Murder on the SODO Express?

Yesterday the headlines blared “Train Kills Man,” in what the media widely reported as Link Light Rail’s first fatal “accident,” even though it was clear from the circumstances and eyewitness accounts that the man threw himself in front of the train. Well today, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office rules the death a suicide… but does that mollify the knee-jerk, anti-rail zealots? According to the Seattle Times’ comment threads, um… no.

This story still sounds fishy.

They were calling it a “suicide” before much was known.

Let’s see… a man climbs over a Jersey barrier along a non-pedestrian, transit-only corridor, and in cover of darkness, leaps in front of a moving train. Sounds like murder to me!

More amusing is the fact that the Times apparently felt the need to prematurely close the comment thread after only ten comments, seven of which they had to remove, I assume due to offensive or inappropriate content. Geez… and folks think my comment threads are a sewer.


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    Okay Goldy, let’s say you’re the guy who writes headlines for the Times, what would yours have been? Let’s see your headline for the story. And you can’t use hindsight. At the time, suicide was suspected but not confirmed.

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    Gabe spews:

    How appropriate that Troll weighs in. I’ll bet it was one of his drooling posts the Times removed.

    I forget, did Troll tell us what he thinks of the Birther movement?

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    Interesting. Goldy managed to work-up more outrage on this blog over the wording of the Seattle Times’ headline about the Link-related death, than he did for the South Park rapes and murder … and the murder of the Ballard convenience store clerk.

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    X'ad spews:


    If you give a shit WHAT Troll posts then you are really, really, really bored.

    He’s marginally less interesting than drying paint and much dumber. If HE committed suicide, no one would realize it…..

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    john birther spews:

    Check out New York Review of Books, @ 2, current issue, article about the loon-left blagosphere. Every leftist loon blogger who seems to matter is mentioned, except Goldy, which is final proof that Goldy. Does. Not. Matter.

    But loon blogger Andrew Sullivan matters, and he’s mentioned. He’s mentioned as the original birther. Almost one year ago Andrew Sullivan blogged that Sarah Palin faked her latest pregnancy and pretended to “birth” her youngest son.

    Sullivan and the rest of the left that retailed his birther tripe are as low as you can go and as batshit as you can get.

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    tippycanoe spews:

    The end of America happened today when the military “asked” to help out FEMA in the event of a swine flu epidemic.

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    gruff spews:

    Everyone notice Goldie offered the alternate headline “man kills self” in his previous post on the incident but Troll was too lazy to read it?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    As I told Joel Connelly et al. at DL last evening, unmoderated comment threads under news stories on media websites are worse than useless because they’re fall of ravings and falsehoods posted by lunatics and ignoramuses. Newspapers used to have editors to keep crap from getting into circulation; whatever happened to editing?

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    tpn spews:

    Clearly, the driver of the train swerved on purpose to hit the poor fellow. Anyone who denies that is clearly part of the cover-up/conspiracy.

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    Poster Child spews:

    Rabbit @ 14
    I applaud you for raising that when you had the opportunity. I don’t understand why news needs comments. When I read the reader rants in the Times and P-I part of me dies a little.

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    Chris Stefan spews:

    Not terribly likely. For one any use of personal electronic devices is against the rules for Link operators while they are in the cab of a Link train. There is a camera on the operator which is recorded. Second Link requires both hands to operate the train. If a driver takes their hands off of the controls the emergency brakes will be applied.

    In any case trains take a damn long time to stop so even if the operator noticed our suicidal idiot right away it is unlikely the train could have stopped in time.

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    It was against the rules in for the operator in the link I provided to text.

    And there is not a camera trained on the operator inside the Link cab.

    And people can text with one hand.

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    zdp 189 spews:

    It has been an article of faith among left-wingers that easy access to guns causes suicides. It is difficult to reverse course now.

    Armstrong’s law: a libertarian’s reductio ad absurdum is a liberals logical consequence/truth.

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    Chris Stefan spews:

    Wow you seem awfully obsessed with the idea Link operators might be texting while operating the trains.
    Tell you what as soon as we piss test and pull the cellphone records of every auto driver involved in an accident and cite them if the tests come back positive or if they were on the phone or texting at the time of the accident then you can bitch about Link operators.