borderline defamatory crap that gets posted by many of the HA Happy Hooligans, something like this that holds them accountable by tossing back the curtain of their wizardry to reveal them as the humbugs they are is definitely a step in the right direction.

    Goldy better turn the heat down in the HA Happy HooliHovel because he’s going to need to save every penny he can in order to pay all the fines called for in the bill. If nothing else, this will turn him into a huge Tim Eyman supporter since the government reach deep into his pocket will pinch him you know where.

    If you haven’t the courage to attach your name to your opinion, neither have any value.

    The Piper

  50. 59

    Richard Pope spews:

    PuddyPfister @ 50

    Results 1 – 10 of about 439 from for puddybud supports hillary clinton

    Results 1 – 10 of about 857 from for goldy supports john mccain

    Results 1 – 10 of about 811 from for roger rabbit supports john mccain

    Results 1 – 10 of about 119 from for tlazolteotl supports john mccain

  51. 61

    Richard Pope spews:

    Goldy still needs to set his system clock ahead by an hour! This should have been done about 30 hours ago!

  52. 62

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    “If you haven’t the courage to attach your name to your opinion, neither have any value.”

    Ok Piper you first; name address and email please. Given the fact that you think this is a good idea – prove it.

    Or is this sort of like your support of the war in Iraq – fine as long as someone else goes to fight?

  53. 63



    I have been outed so many times on HA it’s not funny! Go click on my moniker and follow the link.

    My oldest son spent a year in Iraq, six-months in Kuwait pre-war, and several weeks in Afghanistan last summer, so don’t flog that dead horse with me.

    Now, your turn…

    The Piper

  54. 64

    YLB spews:

    I communicate just fine with intelligent lefties

    In your dreams dumbass!

    You are so full of shit, it’s not funny.

    Your silly, corrupt party is circling the toilet bowl and you are going down with it.

  55. 65

    YLB spews:

    57 – Another totalitarian fantasy from the Pooper, the neo-con bootlicker ideologically descended from Trotsky.


  56. 66

    YLB spews:

    Hey Pooper, more jaywalking incidents:

    Security incidents:

    #1: The first attack was a roadside bomb that targeted an American patrol around 9:15 a.m., local time, police said. One civilian was wounded. There was no immediate word on any American causalities; the military did not immediately respond to an e-mailed request for information.

    #2: The second attack took place five minutes later, (9:20) when a parked car bomb detonated, wounding six civilians and damaging several nearby shops, police said.

    One civilian was killed and three others injured when a bomb planted inside a vehicle went off in northeastern Baghdad on Monday, police said. A bomb inside a vehicle left by unidentified gunmen on the main road in al-Shaab neighborhood, northeastern Baghdad, went off on Monday, killing one civilian and wounding three others who happened to be nearby the scene,” the source, who did not want his name mentioned, told Aswat al-Iraq – Voices of Iraq

    #3: An Iraqi army force seized two missile launching pads in eastern Baghdad, an official security source said. “A force from the Iraqi army’s 11th Division in the al-Rasafa intersection seized two missile launching pads near Sahat al-Hamza area in al-Hubaybiya district, eastern Baghdad, on Sunday evening,” Maj. General Qassem Atta, the spokesman for the Baghdad security plan Operation Fardh al-Qanoon (law imposing), told Aswat al-Iraq – Voices of Iraq

    #4: Around 9:15 a.m. A mortar shell slammed into Al Muheet street in Al Kadhemiyah, injuring two civilians.

    #5: Around 9:30 a.m. a roadside bomb targeted civilians in Adan square in Al Shaab neighborhood, injuring two civilians.

    #6: Around 2 p.m. a parked car bomb in Habibiyah area (outskirts of Sadr city) targeted civilians near Al Habibiyah hospital, killing one and injuring four.

    #7: Around 3:30 p.m. a suicide bomber wearing a vest bomb targeted U.S. military personals were shopping in Al Mansour, killing three Americans and injuring two and a translator and killing one Iraqi civilian and injuring eight other Iraqi civilians, Iraqi police said. The incident could not be immediately confirmed by U.S. sources.

    Five U.S. soldiers were killed and three others wounded in a bomb blast in central Baghdad on Monday, the U.S. military said. An Iraqi interpreter was also wounded in the explosion, the military said in a statement. Iraqi police said the soldiers had been walking in the street when a suicide bomber wearing an explosives vest walked up to them and blew himself up.

    #8: U.S. soldiers killed five suspected al Qaeda fighters and detained 19 others during operations in central Iraq on Sunday, the U.S. military said.

    #9: A roadside bomb wounded two people in eastern Baghdad’s Zayouna district, police said.

    Diyala Prv:
    #1: an 18-year-old woman blew herself up about 8 a.m. outside the home of a tribal sheik, killing the sheik, his 5-year-old niece and one of his guards. That bombing happened in the town of Kanan, about 12 miles east of Baquba.

    #1: About an hour later, a suicide bomber approached several Iraqi security forces, police said, and blew himself up after the security forces began shooting at him. That explosion killed two civilians and wounded 20 people, including two police officers, police said. The second blast happened in Muqdadiya, about 24 miles north of Baquba.

    #1: In southern Iraq, the body of a doctor who was kidnapped on Sunday was found. Dr. Khalid Nasir al-Miyahi, a neurologist working at a hospital in Basra, was kidnapped by unidentified gunmen, police said. His body was found in a central area of the city.

    #2: The British base at the Basra International Airport came under attack with indirect fire during the early hours of Monday but caused no casualties or damage, the Multi-National Force (MNF) in southern Iraq said.

    #3: Criminal Evidence Department personnel defused two Infrared-operated improvised explosive devices in western Basra on Monday, a police media source in the province said. “The two IEDs, defused in the area of Safwan, (60 km) western Basra, were planted on the Strategic Road,” the source, who refused to be named, told Aswat al-Iraq – Voices of Iraq – (VOI). The road, ending at the Basra-Thi-Qar highway, is used by the Multi-National Force – Iraq (MNF-I) to transport its troops and logistics coming via Kuwait

    #1: Two bodies were found in different areas of Mosul on Sunday, police said.

    #2: Gunmen killed a man in eastern Mosul on Sunday, police said.

    #3: Gunmen killed two policemen in separate incidents in Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad, on Sunday, police said.

    #1: Two gunmen were killed and two others wounded during clashes with Iraqi police in Ba’aj village in northwestern Iraq near the Syrian border, the Ba’aj mayor said.

    #1: Turkish army has fired artillery shells on Kurdish insurgents’ camps inside Iraq and hunted the militants who had crossed into Turkey. Turkish artillery units on Monday fired long-range artillery from near Turkey’s border town of Cukurca on Kurdish militants inside Iraq, Dogan news agency reported.

    #2: Turkish Troops also took up positions near the border village of Hilal of Sirnak province, from where the Kurdish militants are believed to cross into Turkey. Tanks were firing shells at mountain paths used by the militants and Helicopters also fired missiles at caves where they were believed to be hiding, Dogan said.

    #1: NATO forces in Afghanistan have clashed more times with Taliban insurgents in the first two months of 2008 compared to last year, though fighting has occurred in fewer places, the alliance-led force said on Monday. In the first two months of 2008, there have been 595 armed clashes in 101 districts in Afghanistan, compared to 550 clashes in 88 districts in the same period last year, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said. Data collected by the Afghanistan NGO Security Office (ANSO) said there had been a 39 percent increase in Taliban attacks until March this year compared to the same period in 2007. The biggest increase had been in armed attacks rather than in suicide and roadside bombs, ANSO said, contradicting ISAF which has repeatedly said the Taliban are relying more on so-called asymmetric suicide and roadside bomb tactics due their inability to take on NATO and Afghan troops head on.

    Violence must be down!

  57. 67

    Sempersimper spews:


    Why do you always have to hide behind your kids and use them to authenticate your drivel?

  58. 68

    DustinJames spews:

    IMHO, better than the stock press footage girl voting for Obama:

    “Obama Girl Voting for Hillary”

    Amber Lee Ettinger, better known as The Obama Girl, tells Stepping Out that she is voting for Hillary. In an interview she stated, “I have to say I’m very impressed with Hillary Clinton. I watched the recent debates and I liked a lot of her answers!”

  59. 69

    Sempersimper spews:


    You’re kinda like the famous band, ” Piper & The Trolls”…
    The closer the end gets, the more noise y’all make.

  60. 70

    Sempersimper spews:

    “57 – Another totalitarian fantasy from the Pooper, the neo-con bootlicker ideologically descended from Trotsky.


    I submit that he’s cloned from Darth “footdancer” Craig.

  61. 71

    PP spews:


  62. 72

    PP spews:


  63. 73

    rhp6033 spews:

    PS @ 57: Well, the legislation you proposed would have ended Benjamin Franklin’s printing career fairly early. His career took off when he carried on a fictional interchange between various “correspendents” for years, all of which he penned himself and then printed in both his brother’s paper (while he was apprenticed there) and later in his own paper. It was a necessary device, because it was the only way to tweak the powers-that-be without ending up in jail at the time.

    As for myself, I avoid using my own name or personal information for good reason. While posting on a history forum several years back, I (and others on the forum) somehow earned the unwanted attention of a man with some serious psychological problems. It seems he felt that his opinions were the only ones that merited attention, and if anyone disagreed with him he would target them, along with anyone who supported them.

    Apparantly he didn’t have a family, job, or other life, so he devoted considerable time attempting to researching our employers & businesses, trying to get us fired by using slander, etc. He also tried to shut down the board by posting thousands of obscene posts, etc., which could be characterized as a “denial of service” attack. Some of the guys on the board finally tracked him down, and we didn’t hear any more from him (so far) after a restraining order was issued. Either that, or he is in a mental institution now.

    So now, a little wiser than before, I try not to advertise too much personal information on boards such as this one. It’s a wierd world out there.

  64. 74

    rhp6033 spews:

    PP @ 70, 71. Lower your voice. Nobody can hear what you are saying when you are shouting that loud.

    (i.e., turn off the CapsLock)

  65. 75

    Sempersimper spews:


    Judging from his style (?) he doesn’t know how. We don’t have a minimum standard for intelligence and literacy here, unfortunately, so we’re bound to get a few 5th graders with bad mouths.

  66. 76

    rhp6033 spews:

    PS @ 73: You are missing the point. When your father and your grandfather are four-star admirals, some promotions are more or less automatic, unless you have a really, really good reason . POWs who are held for a long time (i.e., several years) will usually get promoted shortly after their release (sort of like catch-up-pay).

    But sooner or later, nobody in the various military services gets promoted without serving in the command function of a unit on the line. That doesn’t mean a glorified desk job or acting as a nominal commander while somebody else is actually in charge. It means running a combat or combat-ready unit where you are responsible for results, regardless of what other shit happens along the way. It is the ultimate position in which you are judged fit for further command.

    Most officers get that position rather early out of OCS, ROTC, or the military academies, as a plattoon commander, etc., and if they pass that first test they are allowed to proceed up the ranks. Those that don’t are told to find another career elsewhere. Aviation is a bit of an oddity, because virtually all pilots are officers, so pilots can fly for years before getting a command position. But until they do get a command position, they can’t progress up the ranks very far – they will hit a ceiling. McCain hit just such a ceiling. Apparantly nobody was willing to give him a command position, although they thought he might be usefull for a while dealing with Congress (trading in part on his father’s reputation). But once that had run its course, his usefulness to the Navy was over.

  67. 77

    Bagdad Bush spews:

    So Piper you won’t post the data – typical republican hypocrite – as for your claim your son went to Iraq – prove it.

  68. 78

    Daddy Love spews:

    17 TBG

    “You don’t suppose that these ‘drugs’ are natural compounds washing off of plants on our wilderness?

    Nope. Do you? Well, I would consider the source. Does anyone who has studied the matter? If so, you could cite them and maybe you wouldn’t sound like a comical parody of an old “Fluoride is a Commie plot” Bircher.

  69. 79

    rhp6033 spews:

    By the way, this isn’t exactly news to us, but Pentagon auditors released a report confirming that for several years, Haliburton’s subsidiary, KKR, didn’t properly sanitize water used by our troops & contractors in Iraq for bathing, washing clothes, etc., resulting in a number of various ailments.

    Of course, KKR denied that there was anything wrong with the water at the time, even though internal e-mails from KKR employees documented the problem. KKR still denies that there was any problem.

  70. 80

    Daddy Love spews:

    37 Pud

    Who brought up Barack Obama’s drug use?

    It was Barack Obama. As usual, ignorant of simple fact.

  71. 82

    PP spews:

    rhop6033 listen your a smart look it up for your self john Mccain was the commanding officer of the largest squadron in the navy that squdron was in fl.i think he went to dc post do not get to led the largest squadron by being a dip shit.when i was on the uss kennedy they had a guy put in as the squadron co because he was held in iran.the xo had to an extra 18 mo to take over.that was not the case with mccain he had to be department head,the screen for command be an xo then a co.your fathers rank has nothing to due with it.

  72. 83

    Mark1 spews:

    Rodent is just mad because if it is true he was also in the service at some point, he most likely held the glamorous position of bilge-water technician, or maybe a janitor. He stinks of jealously regarding McCains accomplishments and successes. As far as YLB’s multiple drivels on this thread, none of it holds any water or is valid, as he is unemployed and a non-contributing member of this society. Let’s take a look at Hillary’s military record; oh wait she dosen’t have one, thats right.

  73. 84

    YLB spews:

    82 – What? No mention of “government cheese”?

    The meds must be working. Maybe they should up the dose to clamp the “unemployed” tourettes as well.


  74. 86

    YLB spews:

    84 – Take a cue from Rudy: he didn’t get ANYWHERE with his 911 Tourettes routine – nothing could remove the stink of corruption from that walking corpse.

    What was that? Rudy who?

  75. 87

    Mark1 spews:


    Sorry to disappoint you, but I do not have that condition. May I suggest a walk in the rain to the unemployemt office; what you are afflicted with, they can help you there. Seriously, your opinions and views are totally moot till you get a job, partianship aside.

  76. 89

    Mark1 spews:

    @87 YLB:

    Gotta go sport, as I unlike you have to go to work. Like I said, the unemployed don’t matter. Denial is you thinking of yourself as an equal to we working tax-paying folks. Good luck to you.

  77. 90

    Hannah spews:

    Quoted from

    “How do the drugs get into the water?
    People take pills. Their bodies absorb some of the medication, but the rest of it passes through and is flushed down the toilet. The wastewater is treated before it is discharged into reservoirs, rivers or lakes. Then, some of the water is cleansed again at drinking water treatment plants and piped to consumers. But most treatments do not remove all drug residue.”

    “Perhaps it’s because Americans have been taking drugs – and flushing them unmetabolized or unused – in growing amounts. Over the past five years, the number of U.S. prescriptions rose 12 percent to a record 3.7 billion, while nonprescription drug purchases held steady around 3.3 billion, according to IMS Health and The Nielsen Co.

    “People think that if they take a medication, their body absorbs it and it disappears, but of course that’s not the case,” said EPA scientist Christian Daughton, one of the first to draw attention to the issue of pharmaceuticals in water in the United States.

    Some drugs, including widely used cholesterol fighters, tranquilizers and anti-epileptic medications, resist modern drinking water and wastewater treatment processes. Plus, the EPA says there are no sewage treatment systems specifically engineered to remove pharmaceuticals.

    One technology, reverse osmosis, removes virtually all pharmaceutical contaminants but is very expensive for large-scale use and leaves several gallons of polluted water for every one that is made drinkable.”

  78. 91


    OK, it seems that we’ve got folks in our party that cannot manage to avoid hypocrisy.

    Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York has managed to get caught with his had in the cookie jar, or more to the point, in Cookie’s jar. According to the New York Times, he’s involved in a prostitution ring.

    Of course, we’re finding this out because he’s admitting it, and immediately resigning.

    And yes, he’s a former prosecutor that has been involved in prosecuting similar enterprises, and is known as a strict moralist.

    Good bye, good luck and good riddence. Both for the illegal operations, but even more for the hypocrisy of having a public persona of a strict, crime-fighting moralist while at the same time running an illegal enterprise and presumably benefiting from prostitution.

    And considering that, for the most part, actual prostitution bears little resemblence to Julia Roberts movie role, but is a brutal enterprise where the real victims are the prostitutes themselves, this is an even more heinous crime.

    Yes, we condemn this crime, and the perpetrator has no place in our party.

  79. 93


    Oh, and Roger.

    On Senator McCain’s record. Yes, he gets a pass. We found it inexcusable when the Republicans attacked Senator Kerry’s record and Senator Cleland’s record.

    We were right. Such tactics are inexcusable. Senator McCain served his country honorably and well during his time in the Navy. You have, on several other occasions, claimed that you are a Clinton supporter because she will use this kind of tactic.

    I think you’re wrong about Senator Clinton. She has already condemned this sort of thing, and while I don’t much care for her, I do not think she’s a deliberate liar. As such, if she becomes the Democratic candidate for President, she’ll at least have my vote.

    On the other hand, if it turns out that she is willing to accept this kind of support, and becomes the Democratic standard bearer, she will not only lose my vote, but those of the many others that hold our candidates to a higher standard of behaviour than we have seen from Republicans in earlier campaigns.

    Apparently, you believe that her frequent statements with regards to the service of Senator McCain are nothing more than posturing, and that she is simply our lying hypocrite.

    I disagree, but if it turns out that she isn’t any better than the Republicans, then why should anyone support her?

  80. 94

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    #4 SeattleJew says:

    Will .. you might like the image I made of you blogging at DL Tuesday. It is part of a short slide show.

    A lot of middle aged white males.
    Where are the blacks, the hispanics, the women?
    What is it about democrats and diversity?

  81. 95

    YLB spews:

    91 – Those chain e-mails are mostly lies, exaggerations and half-truths.

    E-mail chains are very popular and right wing propagandists use them to spread lies.

    Look at websites like and to debunk right wing propaganda.

  82. 98

    Hannah spews:

    @96 – THAT’s why I asked….I wasn’t old enough to know Hilary’s record during Clinton days. At least I have the brains to ask, rather than believe everything that comes across my email! I looked into snopes but found nothing.

    @ 94 -thanks!

  83. 99

    Right Stuff spews:

    The difference between John McCain and John Kerry is that while McCain was impisoned, suffering torture and humiliation, John Kerry was home, throwing away his “ribbons” and throwing every serving member of the military in Vietnam “under the bus”.

    I’m sure that Kerry’s actions, along with those of idiots like Hanoi Jane Fonda, made life even harder for our servicemen in Vietnam.

  84. 100

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    #61 ByeByeGOP says:
    “If you haven’t the courage to attach your name to your opinion, neither have any value.”

    Ok Piper you first; name address and email please. Given the fact that you think this is a good idea – prove it.

    Oops, byebyegop is going to look real stupid.

  85. 101



    Much of that report is re-hashed tripe, and most of the rest are either minor issues or simply Republican attempts to take completely innocent actions and make them seem improper.

    Example: “Travelgate”. The White House travel agency was fired, and people trusted by the Clintons were hired in their place.

    The fact that the FBI actually found only one possible crime doesn’t negate a charge of “gross negligence”, and frankly, having an employee that improperly mixed personal and government funds sounds like there were some very sloppy practices (illegal or not) in that office.

    Read carefully through the rest. Innuendo and suspicion. She wrote a book that the author of this hit piece didn’t like. She wasn’t charged with purjury (despite a determined attempt by some rather powerful people). Her motives (which the author of the hit piece cannot know) for some perfectly legal actions are described negatively and in detail.

    Boiling it all down, we get:

    She recommended Janet Reno. This may have been a perfectly reasonable recommendation, but Ms. Reno has become something of a lightning rod for trouble.

    She didn’t release some documents, which could reasonably be called protected by attorney-client priviledge, and the Republicans seized on that as a reason to start a multi-million dollar witchhunt, that found nothing illegal regarding the original allegations, and was reduced to finding some minor sexual impropriety, in which she was arguably the injured party.

    Finally, a close friend committed suicide. Yes, it’s a tragedy, but how does that relate to wrongdoing on her part?

  86. 102

    correctnotright spews:

    @93: Marvin idiot
    Most minorities vote predominantly for democrats

    the republican Presidential candiates had….the same one black man they have had for how many years – and he wasn’t even included in most of the debates.

    the top two democrats – female and african american. the top five republicans – all white males

    What is it with republicans and diversity? They have very little diversity and they know it. It is hard to get people to vote against their best interests – but bribery does help….

  87. 104

    correctnotright spews:

    @98: And Kerry had how many medals of honor and how many does McCain have?

    No – the difference is that Kerry has liberal views and McCain has right wing views. Both deserve NOT to be swiftboated by liars – as McCain has said.

    On the opther hand – it is perfectly legit to go after
    McCain for his corruption, lobbyist relationships, flip-flops on torture, approval of spying on Americans, personality instability, pandering to the right wing and religous elements after rejecting them and lack of the consistency and calm personality necesssary for being president.

  88. 105


    Two corrections on the information about Governor Spitzer.

    Later information has him meeting with a prostitute, rather than being directly involved with the business himself, and he has not yet decided if he will resign.

    This is a far different situation, but considering Governor Spitzer’s reputation and his stated policies, is still both illegal and improper.

    Yes, he should resign, and it will surprise me if he does not.

  89. 106



    Absolutely. Senator McCain’s record as a Senator and candidate is not only fair game, but has more than enough to convince any fair minded individual that he is not an acceptable choice for President.

    I was most distressed by his reversal on the subject of torture, and this is the only place I can see where his experience as a POW is an appropriate subject for comment.

    He was a POW, and should know better!

    We’re Americans, and we’re better than the evil people that held and tortured him in violation of the rules that every civilized nation adheres to.

    I pray we will be able to rejoin that group after the next election.

  90. 107

    obi-wan spews:

    anyone know why the PI scrubbed all “democrat” references out of the PI’s story on Spitzer? (they were in the original)

  91. 108

    rhp6033 spews:

    Yep, he should take the high ground as shown by Larry Craig, and resign immediately…

    Wait, … what, Craig didn’t resign yet? I thought he promised to resign immediatley. Oh, he postponed it until after the Senate ethics investigation? Then he put off the ethics investigation until after he got his guilty plea set aside? Then when the court wouldn’t set aside his guilty plea, he resigned then, right? No, he said wait for the ethics committee report? Then he argued that it was personal conduct and not within the purvue of the ethics committee? Then he was censured by the ethics committee anyway, and resigned right afterwards, right? No? He’s still in office??????? Why?????????????

  92. 109

    Right Stuff spews:

    I believe McCain received numerous medals, non of which he threw away.
    DFC, Silver Star, PH’s, many others.

  93. 111


    I see that obi-wan needs a bit of a brush up on his use of the force, or at least should consider reading beyond caption on the picture.

    From the PI article:

    The New York Democrat, identified in legal papers as “Client 9,” met last month with at least one woman in a Washington hotel, the law enforcement official said.

    So, since he claims that the PI “scrubbed all “democrat” references out of the PI’s story“, which they obviously did not, is there some reason why anyone should take anything else he says seriously?

    Of course! It’s because the PI scrubbed all references to Larry Craig being a Democrat, and Mark Foley being a Democrat. After all, Faux News didn’t make that mistake.

  94. 112

    sempersimper spews:


    Because. He’s a Republican. They’re different. They’re superior.

    You trash just don’t comprehend ruling Divine Right.

    Mandate from heaven.

  95. 113

    McCain's A Cheater spews:

    It appears the right doesn’t want to discuss McCain’s war record. I suppose this is typical since they have been taught to simply accept that their team is good and the Dems bad so god forbid there be any real substance to the GOP position.

    I can see why they are afraid.