“One of the best jobs in the world…”

My recent post on Rick Steves interest in running for Rep. Jay Inslee’s seat should it come open received an enthusiastic response for bloggers and commenters nationwide. But it also drew a denial from Ashley Sytsma, the publicist at at Rick Steve’s Europe Through the Backdoor:

I think you were right when you wrote that Rick has one of the best jobs in the world. Right now he’s in Europe researching his guidebooks and writing scripts for upcoming Rick Steves’ Europe episodes. If you’re interested, you can read more about it in Blog Gone Europe.

As for any political aspirations, you can be assured that he has no intention of running for office. As a supporter of the Democratic Party, he occasionally contributes his time by speaking at local fundraisers and events.

Okay. I guess I’ve got no particular reason not to take Steve’s publicist at her word. But then, 2012 is still a long ways off, so Steve’s got plenty of time to change his mind.

Turns out, speculation about a Steves run first hit print way back in December.


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    I’d vote for Seattle’s third favorite son –
    Rick Steves in a second! he is the type of person who should be in office!


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    I doubt he is in the weed growing business!

    because if he was the DEA would have already seized this auto and all his assets
    or maybe he is a piss watcher who sits all day and watches employees pee in a bottle!