NFL Week 16 Open Thread


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    Puddybud spews:

    Did you know Barack Obama selected of his close bud, poet Elizabeth Alexander, to write and recite a poem at his inauguration ceremony?

    This woman is right up the alley of Steve and yelling loser boy. Seems to me she thinks just like them. Here is one of her pieces.

    “Her genitalia will float inside a labeled pickling jar”…

    “Monsieur Cuvier investigates between my legs, poking, prodding, sure of his hypothesis.”

    “Since my own genitals are public I have made other parts private.”
    Now I see why you leftist pinheads got a hardon with Rick Warren.

    The things I find viewing the far lefties…

  2. 4

    Puddybud spews:

    Now I wonder who else is cumming to the inauguration? Maybe Eve Ensler?

    I wonder if Elizabeth Alexander is a close personal bud of Eve Ensler?

    What? You lefties forgot about Eve Ensler? Man you all have bad short and long term memories.

    She wrote the Vagina Monologues. Don’t you remember the uproar over “The Little Coochie Snorcher that Could”? Maybe Alexander’s poem comes before that?

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    Puddybud spews:

    You can’t tell me this Wendell Jamieson guy is Gotham City’s finest in editing. It’s hard to believe that this loser writes “good is bad” and “bad is good”, and his putrid worldview is available for all to read.

    Can someone tell me Jamieson can be fair and balanced with in his duties with a whack-job view of this classic? I really wonder if he’s related to J Jonah Jamieson, Peter Parker’s editor?

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    Puddybud spews:

    Wow, with all this snow today in Quest Field Seattle has seen all this Freezing Global Warming in a long, long time…

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    Puddybud spews:

    Wow and nothing from HAs finest?

    Hey Tommy Thompson… he’s yours baby… all yours!

    Of course yelling loser boy will claim the NY Post is a Murdoch right-wing trash rag, and all these Madoff articles are right-wing trash, not to be read.

    5……….4………3………2……….1……….Stay tuned for another worthless comment from yelling loser boy about Murdoch publications that publish the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He laughs his ASS off because his head explodes over the truth…

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    Three headlines from right now in the Other News column:

    “Terror-devastated Mumbai hotels reopen”

    “Gaza militants launch more rockets at Israel”

    “Lockerbie marks 20th anniversary of bombing”

    It’s not the religion of peace. It’s a cult of hate, anger, violence, intolerance, and terrorism.

  7. 12

    Puddybud spews:

    Hey Steve, it’s an all-in-one package just for you.

    Charles Rangel – “Go ahead! Investigate me!”

    David Patterson – “I used cocaine and I cheated on my wife.” “Once you go black you don’t go back”.

    And yes I saw Teddy on there.

  8. 14

    Puddybud spews:

    Yes slingshot, The Donkey Political Toilet. The gift that keeps giving…

    This is fresh stuff. New News…

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    Puddybud spews:

    So HA lefties, do you agree or disagree with Arnold’s proposal?

    Amazing what you can find when you don’t read Kos, Media Matters or MoveOn as your favrit sites.

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    Piper Scott spews:

    Puddy rocks…and he’s on a roll today…

    The penultimate Rock ‘n Roller!

    The Piper

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    Puddybud spews:

    A new California law that will strip cable TV franchise agreements from municipalities starting 2010 and turn over control to the state could doom San Francisco’s freewheeling public access channels, which air programs such as “Letter Carriers Today,” “Atheist Viewpoint,” “Global Nuclear Coverup” and “The San Francisco Gospel Experience.”

    Holy TV Viewing Batman

    Ya gotta love that place…

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    Puddybud spews:

    No wonder they can’t find great applicants. The libtard professers told the students y’all can’t work for the evil industrial-defense conglomerate. You are throwing your life away…

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    Piper Scott spews:

    When will we see a thread (or have we?) on how unqualified Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is to assume HRC’s mantle as junior US Senator for New York?

    Or do decades spent as a New York City society matron qualify her?

    Sheesh…at least Sarah Palin got herself elected to stuff, engaged in political tussles up Last Frontier way, and knows how to use firearms.

    I hear tell that when Princess Caroline (the Kennedy one, not the dilettante daughter of Grace Kelly from Monaco) did a “listening tour” upstate, the locals booed her off the stage.

    Since when is hereditary aristocracy a Democrat meme?

    What’s next? How about Congress extending to her a title of nobility, say Duchess, that would…Oops…Would this run afoul of Article I, Section 9?

    Nah! When it comes to the Constitution and its literal terms, Dems and libs never bother with trifles – they just make it up as they go along. Witness HRC running afoul of the Emoluments Clause and an inconvenient SCOTUS decision, Roe v. Wade, which finds constitutional rights emanating from penumbras unrecognizable by the Founders.

    Stuff actually in the Constitution can be ignored while stuff not in it assume a primacy worthy of any novelist.

    Love that “living constitution.”

    The Piper

  14. 22


    When will we see a thread (or have we?) on how unqualified Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is to assume HRC’s mantle as junior US Senator for New York?

    You can find some here

    I actually agree with you that she’s a terrible pick for the Senate. But the reason that you won’t see a post about it is simple, maybe even simple enough for you to understand. Here goes:

    I don’t have to time to write about everything I think about.

    Got it? Can I find a 5-year-old to explain it to you?

    Your belief that all of us who post here are blind partisans is as retarded as your belief that we’re obligated to write about everything that’s on your mind.

    Wow, I can’t believe I had to explain that to an adult…

  15. 23



    Lee, one thing Goldy and I want to do with this blog is talk about the issues, and refrain from personal attacks. There are plenty of other blogs out there where flaming each other is commonplace. If you can’t abide by our rules, perhaps this isn’t the blog for you.

  16. 24


    LOL. If you can’t take having people like me pointing out your stupidity, this clearly isn’t the blog for you. You might want to ask yourself which one of us is an admin at this site before making such an ass of yourself like that.

  17. 25

    Piper Scott spews:


    “I don’t have to time to right about everything I think about.”

    No, you only have time to wrong about everything you think about, which gives you pretty much an 0-fer-life batting average.

    Mayhaps you need a two-year old to explain it to you???

    I never said all the HA Happy Hooligans are blind partisans, though that comment is an invitation to rhetorical mischief on an unprecedented scale.

    It’s just that so many of them are – yet the liberalati glitterati amongst you give them a pass in favor of trying a hammer-and-tong job among those of us who come here to offer an opposing, truthful point of view.

    If you spent but one-tenth the time excoriating Princess Caroline for her lack of qualifications, which would also mean dumping on Uncle Teddy for pimping her candidacy, that you spent dissing Gov. Palin, then I might be convinced that you had a scintilla of intellectual honesty and equilibrium.

    Alas…tis a consummation devoutely to be wished. But hoping for it is a hope upon which I would starve.

    In the meantime…think of me as a still small voice of conscience for you. No charge.

    Back to writing my latest op-ed…

    The Piper

  18. 26

    Right Stuff spews:

    “Lee, one thing Goldy and I want to do with this blog”

    {spits coffee all over keyboard}

    That right there is some funny s**t.

  19. 28


    Wow! Little Scottie found a typo!! Yay for you! Do you want a gold star? How about a cookie?

    I never said all the HA Happy Hooligans are blind partisans, though that comment is an invitation to rhetorical mischief on an unprecedented scale.

    If you don’t think we’re blind partisans, then how come you’re always here accusing us of being blind partisans? Are you just retarded or are you missing the gene that the rest of us have that tells us when we’re making an ass of ourselves?

    Seriously, dude. Get some pride. Get some self-respect. Do you really think Puddy is making some kind of point because he comes out to this blog and screams about a bunch of meaningless nonsense that supposedly means something by the mere fact that we haven’t written about it? Really?

    Good luck writing that op-ed! I’m sure it’ll be as hilarious as your masturbatory ode to Sarah Palin from August. LOL!

  20. 29

    Broadway Joe spews:

    How about some real Seattle sports news – Ljungberg out until early March with a torn labrum, the USL Sounders reborn in Bremerton in the PDL, and the possibility that Seattle Wolves could be part of an expansion of USL-2……

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    slingshot spews:

    The NFL is waging a war on Christianity. Welker was just penalized for making a snow angel in the endzone after scoring a TD. Billo, lead us against this blasphemy!

  22. 31


    Send me an email (click the link to my name at the top of this post to get it). I want to talk to you about something related to the Sounders.

    Funny! I missed that. I’m watching the Titans-Steelers game now…

  23. 32

    slingshot spews:

    Lee, apparently there’s a rule against going to the ground in celebration. Who’d a thunk?

    Of course, that’s just basically another democrat, lefty plot to ban religion. Open a small crack, and boom!

  24. 34

    notaboomer spews:

    fox 13 and kiro 7 suck. when the regular old tv watching folk are stuck inside on shitty day, they should be showing us some decent nfl games instead of the sucky cardinals (13) and infomercials (7).

  25. 36

    YLB spews:

    Oh my! Pooper in the right wing bullshit business! I can already tell it’s going to be a screaming success!

    Hey Stupes! I noticed you haven’t linked to any of Pooper’s right wing b.s.. Or maybe you have – I don’t pay attention to half your drivel.

    But you’d a perfect consultant to advise Pooper on how to give his home-grown right wing b.s. that trashy spin rwbs addicts like you love so much.

    Hey Stupes/Pooper Media LLC, RWBS Consultancy. Nice ring to it huh?


  26. 38

    Puddybud spews:

    Lee, I was delivering the Sunday news. The truth to a lefty is screaming because of the headaches y’all get.

    Y’all got hardons with Rick Warren religious thoughts. Wow three topical threads. Lost of hand-wringing over nuthin. Now we see who Obama’s favrit poet is. Do you get the same hardons with Elizabeth Alexander’s filthy poems?

  27. 39

    Piper Scott spews:


    Then you write something better…and try – just try – to disprove anything I’ve written about the Ferry System.

    What is it you do again? For a living, that is? Or do you simply hang around among the HA Happy Hooligans hoping for a drop of nose sweat to fall on the floor that you can then lap up?

    You remind me of the sociopathic Strother Martin character in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance…especially the part where John Wayne kicks him in the jaw, which, from a debate standpoint, is done to you multiple times daily.

    Seriously…how do you live with yourself?

    The Piper

  28. 40


    I characterize it as screaming because that’s what hysterical bitches like you do.

    You arrange the IQ test yet, chump?

  29. 42

    Piper Scott spews:


    You can see my latest published Ferry System article here.

    BTW…on the work I’ve done on this topic, I get lots of fan mail from folks in the media and elected Democrats.

    The Piper

  30. 44

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Ummm Lee, the only chump around is you. Thanks for the hysterical bitch. I gave you the parameters for the IQ test. SeattleJew holds the $100. While others answered you never did.

    See ya sucka!

  31. 45

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Piper, that’s because yelling loser boy is not your typical democrat.

    He’s a Double D. Demented Donkey.

  32. 46


    I must have missed it. I asked you to send me an email and you never did. Send me an email with what you’re planning and I’ll show up.

  33. 47

    correctnotright spews:

    Like most republicans, Puddybud overestimates his own intelligence. But intelligence alone is not enough, Puddy gets all his “information” from the same few sources and “forgets” to look at the big picture or to analyze (critically) the information he does get.

    For instance Puddy tried to blame the banking crisis on the democrats (without much information and facts beyond the lame right wing excuse machine). Where is Puddy’s reply to this article that documents the Bush adminsitration NOT listening to their OWN regulators about the problems that caused the meltdown but instead siding with the industry lobbyists AGAINST regulation?????

    Those troublesome FACTS that Puddy like to ignore

  34. 48

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:


    I overestimate my intelligence? I get my information from the same few sources? I forget to analyze the big picture?

    Your problem is you suck the kool-aid tit. It was you and others who tried to tie all this to Bush. It was you and others who overlooked what others were saying.

    This is the type of biased article from Matt Apuzzo. I’ve discounted his swill long ago.

  35. 49

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:


    Stop coming to a gunfight with a pen-knife.

  36. 50

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:


    I published link after link where liberal MSM articles were displayed here on HA discussing the role Congressional and Senate Donkey played in the sub-prime lending problems. I published the latest report on little Chucky Schumer making out like a bandit with his NY banking cronies. Yet, nary a peep from Incorrectneverbright. These screaming facts hurt your little brain.

  37. 51


    Puddy, still haven’t gotten an email from you. Or are you too chickenshit to follow up on your challenges?

  38. 52

    YLB spews:

    Go ahead Pooper. Keep on writing more pieces like you did on the Ferries. Dem politicos heap praise on you and apparently that’s all you need to know that you’re on the right track. And a steeply shrinking corp of salaried journalists covering politics and government in this State are apparently biting at the bit wondering how this new kid on the block plans to support himself in a new condo near Olympia.

    Keep on making the arguments that you make in that piece. They surely will resonate with someone out there but maybe not in the way you’d expect.

    You’re doing a great job being the shiny new face of right wing “journalism” in this State with the brightest and spiffiest new pair of ideological blinders around.

  39. 54

    correctnotright spews:

    @49: Puddy says:

    This is the type of biased article from Matt Apuzzo. I’ve discounted his swill long ago.

    Thanks for proving my point about ignoring the “facts” you don’t like. I notice that you can’t refute the facts so you seek to discredit the source and ignore it.

    I already put out these links:

    Gramm’s long been a handmaiden to Big Finance. In the 1990s, as chairman of the Senate banking committee, he routinely turned down Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Arthur Levitt’s requests for more money to police Wall Street; during this period, the sec’s workload shot up 80 percent, but its staff grew only 20 percent. Gramm also opposed an sec rule that would have prohibited accounting firms from getting too close to the companies they audited—at one point, according to Levitt’s memoir, he warned the sec chairman that if the commission adopted the rule, its funding would be cut. And in 1999, Gramm pushed through a historic banking deregulation bill that decimated Depression-era firewalls between commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, and securities firms—setting off a wave of merger mania.

    But Gramm’s most cunning coup on behalf of his friends in the financial services industry—friends who gave him millions over his 24-year congressional career—came on December 15, 2000. It was an especially tense time in Washington. Only two days earlier, the Supreme Court had issued its decision on Bush v. Gore. President Bill Clinton and the Republican-controlled Congress were locked in a budget showdown. It was the perfect moment for a wily senator to game the system. As Congress and the White House were hurriedly hammering out a $384-billion omnibus spending bill, Gramm slipped in a 262-page measure called the Commodity Futures Modernization Act. Written with the help of financial industry lobbyists and cosponsored by Senator Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), the chairman of the agriculture committee, the measure had been considered dead—even by Gramm. Few lawmakers had either the opportunity or inclination to read the version of the bill Gramm inserted. “Nobody in either chamber had any knowledge of what was going on or what was in it,” says a congressional aide familiar with the bill’s history.

    It’s not exactly like Gramm hid his handiwork—far from it. The balding and bespectacled Texan strode onto the Senate floor to hail the act’s inclusion into the must-pass budget package. But only an expert, or a lobbyist, could have followed what Gramm was saying. The act, he declared, would ensure that neither the sec nor the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (cftc) got into the business of regulating newfangled financial products called swaps—and would thus “protect financial institutions from overregulation” and “position our financial services industries to be world leaders into the new century.”

    Try actually reading about the credit default market and how it has been the real problem according to Greenspan. Notice that it was Phil (deregulation) Gramm that put it into law without debate.

    You can put down your penknife now. You lost again.

  40. 58

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Lee, as I stated with SeattleJew when you put forth the original challenge then you disappeared when I asked where are you, now you said you didn’t see it? Everyone else did.

    Now you are displaying a false “bravado”? I told SeattleJew I am going to make sure you don’t cheat by studying “mensa tests” or “IQ” tests easily ( Results 1 – 10 of about 417,000 for iq practice questions) or (Results 1 – 10 of about 75,700 for mensa practice questions). We all know lefties always stack the deck. SeattleJew will verify the HA conversation we had. You went mute and we were both shocked.

    So you’ll just have to wait while I research this.

    BTW I have SeattleJew’s home address to send him my $100. You ready to put up the $100?

    Here is the original thread… then mysteriously LEE DISAPPEARS.

  41. 59

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Daddy Love, you started a frank discussion on sexuality? When? where? You support fudge packing?

    Dude, I already stated my preferences. We don’t know yours.

  42. 60

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    nevercorrectnottobright: Place on HA a link to a non-biased individual. I’ll gladly read it. Matt Apuzzo is a known lefty in press circles. You are one of those who always discount my links from right-minded people. Now you get your panties in a wad when you are treated the same way? Just like that other post you tried to insult me when she was a Donkey congressional aide.


  43. 61

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Fudge Packer@53: What? Did I strike a nerve? I guess it’s still true.

    You are a schizophrenic. You claim to be conservative at home but a loony librul at HA. Split personality issues. I immediately spotted your problem.

    So how are those MTV videos yelling loser boy? Seen that latest crap on BET? I’m sure your chilluns are grinding to that stuff…

  44. 62

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    FudgePacker@53: Thanks for reloading that thread…


    You seem overjoyed at the idea of “shutting down” opposing points of view. Let’s see, what famous people does that remind us of???? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
    You also want to shut down Aaron Dixon. You are a piece of shit racist Clueless. At least Dixon has the courage of his convictions. You cannot even stand up in a battle of words you pathetic dickwad.
    Clueless is the type who screams about his “rights”….and screams when others exercise theirs.

    For those who don’t know For the Clueless was yelling loser boy’s clueless idiot crackpot name. Too bad he hasn’t grown up yet. But he still has his Karma.

  45. 63

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Idiot@53: You seem to forget your name calling against me and my sons.

    So I guess payback is a bitch eh yelling loser boy…

  46. 64

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Hey yelling loser boy…Is this goy a racist?

    Notice the newspaper…

  47. 65

    YLB spews:

    LMAO @ Stupes.

    Always one to play the race card. All that was said was that Dixon was a McGavick enabler. Where was his skin color impugned? Why didn’t he run as a Dem or a Rep?

    You right wing morons have always tried to split the Dem vote. Supporting third parties is just one tool you use along with dozens of vote suppression dirty tricks.

    If the Dan Evans days were today then I don’t think I’d have as much a problem with left leaning third parties. But that ugly party of yours is freaking crazy. The only place for people who truly care about this country’s future is the Dem party, warts and all.

  48. 66

    YLB spews:

    64 – Yawwn. ignored. I won’t bother to click on the link. Yes I know it’s MSM. Flesh it out some more and I might bother.

    63 – Ok, ok. That was a little below the belt but you sure support those war and torture policies of that Chimp you voted for twice. Why aren’t the boys in service? And you’ve made up for it since by attacking my wife. Yawwwn. Indulge yourself. We could care less.

    64 – Shutting down? Hell no. All kinds of places where you can scream the nonsense you do. Why not go there? I celebrate your right to be a screaming fool.

    61 – MTV videos? WTF are you talking about? How many times have I told you I got the cheap cable. Costs me less than 15 bucks a month. Serves my family’s needs just fine. As long as we can follow the Mariners in the Spring/Summer we’re happy as clams. Allows me to afford the fast $43/mo internet service.

    Memory? You don’t remember shit.

    So now you’ve pick up mark’s epithet. Wow that took a lot of imagination. You picked up the name-calling of an ugly racist. You must be freaking proud of yourself.

  49. 67

    YLB spews:

    64 – Ok I clicked on it. Are you serious about Stein being a goy? What problem do you have with Joel Stein? Does he lean left?

    Well I’ll “fair and balance” it for you. Here’s a nutty right winger (and a convert to Orthodox Judaism) who thinks Jews control Hollywood as well. Hell, he says the Jews invented Hollywood:

    I don’t think any of this is “racist” but I understand Jews being a little sensitive about the word “control”.

  50. 68


    I didn’t “disappear” dumbshit, I asked you to email me. You STILL haven’t emailed me. I’m not going to do this unless we discuss the parameters over email first. Otherwise, it’ll be just be one person dictating how it’s done.

    And no, I don’t trust SeattleJew to hold the money to be involved in this in any way (for reasons that should be obvious). Send me an email and we can discuss how to do this.

  51. 69


    Oh, and one more thing that I’ll propose here. Let’s make it so that if one person’s IQ ends up being 30 points higher than the others, the payoff is $500.

  52. 71

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Lee, why do I have to “email” you? As I said in the other thread, we’ll do this up front with everyone. Why do I need to go to your blog?

    You made the comment on HorsesASS. So we continue the commentary on HorsesASS.

    Good day.

    BTW Is 30 IQ Points 2 SD or 3 SD? I don’t dwell on that stuff. I worry about photons. Electrons are so last century.

  53. 72

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    yelling loser boy,

    Your original comment was ButtPuddy, remember?

    Attacking your wife. SEIU? Asking about what drugs you used to hynotize and how you drugged her to marry you because it surely isn’t your intelligence that won her “hand”?

    Does she read your comments here? Does she see the hatred? The Bush Derangement Syndrome? Shucks, my sons read my comments.

  54. 73

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    yelling loser boy, I have no problem with Joel Stein. I thought it was interesting he published it.

    I remember there was some commentary here about someone mentioning this about Hollyweird and all the racist epithets send toward that person by the HA leftists.

  55. 75

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Hey Steve, looks like another Democrat lost his temper. Kind of like you every time you post here.

    I included two separate links because yelling loser boy will go nuts with the NY Post, a Murdoch paper.

  56. 76


    Um, no, chickenshit. If you make a challenge like that, have the fucking balls to follow through on it.

    Do you agree to the challenge or not?

  57. 77

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Paul Weyrich dies and the DUmmy‘s go nuts.

    WinkyDink: There IS a God.

    TheBorealAvenger: Obama, Pelosi, and thrown shoes were probably on his mind…

    UpInArms: I’m putting on my dancing shoes. Weyrich’s prolly sitting next to RayGun by the fire right now

    liberaltrucker: Enjoy Hell, asshole

    Yes, such compassionate progressives

  58. 78

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Ahhhh yes Lee’s panties are on his head now.

    Lee@42 places the initial challenge — “Please don’t attempt to argue with people who are far smarter than you.” You the arbiter of intelligence? Here is my 14 word answer again


    Yes, you surely are demonstrating that superior Lee intelligence today. In the same thread you said:”I eventually grew up.” Well it must have been for a nanaosecond.

    And now I’m the chickenshit? Lee let me give you the standard Roger Rabbit answer:

    “FUCK YOU”.

  59. 79

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Lee, The challenge happens on HorsesASS. Those are the terms. I’ll send my $100 to SeattleJew. We get cashiers checks. He’ll hold it for both of us. Those are the terms.

    Hey, you already said you were more intelligent that me. So if you go down, everyone needs to see it. E v e r y o n e.

  60. 80

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Look, another Donkey cheater.

    But wait he was arrested days before… He was a pal of Jon Bon Jovi – Donkey…

    NEW YORK,NY 10022 KASOWITZ BENSON TORRES & FRIEDMAN,/ 4/16/08 $5,000 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte (D)
    NEW YORK,NY 10022 DREIER LLP/FOUNDER AND MANAGING PAR 5/3/07 $2,300 Richardson, Bill (D)

  61. 81

    YLB spews:

    Your original comment was ButtPuddy, remember?

    Nope. Don’t remember that. I’ve called you many things. Others have called you that or something close to it but not me to my recollection.

    Call me anything you like even it’s playing copycat to a right wing racist like mark. Like I could freaking care.

  62. 84


    What do you mean, “it happens on HorsesAss”?

    I can set up a date and time and have Darryl show up at a library (the one by DL works for me) with two identical IQ tests (I’m sure he can roust that up from the University). I’m not giving SeattleJew anything unless all that is agreed to. As I mentioned at EffU, he can be your representative to see that Darryl is impartial.

    The results will be posted at EffU. Also, do you agree to the $500 blowout wager, or are you too chickenshit for that too?

    Strap on a pair and stop avoiding me.

  63. 85

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Lee, I accept your challenge for the IQ test with one proviso. I said SeattleJew holds our money as he’s the only person I trust on HA. Thems my terms for the IQ contest. Oh and you have to beat me by 30 since you brought it up otherwise you lose $600. Accept them or not.

    Regarding the blowout wager, Hmmm… So you think you are over 150? Want to reconsider?

    Average: 85 – 115
    Above average: 115 – 125
    Gifted Borderline Genius: 125 – 135
    Highly gifted and appearing to be a Genius to most others: 135 – 145
    Genius: 145 – 165
    High genius: 166 – 180
    Highest genius: 181 – 200
    Beyond being measurable genius: Over 200

  64. 86

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Steve, the only pool that counted was the pool that was the wet spot when you were conceived. The necessary brain generating genetic material mysteriously escaped.

  65. 88

    Steve spews:

    Speaking of yo Mama, I gotta say, that thing she does with the two cantelope and the watermelon astounds me up every time. Good grief, Pudz! I would have never believed a woman could do a thing like that.

  66. 89


    I don’t think you understand how the blowout wager works. The bet is $100. If the gap between our IQs is over 30, the bet is $500. I’m fine with SeattleJew holding the money, but he’s definitely not someone I trust, so Darryl has to be the person to choose the test to use (and if you don’t trust Darryl, SeattleJew can oversee that process).

    I haven’t taken an IQ test since I was in elementary school. I was placed into a gifted class after that and was given the option to skip grades. My parents did not want me to go school with kids older than me (and I think that was a very smart move on their part). They also never told me what I scored either. I honestly have no idea what my actual IQ is, other than that it’s on the high end.

    If you’re still dumb enough to go through with this, I’ll talk to Darryl and SJ on Tuesday and see if we can get a test to use.

  67. 90

    Another TJ spews:

    The results will be posted at EffU. Also, do you agree to the $500 blowout wager, or are you too chickenshit for that too?

    Strap on a pair and stop avoiding me.

    Lee, Lambchop has rather a bad record when it comes to living up to his obligations. Whether you win or not, you’re not going to see a penny from him. Just FYI.

  68. 91

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Well Lee, I was never in a gifted class but I was considered smart growing up. So let’s do this.

    Why do you think I’m dumb enough to do this? I like matching wits. If your IQ is greater than 150, then God blessed you. I know mine was around 120 when I was younger. So I won’t chicken out.

    But you challenged me with the bet. You are bragging about your mental prowess so here are the terms. You claim to be gifted so let’s get it on, Doogie Howser. If you don’t beat me by 30 I get the extra $500.

  69. 92

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Another Toothless Jerk@90:

    The challenge stands for you too. Wanna IQ test? Come one strap on a pair since you hide behind a blog. I’ve met Lee, Darryl and SeattleJew. Show up or blow away ATJ.

  70. 93

    Another TJ spews:

    Lee, how about this as a compromise: If Lambchop can explain the blowout wager correctly, we’ll acknowledge he has an IQ above that of a turnip, if not… well, we’re right back where we started, but we’re no worse off for it. A fair compromise?

  71. 94

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    ATJ: I know what Lee’s proposed blowout wager is. And, I am taking Lee for his word that he’s a gifted child of God. Since he’s gifted and he said “Please don’t attempt to argue with people who are far smarter than you.“, these are the bet terms. Since his intellect is far superior than mine, he can accept them or not. So with Lee’s HA and effinsound braggadocio, the challenge is he HAS to trounce me by 30 Stanford-Binet IQ points or $500 is mine.

    BTW ATJ did you grow some juevos? Lambchop is ready for you too. Come on and take the test. Meet Lee, SJ, Darryl and me and join the fray. Let’s see the great ATJ in action.

  72. 95

    Lee spews:

    Um, no. The original bet was even up for $100. I threw in the blowout wager (which would require me to pay you $500 if you beat me by 30 points) for intrigue. Your willingness to change the bet now is because you’re a big, gigantic, pussy who can’t back up his boast that you’ll “put your IQ up against mine any day of the week”.

    So what is it, BigFatPussy? Are you still game for it?

  73. 96

    Another TJ spews:

    Well, it looks like Lambchop’s intellectual gifts do not exceed those of a common turnip. Again, we’re right back where we started…

  74. 97

    Piper Scott spews:

    Tell you what…why not settle this with Bowie knives over a handkerchief at three paces? Goldy can sell tickets, which would relieve his financial burden.

    In the meantime, all this yammering over a wager could cause you to run afoul of the state gambling authorities.

    The Piper

  75. 98

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Lee, I know the original bet is $100. Yes, this “big fat pussy” (your words not mind) upped the stakes. You want to let everyone know your superior intellect. “Please don’t attempt to argue with people who are far smarter than you.” – Lee on HA and of Effinunsound!

    So, I’m giving you the chance to demonstrate it for all to see. If you don’t score greater than 30 points you pay me $500 while I pay you $100. If I tie you you owe me $500. If on the chance you are smarter than me by 30 Stanford-Binet IQ points, I pay you $600.

    Your call bud! BTW, I have to mail Christmas presents so I will be gone a while. I’ll be back looking at your “final” offer.

  76. 99

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Another Toothless Jerkoff@96:

    Stupido – It’s my money on the line so I can negotiate the rules. Butt since you joined in with your own worthless commentary, Lambchop challenges you too. Same rules.

    I’m giving you the chance to demonstrate it for all to see. If you don’t score greater than 30 points you pay me $500 while Lambchop pays you $100. If Lambchop ties you you owe me $500. If on the chance you are smarter than me by 30 Stanford-Binet IQ points, Lambchop pays you $600.

    You ran away above, so this is my final offer. If you can’t put up then I guess Lambchop is smarter than a fifth grader……

  77. 100

    Steve spews:

    You seem unwilling to bet, Puddy, unless you get the 30 point spread. Your insistance on the bet you lay out tells us you don’t think you can win straight up against Lee in a simple IQ matchup. You need points? Would the $400 you might net salve the pain of a 29 point trouncing? Just make it the original $100 bet, highest IQ wins, and be done with it. And Goldy should start a pool so the rest of us can get in on the action. I’d put money on your not cracking 121.

  78. 101

    Lee spews:

    Uh, no. And that’s actually a concession of defeat since you’re now welching on your original challenge.

    What a massive chickenshit you are! Are you willing to put your IQ up against mine or not?

    My IQ might be 30 points higher than yours, but I’m sure as hell not betting $500 that it is, and I never made such an offer.

    Again, do you have any balls? Do you have any pride? Or are you to continue to weasel your way out of this like the big, fat, throbbing pussy you are?

    Yes, this “big fat pussy” (your words not mind) upped the stakes.

    But you only upped the stakes for me, but lowered them for you. Chump.

  79. 102

    Lee spews:

    Your call bud! BTW, I have to mail Christmas presents so I will be gone a while. I’ll be back looking at your “final” offer.

    Why don’t you email me, so that we don’t have to keep coming back to this thread, Einstein?

  80. 103

    Steve spews:

    @102 “Why don’t you email me”

    Oh, please don’t, Puddy. I get a kick out of your attempts to weasel your way out of the IQ match.

  81. 104

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Just checking in a last minute before I leave and I see Steve showed up too. Figgers the HA Beast Lover would appear.

    Now all I need to see is yelling loser boy to make it a trifecta.

  82. 105

    Lee spews:

    Pathetic. Why don’t you head down to the thrift store and see if they have any used testicles you can buy?

    What an embarrassing display that just transpired in this comment thread.

  83. 106

    Ekim spews:

    ButtPuddy… ButtPuddy…

    Must be closely related to a Santorum:

    Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex. 2. Senator Rick Santorum.

  84. 107

    Steve spews:

    @104 My goodness, Puddy! And here I’ve refrained from discussing with you why you’re so overly sensitive about accusations of beastiality. You know, of course, that such an admission on your part was quite revealing. But I’m going to cut you some slack and not go there. Not today, anyway.

  85. 108

    Puddybud, Scaring Lee's Internal Hysterical Bitch spews:

    Lee, What? If you could read above I already said let’s get it on. But I upped the stakes based on “Please don’t attempt to argue with people who are far smarter than you.“. Apparently I can argue with Lee. Let’s just see how large the juevos are dangling…

    You made the blowout offer. Something I would never have made. Since you challenged my intelligence, time to prove it. And you can throw all the negative name calling you want Lee. Make my day.

    Of course it’s slanted toward me. I didn’t make the blow-out offer you did. It’s for all to see. And I have just as much to lose as you since your are the “gifted” one!

    Lastly Lee, this challenge was made here. No where else. So we settle it here. Why do I need to “email” you? Why do I need to visit your blog? While your sycophants may cheer you on, it ain’t gonna happen. It was placed in a public forum, now we need to go private?

  86. 109

    Steve spews:

    @106 That’s a good one, huh? ButtPuddy! Who came up with that? I be it had something to do with Cynical. Or maybe Cynical’s goat. Too funny!

  87. 110

    Lee spews:

    You made the blowout offer. Something I would never have made.

    I still don’t think you understand the blowout offer. The offer is not a point spread and was never meant to be a point spread. If you beat me by 30 points, I would owe you $500. If I beat you by 30 points, you would owe me $500. Otherwise, it’s still an even up bet for $100. Are you really so fucking stupid that you don’t understand how that works?

    Lastly Lee, this challenge was made here. No where else. So we settle it here.

    We can’t settle it here, moron. We have to settle it by meeting somewhere to take a test. That’s the thing about an IQ test – it’s a test. I’ve already met you before. What are you afraid of, chickenshit?

  88. 111

    Steve spews:

    Puddy, here’s some advice for you. Just accept the bet as Lee laid it out or simply decline. You’re negotiating like someone who already knows that they’re going to handily lose the original $100 bet, like someone willing to put a price on their being the fool, and that’s unseemly, even for you. I mean, of course I want Lee to keep this thread public – you’re being humiliated. For your own sake, accept the bet or turn it down, but move on.

  89. 112

    Another TJ spews:

    Are you really so fucking stupid that you don’t understand how that works?

    Answered upthread.

  90. 113

    Another TJ spews:

    I’m giving you the chance to demonstrate it for all to see. If you don’t score greater than 30 points you pay me $500 while Lambchop pays you $100. If Lambchop ties you you owe me $500. If on the chance you are smarter than me by 30 Stanford-Binet IQ points, Lambchop pays you $600.

    I’m upping the stakes: If Lambchop beats me by 30 points, I owe him $1,100. If he doesn’t beat me by 30 points, he owes me $1,000 and I owe him $100. Also, he pays my airfare, lodging, and all other travel expenses.

    This is my final offer. If he doesn’t accept in one hour, he will be proven to be a chicken.