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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    So Sen. Kyl is off by x30 … that’s actually pretty good shootin’ for a Republican.

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    Michael spews:

    If you’re over in the Spokane area Conservation Northwest is looking for a few volunteers to help get the word out about the proposed Columbia Highlands Wilderness Area.

    Dear Conservation Northwest volunteer,

    Would you like to help rally support for a Columbia Highlands wilderness bill at a festive event on April 16? Join me at The Lands Council’s annual auction & dinner fundraiser to schmooze and get postcards to Sen. Cantwell and Rep. McMorris Rodgers signed, to move them to introduce legislation now.

    If you’d like to help get postcards signed at this fun gala at the Double Tree Hotel in downtown Spokane from 4 – 8 PM on Saturday, please CALL, rather than email, me at (509) 570-2166.

    Thanks for helping to keep the Northwest Wild.

    Crystal Gartner, Outreach Associate
    Conservation Northwest
    Keeping the Northwest Wild!
    35 W Main Ave #220, Spokane WA 99201 / (509)747-1663

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    Blue John spews:

    Hank Krakowski, head of the FAA resigns. He started in 2007, under the Bush Administration. What do you expect from an administration that doen’t believe government can work.
    “Heck of a job Krakowski.”

    Part of his bio:
    …Before joining United, he worked for Midway Airlines and Air Illinois Airlines. For five years, he flew as an aerobatic pilot on the air show circuit with the Lima Lima aerobatics team.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Kyle made two mistakes, for which his Republican handlers will take him to the woodshed.

    (1) He used an actual number. He was supposed to use wild generalities which cannot be pinned down – that way he can dodge and duck whenever anyone tries to pin him down.

    (2) He responded to press inquiries about the number in a defensive manner. According to the Republican playbook, he is supposed to go on the attack when that happens, alleging that he is the target of “media bias” and is being persecuted for “exposing the truth” about the “evils” of Planned Parenthood.

    Other than that, it’s pretty much business as usual for the Republicans.

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    What do you expect spews:

    90% of all Republicans want old people to die so people with $25.2 million dollars can now have $27.9 million dollars.

    (not intended to be a factual statement)

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    Michael spews:

    I wonder if when Rand Paul stated that black lung deaths were going down he didn’t mean it as a factual statement. Because they’re not.

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    CC "Bud" Baxter spews:

    Anyone else notice that the Seattle Times blogs are banning users like crazy. It looks like they don’t want the free flow of information. My guess is some tea bagger nut jobs are feeling their oats, reporting everyone that doesn’t agree with them as “abusers” of the forums. I have news for you idiot tea baggers — you are a tiny minority. Like I always used to call the “Moral Majority” the “Immoral Minority”, which is what they were.

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    Proud to be an Ass identifying Puddybud as a carbuncle on the search for meaning, a joke, an abject neocon lickspittle, a worshipper of Mammon, an unChristian cancerous puss, a Know Nothing Anti-Papist, a believing non-believer, a cur, a whelp,a pox... spews:

    This post might have been deleted by the author.

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    McKenna Belittles Last Week’s Protesters as Jobless, Single, Lazy Losers
    April 14, 2011 at 12:48 pm by Josh Feit

    Attorney General Rob McKenna sent out an email today to his supporters that I have to take issue with. The email criticizes the “far-left protesters” and “far-left extremists” who showed up in Olympia last week to protest the current budget proposals—which cut education, health care, and social services—and call for the legislature to look at repealing corporate tax breaks as well.

    McKenna accuses the protesters of ignoring last year’s election results—where tax increases on candy, soda, and bottled water were rejected and Tim Eyman’s two-thirds rule to raise taxes won big. That’s fair enough (however, recent polling has shown that voters would prefer a budget that combines tax cuts with repealing loopholes.)

    The part about McKenna’s email that’s simply bad manners is when he accuses last week’s busloads of protesters of (I guess) being privileged enough to take the day off for a day trip to Olympia.

    He writes:

    Unfortunately, average taxpayers don’t necessarily have the time to drive down to Olympia and encourage legislators to hold the line on taxes. They have families to raise, jobs to do and businesses to keep afloat.

    The image of snooty protesters rolling down to Oly for a protest is far off the mark. I covered the protests and interviewed lots of protesters, including nurses such as Zandi Hardison and a wife of a longtime utility worker, Donna Simmons, who felt average workers were getting a bad deal.

    Here’s the text of the email (from the PubliCola comment thread):

    That’s right, it’s less than six months since the historic 2010 election, and already the far-left protestors screaming for media attention are pretending it didn’t happen.

    In fact, one hard-core tax-and-spend advocate summed up their position succinctly at last week’s protests in Olympia: “We don’t care what happened in the last election.”

    Don’t you think that the message voters sent last year was clear enough?

    Last fall, voters in our state resoundingly rejected a state income tax and repealed new taxes on candy, bottled water and other items. At the same time they passed, yet again, a 2/3 majority rule for passing tax increases, a measure that majority Democrats have repeatedly ignored and repealed.

    No, that message should be clear enough, even for a screaming protester.

    Washington voters rejected tax hikes on struggling families and told the Olympia crowd – Make do with the taxes you already take!

    It’s not that far-left extremists, some of whom were arrested storming the governor’s office in the capitol last week, didn’t hear that message. They just don’t like it and think your elected officials should ignore it.

    And that’s why the mob was cheering when they heard “We don’t care what happened in the last election.”

    Now that’s a pretty galling statement. The far-left position is that everything the voters said last year should be ignored, and they made their voices loud and clear in Olympia last week. They received the media attention they wanted.

    Unfortunately, average taxpayers don’t necessarily have the time to drive down to Olympia and encourage legislators to hold the line on taxes. They have families to raise, jobs to do and businesses to keep afloat.

    So, I do want you to know about one opportunity, perhaps a little closer to your home, where you can make your voice heard. Tomorrow, April 15, I’ll be speaking at Bellevue City Hall to the Tax Day Rally 2011 at 11:00 a.m. It will be a great event where we celebrate our state and stand up for the majority of people who DO care what happened in the last election.

    I hope to see you there.

    All the best,

    Rob McKenna

    Laying aside his political beliefs and ambitions…this guy is just an asshole.


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    Michael spews:

    What McKenna’s doing is called hanging himself with his own rope. He’s a pretty do nothing AG and can’t get elected without his supposed moderate beliefs being challenged. What we have here is a really good example of McKenna’s non-moderate politics. I hope he keeps it up.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @4 Bush put a stunt pilot in charge of the FAA??! That sounds a lot like Heckuvajob Brownie’s Arabian Horse credentials.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    8,9 — You got kicked off the Seattle Times boards? Around here that’s a badge of honor.

    (A few years ago it took me only 90 seconds to get banned for life from Free Republic.)

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @11 Yeah and McKenna will be passing the hat and asking all those “silent majority” types to give their money to HIM instead of the tax man!

    This email obviously is a fundraising appeal. I regularly get dire warnings about what will happen if I don’t give the DNC money. Trouble is, when Democrats lose, that stuff happen.

    A Republican fundraiser, on the other hand, is more likely to say “Don’t let Osama bin Laden become your next U.S. Senator!” or “Don’t let government death panels choose your medical treatment!”

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    What do you expect spews:

    @14 Er…joke. Based on the video clip (main point of the article) about the infamous “not intended to be a factual statement” explanation of Republican Senator saying Planned Parenthood spent 90% of their money on abortions (then clarified with “that was not intended to be a factual statement”). Just riffing on that.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Limbaugh’s decided he’s got to move further to the crazy, to make up the slack caused by Beck’s pending departure:

    “Limbaugh said that the president was attempting to placate his base during his deficit reduction speech, and he used a panoply of epithets to describe the base.

    “His base is made up of people even more vile than he is,” he said. “You’ve got…a lot of it is just walking human debris on the Democrat base side.” He noted that many on the left have been unhappy with Obama.

    “That bunch of people, those savages that make up the Obama base, are fit to be tied,” he said. He had to get them back, and the one way to do it was to go out and savage us. That’s what they love. That’s what they get off on. That’s their orgasm. ‘Cause these people can’t find willing mates.”

    Limbaugh calls Obama base “Savages” (Video)

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Of course, Limbaugh’s not the person to claim that others lack success in finding a willing mate. He’s been married four times, but has no children. He was caught trying to re-enter the U.S. from a “stag party” trip to the Dominican Republic with Viagra prescribed under someone else’s name – while on probation for drug offenses.