Mr. Nixon, can I call you a whaaaaaaaambulance?

Toby Nixon is straight-up freakin’ over Senator Eric Oemig’s plan to put impeachment of Bush “on the table.”

The man Oemig beat in November to win the open Senate seat, former Rep. Toby Nixon, wrote to his supporters today questioning whether Oemig was honest with voters:

Oemig’s campaign web site said (and still says) “the Eastside needs a State Senator who solves problems and gets things done. We cannot afford more of the same old thing. I’m not a politician, and I reject the extremism and partisan bickering of Olympia”. It also says “Elected officials must live up to the highest standards of honesty”. Well, Mr. Oemig, was it honest of you to run a campaign saying you’re going to “solve problems and get things done” and that you “reject partisan bickering”, and to turn around “soon after taking office” and take the lead on impeaching the President? How is that living “up to the highest standards of honesty”. It certainly looks like “extremism and partisan bickering” to me.

Just so you know, Toby Nixon is well-liked here at HA. He even shows up at Drinking Liberally from time to time. Needless to say, I don’t agree with his assessment.

Democrats have been timid as heck, unwilling to stand up to Bush even when he’s been weak and wrong at the same time. Is it bickering to stand up to Bush, even at the local level? Maybe Nixon’s stoking the fires for a run at his old seat (won by Roger Goodman when Nixon ran for Senate). I’ve got a better idea…

Lieutenant Governor! Think about it, Toby… I don’t know anyone who’s “high” on Lt. Gov. Brad Owen. He’s got that ridiculous rock band which he takes across the state, trying to keep kids off drugs (If he had come to my high school, I would have STARTED smoking pot, just to spite him). He endorses right wing judicial candidates and wants to spend tax dollars on a NASCAR track. What a waste!

I guess what I’m saying, Toby, is aim higher! Imagine the satisfaction of swinging that gavel whenever Senator Oemig gets out of line. Sweet revenge, sir. Sweet revenge!!


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    Jack Burton spews:

    I FULLY support this.

    All time spent on this hot-air, non-binding, do-nothing resolution will mean less time spent raising taxes and reducing freedoms.

    While you’re at it, why not have a protracted fillibuster?

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    ArtFart spews:

    Not sure that our state legislature passing such a resolution will garner much attention from Washington’s US Representatives on either side of the aisle, any more than all the spineless, meaningless posturing, pontification and “non-binding” bullshit is going to so much as slow down the Crawford Caligula’s efforts to make over the nation and the world in his own bizarro image.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @2 Look again, Jack. An impeachment resolution by a state legislature is hardlya nonbinding advisory vote. It is the same thing as an impeachment resolution introduced by a House member. It gets the ball rolling.

    Yeah, Bush has only two years left. And yeah, it will take most of that two years to remove him from office. We need to do it anyway, to make a statement for history, and to deter future presidents and usurpers from contemplating similar conduct. Violating the Constitution is not a little deal — it is a BIG deal. Warmongering, lying, torture — these are all offenses warranting removal from office. This lying POS squatting in the People’s House needs a bitch-slapping future politicians will never forget — IMPEACH HIM!!!

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Nixon won’t get my vote. He’s just another unprincipled whining Republican defending the indefensible.

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    Roger, don’t put words in my mouth. You did not read one thing in any of my comments that could be interpreted as “defending” anything or anyone. What I do complain about, as a resident of the 45th district and Eric Oemig’s constituent, is a politician who talked extensively during his campaign about what he planned to do when in office, who, now that he is elected, turns around and assumes entirely different priorities. In fact, Mr. Oemig has sponsored quite a number of bills that have nothing to do with what he said were his priorities during the campaign. Should not the people of the 45th District call him on that? I think so. With all the problems facing our state, why are we wasting any time tilting at windmills and pandering to progressives?

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    Toby Nixon is exploiting the opening, exploiting the nation’s pain, to advance his political fortunes— I guess Toby is fine with the torture, the PATRIOT act, the Wiretaps, the war in Iraq, the signing statements.

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    My former opponent selectively quotes my web site. He must have overlooked this:
    “Public Integrity: Elected officials must live up to the highest standards of honesty and accountability. That says it all.”

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    Lordsman spews:

    You all like arch homophobe Toby Nixon – who voted against gay folks his entire political career?

    Shit, really progressive, there Will. He is a right wing hack, despite any smiles or drool.

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    Martin Chaney spews:

    As a proud member of the mainstream progressive majority in Eric Oemig’s legislative district, I want to say that Eric has more than lived up to his campaign promises. I’m not real great at counting up to such large numbers, so I may be a bit off here, but I just checked Senator Oemig’s legislative web pages and he’s listed as a sponsor on 124 bills of which he is the primary sponsor on 22. Talk about exceeding expectations! Senator Oemig is definitely a guy who gets things done!

    I know we’re all accustomed to politicians who promise more than they deliver, but I find it surreal to hear Mr. Nixon criticizing our Senator for doing more than he promised. Senator Oemig is setting new standards for excellence and leadership and he makes me proud to be able to say I’m one of his constituents.

    So yeah, I’m going to call him on this. And when I’m do the first thing I’m going to say is “Thank You!”

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    Jack Burton spews:

    Fuzzie Furball @ 4

    Let them pass this resolution and we’ll just see how much the “ball get’s rolling.”

    Just like all the resolutions passed over the past few years by various local governmental bodies against the war. THAT ball really got rolling didn’t it?

    Don’t you have a carrot to go chew on?

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    Jenna Bush spews:

    I think Toby is really, really pissed because Eric has been living up to everything he promised to do, which is very unusual for a freshperson.

    Besides, intellectually Toby is in the upper 1% of all Republican politicians: He can not only read and write, but he can speak in complete sentences.

    And without drooling!