Night Out 2010 with the CDC

I’m writing this post from the new SoDo office of the Cannabis Defense Coalition. The CDC recently moved from its old office in South Park up to this new location right next to Showbox SoDo. The inside of this place needs a ton of work, but folks in the organization are thrilled to be moving into a more visible location within the city.

Tomorrow night, the CDC is planning to take part in the Seattle Police Department’s Night Out with their own gathering behind the office along Occidental, just south of Safeco Field (the M’s play Texas at 7:10pm).


  1. 1

    righton spews:

    yeah, like they are really medical proponents.

    Nice front, wedge, for legalizing pot more broadly.

    the whole medical marijuana thing is a scam…”ooh, i have a headache, sell me some weed”

  2. 3

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    righton & Mark1,

    Time to end Prohibition, dudes. Marijuana should be totally legal for adults to enjoy should they choose to do so. Individual freedom is what matters: not your pseudo-religious diatribes against legalization and common sense.

  3. 4

    someguy spews:

    If righton and mark1 are serious, they need to go find a country to live in that doesn’t pride itself for its FREEDOMS.

    It’s not a front or wedge, to want BOTH legalization for medical AND legalization across the board. None of you anti-freedom drug bigots out there can point to ANY particular harm caused by marijuana legalization. Any of the harms that you might cite are most likely harms brought to you by PROHIBITION, rather than marijuana itself.

    Get a clue and support freedom! This is AMERICA after all… You know, the land of the FREE and the HOME OF THE BRAVE? What, do you want some nanny telling you that you cannot ingest a plant that makes you giggle and feel good?

  4. 5

    righton spews:

    someguy etc.

    I’ll vote to legalize (freedom idea), if on same theme you help me overturn nationalized medical care (hardly freedom when i have to buy it by force of law).

    I doubt you are really serious about broad platform of individual freedom and limited government. If you were you would never support the typical Dem politician

  5. 6


    @1: Righton, we most certainly are proponents of the medicinal use of marijuana by those whom it benefits. Most of our members also advocate an end to marijuana prohibition, as it has been a miserable failure.

    In Washington state, health care professionals can legally authorize medical marijuana only for certain conditions, and headaches is not among them. If you e-mail us your address at, we’ll send you a guide to medical marijuana law we publish.