More Nonsense From McKenna

I realize this is a few days old now, but Rob McKenna, backed into a corner with his not an answer answer, on the Reproductive Parity Act, finally decided he has an opinion on it after all. Fortunately pro-choice groups see right through it.

McKenna falsely claimed today that the Reproductive Parity Act will “put federal funding of women’s health care at risk” by addressing the Weldon Amendment. However, if he read the current legislation he would see that the Weldon Amendment was raised during the legislative session and is fully addressed in the bill as it stands. Under the Weldon Amendment, states may not “discriminate” against providers who do not offer abortion services.

The Reproductive Parity Act has been drafted specifically to protect insurance carriers in the state of Washington against discrimination and will keep our state compliant with the federal requirements of the Weldon Amendment. Every carrier currently selling in Washington covers abortion, and they have no objection to the RPA. Washington has an existing conscience clause for new providers wishing to be admitted into the state that do not want to include abortion in any of their health plans.

In fact, pro-choice leaders Jay Inslee, then a Congressman in the 1st, and Congressmen Jim McDermott (D-7) and Adam Smith (D-9) already sent this letter that you can download here to President Obama addressing the Weldon Amendment and supporting access to women’s health care coverage and the Reproductive Parity Act (HB 2330).

While so much of the nation is going backwards (h/t to Geov) on these issues, it’s good that Washington has the chance to go in the right direction.


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    YellowPup spews:

    Madrid is right: a pattern of “fuckwadery” is emerging here–no doubt a hint of the leadership style the candidate would bring to the office if elected.

    Goldy is also right that an issue like this is a “powerful ideological proxy.”

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    Politically Incorrect - who has been banned over at spews:

    Why are you usual suspects even concerned a little bit about McKenna winning in November? It’s not gonna happen. This is the bluest of the blue states and will surely elect another Dem for governor in November.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @3 We don’t take anything for granted. There are a lot of
    low information voters out there.