by Carl, 11/02/2012, 8:00 AM

- On our last blog, Lee and I used to make fun of right wingers. Matt Manweller was on the top of the list. And ick for ever to that guy.

- Melissa McEwan’s take on the John Koster story.

- Seattle’s plans for the storm season.

- Being wrong is the most important thing for conservative pundits.

- It’s a better world.

- I didn’t know anything about assassin bugs before reading this post.

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2. czechsaaz spews:

Hey Trolls. Are you prepared for a full day of reporting on job gains that moves into the weekend shows right before the election?

3. czechsaaz - Channeling my inner GrapeNuts spews:

The problem with lying so brazenly, and getting called out for multiple news cycles is that making that closing argument just comes of as probably more lies.

Good luck with Ohio, Willard.

4. czechsaaz - Channeling my inner GrapeNuts spews:

BREAKING: Rick perry on the stump in Ohio for Romney this weekend is going to bring it home!


5. No Time for Fascists spews:

Remember when Mitt Romney said Russia was our “number one geopolitical foe”? Well:

Matt Romney, a son of the Republican presidential nominee, traveled to Moscow this week seeking Russian investors for his California-based real estate firm just days before his father is to wrap up a campaign in which he has vowed to take a tougher stance with the Kremlin.–politics.html

When will the conservatives call him on this?

6. czechsaaz - Channeling my inner GrapeNuts spews:

BREAKING: John McCain at a huge Romney Rally in Ohio this weekend will bring it home.

“I lost to him the last time and Ohio didn’t pick me, you have a chance to make it two in a row.”

7. Serial conservative spews:

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for blacks increased to 14.3 percent in October, while the rates for adult men (7.3 percent), adult women (7.2 percent), teenagers (23.7 percent), whites (7.0 percent), and Hispanics (10.0 percent) showed little or no change. The jobless rate for Asians was 4.9 percent in October (not seasonally adjusted), down from 7.3 percent a year earlier. (See tables A-1, A-2, and A-3.)

Today’s BLS report.

I have no idea how strong Obama’s support is in the Asian community.

I know exactly how strong Obama’s support is in the AA community. Which begs the question:


8. No Time for Fascists spews:

Slow steady climb out of the pitt, no thanks to the obstructionist republicans.

9. No Time for Fascists spews:

Cause the republicans would be worse.

10. czechsaaz - Channeling my inner GrapeNuts spews:

BREAKING: Condoleeza Rice will be on the stump for Romney. That will bring it home.

“So there’s a big picture to be examined here. But we don’t have all of the pieces, and I think it’s easy to try and jump to conclusions about what might have happened here. It’s probably better to let the relevant bodies do their work.”

11. Serial conservative spews:

@ 5

Yet another liberal who doesn’t understand the difference between the private sector and government.

I suppose you’re forgiven because it’s in a different country, but I doubt you understand the difference in this one, either.

12. czechsaaz - Channeling my inner GrapeNuts spews:

BREAKING: Lindsey Graham will be on the Stump for Romney and bring Ohio home for Romney.

“Hi, I’m from South Carolina where we want to steal all your UAW jobs and make them lower-wage ‘right to work’ jobs at our Non-Union BMW plant.”

13. Serial conservative spews:

NYC mayor Bloomberg endorsed Obama this week.


Sunday, America is going to watch a bunch of skinny, self-righteous, left-leaning joggers snatching bottles of water from the hands of Bloomberg’s NYC marathon crew—while families in Staten Island who have no power OR water sit amid the wreckage of their homes, still waiting for help.

All thanks to Mike Bloomberg. You want him, Obots? You can have him.

14. czechsaaz spews:


Russian oligarch after investment pitch by Matt Romney…

“You father might cancel debts to an enemy like me…not sure …hoe do you say.. Oh
…Go Fuck Yourself.”

Its the image that counts right now. Anyone ask GW Bush how Romney’s doing. Shhhh..can’t. In the Caymans. It’s a secret.

15. czechsaaz spews:


You’d prefer all the hotels and Andes that get a bump from the marathon lose some more? Its about the economy right?

that’s what you keep saying.

16. Serial conservative spews:

I can’t understand how this visual is going to play well for Bloomberg, or Obama.

Marathon Runners Form Protest Group To Spurn Starting Line And Volunteer On Staten Island Instead

I cannot start a 26.2 mile run in Staten Island—people are missing, stranded, in need of resources. Brooklyn and Queens have equal devastation. Parts of Manhattan are without electricity, water, major hospitals are closed. The Bronx too has its own challenges. Today I will volunteer at a city evacuation shelter. Sunday morning I will catch the marathon bus to Staten Island. Not planning to run. Plan to volunteer instead and gather resources (extra clothes, bottles of water, food from runners at the start). Let’s not waste resources and attention on a foot race. Who is with me?

People won’t see this on NBC, CBS, or ABC, nor on CNN and certainly not on MSNBC.

They’ll see it on Fox. Drudge.

Oh, and on Facebook:

And that’s enough.

17. czechsaaz spews:

Maybe Paul Ryan should run this weekend. He’s run out of things to do.

18. Serial conservative spews:

@ 15

Yeah. That’s it. I’m for hotels losing more money this week. You got it. First time.

Or maybe I’m for the generators currently set aside for the marathon being redirected to people who have no power. Maybe I’m for the water bottles set aside for the marathon being redirected to people who have no drinking water.


19. No Time for Fascists spews:

@7 If you are representative example, they know that when a republican sees a black person, the republican see a thug and a threat first and maybe, just maybe, if the black person is able earn their respect by being more powerful than the republican (and not shot), or being submissive so they are not perceived as a danger, the black person is still going to get derision and passive aggressive meanness. They certainly will not be treated as an equal, if the republican can help it. That’s how you come across.

So yes, I know why blacks, women, asians, latinos, minorities, gays are not voting republican.

And given your argument, the question you must ask yourself is why are so many white lower and middle class people voting republican against their economic self interests when facts and data have show that the economy and they do better under Democrats?

20. Serial conservative spews:

@ 17

Ryan’s got plenty to do.

Ryan, Biden, Clinton in MN. On the final weekend, would they be putting in the time if that state were not seriously in play?

Get ready for The Pain.

21. Serial conservative spews:

@ 19

the question you must ask yourself is why are so many white lower and middle class people voting republican against their economic self interests when facts and data have show that the economy and they do better under Democrats?

Because facts and data clearly show that they are not doing better under this Democrat.

In the past 40+ years there has been one worthwhile Democrat in the White House. One.

22. No Time for Fascists spews:

Yet another liberal who doesn’t understand the difference between the private sector and government.
Like republicans understand the role of FEMA? romney: Let’s privatize it.
Hello, I’m from FEMAinc. I’m here to help if your credit score is above 820….Let me check… I’m sorry, because your house is destroyed, your credit rating has dropped. That will be cash up front. Do you have $100,000? No checks. No? I’m sorry then, maybe your neighbors can take you in. Have a nice day.

25. Serial conservative spews:

@ 16

FB page, about to go viral:

Good thing Obama had all those photo ops with Hizzoner this week. That’ll help going into the final weekend

26. No Time for Fascists spews:

Because facts and data clearly show that they are not doing better under this Democrat.
Bullshit. The numbers show it.
It would be better but the obstructionist republicans have blocked almost every initiative the Democrats propose. If you want to blame someone, blame the republicans.

27. Serial conservative spews:

@ 24

Dow at 13,000 Thank the Democrats.

1. Dow was at 13,000 under GWB43.

2. Why not NASDAQ at 5,000 Thank the Democrats, NTfF? It hit that level under Clinton in 2000. Recall part of the reason for Clinton’s surplus was all that cap gains taxation due to the stock market excesses in that era.

BTW. I noticed this morning that AIG’s book value is around $60, whereas the stock price is at around $33. My point? Stock market valuations don’t always reflect actual worth of the market.

28. czechsaaz spews:


Sounds like Ryan’s packing up and going home early. That’s what sore losers do.

29. Serial conservative spews:

@ 26

Did Obama tout the stock market gains at any point during the debates? Did he say Dow 13,000 thank the Democrats?

Why, I don’t believe he did. Chew on reasons why that might be the case for awhile.

30. No Time for Fascists spews:

@25. Cause if it can make him look bad, it’s President Obama fault.
He should have used the power of the presidency to shut down the running of a marathon.
He should have said terrorist faster.
He should wear a flag pin.
He should yada yada yada

It’s all one big photo op for you guys isn’t it. Style over substance.

I thought it was “the economy!” Why are you straying off message?

It’s just one cheap shot after another for you.

31. Serial conservative spews:

@ 30

It’s all one big photo op for you guys isn’t it. Style over substance.

Remind me again what the purpose of Obama’s visit post-Sandy was? He’s got FEMA, he’s got Napolitano, he’s got CNN feeds. Why was his presence required?

He was out there looking presidential, the week before the election. It was all photo op. Look at how HA libbies cheered. It’s a post-disaster visit, and HA libbies are cheering.

32. czechsaaz spews:


No, you’re just looking for any bullshit thing to give you hope. Is there a bottled water shortage in the tri-state area? No. Is Coke/Dasani distributing water like they do during most disasters? YES.

You aren’t familiar with generators. The semi truck ones aren’t suited to hook up to the grid and they don’t have outlets. They have 5 wire hookups and are a specialized tool for mobile power. You could drop one somewhere and install a distributor and run extension cords to every house adding a whole new set of live wire and travel hazzards. Little ones power a single house. Which government entity would you like to put in charge of which houses get a single house capacity generator?

Typical conservative. “I am outraged because Drudge tells me to be. I am outraged that my simplistic ideas don’t actually work in the real world.”

33. Gman spews:

Republicans are SCUM!

34. Rael spews:

Red trolls:

Romney is doomed.

You know it.

Give up.

35. rhp6033 spews:

# 7: When you ask about how the President’s policy is under “asians”, you’ve already shown how little you know about the subject.

An asian can be anyone who immigrated from asia, or who’s parent(s) came from asia, or who’s grandparent(s) came from asia, et al, ad infinitum. There can be big genarational differences – younger “Americanized” asians tend to reject their parent’s cultural moralities much more than immigrant families from other cultures. And how does a Chinese family vote if their ancestors came to this country a hundred years or so ago?

Then let’s take a look at where they came from. Immigrants from the past quarter-century or so come from a wide variety of places, such as Japan, China, Taiwan, S. Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malasia, Hong Kong, et al. Their politics might have a lot to do with the politics of their country of origin, depending upon which side of the political fence they were on “over there”.

And within the U.S., there are wide geographic differences. Except for Vietnamese and Cambodian immigrants along the gulf coast (who settled there post-1975), most asian immigrants live within the coastal states of the U.S., both East and West. A merchant in New York’s Chinatown might have quite a different political view than his counterpart in San Francisco’s Chinatown. The one unique factor which they all share is the relative absence of Asian immigrants in the middle of the U.S., except for brides brought home by U.S. servicemen, and foreign exchange students.

Republicans have a similar problem in dealing with hispanics in the U.S., which lately they tend to lump together as “Mexican illegals”. This dismisses entirely the difference between the Cuban-Americans who mostly settled near Miami after the Cuban revolution, the difference between Mexican and Central American hispanics, the differences between true Spanish immigrants and their central and South-American counterparts, and the many hispanics in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas who’s families resided here long before the American Revolution. As my step-mother-in-law said, “My family didn’t immigrate to America. The lines were just re-drawn to include my family within the American side”.

But if I were to hazard an answer to the question of Asian political views in the U.S., I have yet to meet a Japanese, Korean, or Chinese person who thinks the Republicans are anything other than a joke. They have free universal medical care and free college education at public universities (although acess is limited to the highest-testing students). They don’t understand how we let big money control everything here, and are very watchful of attempts by government leaders to create family dynasties by giving their children an unfair advantage.

Does that help you any?

36. Rael spews:

Republicanist trolls:

Democracy is good.

Republicanism is stupid.

Give up.

37. rhp6033 spews:

# 27: Okay, NOW you are going to argue that the stock market numbers are innacurate! First it was “all about the economy”, then it was “the polls are weighted against Romney”, now it’s the STOCK MARKET?????

Cerial’s handlers (those that pay him a dime a post to post here) are rustling deep into the garbage bins, trying to pull out the Republican “Theme for a Day” for him to post. If that’s what they’ve got left, it’s not looking too good for Romney. Lots of early voting is already done, and there are very few “undecideds” – not enough give Romney a victory, even if they all swing in his direction. What he needs now is a MAJOR new issue arising which will swing committed Democratic votes in his direction. Good luck with that one.

38. Serial conservative spews:

@ 32

Things aren’t going as well in the tri-state area as you seem to think.

Staten Island Borough President: Don’t Give Money to the Red Cross

At a press conference this morning on Staten Island, a host of local officials, including Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, gathered to highlight the needs of the hard-hit borough in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. And, although many pols spoke, no one was more impassioned than Borough President James Molinaro, who called the Red Cross an “absolute disgrace” and even urged the public to cease giving them contributions.

“Because the devastation in Staten Island, the lack of a response,” Mr. Molinaro said to explain his comment to NBC after the press conference. “You know, I went to a shelter Monday night after the storm. People were coming in with no socks, with no shoes. They were in desperate need. Their housing was destroyed. They were crying. Where was the Red Cross? Isn’t that their function? They collect millions of dollars. Whenever there’s a drive in Staten Island, we give openly and honestly. Where are they? Where are they?

39. Serial conservative spews:

Shit not going so well in Ohio for Team Obama:

Early Vote Down 15 Percent in Cleveland, Cincinnati

“Either they are running out of buses to transport the voters or they are running out of voters,” my Ohio reader concludes.


40. rhp6033 spews:

Just time for a reminder:

Although the stock market is taking back a little bit from it’s 130+ point gain yesterday, as of 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time it was at 13,208.38.

This means that under George W. Bush’s eight years as President, the DJIA lost 21.78% value (incredibly, losing value for EACH of Bush’s TWO terms).

President Obama, however, has so far in three and 3/4 years overseen a DJIA increase of 59.5 %.

By comparison, the DJIA closed at the end of the Clinton Presidency at 10,587.59, so Pres. Obama has exceeded that remarkable performance substantially.

Of course, as Cerial was trumpeting just a week or so ago, this election is “all about the economy”.

41. rhp6033 spews:

# 31: You are quoting Molinaro, the ardent Republican who managed to get elected by calling himself a “conservative” but not a “republican”, then joining the Tea Party crazies? The guy who gets his raw feeds from the Romney camp about how to respond to just about anything? He’s hoping for an appointment in a Romney administration.

42. Michael spews:

That statement by the Staten Island Borough President was made well within the 72 hour mark that both the government and the Red Cross preach that people need to take care of themselves. Maybe your Staten Island Borough President should have shown up for one of The Red Cross’s classes on 72 hour kits.

43. rhp6033 spews:

Polls reported on the national news this morning showed Obama up 5% to 8% in Ohio.

Obama has moved on to Wisconsin, while Romney is still in Ohio. The difference is, Obama is comfortable with his lead in Ohio, but even if he still loses Ohio he’s ahead in the Electoral College math. Romney CAN’T lose Ohio, he has to fight for every vote there, even if it looks hopeless.

44. No Time for Fascists spews:

If President Obama did not go to the scene, your side would have screaming he was ignoring the situation.
When President Obama goes to the scene, he’s just doing a photo op.
It’s just one cheep shot after another for you.

45. No Time for Fascists spews:

Staten Island Borough President: Don’t Give Money to the Red Cross
You just posted that a private firm, like the one that romney might use after he destroys FEMA is not responsive enough.

Update: (9:40 a.m. 11/2/12): Mr. Molinaro said after his outburst, the Red Cross arrived with the needed soup.

46. rhp6033 spews:

By the way, Molinaro won his seat by taking advantage of the way Staten Island elects it’s burough politicians. Most represent specific neighborhoods, but there are some “at large” seats. Molinaro couldn’t win representation of ANY of the specific neighborhoods, but the “at large” seats had lots of contenders which split the votes among the Democrat candidates. This gave an opening to Molinaro, who was able to harness the relatively few Tea Party activists spread throughout the burough to slightly win the “at-large” contest.

A friend of mine, who grew up there, explained the system to me a while back. She didn’t think much of Molinaro, and said nobody she knew back in Statan Island thought much of him. They are particularly incensed that on a national level, he represents himself to the national press as if he is the only elected leader of Staten Island. But he actually has very little power, he just grandstands in speaches covered by the national media.

47. Serial conservative spews:

@ 43

Polls reported on the national news this morning showed Obama up 5% to 8% in Ohio.

I don’t know what polls you are referring to but the last three in the RCP list of OH polls are:

Obama +3
Romney +2
Obama +2

I doubt Obama is ‘comfortable’ with his lead in OH, or in a few other battleground states.

And, yes, Romney CAN lose Ohio and still win. This has been discussed on numerous threads.

The air smells better if you pull your head out of your ass.

48. Serial conservative spews:

@ 46

By the way, Molinaro won his seat by taking advantage of the way Staten Island elects it’s burough politicians.

And Obama won the 2008 Dem primary race by taking advantage of caucuses.

IOW both candidates played by the rules.

Kinda like the possibility that Obama might be re-elected while losing the popular vote. If he wins the electoral vote, those are the rules by which we choose our president. Will you be questioning Obama’s legitimacy a week from now if it turns out he’s returned to office in that way?

You’re really not doing so well with your logic today, rhp.

49. Daveon spews:

You know Serial Conservative, I had a quick trip back to the comments from 2008 and what struck me, was the conservative leaning commentators then were saying almost EXACTLY the same things as you are now.

I expect the outcome to be similar.

50. No Time for Fascists spews:

What? No comment on the private sector being unresponsive? Have not found a way to blame President Obama for it yet?
Come on Mr. Cheap Shot. I know you can.

51. Steve spews:

“Or maybe I’m for the generators currently set aside for the marathon being redirected to people who have no power.”

What a load of horseshit. As an electrical engineer who designs and specifies generator standby and emergency systems, I’d say that you’re too fucking ignorant for words, not that this would ever keep a dumbfuck narcissist like you from flapping your lips as though you actually had a fucking clue.

52. Serial conservative spews:

Staten Island residents 1, Marathon 0.

NYC hotel owner refuses to
boot locals for marathoners

USA Today, by Barbara Delollis

The owner of a Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Staten Island refuses to kick out his current guests, who lost their homes to superstorm Sandy, to runners arriving for Sunday’s New York City Marathon. Hotel owner Richard Nicotra told Hotel Check-In Friday afternoon that local residents are relying on his hotel while they remain homeless due to the storm and that he won’t let them down. Both Nicotra and his wife are second-generation Staten Island residents.

53. Michael spews:

This is the best the WSRP could do in Ellensburg?

Manweller appears to have met his first wife, Oralynn Reeve, in 1997 at Hurricane High School in Hurricane, Utah, where she was a sophomore and he was a math teacher. According to the school’s 1997-1998 yearbook (login required), the then-29-year-old Manweller coached the boys varsity soccer team; Reeve was the team’s manager. The couple married in Idaho on June 23, 2000, just weeks after Reeve graduated high school. She was 18, he was 31.

Curiously, that was Manweller’s only year teaching at Hurricane High. Double-curiously, it’s also the only relevant job experience he excludes from his resume. Huh.

54. czechsaaz spews:


There’s a current of anti Red Cross on the right. All the Eastside Fundie Republicans, and there are a ton in my professional/parental/peersonal orbit, will tell you how awful the Red Cross is and your money MUST go to World Vision. Relief isn’t really effective unless it cones with a shovelful of Jesus.

And don’t get me wrong, World Vision does really great things on a daily world aid basis. But they have never had the processes or infrastructure for disaster relief. If Staten Island relied on World Vision well, they’re still today hiring trucks to get to warehouses to load to drive to the East Coast. Should get there next week.

55. Serial conservative spews:

@ 54

Bob Dole’s wife, Liddy, ran the American Red Cross.

I have nothing against them. I also have nothing against faith-based charities. They’re both extremely important for day-to-day things as well as in crises. Wife donates each month to a local food bank run by her church. Whether the cheese is or is not blessed doesn’t affect caloric content.

It will probably be a month or so before reasoned analyses of what was done well and what was lacking can be made with this storm.

Michael made a good point about the first 72 hours after a disaster. Somehow I don’t recall hearing that with Katrina, but it’s useful to know and, in calmer situations, should be widely stressed.

56. No Time for Fascists spews:

You know, I think this is pay back for romney’s staged disaster relief photo op to the Red Cross. They made romney look worse than usual so the Red Cross must be destroyed.

Look what the vindictive righties did the republican pizza guy who hugged the President or the soup kitchen that made Ryan look bad or the republican Christie that dared praise the President.

Why are conservatives so vicious to anyone who challenges them? Serial “Cheap Shot” Conservative, do you approve of their actions?

57. Serial conservative spews:

Gee, what a surprise:

The study also reveals the degree to which the two cable channels that have built themselves around ideological programming, MSNBC and Fox, stand out from other mainstream media outlets. And MSNBC stands out the most. On that channel, 71% of the segments studied about Romney were negative in nature, compared with just 3% that were positive-a ratio of roughly 23-to-1. On Fox, 46% of the segments about Obama were negative, compared with 6% that were positive-a ratio of about 8-to-1 negative.

The above from the Pew Research Center.

This is why I watch MSNBC for post-debate coverage and pre-election spin. If the worst they have on Romney is what they’ve presented, he’s golden to an average American.

58. Very Severe Conservative spews:

Remember, if it’s negative facts about conservatives, it must be called spin and negativity and attack. If it’s lies about the President, call that objective journalism.

59. czechsaaz - Channeling my inner GrapeNuts spews:


Don’t get me wrong. I’ve given to World Vision and they are among the best on the ratio of $$$ funding actual aid not overhead. I have nothing against faith-based charities that actually work. I have a slight issue with faith-based organizations that require a profession of faith or some form of forced devotion as a requirement to recieve, I’m lookin’ at you Salvation Army, but I don’t want to keep people from donating to them.

But they just aren’t set up to do what the Red Cross does. Really no one is. But you still hear the anti-Red Cross, vehemently from O’Rielly, whenever a disaster strikes. For many, they are secular AKA insufficiently Christian, so they MUST be bad.

In the next few weeks we’ll get the standard, “People gave to Sandy Aid and that money hasn’t been spent yet. Red Cross BAAAAAAD.” These people don’t understand the disaster relief fund. The Red Cross keeps large amounts of capital to be able to respond in 72 hours anywhere in the world. The donations from the LAST major disaster are funding their efforts for Sandy instead of needing to wait until the telethon, the processing of donations made today or operating on credit. The money I donated this week for Sandy I have clear eyes is actually replenishing what the Red Cross is spending today so they can react next time. But this is EVIL in the minds of the Fundie-Rightists.

60. Serial conservative spews:

@ 59

But you still hear the anti-Red Cross, vehemently from O’Rielly, whenever a disaster strikes.

I suppose if you listen to Fox you might. I would have to take your word for it.

Criticizing Romney for asking for canned goods – as MSNBC did ad nauseum – is as useless as criticizing the Red Cross for not using the ten bucks I donated within 24 hours. Donations of goods fill cupboards, even if only locally (I doubt that the stuff donated in OH made it to disaster sites) and make money that otherwise would be needed for cupboard-filling available to be redirected to more urgent needs.

If you’re going to object to criticism of philanthropic effort, to be fair you should object to what MSNBC tried to do to Romney.

Fortunately, only the Obama voters watch MSNBC. And half of them probably won’t be bothered to vote.

61. Roger Rabbit spews:

@53 So many GOP candidates have odious personal biographies they look like boxcars on a passing train.

62. Roger Rabbit spews:

@2 Well, of course, the favorable job numbers must be contrived to make Obama look good. Right? right?

63. ArtFart spews:

@11 And what does that say about the “run government like a business” mantra?

64. Roger Rabbit spews:

Local company Starbucks is today’s stock market star. SBUX is up 10.7% on strong earnings and boosted its dividend by 23.5%. My Starbucks shares, split adjusted, cost me less than $5 a share.

65. MikeBoyScout spews:

I’m out of town.
Has asshat teabagger Koster given us any advice today on what women should do with their lady parts in the event they physically encounter a “pro-life” rapist?

What War on Women?

66. ArtFart spews:

@17 Not to mention things to say.

67. Roger Rabbit spews:

Curiously, stocks are down today despite good job numbers. Maybe the investor class, which favors Romney, feels nervous about next Tuesday — they see their millionaire-tax-cuts vaporizing.

68. Roger Rabbit spews:

@65 He’d probably suggest they pull out a gun and neutralize the rapist’s man-parts. Repugs think guns are the solution to all of our social problems.

69. Hec Ramsey spews:

re 57: You misrepresented the premise of the poll. Gee, what a surprise.

The study of the tone in news coverage is not an examination of media bias. Rather, it measures the overall impression the public is receiving in media about each candidate, whether the assertion is a quote from a source, a fact presented in the narrative that is determined to be favorable or unfavorable, including poll results, or is part of a journalistic analysis.

70. Roger Rabbit spews:

@47 “I doubt Obama is ‘comfortable’ with his lead in OH …”

More comfortable than Romney is.

71. ArtFart spews:

@42 Right…that was when whole neighborhoods were still burning because the local fire trucks couldn’t negotiate the canals that had once been streets. 18 wheelers with emergency supplies would have an equally hard time getting around.

About the only thing that might have helped (and which might be worth consideration in future emergency planning) would have been for the military to have had a large number of amphibious assault vehicles available–the things that are sort of like WWII “ducks” but are about four times the size. Come to think of it, since we’ve been concentrating on desert warfare for so many years, most of those may well have been scrapped.

72. No Time for Fascists spews:

If romney had just written a check to the Red Cross for $5,000 maybe they would have had gas money to get to Staten Island to get soup to the impatient republicans.

Republicans don’t want to be taxed so their government could help, but republicans sure do get indignant when their charity powered by donations is not instantly responsive to their needs.

73. Roger Rabbit spews:

Nate Silver Today

GOPers hate Nate Silver because, well, because the brilliant statistician’s poll analyses show Romney losing. (So does Intrade, but never mind that.)

Today, Silver debunks the standard wingnut arguments about why the polls are wrong. This reads like it was written specifically for Cereal Bob.

“Some argue that the polls are systematically biased against Republicans. This might qualify as a simple argument had it been true on a consistent basis historically, but it hasn’t been: instead, there have been some years when the polls overestimated how well the Democrat would do, and about as many where the same was true for the Republican. …

“Others argue that undecided voters tend to break against the incumbent, in this case Mr. Obama. But this has also not really been true in recent elections. …

“A third argument is that Mr. Romney has the momentum in the polls …. This may be the worst of the arguments, in my view. It is contradicted by the evidence, simply put.”

Roger Rabbit Commentary: It’s possible Romney could win. After all, polls don’t really measure the impact of GOP vote suppressions efforts, nor do they account for crooked voting machines. Bullying minority voters and rigging electronic vote counting seems to be Romney’s best bet at this point, and it might prove to be enough.

74. Serial conservative spews:

@ 69

You misrepresented the premise of the poll. Gee, what a surprise.

Nice try.

For mainstream media, the study included the three broadcast networks, the three major cable news networks, the 12 most popular news websites, 11 newspaper front pages and news programming from PBS and NPR along with radio headlines from ABC and CBS news services. From these outlets, PEJ researchers watched, listened or read every story in the sample and counted each assertion for whether it was positive in nature about a candidate, negative in nature or neutral. For a story to be deemed to have a distinct tone, positive or negative assertions had to outnumber the other by a factor of three to two. Any story in which that was not case was coded as mixed.

If it was ‘impression’, it was perception by the researchers, and not by interviews of viewers.

They chose not to call it bias. By merely looking at the treatment by Fox and by MSNBC I think the bias is clear, don’t you?

They didn’t have to call it bias. 8-to-1 and 23-to-1 treatment of the candidates is a pretty clearly biased treatment.

75. No Time for Fascists spews:

Anyone know what the scope of the services the Red Cross provided to the east coast in the aftermath of the Hurricane?
It would be a shame if the Red Cross suffered, even though they provided services across the ENTIRE east coast hit by the Hurricane, because they were late getting to that one location,

76. Serial conservative spews:

How do you know the jobs report wasn’t all that helpful to Obama?

Harry’s making excuses and blaming the GOP:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Friday that October’s job report would have been even better if his Republican colleagues would “stop trying to appease the Tea Party.”

He might as well be saying he’d get more sex if his dick were longer.

77. Roger Rabbit spews:

GOP Suppresses Tax Study

“The Congressional Research Service has withdrawn an economic report that found no correlation between top tax rates and economic growth, a central tenet of conservative economic theory, after Senate Republicans [objected to] the paper’s findings … which questions the premise that lowering the top marginal tax rate stimulates economic growth and job creation. … ‘This has hues of a banana republic,’ [Sen.] Schumer said. ‘They didn’t like a report, and instead of rebutting it, they had them take it down.’”

Roger Rabbit Commentary: The GOP rationalization for giving the rich a free ride on taxes, and shifting the entire tax burden to workers, is a crock. Capital formation was just fine in Eisenhower’s time, when marginal tax rates were 90%. And Shrub’s multi-trillion-dollar giveaways to the rich produced zero jobs in return for massive deficits. As with so many things, the GOP case for giving special tax privileges to the very rich, which the rest of us don’t enjoy, is based on a pack of lies.

78. YLB spews:

This post bears repeating:

Nate Silver is a man of very small stature, a thin and effeminate man with a soft-sounding voice.

Anyone who tells the truth about right wing myths and reality distortions, the right wing paints as a woman..

It’s pathological the hatred against women on the right.

79. Serial conservative spews:

@ 73

I’m already making a mental list of the excuses RR will gin up on Wednesday.

The president of Ohio Christian University, Mark A. Smith, says, “The intensity of voters in the faith community is as high as I’ve seen it in the last 12 years.” The driver of that intensity is religious liberty. “We took a direct hit with the Affordable Care Act,” he says. Evangelicals watched the Obama administration’s big public fight with Catholic hospitals and charities. What they concluded is that the health-care law was a direct threat to their own private outreach programs.

Mr. Smith says that if evangelicals in Ohio’s rural communities repeat their turnout levels from 2000 and 2004, they will offset the Obama advantage in Cuyahoga County. “Six different faith groups are out there” for Romney in Ohio, he says. “That didn’t happen the last time.”

Mr. Smith and others I spoke to this week cited one more reason for their enthusiasm: Paul Ryan. Steve Scheffler, a longtime GOP activist in Iowa, says it was “the best possible choice” Mr. Romney could make for the ticket. “It galvanized evangelicals.”

These evangelicals are working hard, RR. I don’t think they have time to stop and answer silly poll questions.

80. Serial conservative spews:

@ 78

Again, YLB, if you’re ever curious as to why so many of us initially think/thought you’re a woman, just go back and read your post(s).


81. No Time for Fascists spews:

@78. The right attacks and marginalizes any and everyone who does not agree with them.

… But I think the point holds true. Silver’s work is humiliating to people who are little more than gossipmongers. The response is to accuse them of listening to public radio and living in Seattle.


82. YLB spews:

80 – I responded to that already in that thread.

It can’t be stressed enough.

You right wingers will even fantasize about raping men whose politics you dislike – after “transforming” them in your inimitable way into women.

Think about that.


83. Michael spews:

It would be a shame if the Red Cross suffered, even though they provided services across the ENTIRE east coast hit by the Hurricane, because they were late getting to that one location

They weren’t late to that one location. The Red Cross and .gov both say you need to be able to take care of yourself for at least 72 hours after a major disaster. The problem is a couple of ill informed idiots who were quoted in the press without the press following up their quotes with any facts.

A NYC pump train that pumps water out tunnels isn’t going to do much good delivering clean socks and food to Staten Island.

84. Michael spews:


Here’s what the Red Cross has been up to:

More than 7,000 people spent Wednesday night in 115 Red Cross shelters in several states – New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Ohio, and the District of Columbia. Red Cross disaster workers have already served nearly 164,700 meals. More than 334,000 ready to eat meals are in the area and 12 mobile kitchens capable of making 198,000 meals a day have been deployed.

Roads and airports are opening and more disaster workers, vehicles and relief supplies will be arriving in the affected areas. The Red Cross has mobilized more than 3,300 disaster workers and more than two-thirds of the entire Red Cross fleet of response vehicles is beginning to distribute meals, water and snacks in some areas. Trailers full of relief supplies have also been deployed to help people as they begin to clean up their homes.

Read more here:

85. MikeBoyScout spews:

Time to go a knockin here in Denver, but I’ll leave you with this

86. rhp6033 spews:

# 48: If the Electoral College system was good enough to put George W. Bush in office by Republican standards, who am I to suggest we change it the moment if favors a Democrat?

But don’t let that stop you from making the argument for abolishing the EC system. Consistency has never been a Republican trait, anyway.

87. Roger Rabbit spews:

@79 “I’m already making a mental list of the excuses RR will gin up on Wednesday.”

I anticipate you’ll be MIA on Wednesday. Nowhere to be seen. In hiding. Gone. In case we don’t see you again, I just want to say it’s been fun.

88. Serial conservative spews:

@ 85

MBS, in that poll,

those who say they already have voted went 49% Obama and 46% Romney.

And yet, on this page:

547,000 GOP voters have cast ballots vs 509,000 Dem voters in the state.

So, are early-voting indies in CO breaking that heavily for Obama, that he can have a 2 point lead despite the early voting favoring the GOP?

No ulterior motive here, just asking where the additional Obama votes are coming from.

89. Roger Rabbit spews:

@48, @86 – It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see the GOP-controlled House refuse to recognize the EC result and try to engineer a House selection of the next president.

90. Roger Rabbit spews:

As I’ve said before, dissecting polls is just watercooler talk, only actual votes count (subject to #89 above).

91. YLB spews:

Shit. Willard’s “closing argument” is loaded-gun threat..

In a strange way I agree. The moronic House Republicans have been the worst thing to happen to this country since Bush.

It’d be nice if the House changed hands, but it’s a total long shot.

92. czechsaaz spews:


Given that he’s a tea-bag politician from New York I’m pretty confident saying where he found his hatred of the Red Cross.

I first encountered it post 9-11 when bill-o did a whole week on why the funds from the celebrity telethon/concert hadn’t been spent within weeks of the broadcast. At that point it was just him and a smattering of Fox infotainers that led to a few letters to the editor in the Times.

It was more fevered post-Katrina and this time Fox went full bore even doing stories on better charities “World Vision” featured prominently and their crawl suggested relief organizations. Red Cross was not included in the crawl in most segments.

And there seemed to be an attitude of American donors money not being spent on Americans. You could argue that there’s a xenophobic, even racist, element to the attitude.

And it’s a slant that’s gained traction in less partisan media.

In the ensuing years the number of people I’ve run across who will drop anti Red Cross asides into conversations following world disasters continues to increase. And it’s nearly always my every waking moment Fox watching father-in-law or the Pastor Hutch followers and Mars Hill congregants I have in my life who’ve been stirred into this idea.

Its been an insidious campaign over a decade to replace the Red Cross as the go to for people’s money with a Christian organization that isn’t yet prepared for the roll. I don’t fault World Vision. They do excellent work but not as effectively in sudden crisis mode.

94. rhp6033 spews:

# 92: I agree, World Vision does excellent work, but it’s a lot better a digging wells in African villages or doing drops to African refugee camps than it is in providing real-time aid to individuals in the U.S.

I think part of the anti-Red Cross hysteria is because of Katrinia. With FEMA effectively dismantled well before the hurricane hit New Orleans, only the Red Cross was giving aid to individuals on a wide basis. Other than that, it was simply individual efforts – the “Redneck Navy”, and some private security firms hired to protect banks, oil facilities, etc. Evacuation efforts were even forcibly halted on claims that residents were firing at helicopters and boats – ignoring completely that firing three shots in the air is a long-standing distress signal, known by just about every hunter.

But Karl Rove needed to blame Democratic politicians, the victims, and everyone else for the disaster in the Katrina response. He didn’t want the Red Cross to be seen helping people in the communities, he wanted the cameras showing FEMA giving out debit cards with little controls or accounting, and then blaming FEMA when some of the money was mis-used by the victims.

Karl Rove didn’t want the REd Cross helping people in their communities, and re-building New Orleans. He reportedly kicked in his television when he saw Bush promising to re-build New Orleans on television. To Rove, New Orleans was a Democratic stronghold which kept the state “Blue” on the electoral college and Senate map. He wanted to make sure that New Orleans residents were spread across other solidly red states – Texas, Mississipi, Alabama, and Georgia – where their political strength could be diluted, and with no home in New Orleans to which they could ever return. This was a diaspora of much of a city on a modern level not seen except in the civil war that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia and some African conflicts.

Thus Rush Limbaugh and others of Rove’s minions argued that it didn’t make sense to “rebuild” much of New Orleans – other than the oil facilities and as a Mardi Gras tourist site. Thus George W. Bush’s promise to rebuild, and the appropriations from Congress to do so, were turned into empty promises. Much of the neighborhoods populated by black Democratic voters were left out by circular logic – no infrastructure aid to get power and sewers working unless the neighborhood is mostly re-populated, but no occupancy permits would be granted unless sewers and lights are working. Much of the money allocated by Congress for Katrina aid was never spent, and later was diverted to the wealthier areas of the city and to repair the infrastructure which supported the oil industry.

The final insult was to the hundreds of thousands of residents who wanted to remain in New Orleans and re-build, but who’s jobs had washed away with Katrina. Many were looking forward to new jobs rebuilding the city. But at a meeting for local contractors, they were told by FEMA that Haliburton had been selected as the no-bid contractor, and if they wanted work they should apply to Haliburton (Halliburton wasn’t taking applications). A few weeks later the Haliburton trucks arrived, with Texas plates and work crews who mostly didn’t speak English.

95. rhp6033 spews:

By the way, an Aviation Today article from earlier this week had an interesting story on China’s commitment to building commercial airplanes which are competative with western-built aircraft.

Their first dip into this market was rather well thought out – by investing in repair and overhaul services, as well as major modifications, their workforce achieved the skills necessary to be competative in the world market.

After a decade of this, they moved to build a regional jet, the Avic-build ARJ21. The goal here was to build a jet comparable with Bombardier and Embraer regional jets in the 50 to 75 seat class. But the aisle is quite a bit wider than most western regional jets, with 5-abreast seating, which the article explained was because the factory had already been set up to build jets in that configuration when McDonnel-Douglas was trying to have MD-82′s built there.

Now China is using the ARJ21 as the validation test for getting western countries to give cross-certification of the Avic production certificate, and the airplanes which are produced therefrom. In short, this means that if the Chinese government issues an airworthiness certificate, then the western nations will do likewise – the same way the U.S. honors Eurpean certificates of airworthiness for Airbus and Bombardier airplanes, and vice-versa.

The Chinese goverment is being very agressive in it’s controls, to the point where it is consdidered by many to be acting much stricter than the FAA or it’s European, Candian, or Brazilian counterparts. This has contributed to the delay of the ARJ21 into service. Originally they hoped to enter service in 2006, but now they are looking at 2016 as major changes need to be made to the design and construction of the landing gear, etc.

But now the ARJ21 is so late that they are looking at making additional changes to it’s flight deck, avionics, and engines to bring it up to date. The question is whether the ARJ21 will ever come to market, or whether it will just be used to validate the certification process. In the meantime, the Sukoi Superjet is expected to enter the market next year, a direct competitor to the ARJ21.

In the meantime, AVIC has been merged into COMAC, a partnership between AVIC (airframe), Pratt & Whitney (engines), and other western suppliers. COMAC is in the process of designing, testing, and building a larger airplane, the single-aisle C919, which COMAC hopes to offer as a direct competitor to the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 families (150 seat class). COMAT hopes to sell these aircraft internationally, but may settle for selling to Chinese airlines, with a little arm-twisting by the government. That means the tails displaying the liveries of all the Chinese airlines at Boeing Field in Seattle will be dissapear.

But COMAC is already looking beyond the C919, and possibly to building an entirely new twin-aisle aircraft, tentatively called the C929. There’s lots of speculation, but apparantly they want an aicraft which can compete directly against the new Boeing 787. But that’s a big leap, from an untested regioinal jet that has yet to gain certification, to designing and building a twin-aisle commercial jet.

96. czechsaaz spews:

Another disaster polling day for Willard. Even Rasmussen has the national race ties, a big movement toward The President at the closing bell, and the Ras state polls daily show movement to Obama. Ras has Ohio tied after weeks of Willard leads giving Piddles hope that’s slipping now that Scott knows his business won’t survive his being as spectacularly wrong as 2010. Lots of evidence that Michigan is done and not doable for Willard. Iowa moving from toss-up to leans Obama. New Hampshire too. Virginia moving to the President. Mixed bag in Colorado but Tuesday night we.might be done before Colorado starts counting.

Looks like the closing arguments are in swing and The President is closing while Willard bonks with the public. Turns out they don’t want a smarmy liar and stunted adolescent ticket after all.

Three more days of Mittmentum left. That’s why cereal is stuck with pointing out that a few less people have early voted this year. “Bring the comfy chair!”

97. Steve spews:

This is interesting. This is from over a year ago. Jeb Bush formed a for-profit natural disaster relief corporation.

Jeb’s press release,

Fuck FEMA and Red Cross. If those 47 percenters on Staten Island had just forked over all of their cash to Jeb then all would be well by now, I’m sure.

98. Roger Rabbit spews:

@91 Maybe so, but Michelle Bachmann has a race on her hands. She’s still favored, but she’s getting a serious challenge from a well-funded hotel magnate, and hers is this year’s most expensive House race. Despite outspending her opponent 12-to-1, the race is competitive, amid signs her constituents are tiring of her.

99. Roger Rabbit spews:

Best and Worst Presidents for the Economy

This list was compiled by investment website Motley Fool.

Stock market performance

Best 5: Coolidge, Ford, Harding, Obama, Clinton
Worst 5: Hoover, Nixon, Bush43, Wilson, Taft

Corporate Profits

Best 5: Obama, Harding, Clinton, Coolidge, JFK
Worst 5: Hoover, Bush43, Bush41, Wilson, Ford

Real GDP Per Capita

Best 5: FDR, Harding, LBJ, Ford, Reagan
Worst 5: Hoover, T.Roosevelt, Wilson, Truman, Bush43


Best 5: Carter, Wilson, Ford, Nixon, Truman
Worst 5: Hoover, Harding, Coolidge, JFK, Ike

Reducing Unemployment Rate

Best 5: FDR, Harding, Clinton, LBJ, Reagan
Worst 5: Hoover, Wilson, T.Roosevelt, Bush43, Ike

Roger Rabbit Commentary: It’s remarkable how rare modern Republican presidents are in the “Best” lists and how frequently Bush43 shows up in the “Worst” lists.

100. Serial conservative spews:

NYC Marathon has been cancelled.


101. Roger Rabbit spews:

@100 I have a feeling Romney’s victory party may get canceled, too.

102. Serial conservative spews:

15. czechsaaz spews:

You’d prefer all the hotels and Andes that get a bump from the marathon lose some more? Its about the economy right?

that’s what you keep saying.

Hey, CZ:

Why does Mayor Bloomberg want to take all that money away from the NYC economy?

Doesn’t he know that hotels need money?

103. Serial conservative spews:

@ 101

Good one.

I will say I’ve seen a little bit of stuff online by GOP saying that things shifted a bit Obama’s way after the storm.

NYT piece today giving an awful lot of credence to Romney’s chances in PA.

Dunno. We only have four more days to wildly and baselessly speculate.

104. Roger Rabbit spews:

@103 “to wildly and baselessly speculate”

I’m glad you finally called your postings by their right name.

OTOH, is my leaning toward an Obama victory “wild and baseless”? I don’t think so. There’s a lot of scientific polling, for which someone is paying big money, nearly all of which indicates Romney’s spirited run to the finish line will fall a bit short.

My confidence level isn’t as high as Darryl’s, I’m more in tune with Intrade’s 2-to-1 odds, but it’s tough to ignore that nearly every pollster and oddsmaker in the business has Obama as the odds favorite.

This has to be tempered by these considerations: (1) Pollsters can be wrong, (2) a last-minute event or voter sentiment shift could flip a race this close, and (3) the GOP will to try to game the ballot counting system in the key states of Florida and Ohio, and elsewhere. These possibilities make me cautious about climbing too far out on the prediction limb.

But I do think there is more than “wild and baseless speculation” behind the general consensus in the media that Obama has the edge going into the final weekend of campaigning.

The Electoral College is a hard wall to hit head-first, and my gut says Romney will be able to tell us all about that on Wednesday.

105. czechsaaz spews:


Yep. That’s something he might have to deal with come election time. Losses due to flooding may be insured. Loses due to Mayoral decision, no.

106. czechsaaz spews:

@11. Serial conservative spews:

@ 5

Yet another liberal who doesn’t understand the difference between the private sector and government.

Oh SHIT! You mean Willard was lying on the campaign trail about something else?

“But while in Moscow, Mr. Romney told a Russian known to be able to deliver messages to Mr. Putin that despite the campaign rhetoric, his father wants good relations if he becomes president, according to a person informed about the conversation.”

107. Roger Rabbit spews:

Here’s an interesting case of dueling polls.

“According to a … new Howey/DePauw University Battleground Poll … ‘Donnelly [is] leading … Mourdock 47 percent to 36 percent, with Libertarian Andrew Horning getting 6 percent.’ Now Republicans have released their own poll showing Mourdock at 46% and Donnelly at 44%.”

Roger Rabbit Commentary: This refers to an open-seat Senate race in Indiana, where Democrat Joe Donnelly appears likely to upset Republican Richard Mourdock.

There’s no fucking way you can have two honest and competent polls this far apart. The disparity between the 47% and 44% numbers for Donnelly possibly can be explained away, but the extra 10% of the electorate the GOP poll claims for their candidate looks like it was manufactured from thin air.

But, gee, Republicans don’t do that, do they?

108. rhp6033 spews:

I’m pretty confident of an Obama win, given the polling and the electoral college system.

What worries me is the extent to which the GOP will try to change the game at the last minute through manipulation of electronic voting machines, voter intimidation, etc.

It’s awfully hard to make a bet on a game where you strongly suspect that “the fix is in”.

109. rhp6033 spews:

Remember that this time around, there won’t be any exit polling in 19 states. The one organization which does exit polling for the major news outlets has cut back in those states for “cost reasons”.

Which makes them “prime pickings” for Republican ballot manipulation. Fortunately, most of them have already been written off as being solidly Republican. But I have to wonder if the major broadcasters are going to announce their projected winner minutes after the polls close, like they usually do, if they don’t have exit polling to rely upon.

110. Gman spews:

Does anyone know if that cunt Sarah Palin has tweeted any hopeful or encouraging wishes to all those suffering on the east coast due to the storm?

111. YLB spews:

68 percent of registered Republicans believe demonic possession is real..

Only 48 percent accept the scientific consensus on human-caused climate change.

112. YLB spews:

Right wing cheater caught voting more than once:

How sweet it is!

113. YLB spews:

Sorry Jerry the klown, Obama helped build this:

First, consider these simple facts. Of the 4.5 million private sector jobs created since Obama took office, about 2.6 million — or 60 percent — were created by small businesses. How impressive is that number? George H.W. Bush, by comparison, created just 1.8 million small business jobs during his full four years in office. And if we add the paltry number created under two terms of George W. Bush, we arrive at a startling conclusion: Obama has created as many small business jobs in one administration as his two GOP predecessors did in three.

These jobs and the revival of the small business sector didn’t just happen spontaneously. From the day he took office, Obama has deliberately stoked its development, providing some 18 different tax cuts: some under the banner of the 2009 American Recovery Act (the “Stimulus”), others through the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010. Obama also established the Small Business Lending Fund (SBLF) which made it easier for community-based banks to provide critical start-up loans that most fledgling businesses need to get off the ground, or to finance their expansion, hiring more workers.

Heh. Yeah old news. The trolls haven’t brought that “we built this” crap here in a long time.

114. Roger Rabbit spews:

@112 Looks like the GOPers were right — some people do vote twice. Strange how it’s always one of theirs.

115. Roger Rabbit spews:

Mrs. Rabbit asks if Vanessa Vote Often from Vegas is Puddy’s cousin?

116. Richard Pope spews:

Republican Family Values — (married) Mayor of Bothell does the Manweller with his secretary, fires her after she gets a new boyfriend, and now gets sued over it:

“Mark Lamb, a married attorney who has served as mayor of the City of Bothell for the past six years, is being sued by a woman who claims Lamb fired her from her paralegal job at his law firm after their two-year affair ended in March.”

117. Michael spews:

This guy’s one of the hero’s of the gun-nutty right.

His political diatribes would be funny, if people didn’t actually believe his crap. I’m 20 minutes into his latest hour long screed and I haven’t heard a single thing that makes sense yet.

118. Roger Rabbit spews:

@116 Many years ago, I believed you had to be smart to become a lawyer, but I don’t believe that anymore. There are too many stupid lawyers running around. This one wasn’t smart enough to figure out that after you have sex with an employee you can’t fire that person.

119. Czechsaaz spews:


Goldy’s line over on slog is the best I’ve seen.

“Either Republicans are the only ones ever getting caught at election fraud (perhaps they just suck at it) or Republicans are the only ones ever committing it.”

120. Roger Rabbit spews:

This Newsweek column explains how Mitt Romney blew an easy election against a Kenyan communist with a forged birth certificate. Executive summary: Romney is too stupid to be president.

1. Write an op-ed for NYT headlined “Let Detroit go bankrupt.”
2. Follow that up with lying ads about Jeep moving to China.
3. Don’t respond to opposition attacks portraying him as a vulture capitalist. (Note: This is how he lost to Teddy Kennedy, too.)
4. Throw away the senior vote, Florida, and Ohio by picking Paul Ryan instead of Ohio Gov. Rob Portman for veep.
5. Give Clint Eastwood the prime time convention podium without asking to see a script first.
6. In the debates, screw up facts badly enough to get reprimanded by the moderator.
7. Spend all your money on late TV ads instead of early field organizing.

121. Roger Rabbit spews:

This is one of those times when I’m actually glad that Republicans are incompetent.

122. Gman spews:

Donated $100 to Redcross today for the storm, I wonder what the cheap ass republicans are donating?

123. YLB spews:

It was all photo op. Look at how HA libbies cheered. It’s a post-disaster visit, and HA libbies are cheering.

Heh. Guess Obama should have looked like this..

Looking down at this..

Worked out great for that disaster.