My telephone never lies

Apparently, Joe Mallahan wants to arm kids at playgrounds, or something like that, at least according to Renee on the prerecorded robocall I just got. I’m against that, so I guess I’ll have to vote for Mike McGinn.


  1. 1

    Chris Stefan spews:

    God I hope Mike isn’t using robocalls. Using volunteers instead of robocalls was one of the reasons several people I know voted for him.

    Besides I’m not convinced robocalls work for more than just GOTV (which it is still better to have volunteers or at least live people do if you can).

  2. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Fishwrapper Endorses Hutchison

    Shock! Surprise! The Republican Rag of Record has endorsed the stealth Republican candidate for county exec! Who wudda thunk?! Here’s why:

    “The county must act more like private-sector businesses if it is going to close the $56 million gap in the general fund in 2010 and more in the future, and create responsible, sustainable budgets instead. This means the number of people working at the county, union and nonunion, will be reduced. It also means union contracts and health benefits are going to need to be revisited. Not when they expire, but now.”


    Run the county like a private business.
    Fire workers.
    Screw the unions.

    This editorial looks like Frank Blethen wrote it himself. Apparently he’s still bitter about the Newspaper Guild strike and is gonna take it out on county workers.

  3. 3

    Thor spews:

    I got the same call. It was insulting.

    I have been on the fence on this one but looks like Mallahan, while flawed, is better than the other guy, who thinks people are dopes.

    Find a vision for the city you want to lead Mike, and you might get more than 35%.

  4. 4

    Geov spews:


    I also got the call, and it was insulting and demagogic. I have serious reservations about Mallahan, but even though I’m ideologically closer to McGinn, there’s an expanding body of evidence that he’s not trustworthy or competent enough to be mayor.

  5. 6

    drool spews:


    Is it Mallahan’s organization or a third party making the robo calls? Time for some HA investigative stuff?

  6. 8

    Michael spews:


    I’d double check to make sure that call came from the McGinn camp. If it did come from McGinn it might be time to say thanks, but no thanks.

  7. 9

    Got the call spews:

    I got the call. It said “Paid for by McGinn for Mayor” so it definitely came from that camp. Bad move, Mike. People who like you want to believe you’re above this. Guess you’re not.

  8. 12

    sarah68 spews:

    I don’t care who’s above what dirty trick. This is desperation time for Seattle. McGinn has a brain; Mallahan has shown no signs of one. So, dumshit or intelligent bastard? Dumshits come with a coterie of people who run them (remember the last President?). Intelligent bastards usually make their own decisions. I’d rather have the latter.

  9. 13

    chicagoexpat spews:

    Why am I not surprised you’d vote for a lying piece of shit like McGinn — both of you love the tactics of the Teabaggers, without any self awareness a-tall.

    But given your oft-stated love of bringing guns into the public (just like th Obama haters & teabaggers), I’m surprised you claim you’re against kids bringing guns to parks.

    How else will they voice their concerns in public issues?