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Merry Christmas. Talk amongst yourselves.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Well, it’s that time of year again — when we sum up the year’s events and make our resolutions for the coming year. So I offer our wingnut friends with this simple thought:

    FUCK YOU!!!

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I have an amply supply of holiday spirit, but why waste it on wingnuts? They don’t appreciate it anyway.

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    blarbie spews:

    Goldy, I have never read a blog, I never donate to these things. I always listen to Dave Ross, and I often catch your KIRO show on Sunday. I enjoyed your chat with Katie this morning, and I LOVED the Kvetch Who Stole Chanukah. The least I could do is pay you $1 for each of my Joo-ish friends to whom I sent the link. So far, you are admired in St. Louis and Columbus, OH. The rest of them must be celebrating Christmas.

    So far, I am not impressed with the Rabbits.

    Blarbie (sort of like Goldy)

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    “Katrina Fraud, Waste Likely to Balloon Past $2 Billion; Charges of Political Favoritism Lodged at Bush Administration

    “By HOPE YEN, AP

    “WASHINGTON (Dec. 25) – The tally for Hurricane Katrina waste could top $2 billion … because half of the lucrative government contracts … for cleanup work are being awarded without little competition.

    “Federal investigators … are shifting their attention to the multimillion dollar contracts to politically connected firms that critics have long said are a prime area for abuse. In January, investigators will release the first of several audits ….

    ” … Clark Kent Ervin, the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general from 2003-2004 … called it inexcusable that the Bush administration would still have so many no-bid contracts. ‘It … may well be nefarious,’ Ervin said. …”

    Quoted under Fair Use; for complete story and/or copyright info see

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Republicans have redefined the tradition of Christmas gifts by taking from us and giving to themselves.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Christmas Spirit, Wingnut Style

    From the article linked by “me” @13″:

    “A Zogby International poll conducted last month found that 46 percent of Americans are offended when a store clerk greets them with ‘appy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas.’ More than one-third of the 12,800 adults surveyed said they have walked out of a store or resolved to avoid it because clerks didn’t show enough Christmas spirit.”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Can’t these people do ANYTHING without hating someone?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The same article says,

    “Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit law firm affiliated with the religious right, has taken in more than $300,000 with its ‘Help Save Christmas Action Packs.’ The kits include two buttons, two bumper stickers and ‘The Memo that Saved Christmas,’ a guide to defending overt religious expression, such as a Nativity scene in a public-school classroom.”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: These guys are LAWYERS, and they’re defending Nativity scenes in public-school classrooms? Have they EVER READ the Constitution? You know, the part that says government shall not establish any religion ….

    I suppose a good lawyer could colorably (if unpersuasively) argue that religious expression in public-school classrooms is protected by the First Amendment. Of course, for this argument to work, all religions must have equal access to the classroom (or airport terminal, or courthouse, or whatever), otherwise you run into “establishment” problems.

    But equal access is not what rightwing religious fanatics want — it’s what they DON’T want, as was plainly demonstrated by ex-Alabama Judge Roy Moore, who not only installed a Ten Commandments monument in that state’s supreme court building but also REFUSED requests from representatives of non-Christian religious to display religious icons of their own. And wingnut Bible thumpers never miss a chance to assert that America is a “Christian nation” founded on “Christian principles” by religious men.

    It would be great if these assholes actually practiced Jesus’s teachings once in a while … but I digress.

    What they want — favored treatment of the Christian religion and exclusion of other religions in PUBLIC schools and buildings — is consistent with their demands that immigrants speak English or else. In other words, they want to ram THEIR religion and THEIR culture and THEIR interpretation of the Bible and THEIR ways of doing things down everyone’s throats. This is the sort of thing that provoked countless European civil wars through the ages, which is why the Framers wrote into the Constitution that government could never do it here. But the Constitution won’t stop these zealots; in George W. Bush’s unforgettable words, it’s “just a piece of paper.”

    And if they get away with this, what comes next, of course, is that you’re not “Christian” unless you vote Republican — and then they’ll make it a crime to be a “non-Christian” or to vote for Democrats.

    Which is why liberals need to own guns! If a “piece of paper” won’t stop these zealots, we may have to protect our freedoms and even our lives with force.

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    whl spews:

    That Zogby poll looks like fractious bullshit (kinda’ spattered all over ya’ know). If one-third of folks pulled a walkout from stores in the War on Christmas, then the other two-thirds of us must’ve spent 40 percent more in order for this year’s sales to equal previous . . . .

    Oh wait, Zogby opined that the GOP would hold the House . . . ???

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    These preachers must all be atheists, because they’re obviously not worried about what’s awaiting them in the afterlife.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @21 Ah yes … “Able Danger” is debunked as another wingnut lie. Why are we liberals not surprised that wingnuts were caught LYING again? Is there anything wingnuts DON’T lie about?

    Don’t expect to read about this on the pathetic little competing blog. Stefan only prints “good” news for wingnuts.

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    Mark1 spews:

    @1 Rodent:

    Wow, big words for a little man. You must be one of them fancy book learned people. Have fun figuring out how to further reap the benefits of your illegitimate gov’t cheese receiving in the new year. Try going with the fact of having no life, that’s a disability in Twatshington right?

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    whl spews:

    Sylvilagus bachmani @ 20: I don’t need a “better” survey of opinions in order to bash the stupid one in front of me. It seems that Zogby often, much like USA Today/Gallup, puts out a lot of stuff that cannot pass any sort of smell test. As you know, one-third of the people who respond to a Zogby poll doesn’t really equal 33% of the folks who shop, or think, or have an opinion, or exist, etc.

    From the Zogby site:

    While “Happy Holidays” is a greeting intended to appeal to everyone, retailers’ efforts to avoid offending anyone may have backfired. More than half of those polled (51%) said they are bothered by store clerks who greet customers with “Happy Holidays” in an effort to help stores be politically correct. For some shoppers, a clerk who says “Happy Holidays” might as well be saying “Don’t shop here” – 36% say they have avoided shopping at a store or have cut their visit short after being greeted with a “Happy Holidays” instead of a “Merry Christmas.” That figure jumps to 41% for weekly Wal-Mart shoppers and 42% for those older than 65.

    Finally, in the methodology, Zogby identifies this poll as on-line with inter-active, volunteer participants. Now there’s a nice, average American cohort.

    My point was not to argue with you, but to show that the poll has to be stupid. You can’t have one-third of the Xma$ shoppers in America pissed off & not also have a tremendous effect on seasonal sales figures.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @25 As I thought: Hot air, no facts. Zogby is, in fact, one of the most accurate and respected independent national polls. Zogby correctly called the “cliffhanger result of the 2000 presidential election for George W. Bush, in contrast to most other pollsters who had expected Bush to win easily.” In 2004, although John Zogby personally predicted a Kerry win, the Zogby polls showed Bush in the lead. The Zogby organization also correctly called the 2001 Israeli election, the 2000 and 2006 Mexican presidential elections, and in 2006, 17 of 18 races including the exact margins in the 3 closest Senate races.

    Like I said: hot air, no facts. How do you tell if a wingnut is lying? His lips are moving.

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    Mick spews:

    It does not bother me if I am shopping and the clerk says Happy Holidays . I think it would bother me if the store policy directed employees to say that .

    Saying Happy Holidays is like kissing your sister , its Ok but its no big deal ..

    Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas shared with friends and family . And Have a safe and Happy New Year ..

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    whl spews:

    Hey rabbit @ 25: you’re right–when I quote Zogby from his own website, it is hot air, but it still exposes the flawed methodology & bogus results. His doperz faked up a handicap sheet on several thousand Wal-Mart shoppers, threw in some over 65s [my intentional exaggerations] & came up with a statistic that a third of the Xma$ shoppers walked out or shortened their time in a retail store because nobody said “Merry Kristmass.” And when I quote the source for the poll & show its biases, them’s facts, not my opinion.

    Zogby’s on-line, interactive stuff is drivel. Kos wrote (DailyKos, Nov. 16, 2006):

    But the performance of Zogby Interactive, the unit that conducts surveys online, demonstrates the dubious value of judging polls only by whether they pick winners correctly. As Zogby noted in a press release, its online polls identified 18 of 19 Senate winners correctly. But its predictions missed by an average of 8.6 percentage points in those polls — at least twice the average miss of four other polling operations I examined. Zogby predicted a nine-point win for Democrat Herb Kohl in Wisconsin; he won by 37 points. Democrat Maria Cantwell was expected to win by four points in Washington; she won by 17. (Zogby cooperated with on an online polling project that tracked some Senate and gubernatorial races.)

    The picture was similar in the gubernatorial races (where Zogby polled only online, not by phone). Mason-Dixon’s average error was under 3.4 points in 14 races. Rasmussen missed by an average of 3.8 points in 30 races; SurveyUSA was off by 4.4 points, on average, in 18 races. But Zogby’s online poll missed by an average of 8.3 points, erring on six races by more than 15 points.

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    Heathen Sinner spews:

    Goldy – Call me a dumb fuck, or illiterate as anti-liberal calls me, but why is the price of gasoline going up? It was so cheap right around the November elections! I was convinced it was supply and demand, but we haven’t had any hurricanes in the gulf to speak of, nor has there been any disruption with supply lines due to leaking ruptures. And so far there hasn’t been any cold weather in the Northeast. Must be those damn Arabs to blame.