Nonpartisan, my ass…

Back in 2005, while investigating allegations of David Irons’ abusive behavior, I repeatedly contacted Councilmember Dow Constantine’s office to confirm reports that he had intervened on behalf of one such abused female staffer. Constantine and his staff refused to talk to me, on or off the record, despite the fact that Republican Irons was in the midst of what was then considered to be a tight race for King County Executive against Democratic incumbent Ron Sims.

Apparently, Councilmember Kathy Lambert isn’t nearly so collegial.


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    FakeDavidGoldsteinHA spews:

    I have a reputation as a real partisan. When it suits my purpose, I believe in collegiality. The Prince is one great book.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I think Goldy must be referring to the Constantine e-mail about the foot ferry, because my Google search didn’t come up with any breaking revelation. This is old news, and as has been pointed out before, is nothing more than the sort of legislative horsetrading that routinely occurs in politics.

    It’s also routine politics for political opponents, especially if they’re Republicans (notwithstanding the phony and misleading “nonpartisan” label that county GOPers wangled for themselves by pushing an ill-advised initiative to label county offices as “nonpartisan” when they really aren’t), to try to blow up routine political wheeling and dealing into an ersatz scandal on the eve of an election, especially when they’re about to lose the election.

    That said, Constantine by his own admission made an intemperate remark in a “moment of frustration” in an e-mail. As a government lawyer who was worked with public disclosure laws, I can’t fathom how so many officeholders and bureaucrats continue to regard e-mails as private communications. They’re not.

    When you work for a private company, your boss as the owner of the computer network is entitled to see anything and everything in the computer network. The courts have ruled employees have no reasonable expectation of privacy when using the company computer system. None. Zip. Nada. Everything you enter into the company computer is the property of your boss.

    If you work in the public sector, anything and everything you enter into the office computer system is potentially subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act. Not only that, it is subject to discovery under the Rules of Evidence. The only information in the computer system that won’t be disclosed is information specifically protected by law from disclosure (such as employees’ social security numbers), which is a very limited category of information.

    That’s why I advise my public sector clients, “Don’t put anything in an e-mail that you don’t want to read in the newspaper.” Because, sure as shit, that’s where it’ll end up, if it’s something you don’t want the world to see.

    Dow isn’t guilty of anything except being a politician, but he wasn’t very smart about this. He needs to enroll in one of the numerous courses available to public officials on the Public Records Act.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 I don’t believe in collegiality. I believe in kicking your worthless wingnut ass all the way to Hell, because you have no usefulness in this life.

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    For someone who lies as frequently and without forethought or remorse as Hutchison, there must be something that someone knows that could derail her should her campaign decide to go dirty.

    They should make the television spot now, so they don’t have to try and play catchup with the inevitable.

    Maybe she helped David Irons beat up his mother. Held his coat or something.

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    John425 spews:

    And then there is a story floating around about a restraining order involving Dow Constantine and sexual harassment in the workplace. Funny how that’s getting buried.

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    8. John425 spews:

    And then there is a story floating around about a restraining order involving Dow Constantine and sexual harassment in the workplace. Funny how that’s getting buried.

    10/30/2009 at 2:09 pm

    Yeah fuckhead it’s a big-ass Dem plot…oh yeeahhhhhh…

    (pls see comment #3, thx)

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    Blue John spews:

    I commuted with a conservative for a while. This is a story he told often….

    A bunch of hippies were protesting the war in front a base gate. A pro military guy comes up to one of the protesters and slugs him in the jaw. The anti war protester gets up. “Hey man, that’s not cool!” The other guy slugs him again. “Hey stop that”. The other guy slugs him again. The anti war protester gets, mad as hell, and is about to fight back when the pro military guy says “Hey, I thought you guys were all about non violence!” The protester stops and says “you are right, violence doesn’t solve anything” And the other guy slugs him again.

    Heh! He love loved telling that story.

    You know what I get from that? It doesn’t matter what we do, the conservatives will not play fair (as we understand fair), it’s not in their cultural DNA. They just don’t see the world the way we do. So we have to defend ourselves and give back as good as we get, in the context they can understand.

    And right now, the dems keep letting themselves get slugged.

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    Ekim spews:

    8. John425 spews:

    And then there is a story floating around about a restraining order involving Dow Constantine and sexual harassment in the workplace. Funny how that’s getting buried.

    Hey lil’ Johnny, there’s also a story floating around that you trolls are goat molesters. Funny how that story has gotten buried…

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    proud leftist spews:

    Great story. Those of us on the left who believe in empiricism, reason, and the power of persuasion really have trouble coming to terms with people who hate and distrust anything that might challenge the rot they call “beliefs.” Ah, to not be troubled by doubt, by uncertainty. These people are freaking dangerous, and it is time for the left to take the gloves off. I think Obama is right to go toe to toe with Fox News. Fantasy is not news.

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    drool spews:

    Dori had somebody from Sound Politics on and there was a lot of talk about a sexual harrasment thing with Constantine’s name attached. Apparently the woman involved sought the paperwork to be kept under seal due to it possibly affecting her career. Some people are trying to portray Dow as the bad guy in this deal obviously. I think it’s shitty that Dori even gave this thing air time but he’s a real Suzie fan. If it turns out to be a non event he will look like an idiot…….again. It would be even funnier if Dow ended up being the good guy in the whole thing.

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    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Anything that begins with “I heard,” is automatically suspect, but the sexual harassment story is the one I heard on several radio talk shows the last couple of days. Odd that you folks didn’t, but if all you listen to is vulgar hate speech from 1090 I guess you wouldn’t.

    I strongly suspect Goldy knows exactly the nature of the rumor. Feigning ingnorance is disengenuous at best. For all that I disagree with most of what the man believes and the divisive and often rude way he expresses them he seems an intelligent and sincere person. For a progressive.

    Having said all that Constantine should be given the benefit of the doubt failing concrete evidence, like court documents. Those who wish not to vote for him due to his liberal politics or record in office shouldn’t. Those who wish to vote for him for the same reasons should.

    Re 15

    Very nice example of leftist bigotry. I think most people to believe they want the best for their families, communities and country. I think most people go into public office, particularly local or state level, to make their communities better places whether Democrat or Republican. Sure there are exceptions on both sides of the political divide, but to categorize all Republicans as corrupt is either stupid or just bigoted.

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    k spews:

    Dori is a pig. In a brief pass through I heard him say he’s been told some local politicians recieved cash payments to support the tunnel. No details, no indication he reported it to appropriate authorities, just BS spewed over the air, because you know, anyone who does not agree with him must be corrupt.

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    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 13

    Bravo. You’re completely correct. So when exactly is Obama going to go ‘toe to toe’ with MSNBC, or NPR?

    You see, fantistical interpretation of news to fit ideological perspective doesn’t occur only the right, Proud Leftist.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @14 That “somebody” is Mark Griswold, who ran for Frank Chopp’s seat in 2006 and lost by a 70-point margin. (85% – 15%)

    Griswold also is the author of this gem, posted on Sound Politics a couple days after getting his clock cleaned:

    “Congratulations Speaker Pelosi, now let the bombs fall where they may. My prediction: terror attack on domestic soil passenger aircraft within the next six months. Casualties in the 2-300 range. And, unfortunately, maybe that’s just what we need. It’s obvious people don’t remember what happened 5 years ago.

    “Posted by FullContactPolitics at November 8, 2006 10:52 AM”

    HA’s peripatetic sleuth, Richard Pope, identified “FullContactPolitics” as Griswold from a Sound Politics post in which Griswold used both his screen and real names.

    Hoping terrorists kill Americans to improve his party’s electoral chances? What a disloyal, America-hating, unpatriotic fuck.

  15. 20

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @16 “Rumor” is the key word here. If you don’t know what it means, I suggest using a dictionary.

    As for your assertion that Republicans seek office to serve their communities, that’s beyond laughable. They serve to screw their communities. That’s the business they, and the special interests they represent, are in.

  16. 21

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    No point in mentioning to Mr. Rabbit his rank bigotry. He knows it, and must in some sick twisted way revel in it. Sad, really to reach his age without a sense of perspective or reason. Well, we all play the hands we’re dealt, some less well unfortunatley. Have a good evening Roger.

  17. 22

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    One other quick note for the bunny-

    Try reading the post before reacting. Reading comprehension must have played some role in your job as an attorney. It can’t be a skill that’s completely deserted you, I hope.

    Had this been a Republican this would not have been a rumor for you. It would have been a fact that simply was light on proof. An attorney, even a retired one, is handicapped here, but try intellectual honesty for a change.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    There are only two sources for this story: Seattle Times reporter Keith Erwin, and Sound Politics commentator Mark Griswold.

    Griswold, you may safely assume, is not an objective or reliable source. That leaves Erwin, who isn’t talking. So, nobody knows anything.

    Which means everything an internet search turns up will either be speculation, or repetition of the speculatons Griswold put forth in Sound Politics and on Dori’s show.

    I repeat: Nobody knows anything. It’s all speculation.

    The Seattle Weekly did a piece on it. The only thing SW does is repeat Griswold’s speculations:

    “Blogger Mark Griswold went on two right-wing radio talk shows and said not only had ‘Jane Doe’ filed a complaint, but that it had been a sexual harassment complaint where Constantine was said to have promised her a promotion ‘as long as you keep quiet about this whole thing.’ Then ‘Jane Doe’s’ lawyer called the radio station to deny even the existence of a complaint.”

    OK, let’s see what we have here. (I speak as a lawyer with 35 years of experience in distinguishing between “allegations” and “facts.”)

    1. Griswold alleges Jane Doe filed a complaint.
    2. Griswold alleges it’s a sexual harassment complaint.
    3. Griswold alleges Constantine promised Doe a promotion if she kept quiet.
    4. Doe’s lawyer denied there’s a complaint.

    Let’s assume, arguendo, that “1.” and “2.” are true. Griswold doesn’t even allege that Constantine is the alleged harasser. He only alleges that Constantine promised Doe a promotion if she kept quiet about the alleged sexual harassment. According to the scenario laid out by Griswold, Constantine could have been protecting someone else. But “4.” blows all of this away. Doe’s lawyer says there’s no complaint. Doe’s lawyer is certainly more credible than Griswold is. If there’s no complaint, “3.” could still be true, but “1.” and “2.” couldn’t be true. In other words, maybe something happened that prompted Doe to get a lawyer, but Doe was afraid to file a complaint or didn’t file a complaint for some other reason.

    The foregoing is not what we “know,” it’s guesswork. To be precise, it’s my guesswork on top of Griswold’s guesswork. Now, if you think this is a sound basis to accuse Constantine of sexual harassment … you’re nuts. Not to mention anti-logic.

    Another possible explanation here is that nothing happened, but Doe got wind of a rumor involving her name, and got a lawyer to keep her name from being associated with a baseless but vicious rumor. This, too, is speculation and guesswork.

    This might blow up. But one thing I can safely speculate is that it won’t change enough votes to change the election result. That’s because most people haven’t heard of it yet, because the trad media aren’t picking it up, because they don’t publish/broadcast unverified rumors. If this does hit the fan, that’s still several days away. But even if it comes out in tomorrow’s newspaper, there simply isn’t enough time to change enough votes to change the election outcome, because most of the ballots have already been marked and mailed.

    Griswold called this rumor a “bombshell.” But, for the above reasons, even if it blows up it’s only a firecracker.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @21 I admit to being prejudiced against Nazis, communists, child molesters, serial killers, and Republicans.

  20. 25

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @21 “Well, we all play the hands we’re dealt”

    Indeed we do. When my country was dealt a trainload of Republican chicanery, I realized it was time to serve my country again.

  21. 26

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @22 I read posts the same way I read books: I read the first and last sentences, and if those are no good, I don’t waste my time on the rest of it.

  22. 27

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re Rabbit Rantings

    I admit to being prejudiced against bitter old men managed to learn nothing in the time they were given. People like you in fact.

    I admit to being prejudiced against anyone who uses politics as a means to spew hatred and vitriol instead of to build a better society. Democrat or Republican.

    I admit to thinking anyone who compares any contemporary American political figure to Nazis or child molestors because they disagree with their politics a very foolish person. Democrat or Republican.

    And how exactly are you serving your country, Brer Rabbit? By sitting on a computer 10 hours a day writing hateful nonsense? By making bigoted statements with little or no basis in fact on a regular basis? How did you before? Were you a serving soldier or a peace corps volunteer showing other countries what America could be? I take leave to doubt it.

  23. 30

    mark spews:

    I don’t believe the harassment charges against Dow because he looks like a big pussy fudgepacker to me. Kind of like the last guy picked for a football game on Sunday afternoon. Go Susie!

  24. 31

    X'ad spews:

    21. lostinaseaofblue spews:

    No point in mentioning to Mr. Rabbit his rank bigotry. He knows it, and must in some sick twisted way revel in it. Sad, really to reach his age without a sense of perspective or reason. Well, we all play the hands we’re dealt, some less well unfortunatley. Have a good evening Roger.

    What an amazingly pompous remark.

    Posturing as some kind of disinterested intellectual in this context just makes you sound like the antepenultimate, holier-than-all-you-serfs Cynical.

    Congratulations. That’s quite an accomplishment.

  25. 32

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @27 “I admit to being prejudiced against anyone who uses politics as a means to spew hatred and vitriol instead of to build a better society.”

    That would be the Far Right from, say, at least the 1930s. Let’s see, whooooo started calling people “commies” and “pinkos” etc. long before you were even born? Whoooo has had a federal injunction against them for the last 30 years because of their racist vote suppression tactics? Whoooo circulated phony sex predator postcards and robocalls in Washington state a couple years ago? Whoooo routinely lies and smears their opponents in political campaigns? And last but not least, whoooo smeared anyone who questioned their recreational (and bungled) war in Iraq as “unpatriotic”?

    Let’s see, how’s that payback feel? Don’t like liberals who behave like Republicans? Write your complaint here [ ] and send it here _.

  26. 33

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @27 “And how exactly are you serving your country, Brer Rabbit?”

    By exposing you America-hating fascist traitors as the sewer slime you are.

  27. 34

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @28 Of course I read books. Also magazines, newspapers, and other printed sources of information. That’s why I’m so well informed and have such good judgment in public policy matters. But what would you know about any of that? There’s no light to read with inside the rectum where your head is parked.

  28. 35

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @27 “Were you a serving soldier”


    “I take leave to doubt it.”

    I don’t give a flying fuck what you believe or don’t believe.

  29. 36

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @31 “Congratulations. That’s quite an accomplishment.”

    Not really. Any kid can do it. In fact, most people outgrow it by 8th grade.

  30. 37

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    33. Roger Rabbit spews:
    @27 “And how exactly are you serving your country, Brer Rabbit?”

    By exposing you America-hating fascist traitors as the sewer slime you are.

    In real life or hiding behind your roger rabbit identity on some blog that doesn’t even get the hits that sound politics gets?
    Pretty brave of you.

  31. 38

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    The way to really irritate some self righteous liberals is to expose the rank hypocrisy they practice. They simply can’t stand the light of truth and scurry like cockroaches into insult and vulgarity. What they really hate is when the stereotype so carefully built up in what passes for their minds doesn’t hold true. ‘All conservatives are angry rascist white rich men who want only what serves their personal interest, and they kick puppies too!,’ is about the size of it, so far as I can gather.

    It’s like waving and smiling at the guy giving you the finger in traffic. It just makes them angrier, because they want to be angry and hateful.

    As for the silly rabbit, I apologize for any slight on your military service. Left right or normal, respect for those who once served their country is due. Even if they’ve slipped into senility since serving. Even if they no longer serve the real interests of that country.

    Thanks X’Ad, Rabbit and Headless for the real life demonstration of the uncivilized childishness of the far left in America.

  32. 39

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 29
    You’ve gotten hold of the wrong end of the stick. It’s liberals who are the professional victims. It’s liberals who want someone else to pay for their home, food, kids and health care.
    I actually take responsibility for the choices I make and wish too live with the consequences, negative or positive. All I want is for the government to leave me alone to do so, and force others to do the same.

  33. 40

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    From a bumper sticker I’d love to find-

    “Make a liberal crazy, work hard and be happy.”

  34. 42

    YLB spews:

    41 – You would call out to him. He’s the one who stated flat out he HATED Barack Obama practically on the day he was elected.

    And he also believes homosexuals are by definition mentally ill. Hardly a psychiatrist alive who believes that anymore.

    Everything he says about liberals are lies.

    Hate and ignorance – hallmarks of the right wing. And so freaking boring to boot. No wonder you’re shrinking to 20 percent or less of voters.

  35. 43

    L. Sen spews:

    How accurate is what goes on here really. Let’s see the Municipal league is called a right wing organization for supporting non-partisan races. Many cities are already non-partisan and they don’t seem to be falling apart or have citizens feeling misinformed as to the party of their council members. Most people just want the jobs done.
    Then we have Roger Rabbit saying -“Dow isn’t guilty of anything except being a politician, but he wasn’t very smart about this. He needs to enroll in one of the numerous courses available to public officials on the Public Records Act.” I thought Dow was an attorney. So he needs a basic class in the law. Needing basic classes in your own field makes you qualify for a promotion?

  36. 44

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 41

    “You would call out to him. He’s the one who stated flat out he HATED Barack Obama practically on the day he was elected.” And still do. A president who dislikes his own country is oddly distasteful to me. Go figure. But quite apart from that he is a disaster in every way as a president. He is incompetent, out of his depth, and his political ideology may just be slightly to the left of Ceasar Chavez. So yes, I hate the president. You hated Bush. So what?

    “And he also believes homosexuals are by definition mentally ill. Hardly a psychiatrist alive who believes that anymore.” Most ‘scientists’ believe in global warming, despite no evidence of warming these past 10 years. It’s that or lose their jobs in leftists universities or government think tanks. Most scientists believed in something called pholgiston as a heat transmitter before the real agency was discovered. I could care less what effete psychiatrists believe. Human sexuality is pretty straightforward, unless you intentionally abuse it. Not sure what this has to do with the topic at hand. In fact I was supporting the posings that said Constantines possible legal troubles shouldn’t impact his candidacy absent some proof. But don’t let little things like facts get in your way. That would be inconsistent with liberal thought as a whole.

    “Everything he says about liberals are lies.”
    Specifics? Facts to back up allegations of dishonesty? Beuller? Beuller?

    “Hate and ignorance – hallmarks of the right wing. And so freaking boring to boot. No wonder you’re shrinking to 20 percent or less of voters.” Wait until 2010 and we’ll see how real Americans take to your far left president and socialist agenda. Remember 1994?

  37. 45

    That's what she said... spews:

    Goldy, how about something on just how certifiably BATSHIT crazy, seriously needs to be on meds Suzie’s henchwoman on the council CATHY LAMBERT is? I heard her in a meeting seriously say that eastside roads are 200 years old. Guess the Duwamish were paving 405 long before the white man came. Not to mention she flat out lied (along with republican asswipe Dunn) about the whole vote trading bs and was the one pushing this whole sexual harassment lie for the last month. She doesn’t even try to hide her support for the glorified weathergirl-she showed up to sit in Slusans nest at the KOMO debate along with a bunch of other right wing loons. Even by republican standards she’s just completely wacked. It’s absolutely criminal that she is even in office, but you never hear a goddamn thing about it.

  38. 46

    That's what she said... spews:

    Goldy, somebody really needs to write something about just how certifiably batshit crazy, seriously needs to be on meds Suzie’s henchwoman on the council Cathy Lambert is. I heard her in a meeting seriously say that eastside roads are 200 years old. Guess the Duwamish were paving 405 long before the white man came. Not to mention she flat out lied (former state republican chair made the rounds of the council chambers getting everyone’s lies straight a week before, btw) about the whole vote trading bs and was the one pushing this whole sexual harassment lie for the last month. Even by republican standards she’s just completely wacked. It’s absolutely criminal that she is even in office, but you never hear a goddamn thing about it.

  39. 47

    doggril spews:

    lostinaseaofblue @44- So, now you know more than the vast majority of climate scientists as well as the vast majority of psychiatrists. And you’ve spent how many years studying each profession?
    On top of that, and despite his clearly centrist voting history, Obama is someone you deem a socialist. (Do you even understand what a socialist is? Have you even bothered to look up the definition?) And you accuse him of hating his country–without a whit of evidence to back that up.
    Your arrogance is only exceeded by your refusal to recognize basic facts.

  40. 48

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 47
    The vast majority of paid hacks working for liberal arts colleges, you mean? Yeah, I’ll wait a few years before believing the catastrophic noise they make. And if anyone, with whatever degree they hold, tells me that black is white, or truth is falsehood, I know enough to assume them to be educated morons. This breed of individual is particularly frequent in universities like Berkeley, but pretty common everywhere in academia.

    Centrist? Are you serious? The man socialized our banking and automotive industry. He tells people what they can be paid in private industry, after forcing them to take TARP funds they didn’t want. He wants to socialize the medical industry. THIS is centrist? Maybe in the former USSR this is centrist, and it worked SO well there.

    And his hatred for his country is well documented. I’m not going to go over his history with a rascist church and pastor he deemed his mentor. I’m not going to go over ACORN or any of his other activities. I don’t have time or space to detail all the ways this man has demonstrated his utter disdain for this country.

  41. 49

    doggril spews:

    One more thing, lostinaseaofblue. You and your Rightwing brethren routinely love to accuse the Left of a vast global warming conspiracy. But I have yet to hear from your guys about who’s behind this conspiracy, what they stand to gain and what kind of power they have to force the vast majority of climate scientists to comply with the charade.
    Do enlighten us on this.

  42. 50

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    I don’t propose a conspiracy, more a confederacy of dunces.

    Sure Al Gore has made a hell of a lot of money scaring the pants of the half witted. Governments gain a lot of power over areas of peoples lives they would never have had before. As for climate scientists I’ve told you what I thought about them.

    So why do these august scientists ignore alternate theories? Maybe because they’re unimaginative, or scared for their jobs. I don’t know and don’t care. But before ruining entire economies over a phantom maybe these wise men of learning might actually get their facts straight. The average ground temps have stayed level or dropped the past decade. Global warming without warming. This must be the climate version of the jobless Obama economic recovery.

  43. 51

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Sorry, in the prior posting I mentioned the jobless Obama recovery. In his cooked books he “saved or created” however many million imaginary jobs he applied this novel and interesting phrase to.

    Of course he’s the Orwellian dream of interesting phrases. See “health care for all will be revenue neutral” for reference.

    I saved or created a cow today by forgetting to go and buy a steak at the market and eating chile instead. And it was revenue neutral because I stole the chile from my wealthier neighbor who clearly has no moral right to have 2 cans of chile when I have none in my cupboards. Is that how Obamaspeak works?

  44. 52

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Sorry, one more clarification. I mispoke when I said I stole the chile. Of course I didn’t! I redistributed it.

  45. 53

    Kathy Lambert spews:

    This blog needs some accurate information. l.I am a graduate of the UW which is a top rated school and graduated early with honors from high school. 2. Seems I am quoted as saying I thought the eastside roads were 200 years old…odd, I don’t remember saying that. Several of my cities are 100 years old this year. So there could have been some roads prior to that. The point should be the condition of the roads not the age necessarily. 3. As for the flood district/ferry district issue, there were 5 members of the council who remember the story the same way as I do. 4. As for the Sexual harrassment issue, I have not been involved in that nor am I Jane Doe. Name calling and inaccuracies do not unite people.

  46. 54

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @47 “lostinaseaofblue @44- So, now you know more than the vast majority of climate scientists …”

    @48 “Re 47 The vast majority of paid hacks working for liberal arts colleges, you mean?”

    Yep, this is the intellectual level of the rightwing hacks who troll on this blog. Pretty distressing.

  47. 55

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @53 “Name calling and inaccuracies do not unite people.”

    But Kathy, dearest, that’s what we do here! The winger trolls post inaccuracies, and we call them names like “stupid, uninformed, crazy, illiterate, liars,” etc., because that’s exactly what they are.

  48. 56

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @53 (continued) P.S., we’re not interested in uniting with Republicans anymore. We’ve had too much of their “our way or the highway” approach to “uniting.” We’ve had a bellyful of Republican lies, corruption, warmongering, torturing, etc. We’re still pissed off about being called “unpatriotic” by Republicans because we thought invading Iraq was a bad idea (which it was), and we’re going to remember that slur for a very long time — especially those of us who, like me, are veterans who have fought in America’s other wars. Another thing, Kathy, is: It was Republicans, not us, who divided this country, who conducted scorched earth politics, and who rejected the old way of doing business by negotiation and compromise. Sorry, Kathy, either change parties or take your hypocritical preaching somewhere else, because it doesn’t sell to this blog’s primary audience.

  49. 58

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @57 “you will reap what you sow motherfucker….count on it.”

    So far I’ve reaped both houses of Congress, the White House, the Governor’s mansion, and both houses of the Legislature; on Tuesday, I’m going to reap the County Executive, two positions on the port commission, and more.

  50. 59

    That's what she said... spews:

    Aw, poor Cathy Lambert can dish it out but she can’t take it. Sorry, but if you’re going to whore yourself out to the Hutchison campaign with a bunch of lies, people might just start calling you out for the certifiable batshit crazy seriously needs to be on meds nutjob that every last person I’ve heard talk about you says you are. So why don’t you go crying back to soundpolitics or someplace where people are idiotic enough to believe you’re anything other than a complete nutcase.

    And sorry, you did say eastside roads are 200 years old, I was there, and everyone in the room looked at each other like, ok, she’s just fucking nuts. Which you are. Get help.

  51. 60

    That's what she said... spews:

    And we haven’t forgotten you’re reputation from your days in the state legislature for playing little lying, backstabbing games there either. I shudder to think what you must have done to your poor elementary school students. Nonetheless, you better make sure your teaching certificate is current, next time you’re up you won’t be running unopposed.

  52. 61

    That's what she said... spews:

    Oh, and you forgot to mention you have a very impressive AA from some crappy california junior college. Other highlights from your resume: Vanity published her own bad poetry. Wrote a pandering children’s book on MLK. Editor, church newspaper (for over 4 years!)Member, Redmond block watch.(do you suppose she was a captain even?)And my personal favorite; Co-counselor, Marriage Enrichment Seminars, were they teach bored suburban couples things like spanking, reverse cowgirl and the best places to find a black stud to bang your wife for you.

  53. 62

    That's what she said... spews:

    And one more thing, hooch. What Roger Rabbit said. Since when have you been concerned with name-calling, inaccuracies, or uniting people? Take your stank-ass back to soundpolitics, where the first 5 fucking pages are lies about Constantine, and don’t come back. Cause I’m just getting warmed up on you. There’s a shitpile of dirt on you so deep I didn’t even know where to start.

  54. 63

    That's what she said... spews:

    And don’t even try to sell your goddamn lie about the ferry vote over here you skank, this ain’t the Seattle Times. Must have been really hard to round up the republicans on the council to all spin the same yarn, plus Phillips who was selling his soul in his run against Dow, and Patterson, who was just running from the hysteria whipped up by you and that little shit Danni Westneat. And funny how everyone that was supposedly siding with you always said “they tried to link the votes.” They would never say Dow tried to. So that tells me maybe other councilmembers or staffers were talking like that, but not Dow. And Gossett, who was actually supporting Phillips at the time, backed Dow up. And now that Ferguson sees it’s making him look bad he finally got down off the chess board and is backing Dow. So you’ve got 5 out of 9 supposedly backing your story, except most of them aren’t actually backing it and also have highly suspect motives. And I know Dow’s reputation, and I know yours. And sorry, he’s not the one that’s known as the batshit crazy lying backstabber. And he didn’t need your fucking vote–it passed 8-1. So shut the fuck up about it.

    In your defense, you probably do remember Dow saying that, which brings us back to the main point–you seriously need to be on psychiatric medication. Get help.

  55. 64

    That's what she said... spews:

    And trust us, nobody ever thought you were Jane Doe. Dow may be a flirt, but you’d have to drain all the blood from his body and replace it with high-proof grain alcohol for him to see you as anything other than a plasticky psychotic hag that’s chain-smoked so much she sounds like somebody you’d find working in a mini-mart in a truckstop way out highway 2.

  56. 69

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Republicans, of course, tell other people to work so they can enjoy a life of ease. That’s what being a Republican is all about: Getting rich from the sweat of other people’s cheap labor. Why be a Republican if all it gets you is work? The whole point of being a Republican is making other people work so you don’t have to. That’s why I want to live like a Republican, too.

  57. 71

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Back in 2005, when Republicans were trying to leverage the contested 2004 governor’s election into restricting the right to vote, Kathy Lambert was in the forefront of local efforts to make it harder for American citizens (especially the poor and elderly) to vote in their own country (and state and county):

    “Kathy Lambert on King County Election Reform

    “A lot of people were surprised by last Tuesday’s Seattle Times article which implied that Republican Councilmember Kathy Lambert was advocating all-mail elections. [link omitted]

    “‘King County should consider conducting elections entirely by mail, County Councilwomen Julia Patterson and Kathy Lambert said yesterday.’

    “Councilmember Lambert was also surprised by the article. While the legislation she proposed with Julia Patterson does include a provision for a small pilot project to test an all-mail election, she does not support conducting elections entirely by mail and says that the article did not accurately portray her positions.

    “I spoke with Kathy Lambert at length and am pleased (but not surprised) to report that her position on election reform is far more sensible and well-rounded than what was conveyed in the Times article.

    “The starting point is that the King County Executive and 7 of the 13 Councilmembers are all Democrats. Any Republican who wants to influence election reform or any other issue will have to work with and compromise with the Council Democrats.

    “By working with Councilmember Patterson to draft the legislation, Kathy Lambert says she was able to add some important provisions that the Democrats wouldn’t have included otherwise. The proposed legislation is posted on Patterson’s website here. This section, Lambert says, was added at her insistence:

    “‘F. The executive shall by July 1, 2005 report to the council on administrative improvements that may be adopted to better verify voter eligibility in the areas of residency, citizenship and felony status with an emphasis on coordinating these improvements with current state data sources and with future changes the state may implement including the single state managed voter registration system that will be implemented in 2006 in accordance with federal law.’

    “Emphasis added. This important provision was not mentioned in either the Times article or the P-I’s article on the subject.

    “Lambert also pointed out that the all-mail election test was only one of seven parts to the proposal and she was surprised the Times gave it such prominent billing. Her reasons for supporting it:

    “1) 70% of the electorate already votes absentee and that number is growing.
    2) She is personally skeptical that absentee voting is either more cost-effective or secure than polling place voting. Her preference is actually to shift away from absentee voting and encourage more voting at the polls.
    3) Given the existing popularity of absentee voting and the fact that some Democrats on the Council are already proposing to move to an all-mail system, it is infeasible to simply try to limit absentee voting without engaging the public in a process that carefully examines the implications of all-mail elections.
    4) By having a limited pilot test program, we can get more data on the costs and consequences of an all-mail election so we can have a more informed public debate on the subject.

    “Finally, Lambert explicitly disassociates herself from Julia Patterson’s ‘Election Reform Fact Sheet’, which Lambert says is too quick to forgive the irregularities in KC Elections as ‘administrative errors’. (We should wait to see how the court rules, Lambert says). I’ve found a number of problems with Patterson’s ‘fact sheet’, which I’ll address in a forthcoming post.

    “I’ve spoken with Kathy Lambert on a number of occasions and I know her to be exceptionally thoughtful and practical. She’s also very accessible. If you happen to read in a newspaper that she’s associated with a proposal that seems misguided, it could well be that her position is misreported. Before you leap to conclusions, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to contact her office and get the the whole story from her directly. Same holds true for anybody you read about in a newspaper, for that matter.

    “Posted by Stefan Sharkansky at February 06, 2005 10:50 AM | Email This”

    To which Lambert responded in the comment thread:

    “26. Thank you Sound Politics for sound reporting! What a pleasure to have accurate information put out to citizens. As the motion goes on, we will need people to give their input on how to restore confidence in the voting system. This election truly brought out problems in the system that need to be fixed. Some of the problems have been documented in the 158 page citizen review panel report. Once the 116 recommendations from that report are fully implemented, then we need to have more election processes reviewed and analyzed. I have talked with the Secretary of State’s offie about future work efforts. I am thankful that Sound Politics is available to get out the information as we work to get the basic fundamental system of our democracy restored.
    A Poll Voter Kathy Lambert

    “Posted by: Kathy Lambert on February 7, 2005 10:56 AM”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Note how she signed it: “A Poll Voter.” That’s what Kathy Lambert wants: If you can’t, for any reason (even a very good reason) vote at a poll, then fuck you, you don’t get to vote.

    I ripped off these quotes under fair use from Stefan’s pathetic little blog because I’m going to make acid, mocking, and perhaps even contemptuous parody of them.

    Lambert is a Republican. That’s the party that sent out registered letters to the home addresses of black soldiers deployed in Iraq and then challenged their voter registrations in the 2004 election. This was to keep black soldiers, who were assumed to lean Democratic, from voting for Kerry. These efforts were nationwide, but especially focused on the swing states of Florida and Ohio.

    Lambert’s party is also the party that has had a federal injunction in place against it for 30 years barring it from suppressing black voting, which is a felony under federal law. There’s plenty of evidence that Lambert’s party has repeatedly violated this injunction (and the law) over the years; or, at least, it has been hauled back into court to answer charges of same.

    In the aftermath of the 2004 election and the GOP’s ginned-up “election controversy,” Washington’s partisan GOP secretary of state Sam Reed held a series of “townhall” meetings on “election reform.” I attended one of those, and after the meeting, I approached Reed and urged him to eschew any rulemaking that would make it harder for absentees to vote. I pointed out that many Washington residents work away from home (in the military, on ships and fishing boats, on Alaska construction projects, flying planes, etc.). As I spoke, an older Republican woman standing near us kept shaking her head in disagreement. At the time, I thought, isn’t that just like a Republican — this bitch would deny people the right to vote simply because they have to make a living by working away from home separated from their families. I mean, how cruel and insensitive can people be? I had no doubt she was a pampered stay-at-home suburban Republican housewife who disdains anyone who has to work.

    Lambert is of this ilk. Although I’m not accusing her of specifically wanted to take away the voting rights of people who have to work away from home on election day, that’s the thrust and implication of her thinking. The whole point of forcing people to vote at polls is reducing turnout — because Republicans figure low turnout helps their candidates. Even Republicans don’t believe they can win a fair election in which everyone votes. So they target the most vulnerable voters — the poor and elderly and overseas soldiers — for elimination of voting rights and try to make voting as difficult and inconvenient as possible for everyone else.

    That’s what is behind the demands of jerks like Lambert for proof of citizenship. Many people don’t have easy access to this documentation (usually a birth certificate). The poor and elderly — two favorite target groups of Republicans for elimination of voting rights — often don’t have access to it at all. Usually, the same Republicans who want voters to prove their citizenship also refuse to use public funds to help people who can’t afford to purchase copies of their birth certificates on their own. All of this is designed to disenfranchise the poorest and most vulnerable members of society, because Republicans assume they’re more likely to vote Democratic.

    It’s ironic that Republicans want people to cough up birth certificates before being allowed to vote. Or maybe it’s not. You see, Republicans don’t believe your birth certificate even when you give it to them. (Ask Barack Obama about this.) So maybe that’s part of their game plan, too: If a birth certificate is required for voting, and they don’t believe your birth certificate is genuine (or long enough, or whatever), voila, you don’t get to vote. Heads they win, tails you lose. I’m not saying Lambert is a birther, although it wouldn’t surprise me if she is. All I’m saying is she’s a Republican, and Republicans as a group seem hell-bent on making sure nobody can vote except them.

    Before wrapping this up, I want to thank both Stefan and Kathy for making sure we have accurate information about what an asshat she really is. Chalk her up as one of those who believes some Americans don’t have a right to vote in their own country.

  58. 73

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @70 He’s not doing anything that R-71 opponents aren’t doing, if that much. How can we know that referendum qualified for the ballot if we can’t see the signatures? All the petitions could have been signed by the same person, for all we know.

  59. 77

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @76 The sec of state is a partisan Republican so why would we rely on him to blow the whistle on signature fraud by the right, you twit? That’s my whole point.

  60. 78

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Here’s another point: If conservatives can demand voters’ birth certificates, then liberals can demand the R-71 signatures.

  61. 81

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @80 For a nonlawyer, your knowledge of the concept of adversarial argument is nonexistent, so you should stick to what you know (e.g., fixing old cars or mowing grass).

  62. 82

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    How, exactly, are we supposed to know those signatures are legit if we can’t see them?

    This has nothing to do with the public records issue which is currently before SCOTUS.

    This is an election law question, not a public records law matter.

  63. 84

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    This shows why amateurs shouldn’t play with legal questions. Give ‘em some dynamite to play with, and a vacant lot or disused quarry to play with it in, instead.

  64. 86

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Only a fool would fail to see that people who demand birth certificates to verify voting eligibility but don’t let anyone see signatures to verify referendum petitions are flaming hypocrites.

  65. 88

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Speaking of which I see the California bar is going to investigate birther movement leader Orly Taitz after a judge fined her for contempt of court. Another California lawyer filed an ethics complaint against her. That triggered the ethics investigation. This probably will lead to Taitz’s disbarment.

    Taitz didn’t go to a real law school. She has a “law degree” from a mail-order correspondence school. California is the only state that allows people with credentials from unaccredited institutions to take its bar exam, although they first have to pass a special qualifying pre-test. This was Taitz’s route to getting a California license to practice law even though she doesn’t have real legal training and isn’t a real lawyer. (She owns a chain of dental clinics.) This is also why she’s licensed in California when the court where she got in trouble is in Georgia.

    Specifically, Taitz filed a lawsuit contesting an Army physician’s deployment to Afghanistan on grounds that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. and therefore isn’t president and doesn’t have authority to issue deployment orders. When the Army physician found out about this, she denied that Taitz represents her, and said Taitz filed this action without her knowledge or consent. The judge fined Taitz $20,000 for perpetrating a fraud on the court. Taitz then publicly accused the judge of treason. A California lawyer than asked the California bar to open an investigation into Taitz’s license status on grounds of conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.

    There is no doubt about the outcome. Taitz will be disbarred. She will continue to spout her birther insanity to any gullible audience willing to listen, but she will not do so as a California lawyer, she will do so as a disbarred ex-lawyer.

    Which is as it should be. This is a free country where people can say anything they want on a soapbox. But courts are not soapboxes. They exist for the resolution of legal disputes, and you cannot say anything you want in a courtroom. Everything you say and do in a courtroom is subject to court rules and the ethical rules that govern the professional. Filing frivolous lawsuits, representing people without authority, and lying to a court will get you kicked out of both the courtroom and the organized bar.

  66. 89

    That's what she said... spews:

    Here’s another in my new series on why Kathi Lambert is batshit crazy; I heard you at another meeting state that the disabled should not be allowed to work above the 8th floor. Once again, everyone in the room got that WTF? look on their faces. How anyone as nutty as you can get elected is beyond me, even considering the shotgun and pitchfork Deliverance/survivalist district you represent.

    And what was up with your carrying a gun in your purse while you were a lousy festering pustule of a state rep in Olympia? What, did you see a black person or something? That makes me feel real safe knowing complete wackjobs such as yourself are walking around carrying guns.