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    rhp6033 spews:

    Regarding the “Micro Apartments”, I’ve always thought that there was a need (i.e., “demand” in economic terms) for small apartments just a bit larger than dorm rooms. These are primarily for single people who just need a bed, shower, and a place to prepare small meals. But I think the communal kitchen idea doesn’t work – my daughter rented a place like that once, and it caused nothing but problems (and weekly fire alarms/evacuations as some idiot put food on the stove to cook and then went back to their apartment to do something else).

    Back in college, my wife and I had our first apartment in an old Victorian which had been divided up into rental units. The high ceiling allowed the landlord (a University engineering professor) to make a loft double bed, with a small seating space below. It was pretty nice, all things considered.

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    Michael spews:

    Prior to WWII there were things like micro apartments. Nice to see the housing options starting to widen again.

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    Right wing politics are terribly simple:

    1) Always vote Republican. The Republican you vote for must sign Grover Norquist’s No Tax Hikes ever pledge..

    2) If that Republican ever votes for any tax increase, vote for his primary opponent who must follow the criteria set in 1

    That’s it! Over time the right winger should get what he or she wants – lower taxes and smaller government. Of course the right winger will also get environmental destruction, corruption at all levels of government, higher crime, higher poverty, more people going hungry, higher infant mortality, old people eating cat food..

    You know just like Somalia and places like that.

    But the right winger doesn’t care about any of that crap.

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    Zotz sez: First, kill all the job cremators! spews:

    Thanks for the intro to McEwan, no word mincing here:

    Point-Counterpoint: Rick Santorum’s wife, Karen Santorum, aka the Luckiest Lady in America, says that, contra Gingrich, Rick Santorum is AWESOME and “gay activists” are mean jerks. I’m convinced! You’ve convinced me, Karen Santorum! I used to think that your husband was a shit-hole constipated with rock-hard turds of undeterrable bigotry, but now I see that it’s just those horrible “gay activists” vilifying him for loving them enough to make sure they don’t get married and cause the Baby Jesus to cry. WHAT A GENEROUS MAN HE IS.

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    To the right winger Democrats can never be trusted. They make noises about fixing problems with programs that require taxes to operate.

    To the right winger only one tool is ultimately needed to deal with society’s problems:

    A gun.

    Ballot boxes of course are only for the pretense of “electing” Republicans. A “necessary evil” in a world of people with ideas other than lower taxes and ever-shrinking government.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    I wanted to post on MLK Jr. day, but I had to work late hours all weekend plus MLK Jr. day. So I wasn’t able to put together the cogenitive piece I had hoped. I still haven’t had time to do that, so let’s just hit the bullet points:

    1. MKL Jr. recognized by the mid-1960’s that equal opportunity at the voting booth, education rights, and job market didn’t mean much if the rest of your life was lived in poverty, working “full-time for part-time pay”, as he put it.

    2. MLK Jr. gave a great speach in 1967-68 about the inherent dignity of labor and the working man, which became the rallying cry of the Memphis garbage workers in their March 1968 strike against the city.

    3. Republicans these days like to talk about how much they value the “working man”, but only to the extent they can get his vote. Time and time again, they aggressivly pursue policies which hurt the working man/woman, only to enrich those that don’t work (i.e., the Mitt Romney’s of the world).

    4. So we have to remind our fellow co-workers – why do Republicans hate the working man?

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    Steve spews:

    @11 I’m curious to see just how many jobs have been created by the corporations that directly benefited from Walker’s more than 2 billion in tax cuts. With all of Wisconsin’s job losses, the answer is probably zero.

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    Steve spews:

    I can’t imagine why Republicans are having so much trouble warming up to an animal-abusing, corporate-raiding cult member whose grandfather fled to Mexico to avoid polygamy charges.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    I heard on the radio this morning that in one rural county in Wisconsin, they have more signatures to recall Walker than the total number who voted in the last election.

    Of course, the Republicans tried to game the system. They encouraged Republicans to sign petitions multiple times with false names and addresses, so the Recall Walker folks have to be careful to submit an over-abundance of signatures to make sure they have enough after these false signatures are rejected.

    Presumably, Walker will also use the false signatures to try to get the entire recall effort thrown out in court alleging “widespread fraud” in the signature-gathering process. There might be fraud, but it’s not on the part of the recall folks. But given the pro-Walker makeup of the state supreme court there, anything can happen.

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    Deathfrogg spews:

    Of course, the Republicans tried to game the system. They encouraged Republicans to sign petitions multiple times with false names and addresses…

    Which is a Felony, by the way. They also physically attacked petitioners, destroyed petition sheets, and threatened public employees with termination if their signatures turned up on the petitions.

    All of those things are Felonies. Walker and his little gang are going to prison.

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    MikeBoyScout spews:

    @17, What? Republican governance for and by the 1% leads to felonious voter fraud?

    Nah, it’s never happened before.

    The WI recall petition drive is something to behold. My faith in the people of Wisconsin is renewed.

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    ArtFart spews:

    They’re nice and new and fresh and clean and everything, but there’s something about the “micro apartments” that reminds me a bit of “Elwood’s” place in the first “Blues Brothers” movie.

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    Michael spews:

    They just need some local ownership that takes a little pride in what they do and some proper regulation.

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    bluesky spews:

    I’ve been reading Melissa McEwan’s primary updates since she started them, when the primary “debates” first began 483 years ago or so. What are they up to now? Debate number 253,677. Something like that. Melissa’s summaries make me laugh out loud; they are very, very funny and astute at the same time. Her site has been kickass for years.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The blackout is having an effect; numerous sponsors of SOPA/PIPA are withdrawing their support. The bill isn’t dead, but it’s likely to be substantially rewritten.