“Mike McGinn and Tim Eyman”

The Pro Tunnel people are running an ad trying to link Tim Eyman and Mike McGinn to the opposition to the tunnel. Tim Eyman opposes tolling but hasn’t done much one way or the other on the tunnel. This ad isn’t the first place to imply an alliance between them despite, you know, evidence. But since this narrative is out there, I’d like to remind people what Mike McGinn actually thinks of Tim Eyman (emphasis mine):

Let’s speak honestly about what’s happening to education in the State of Washington. Tim Eyman has set this state on a path that will let our schools collapse and our children fail in order to save a few dollars. Mr. Eyman, you may have talked the rest of the state into destroying what we hold dear. But we are drawing a line around Seattle, right at the city limit. And we’re saying it won’t happen here. We’re not going to stand by and watch our children fail. That’s why we’re doubling the Families and Education Levy. I ask Council to stand with the community and stand for Seattle values and place this levy on the ballot.

Further cementing this alliance, McGinn is opposed to Eyman’s latest initiative.

I do not support Eyman’s initiative. If we toll a road, the state should be able to use the tolling revenue to fund transit for people who can’t afford the tolls. In fact, that’s the only fair way to do tolling.

McGinn isn’t a one issue obsessive, unlike the people who call him one!


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    rhp6033 spews:

    I’m only in partial agreement with McGinn on the tunnel. I think we should have a tunnel instead of re-building the viaduct or the surface-street option. But I don’t like the idea that Seattle should pay for any overruns, since it has so little control over the project.

    But every time I’ve heard McGinn discuss an issue for any length of time, I’ve been impressed. He obviously knows the details and nuances of the issue well. He is intellegent and well-spoken, and doesn’t talk down to his audience. I think he’s been getting a bad deal from the press since day one, because he wasn’t part of the accepted establishment in Seattle which was “supposed to win the election”.

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