One more poll…

KING-5/SurveyUSA have one last poll in the field regarding the county executive race, and this time they’re asking about party identity… whether we identify Susan Hutchison as a Democrat or a Republican, and whether party affiliation makes a difference in determining our choice.

It’ll be interesting to see the results.


  1. 4

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 Of course he’s a Democrat. And proud of it. Hutchison? Pretends she’s not a Republican. Of course she is. And that’s a hell of a commentary about her and her party.

  2. 5

    righton spews:

    but its a non-partisan position, right? so who cares?, unless you see the world as only Dems allowed

  3. 6

    righton spews:

    ps, i love the Palin book ads on this page; certainly prettier than the grim Patty (“loses Boeing”) photo you all would prefer

  4. 7

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    6. righton spews:
    ps, i love the Palin book ads on this page; certainly prettier than the grim Patty (”loses Boeing”) photo you all would prefer

    I always click on it. Help goldy make a couple pennies.

  5. 9

    Luigi Giovanni spews:


    Sarah looks awful in that photo. I wouldn’t buy a book from her based on that photo. She better change that photo soon.

  6. 10

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @5 “but its a non-partisan position, right?”

    That’s correct — Hutchison is a partisan candidate running for a nonpartisan position, so she should be disqualified.

  7. 15

    righton spews:

    ekim; you need better stuff; downtown seattle “business” type groups are a wierd clutter of “good old boy”, “big government”, etc. I would hardly use them to take the Red out of chairman Dow..

  8. 17

    Ekim spews:

    That is easy. Dow is left of Susie. If Susie is a moderate then Dow must be far left.

    Of course, establishing Susie as a moderate instead of an extremist right wing wackadoodle, that is the rub. It does not help her case that God supposedly tells her what to do. GW Bush claimed the same and look what that got us: attacked on 9/11, 2 wars, Katrina and 2 recessions. Nor does it help that she is on the board of the right wing think tank the Discovery Institute, which is still trying to push religion as scientific theory.

  9. 18

    Ekim spews:

    Take a look at Susie’s endorsement list and at first blush, you might think it is impressive. Even the Seattle Times, oh my.

    But then you look at Dow’s lists. Long enough to need to be broken apart: Organizations & Publications, Elected Officials and Party Leaders and finally Local Individuals.

    Take an extra close look at the elected officials list. Not only are there a lot of heavy weights at the top, but lower down on the list there are lots of mayors and city councilmen. These are the people who will have to work with and depend on the KC exec. How come they are on Dow’s and not on Susie’s?

  10. 19

    Ekim spews:

    Not even the KC GOP or the Washington State Republican Party have endorsed Susie. How come? Do they know something we should know?

  11. 20

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @15 … the “red” out of “Chairman Dow,” oh my, you need to lay off the joy juice on Halloween, my friend, it’s affecting you in strange ways …

  12. 21

    Brenda Helverson spews:

    I saw our Boy Attorney General standing behind Susie Beans on TV yesterday. If Susie isn’t a Republican, why was Young McKenna there?

  13. 22

    J.R. spews:

    Are we really still arguing over Suzie’s far right Republican credentials? The woman donated to George W. and Huckabee, for pity’s sake. Light rail opponent Kemper Freeman is her self-declared “Transportation Advisor.” And she’s drawn thousands from Freeman, McCaw, the BIAW and polluting mine company Glacier Northwest. Call her Sarah Palin with a thinner resume and leave it at that.

  14. 23

    That's what she said... spews:

    How about if I call her the bitchy newsreader with none of the charm, such as it was, of Sarah Palin.

    Glorified weather-girl.

    Washed up former local gameshow host.

    Lying sack of shit pumped full of botox.

  15. 24

    righton spews:

    Hey, i don’t care for her personally, but you know what, i’ll bet she will waste less money than Constantine.

    that is it for me; bad economic future means we don’t need another social engineer at the helm; give me susan for 1 term to try to fix the mess Sims made.

    (you actually should be for same; let her get tarred by the mess she’s inheriting).

    by the way…one of you morons repeated the lie that bush got us into 9/11. come on guys,…this other stuff is fair arguments, but that one is despicable.

  16. 25

    YLB spews:

    24 – Nice try Wrongon. Anyone halfway sane can see she’d be a disaster. She’s not going to fix anything and will more than likely make things worse.

    We know how you’re going to vote. I’ve voted as well – consider your voted canceled out!

  17. 26

    righton spews:

    anyone halfway sane can see he’s already proven to be a disaster. he’s not going to fix anything and will (of course) make things worse.

    how’s that sound transit ghost train working for ya? another Dow loser move.