by Carl, 12/20/2013, 5:10 PM

- The (Catholic High School) kids are all right.

- Linda Thomas’ goodbye to KIRO and Cienna Madrid’s goodbye to Stranger readers.

- I’m glad the city is looking into ways to not discourage marijuana tourism, but I find it a bit odd that it’s coming from the City Attorney’s office.

- Phil Robertson’s America

- Civilization doesn’t have to be a casino.

- At least it doesn’t have fucking video ads.

- I wold totally play about 8 of these, if given the chance.

- Holy shit were bus drivers awesomesauce this morning.

- I imagine my posting will be lighter than usual in the next few weeks, but really, your reading will be lighter, so it all balances out.

15 Responses to “Open Thread 12/20”

1. Ten Years After - Roger Rabbit is just a liberal progressive troll. spews:

The Catholic Church is an anachronism. It definitely needs to:

1. Allow married priests.

2. Have women priests.

3. Stop the guilt campaign.

2. Deathfrogg spews:


#3 there is the basis of their entire belief system. Without it, that cult has nothing. I know this, because I went with a Catholic girl for a while. She would get to feeling so guilty about sleeping with me that she would go on these three week asshole phases every four or five months and refuse to speak to me or even acknowledge my existence. But then she’d always call and want to come over.

I finally just told her to quit calling. The guilt trips were ridiculous.

3. Gman spews:

What’s with the Music? I had to mute it.

4. Roger Rabbit spews:

A federal judge struck down Utah’s voter-passed 2004 law banning same-sex marriages today, saying in a 53-page opinion the law violated the constitutional rights of gay couples. The Salt Lake County clerk’s office immediately began issuing licenses to LBGT couples.

5. Roger Rabbit spews:

Phil Robertson has a right to his opinions. He has a right to free speech. He has a right to be an ignorant jackass. He even has a right to be a racist and a homophobe. But A&E doesn’t owe him a space on their stage.

6. Blue John spews:

And now for something completely different:

A designer reworked the 50 state flags to be more memorable and be better flags.

7. Lee spews:

I’m glad the city is looking into ways to not discourage marijuana tourism, but I find it a bit odd that it’s coming from the City Attorney’s office.

I’m not as surprised that Holmes is doing this. The only city in the world where I’ve ever seen a “no pot smoking” sign in a hotel is Amsterdam. For a long time, that was the only place where tourists didn’t immediately know that marijuana use needed to be hidden. When tourists come here, they’ll be less concerned with hiding what they’re doing and it could legitimately bother other hotel guests.

I have no problem with solving the problem a similar way, by having hotels post “no pot smoking” signs – not out of a belief that people will refrain from smoking, but to get them to hide it.

Although it would be even better if hotels designated a small amount of adjoining rooms to be pot-smoking allowable rooms, just as they do for cigarettes.

8. Geoduck spews:

6: I’ve seen that project discussed on other forums, and the near-universal reaction has been ridicule and scorn. Take his WA state flag- an eagle? Why the hell an eagle?

9. EvergreenRailfan spews:

Working nights, I slept through the snow this morning. When I got to the bus stop, I got the text alert, saying buses were beginning to return to normal routes.

10. ArtFart spews:

@5 What galls me the most is that this isn’t even the worst of the dozens of channels of putrid audio-visual sewage that the fucks at ComCrap think we’re supposed to pay them an absurd amount of money per month to stream into our home.

11. Ekim spews:

@5, 10,

I put together a MythTV DVR. I record the programs I like and watch them when convenient.
My current favorite show is “The 206” on KING.

12. Ekim spews:

It would seem that the RETHUG PARTY identifies with the label “desert racist wasteland” or at least the RETHUGS are hoping to fundraise on it.

We need your help to defeat left-wing lawmakers like Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon who sent this outrageous tweet following the Seahawks’ defeat yesterday at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals:
Losing a football game sucks. Losing to a desert racist wasteland sucks a lot.

As House Majority Whip in Olympia, Rep. Fitzgibbon’s hateful tweet demeans his office. We don’t need Democrats who stoop to intolerance, extremism and demonizing of their political opponents. This tweet is drawing disgust from people nationwide! We need to change the culture in Olympia, so that Democrats won’t embarrass the people of Washington State.

Suzie Hutchison, Chairman, Washington State RETHUG Party

That is the best she has?
Poor Suzie. I almost feel sorry for her…

13. Roger Rabbit spews:

@5 I don’t pay any money to anyone to watch anything. If it isn’t on the internet and free, I don’t watch it, cuz I don’t have a TV.

14. Roger Rabbit spews:

That flag site crashed my computer. It must have too many dots in it, you know, pixies or whatever they call those tiny squares they use to make pictures.

15. Roger Rabbit spews:

What’s with all these newsies posting public farewell letters? In Pop Rabbit’s day, an old newsy stopped by the HR shop on his 65th birthday to sign up for his $25-a-month pension, then quietly shuffled off until he died in a nursing home 34 years later. This
young crowd is an attention-seeking gang of narcissists.