Money = Speech, Part V

Seattle Jew cancels his subscription to the Seattle Times:

After the PI closed, we refused to change to the Times because, to be blunt, the Times seemed to have much too little news.

Recently, my wife responded to a “special offer.”

We want to cancel the Times. Your editorial opinions seem more appropriate for a Tea Bagger newsletter than for the sole remaining Seattle newspaper. The writing is often poor, but the endorsement of Rob McKenna’s actions is over the top. Mr. Blethen needs a course in Government 101 .. as well as lessons in grammar. We do, after all, have a government of checks and balances based on law. If an AG has the independent ability to decide that he or she can determine the state’s interest, doesn’t that create the office as nearly a fourth branch of government?

I thought that the concept of our courts is that parties to an action must be able to show an interest in the action. IF Mr. McKenna can not show that he represents the interests of the State, then who does he represent?

Perhaps he represents Mr. Blethen?

Over 19,200 citizens have joined the “Washington Tax Payers OPT OUT of Rob McKenna’s Lawsuit” Facebook group over the past week, yet the Times dismisses our opposition as a mere “politically orchestrated hiss.”

So if you’re sick and tired of being disrespected by Frank Blethen and his cronies, cancel your subscription and send a copy of your correspondence to me, and I’ll be happy to post it to HA, with or without attribution.


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    MikeBoyScout spews:

    College debate organizers unable to find any law professors to argue health reform is unconstitutional

    The University of Washington tried to organize a debate on whether the health-care reform bill is constitutional. But it couldn’t find a law professor to argue that it isn’t, reports the Seattle Times.

    “I will say that we tried very hard to get a professor who could come and who thinks this is flat-out unconstitutional,” said the moderator. “But there are relatively few of them, and they are in great demand.”

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    soon-to-be former Times' subscriber spews:

    Dang, I’m getting close.

    Not sure if this is the time or issue for me, however….

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    weberkat spews:

    @4 Frank Blethen shot his neighbor’s dog. I should never have resubscribed, but I did. Now I stopped and I feel better. Really, you will adjust. He shot his neighbor’s dog. Not a rabid dog, his next door neighbor’s friendly yellow lab.