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    uptown spews:

    No you’re not an idiot, but you’re still wrong. BB is throwing the dog a toy (which is why they went to 50, for the shock value)…don’t expect much more.

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    proud leftist spews:

    I see that Lincoln Chafee has announced that he has left the Republican Party. What does that leave–4 maybe, moderates in that fringe party?

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    Daddy Love spews:

    I’m orn. One one had, the many, many ARMs that are resetting will rest to lower rates due to this cut (or due its trickle-down, which amounts to the same thing). On the other hand, our far-too-easy credit in conjunction with our look-the-other-way GOP Congress got us here in the first place, so in the absence of strong, positive Congressional action reining in stupid lenders, I’m not sure I favor the cut.

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    SeattleJew spews:

    Time to refinance!

    Hmmmm ..

    a Hummer to replace my Ferrari, give Ferrari to son 60
    b 52″ flat screen 4
    c dinner at Rover’s, have Darryl and Goldy as guests 1
    d new Italian Stove 6
    e high end NIkon D3 with all the coolest lenses 15
    f max out contribution to Darcy 3
    g coupla bucks for Goldy –
    h new CPU, maybe a Mac with Windows, 8 gigs? 6
    i diesels for the yacht 80
    j Leica M8 and lenses to phot DL in the dark 18
    k coupla more bucks for Goldy and buy him a beer –
    l Prious .. to save fuel for the Hummer 3
    m Ultra cold walk in refer, wi remodel 8
    n air conditioning
    o paint the effin house so it looks like it is worth its eval. 15
    p trip to Alaska for 2, first class 15
    q a pittance for Richard Pope
    r slate roof, to impress neighbors 40
    s help dotter buy a house
    t replace electric service to house 50
    u landscaping to keep up with new millionaire neighbors. 20
    v add more channels to our Comcast account –
    w Tivo –
    y iPhone –
    z some more beer for Goldy –

    total … about $350,000 AND the interest is tax deductible!

    Tx BB
    Tx Goldy!

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    Daddy Love spews:

    In a speech attacking the ad about Petraeus’ testimony (because Republicans have to try to distract us from the dead in Iraq), Dick Cheney said “It’s bad enough when politicians turn their backs on a war they voted for and supported when it was popular.”

    As usual, Dick Cheney could not be more wrong. In fact, prior to our illegal invasion, the prospect of war was NOT vey popular, with the majority of Americans saying they thought we should allow the inspections to continue RATHER THAN invade.

    For example:

    CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll. Jan. 10-12, 2003. N=1,002 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3.
    “As you may know, the Bush Administration says it has evidence that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction or programs to develop them. On January 27th, United Nations weapons inspectors will report their findings so far to the UN. If the inspectors have not found any evidence, what should the United States do: invade Iraq with ground troops based on the evidence the Bush Administration says it has, invade Iraq with ground troops only after the UN inspectors find evidence of weapons, or not invade Iraq with ground troops regardless of what the UN inspectors find?”
    Invade based on Bush Administration evidence 23%
    Invade only after UN inspectors find evidence of weapons 52%
    Not invade regardless of what UN inspectors find 19%

    No opinion 6%

    CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll. Jan. 23-25, 2003. N=1,000 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3.
    “Which comes closer to your view? The United Nations weapons inspectors in Iraq should be given more time to conduct their inspections, even if that means a United States invasion of Iraq is delayed or prevented altogether. OR, Iraq has already had enough time to prove to the United Nations inspectors that it does not have weapons of mass destruction, and no more time is needed even if that means the United States invades Iraq soon.” Options were rotated
    More Time Needed 56%
    No More Time Needed 41%
    No Opinion 3%

    “Which comes closer to your view? The United States should invade Iraq when the Bush Administration decides that it is time to do so. OR, The United States should not invade Iraq unless there is a new United Nations vote authorizing military action.” Options were rotated
    Invade when Administration decides to do so 39%
    Only invade if there’s a new UN vote 56%
    No opinion 5%

    CBS News Poll. March 4-5, 2003. N=723 adults nationwide. MoE ± 4 (total sample).
    “Which statement do you agree with more? Iraq presents such a clear danger to American interests that the United States needs to act now, even without the support of the United Nations. OR, The U.S. needs to wait for approval of the United Nations before taking any action against Iraq.”
    Act Now 36%
    Wait For UN 59%
    Shouldn’t Act 0%
    Don’t Know 5%

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    Daddy Love spews:

    Far from Mark’s pessimistic (and unsupported) warnings of uncontrolled conflagration in the Middle East is we leave Iraq, it is quite possible that if we are no longer there to arm and equip the two major civil-warring factions (Sunni insurgency and Shiite militias ahem–security forces), violence may very well go DOWN there.

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    SeattleJew spews:

    !!. Daddy ..WADR

    Trusting an imperialist state that openly states its goals to do anything BUT what it says it wants to do is just plane stupid when that state can easily do so much harm.

    Moreover, a nuked up Iran is certain to stimulate nuking of its neighbors and their negihbors until KABOOM happens.

    The real issues right now are whether we are getting realistic information on what the Iranians are doing. I see a notable lack of factual reports disputing Bush which suggests that this time he is calling a wolf a wolf.

    Assuming the data actually does exist, it seems to me that China has as much reason as we do to contain the threat. So, the next thing, as untasty a morsel as this may be, would be military alliance with the confuscio-fascisti. The alternative is kabooming the 200 or so sites that we have targeted or trying to do a navel blockade on out own.

    Or .. maybe this is not a wolf. Maybe the Iranians are not Islamic ARS victims? How does one answer the question wihtout rsiking …err ahhh the whole karked up world?

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    SeattleJew spews:

    @10 Yes , and they will be so pleased that we are gone that all gay people are emasculated and, in the old Islamic tradition, appointed as rulers over the rest of us.

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    GS spews:

    Kind of a tough day for the Kerry Camp today…..You’d think he was in Ohio!

    Well there’s always tommorrow!

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    GS spews:

    Tin Soldiers and Kerry’s Talking
    He’s finally on his own
    He’d like to keep talking to him
    But He’s now in a democrat’s zone

    Got to get down to it
    Soldiers keep tazing him down
    Should have quit long long ago
    What if he knew him
    Found him spread on the ground
    How can you stun when you know

    Tin Soldiers and Kerry’s Talking
    He’s finally on his own
    This summer we hear the zapping
    One Downed in Florida

    hum hum hum

    I’ll call Neal for the remake…….

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    uptown spews:

    Wow, was I wrong…those mortgage rates just came tumbling down.
    Oooops, no they didn’t. And the LIBOR is still up, along with all those ARMs which are based on it.
    But the banks will make some more money!