by Carl, 12/30/2011, 10:27 AM

28 Responses to “Open Thread 12/30”

1. Politically Incorrect spews:

I will definitely be voting fot any initiative that legalizes cannabis. This crazy prohibition has gone on for far too long.

Conservatives – you can’t legislate personal behavior. How long must the failed war against cannabis go on to satisfy your religious tyranny? Isn’t 70-plus years of craziness enough?

2. Roger Rabbit spews:

@1 B-b-but don’t you know the Evil Weed causes aggression in human beings, especially males?

“The Associated Press reported corroborative details from Detroit under a June 22, 1971, dateline:

“A Congressional Medal of Honor winner says he was ‘stoned’ on marijuana the night he fought off two waves of Vietcong soldiers and won America’s highest military honor …. It was April 1, 1970, when Mr. [Peter] Lemon … used his rifle, machine gun and hand grenades to smash a large attack ….”

3. Roger Rabbit spews:

The Newt is plummeting like a rock in new polls. Looks like his 15 minutes is over.

4. Roger Rabbit spews:

Here’s another nifty tax break the 1-percenters are reaping at your expense.

5. Politically Incorrect spews:

I always use the term “cannabis” instead of “marijuana.” The reson I do that is because a lot of people tend to associate the weed with Hispanics, mainly Mexicans and others from South of our border.

Actually, cannabis has been around in many countries and cultures for thouseands of years. Archaeologists dug up a caucasian shaman in central China and discovered he had been burried with cannabis to help him in the “afterlife.” Wow! That was something like 5,000 years ago that the shaman died!

“Cannabis” comes from a Roman word. The Romans used the cannabis plant to make “canvas” for the sails for their ships. To associate the word “marijuana” with Hispanic cultures and countries doesn’t follow the original word for the plant and is unfair to Hispanics. Let’s all refer to the weed as cannabis from now on.

6. YLB spews:

is unfair to Hispanics.

Heh. That’s the bees knees to asshat trolls around here.

I was never aware that “marijauna” was particularly associated all that much with folks south of the border. Growing up, “thai sticks” and northern CA sinsemilla were all the rage.

But the thought is appreciated.

7. mookie blaylock spews:

That’s funny, I always associated pot with our canuck friends up north….now low riders on the other hand…..

8. dorky dorkman spews:

re 5: Cannabis is of Latin derivation and therefore insults all Italians.

Please knock it off.

9. YLB spews:

The term “weed” is odd. Weeds are considered pests to humans. Cannabis / Hemp whatever is a very useful plant. Its fibers can be made into papers, textiles and if I’m not mistaken even plastics. The seeds of industrial hemp strains are nutritious and can be processed into a variety of foods and livestock feed.

China, India, Russia and even Canada produce hemp.

It’s a freaking crime we don’t have a hemp industry in this country.

10. YLB spews:

One guy’s perspective:

What the US needs right now is a massive tax increase on the rich and corporations. They are not spending their money usefully, and in the case of corporations are sitting on billions. In fact, every extra dollar of profit makes things worse, not better. If corps and the rich can’t use money to create growth, and in fact are using it in destructive ways, you take it away and use it to create growth (assuming the Obama administration knew how to do that, which it doesn’t. But theoretically, assuming competent individuals of good will in power. Yes, you can laugh hysterically now.)

Collectively corporations are actually sitting on TRILLIONS. It’s gotten so bad some of them are saying that the politicians should just stop fighting and tax the stuff already.

And yep I agree with the dig on the Obama administration.

But I’m sticking with Obama because the other guy/gall will only be WAY WORSE.

11. Don Joe spews:

While we’re talking about “cannabis,” I’d like to point out that the most important link is the one on slavery, the history of which has been remarkably bowdlerized.

A history quiz: Who was J. Marion Sims?

If the name is remotely familiar to you, give yourself a D. If you know that he’s considered the father of gynecology, give yourself a C. If you know that he performed his experiments on female slaves, give yourself a B. If you know that he didn’t believe that these female slaves were capable of feeling pain and, therefore, didn’t bother using anesthesia, give yourself an A.

If you’ve ever contemplated the meaning of the fact that, of all the possible medical specialties, Dr. Sims’ specialty was gynecology, give yourself an A+. If you know that there stands, today, a statue in New York’s Central Park dedicated to the memory of Dr. Sims and that this statue contains no reference to Dr. Sims’ use of slaves for his work and this fact completely pisses you off, then move to the head of the class.

12. dorky dorkman spews:

re 11: Interesting. I did not know that. He was similar to Dr. Mengele of holocaust fame.

13. Roger Rabbit spews:

Roger Rabbit’s First Stock Tip For 2012

The whole coal sector looks undervalued. I bought shares of Peabody (BTU) today, a mispriced stock if there ever was one! Arch Coal looks good, too.

14. YLB spews:

13 – Warren Buffet seems bullish on coal too. He bought a freaking railroad that I’m sure does most of its business moving coal.

Oh well he’s also dabbled a bit in solar which is some comfort I guess.

Even with the new EPA rules that encourages more use of fracked gas, whatever coal we don’t burn will be gladly bought by China of all freaking places.

15. Don Joe spews:


I have a hard time deciding which was worse. A few details on the gynecology angle might shed further light. Sims pioneered the treatment of vaginal fistulas.

Vaginal fistulas, in those days, would have been most likely been the result of an injury incurred while birthing a child, and, while they did result in some discomfort for the women, would not have prevented them from working in the fields.

So, basically, Sims was treating thse women because they had been raped, and he was treating them so that they could be raped again.

Now does that statue in Central Park piss you off?

16. Politically Incorrect spews:


I wouldn’t go so far as to say the Italians are all of Roman heritage. The Italians are barbarians and some Romans, mixed, in what was to exist after Rome collapsed.

“Cannabis” is a good term to use, however. I like it a lot better than “marijuana.”

17. dorky dorkman spews:

re 16: You haven’t answered my question about why you hate Italians.

Why? Fabio wants to know.

18. dorky dorkman spews:

re 15: Was he related to Ron Sims?

19. Roger Rabbit spews:

@14 “Oh well he’s also dabbled a bit in solar which is some comfort I guess.”

That’s probably a hobby. Guys like Buffett and Gates have different hobbies from the rest of us — they play golf and bridge. Who the fuck else plays bridge, for cryin’ out loud?

20. Roger Rabbit spews:

@18 Yeah, he was Ron’s ancestor’s white brother.

21. Don Joe spews:


The truly said thing is, it’s entirely possible that they are related, though, were it to be the case, it would likely be to no small extent to precisely the elder Sims’ activities.

As a joke, that question is worse than it is if it’s serious.

22. proud leftist spews:

Agreed. The slavery article is most insightful. The way the writer works in contemporary quotes from the likes of Reagan and Bachmann to show how the revisionism and whitewash continue is most compelling.

23. Roger Rabbit spews:

@22 The racist crowd has never gotten over losing the Civil War, and they seem to want a rematch.

24. Roger Rabbit spews:

I’m late with the vocabulary quiz tonight because I was napping, but here it is, if you want a go at it. My score (“RR”) is posted.

25. $316,962: "just downright mean" spews:

The smart set were bamboozled because he seemed like one of their own: Columbia, Harvard Law, sort of “editing” a journal yet the only editor in its history never to publish a signed article, giving a lecture or two on constitutional law, handing out leaflets on the South Side of Chicago, voting present, listening to Jeremiah Wright’s conspiracy theories for twenty years, dining with terrorist educator William Ayers. … These are achievements? …
“I thought he’d do a better job,” whimpered telly genius Jon Stewart.

Now that Big Bad Jon and Little Fuzznutz Rabbit have finally made it possible to dump on the Chump in Chief without being accused of teabagger racism (teabaggers have never gotten over losing the Civil War), can the rest of us finally be forgiven for saying that the Chump is two pounds of shit in a one-pound bag? That the Chump, in other words, is like the Chimp without a flight suit?

26. Don Joe spews:


Damn, but you are an idiot. It’s always been acceptable to dump on the chump, provided the facts upon which you base your dump has some resemblance to reality. Instead, you fuck-heads have wanted to dump on the chump for signing a health care law that included an individual mandate–an idea that was originally cooked up by the Heritage Foundation.

We dump on President Obama, because he’s too moderate. You dump on President Obama, because you think he’s some kind of radical. Yours is a stance that seems to ignore things like the fact that half the people who don’t like the ACA think that it didn’t go far enough.

Do I regret having voted for Obama? Not for a second. Why? Because Senator McCain would have been a complete and unmitigated disaster. Am I likely to vote for Obama despite the extent to which he has disappointed me? You bet your ass I am, because the most intelligent of the current crop of Republican candidates thinks we’re going to fall for the idea that he was paid to be a “history consultant” to Fannie and Freddie at a time when those two GSEs were tanking.

I swear. You folks are too stupid to even take a shit.

27. YLB spews:

I wonder who that could be @ 25 quoting Fecal Steyn..

“Editing”.. Wow, facts never mattered to morons like Steyn one whit.

Voting present.. Heh. yeah 3 percent of his votes in the Illinois Senate. Like no Republican Illinois Senate hack ever did that.

Too stoopid to hit the bowl indeed.

28. No Time for Fascists spews:

Why are there no jobs in America?
1) Unions.
2) The minimum wage.
Abolish the minimum wage and make Right-to-Work the law and watch America’s economy come roaring back to world dominance. There will be plenty of jobs once the government and labor goons get out of the way.

So any rights for workers are the problem?