Nickels and Ceis publicly share a private moment

One of the things I’ve bemoaned most about our mayor’s race, is that unlike our neighbors to the south in Portland, our City Hall has never seemed to produce a juicy sex scandal.

Or has it?


Standing there in the room during his concession speech, you could almost feel the heat of their passion as Mayor Greg Nickels and Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis stared briefly, but lovingly, into each other’s eyes. Who knew?


  1. 2

    George spews:

    I’m in on the write-in campaign for Nickels. Watching the McGinn and Mallahan pressers was pathetice, though Mallahan’s was a little better.

  2. 3

    Regular Voter spews:

    This isn’t a slow news day, so why the stretch to make something out of nothing?

  3. 4

    Geov spews:

    @1 You can’t write in someone who loses in the primary. They’re not eligible in the general.

  4. 5

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Why in the world would anyone consider writing in Nickels??
    At least he can come out of the closet with Tim now, right Goldy?

  5. 7

    mark spews:

    I wonder if Nickels got a tingle in his leg like Chris Matthews did over Obama. What a loser that Matthews. Jesus.