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    You missed the Times piece about the airing of the Extreme Makeover – Home Edition episode featuring the Kirkland woman and kids, especially this tidbit detailing the perfidy of a favorite HA Happy Hooligan villian, the BIAW:

    “Daimon Doyle, president of the Building Industry Association of Washington, and the volunteer contractor for the job, lined up skilled tradesmen to help. He coordinated the hundreds of people who donated about 10,000 hours of labor.”

    Read the whole story here: http://seattletimes.nwsource.c.....e17e0.html

    Just like that BIAW to privately donate to a good cause instead of letting the government do it. And to do such a good job by adding all those extra touches and luxurious details when it should be drab, depressing, and conforming to a lowest-common-denominator standard of sameness (think Cabrini-Green)…Has BIAW no shame?

    Given your descriptions of the HA Happy Hoolihovel within which you reside, it’s too bad you didn’t enter…Would have been a slam dunk winner for sure!

    Just think…Goldy on national TV in a newly remodeled abode! With a modern, efficient, light-in-the-carbon-loafers furnace, each room named after a lefty icon (the GasBaghdad Jim McDermott privy featuring non-stop audio loops of unlawfully intercepted phone conversations plus a massive photo of Skunky Jim dressed as Ebenezer Scrooge – “Christmas…Bah, humbug!” – hung opposite the .004 flow toilet), and a miniature electric light rail train running all throughout the house designed to assuage those pangs of need for transit paid for by someone else.

    Neatest part could have been your bedroom: Goldy’s Gulag. Appointed in the style of a Chairman Mao Long March cave hideout replete with a utilitarian cot and the soothing sounds of battles of the proletariat revolution to lull you to sleep. And a gigantor, larger than life faux (no animals would have been harmed in the remodeling of your own private Kremlin) stuffed horse’s patoot mounted over your cot designed to lift its tail and drop its essence upon you each morning to awaken you from dreams of The Darcy and you endlessly canoodling in people’s harmony upon a 1,000-mile Prop 1 luxury train; talk about the ultimate alarm clock!

    All devices – faucets, doorknobs, cupboards, dials, etc. – would turn or open only to the left. I’ll bet BIAW would have even struck a deal to have the Fremont Lenin statue relocated to your new crabgrass-festooned front yard!

    Your brand new Sears Kenmore deepfreeze would be filled to the max with frozen Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, and the pantry would have an infinite stock of Cheese Whiz to slather on each as you scarf it down.

    But a life-sized inflatable Eleanor Roosevelt companion for night time comfort would be a bit much, so no soap on that one even though Eleanor is your kind of gal.

    With the $$$ left over, His Popiness Richard XI (eventually the XII) could have been hired as your live-in punkawalla and house boy; giving the guy full-time work would be a nice gesture on your part.

    With the massive increase in your property value, just think of all the taxes you would then be privileged to pay! Why, I’ll bet you would rate right up there with some of the elites in King County in the total amount of your annual property tax bill such that even you might start to grumble at how overtaxed you are and…start…to…think…twice…about…mindlessly…supporting…every…screwing…of…the…public…that’s…floated…by…your…lib…friends. Who knows? You might even start voting FOR Tim Eyman initiatives! Perish the thought, eh what?

    And it would have been built by the BIAW! Sweet revenge, no?

    The Piper

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    Mark The Redneck-Goldstein spews:

    Goldy – I listened to you on the radio last night for a while.

    Why do you tell fucking lies?

    In the segment about replacing the ferries, you and the kook who was on with you tried to blame 695. That’s bullshit.

    The fact of the matter is that the money was allocated in 2004 from the gas tax, but then DOT fucked up the project because they wanted to spend the money in a no bid contract. Yard in Tacoma sued DOT and won the right to bid. Then DOT started fucking around with the specifications.

    You and the others in the media act like Mrs. Gregoire is some kind of great leader for saying they gotta be replaced now. That’s bullshit; this deal has been in the works for years, but incompetent moonbats in DOT and the moonbat girlz in the legislature fucked it up.

    So again I ask…..

    Why do you knowingly tell fucking lies?

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    drool spews:

    Actually, is was the shooter that killed him. The gun is an inanimate object that when abused can be dangerous.

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    Puddybud spews:

    Add to the killing fields when Australia removed the guns from the innocent but the bad guys forgot to turn theirs in.

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    Puddybud spews:

    MTR-*: Say it ain’t so. The Against 695 ads never mentioned Ferries in year 2000?



    Fair use claws and copyleft to the URL owner.

    New Study Assesses Campaign Claims Against I-695

    Seattle – A year after Initiative 695 became law, a new study released today by the independent Washington Institute Foundation assesses claims made by opponents during their campaign against the measure. The study, titled “Initiative 695 One Year Later: The Sky Didn’t Fall,” examines these predictions in detail and presents the actual outcome for each.

    Prediction: Funding would be lost for up to 1,000 police officers.
    Outcome: Most police departments have as many or more officers than a year ago. Also, the crime rate has dropped since Initiative 695 passed.

    Prediction: More than 70,000 transportation jobs would be lost.
    Outcome: The state has added 100 full-time transportation positions, while private sector transportation employment has increased by 3,000 jobs.

    Prediction: Funding for traffic congestion and highway safety would be eliminated.
    Outcome: In 2000 the state spent $139 million for highway safety and $349 million for traffic congestion relief. Also, traffic fatalities have dropped 8% since I-695 passed.

    Prediction: Funding for basic county health services would end on January 1, 2000.
    Outcome: County health services received an additional $11 million in 2000 and $22.1 million in 2001, to restore at least 90% of public health funds that previously came from MVET.

    Initiative 695 repealed the state’s Motor Vehicle Excise Tax and replaced it with a flat $30 annual fee on private cars and trucks. The tax-cutting initiative trimmed the financial load government places on Washington residents by about $750 million a year.

    “I don’t blame I-695 opponents for hoping their gloom-and-doom forecasts would be quickly forgotten, but the facts show that most of their predictions were baseless,” said Paul Guppy, Vice President for Research and a co-author of the study.

    “Everyone knew during the campaign that big-spending politicians’ were using threats, lies, and scare tactics against I-695, and this study proves it,” said I-695 sponsor Tim Eyman and now head of Permanent Offense, a grassroots taxpayer organization.

    The study concludes that the state and most local governments have adjusted well to the revenue reduction and that vital public services have not been disrupted. On the whole these programs have continued as before, and in many cases have been improved and expanded, since Initiative 695 passed. Current research shows the measure has not seriously crimped public revenues, since overall spending by the state, counties and most cities continues to rise.

    “The Washington Institute Foundation’s study provides us with important follow-up information on Initiative 695, it puts needed information in the hands of legislators as we consider tax cuts in the future,” said Rep. Cathy McMorris, 7th District.

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    Puddybud spews:

    Daddy Love and others are Internet handicapped. So here is another link for you

    Maybe you liberals missed this King County polling tidbit:

    Fair use claws and copyleft to the URL owner.

    ” Is a King County poll a veiled campaign against I-695?

    by Brier Dudley
    Seattle Times staff reporter

    Would Initiative 695, the $30 car-tab measure on the Nov. 2 ballot, hurt poor people and make traffic worse?

    You may think so after talking to pollsters working for King County, even though the county is barred by state law from campaigning for or against ballot measures. “

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    Puddybud spews:

    “The poll for King County is being done by Northwest Research Group of Bellevue, where field manager Troy Hawkins declined to comment.”

    Ibid from above.

    Looking at that Hawkins family donations, they gave to John Kerry, Patty Murray, DNC. Ummmm Ummmm Unnngh

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    Puddybud spews:

    Goldy you missed this headline:

    “ABC’s This Week with George Step-on-all-of-us panel discussed Hilary Cliton’s political fortunes”.

    And since Daddy Love is brain dead, Daddy Love just for you – Click the Round table and listen while reading. If I missed some you edit it and add okay?

    GEORGE WILL: It’s risky I should think for Mrs. Clinton to adopt Richard Nixon’s slogan against Jack Kennedy: “Experience Counts.” Her experience, that is, where you can point to some episode between ’93 and 2001 where she clearly was in charge, one was selecting the first Attorney General, which was a train wreck, exceeded only by the train wreck of the health care plan. So I’m not sure her experience will sell in this case.

    GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Yet, and we have seen Donna, over the last several weeks, at least in Iowa, and somewhat across the country at least among Democrats, people have been more intrigued by the idea of new ideas and change rather than by experience, and you saw Hillary this week also say, well, it’s how you get change: you gotta work for it.

    DONNA BRAZILE: They [the Clinton campaign] intend to use the momentum from the Des Moines Register [endorsement] to try to get her back on message with her experience. But I still believe at the end of the day, the Iowans in their infinite wisdom will vote for change and not just experience. I think it’s Obama and Edwards.

    JAY CARNEY: She made a terrible mistake, I think, when they launched this campaign of inevitability, where they believed their own national poll numbers to the extent that they convinced themselves . . . Where it faltered was in Iowa. Six months ago they were talking about not playing in Iowa. Now if you then suddenly push this idea that you’re inevitable, you can’t be inevitable in every state but the one that matters most.

    CLAIRE SHIPMAN: You can’t be the candidate of inevitability and suddenly be the underdog. I’m telling you, George, if you talk, despite this endorsement which has given everyone a boost, the Clinton team is demoralized. You talk to them, you can pick it up from everyone. There’s finger-pointing, back-biting, rumors of wholesale change, maybe not now but after New Hampshire.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: There’s no question about that; it was rife throughout the campaign this week.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: A third-place finish may be better than a second-place to Barack Obama. Obama wins in Iowa, he wins in New Hampshire most likely and probably, Donna, wins in South Carolina as well.

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    Puddybud spews:

    Goldy: You missed this headline too:

    “Chris Matthews Panel Don’t like Hilary Cliton”

    Help for Daddy Love:

    Rather: I think [Barack Obama] will keep it going, but I still think John Edwards is the undervalued stock and could surprise.

    Matthews: It’s clear that if you watch this campaign the last six or seven weeks that Hillary Clinton has gotten much more desperate than she was before that Philadelphia debate. She’s been on the defensive, very ti, ti, ticklish about any attacks on her.

    O’Donnell: She’s had a very difficult month no doubt. We’ve seen the polls not only nationally, but in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina all close where Obama is essentially running neck and neck with her in all of those early primary or caucus states. You can see that her confidence level has diminished.

    O’Donnell: In these final weeks of a campaign, sometimes the most important thing is momentum. Especially in Iowa you showed those polls. Voters make up their minds in the final weeks. The sense in the Hillary Clinton campaign, there are headlines like, “Is it Over,” “Is She Stumbling,” “Is There a Meltdown,” it’s out of control. They’ve got a national co-chair who’s bringing up Barack Obama’s past drug use. Does that suggest that there is turmoil in her campaign rather than, rather than it moving upward?

    Sullivan: She has no argument against Obama. That’s what happened. That’s why she’s going negative. Substantially on all the policies, the only tiny thing she has that mandates universal healthcare. The rest is a wash. The Democrats have policy equivalence. So, they’re looking for who is the leader. Who can change the country? Who can move us forward in a country where we’re sick of the direction we’re in? And Obama has all the arguments on that side. And then you have the competence issue, which Clinton has always used. And we look at her campaign, and you know what? She’s not very competent. And she was running for coronation. When she couldn’t be crowned, she had to fight for it, she lost it. And that’s very indicative. You think she’s going to hold up against Republicans when she can’t beat Obama?

    O’Donnell: When polled, Americans view Hillary as running the most negative campaign thus far. So that already hurts her to some degree, especially in an election where voters for the most part favor change over experience. They want a change. They want an end to this nasty politics. They want an end to this stagnancy in Washington. So, that’s why you’ve heard Bill Clinton out on the stump in Iowa now claiming that Hillary is the change candidate after months claiming that she is the one with experience to be President. That she is the one that’ll be ready on day one.

    Rather: But Obama helped himself a lot in this last debate when the attack came on Joe Biden about being, quote, racist.

    Obama on tape: I will provide some testimony, as they say in church, that Joe is on the right side of the issues and is fighting every day for a better America.

    Rather: He was high road, classy, I thought it was perhaps the biggest lick he struck in the whole campaign by handling it so…

    Sullivan: Because he was in a healing mode. Obama was in a way, he took the position of being able to say I’m going to bring black and white people together and get past this.

    Rather: Exactly.

    Sullivan: And people really do want to get past division.

    Matthews: It was a grand moment.

    Sullivan: It was a beautiful moment. The other great moment was when she went after him and laughed at him over the fact her Clinton advisors were on his foreign policy team and she actually stepped away, and she said, “I’d love to see him answer that.” And it was a very nasty moment, a desperate moment from her, and he came back, and he said, “I’m looking forward to having you advise me, Hillary.” And the alpha-female ceded to the alpha-male in that moment.

    Matthews: I love this cultural stuff. Let me ask you about this latest thing that was on the website, Obama put up, about an older woman, a white woman if it matters, saying how she was replacing her Hillary lawn sign with an Obama lawn sign because —

    Sullivan: The nastiness. And you saw that in the focus groups after that debate, too. They don’t like it and they can smell it. And, Obama was, I mean, I was one the people that was wrong about this. I was saying, “Obama, go for her, go for her.” He didn’t go for her several weeks ago, he kept his cool and she now lost it.

    Puddy Commentary: What is sooooooooo funny is this “And she was running for coronation.” It was the liberal MSM who coronated her earlier this year. “Can Hilary be beat” was drummed by these loons all the time.

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    correctnotright spews:

    wow – the trolls are all over the headlines – guess they don’t have jobs to do.

    goldy: I went and actually read the article on the clear cutting. Seems if you hire your own geologist to say the slope is stable you can pretty much clear cut any slope you want.

    I love it when Werehauser (after the fact) decides to look at the slopes they clearcut after bending the rules to clear cut them.

    It took a photo in the Times of bald mountains raining mudslides to figure out that that they have been skirting the rules and hiring geologists who will say whatever WH tells then to say?

    Gee – and we are supposed to let companies regulate themselves – because surely the company wouldn’t put short-term profit over the lives and health of the citizens of our fair state?

    What a crock! We need TOUGHER laws and enforcement and less cozying up to multinational companies that flout the law. The equation is simple – more clearcuts on steep slopes = increased flooding downstream.

    We pay – WH profits off our suffering and backs.

    Piper: Love your ode to BIAW – the building association that keeps on giving – to the same politicians who support clearcuting in the woods (and no regulations), paving over everything (the cause celebre for the BIAW) and leading to the floods.

    So – one stupid house is rebuilt (for a TV show to make Piper feel good) and how many families have been flooded out and lost everything. Yeah BIAW – Piper – this is an example of simplistic thinking – free market will fix everything – right….

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    michael spews:

    Thanks for pointing out the clear cutting piece. You and The Sierra Club are on the same side on that one, btw.

  12. 17

    Puddybud spews:

    StillinCorrectnotveryright: Maybe some of us can take vacation early because we earned it?

    Maybe you should have chosen a profession which allows time off at Christmas. Ohhh… wait a minute liberals don’t like the word Christmas since the first 6 letters describe the King of Kings!

  13. 19

    Puddybud spews:

    Incorrectstillnotright: Kind of how prosecution and defense lawyers purchase their experts to swill the same evidence.

  14. 21

    Mark The Redneck-Goldstein spews:

    Goldy- YOu still haven’t answered my reasonable question at 2.

    Why do you tell fucking lies? Or did you not do your homework? Or are you just a fucking idiot?

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    IAFF Fireman spews:

    “Apparently, non-union jobs pay less than union jobs. Who knew?”

    That’s because Union Busting Cheap Labor Liberals like yourself are hypocrites. Tell me Goldy, in your entire lifetime, have you ever paid Union Dues? Why won’t you actually put actions where your mouth is, and announce that you will attempt to organize your Radio Station? In an act of solidarity, if they do not vote to organize, you will quit and go to work at a Union radio Station?

    Author of an off Broadway flop, don’t you owe dues to these guys?

    Your current position with KIRO

    How can you stand the fact that according to the IAFF (AFL-CIO) almost 1/2 of our membership identifies themselves as Republican or Republican leaning, and yet we still pay our dues, but you refuse to?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you GOLDY, the ORIGINAL CHEAP LABOR LIBERAL! Come on everyone, let’s give Goldy a Hand

  16. 24

    drool spews:

    Fireman @23, I believe Goldy is not even a direct employee of KIRO. He’s a “contractor” and is essentially self employed. That makes your argument moot.