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    Rain Forest Blue spews:

    Gotta question — finding myself jobless (which for me is a big-gulp kinda deal, but nevertheless), I want to donate my time to the GOTV cause between now and election day. Of course, WA will go Obama with or w/o my help, but I’m concerned about the gubernatorial race. What’s a Seattleite to do — volunteer for the Obama camp, with all its machinery, on the premise that a vote for Obama is a likely vote for Gregoire, or directly volunteer for the Gregoire campaign? Any tips?

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    Calling from Bellevue last week it was I’m a volunteer with the Obama campaign and he needs your vote, but he can’t do it alone, he needs partners like Gregoire, Burner and the rest of the Democrats. I assume it’ll be like that in Seattle (except no Burner).

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    Jack spews:

    gregoire needs every bit of help – Obama will carry the state by big margins –

    the two sides have stayed locked in for four years – amazing but true

    she has beena fine Cov.

    He is flim flam man to the max – with – I hear bad breathe, dandruff, and manly problems

    go help Gregoire … you all take note … phone banking is prime