Mike Brown’s “duh-uh” moment

“Until you have been there, you don’t realize it is the middle of a hurricane.”
— former FEMA director Mike Brown

Well… duh-uh! Perhaps that’s why FEMA should be run by people who’ve actually been there before, huh?

I can’t help but find Mike Brown’s very public defense of himself as muddled and confused as the appointment that put him in the eye of the hurricane in the first place. To claim that he resigned because he didn’t “want to be a distraction”… and then to give a series of defensive, high profile interviews flinging blame at everyone except the guy who hired him, is beyond ironic… it is absurd. The simple fact is, as FEMA director, Brown was in over his head, and he’d probably serve himself better by staying as silent and anonymous as the hundreds of corpses that drowned with him.

Surely, Brown is more than justified in claiming that he has been made a scapegoat. Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff scapegoated him. The media scapegoated him. Hell… I scapegoated him. But that’s not to say that the scapegoating wasn’t deserved, nor that it didn’t serve the useful purpose of illuminating the cronyism and incompetence endemic in the Bush administration.

And how does Brown respond to his scapegoat status? By trying to scapegoat Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco and other state and local officials.

He focused much of his criticism on Governor Blanco, contrasting what he described as her confused response with far more agile mobilizations in Mississippi and Alabama, as well as in Florida during last year’s hurricanes.

But Mr. Brown’s account, in which he described making “a blur of calls” all week to Mr. Chertoff, Mr. Card and Mr. Hagin, suggested that Mr. Bush, or at least his top aides, were informed early and repeatedly by the top federal official at the scene that state and local authorities were overwhelmed and that the overall response was going badly.

Yeah, and neither Mississippi, Alabama nor Florida had their largest city totally wiped off the map, destroying much of its emergency infrastructure, and creating a half million refugees. State and local authorities were overwhelmed? No shit, Sherlock! Of course they were overwhelmed… they were wiped out by a fucking hurricane! That’s the whole reason we created FEMA in the first place… to provide a rapid and coordinated federal response to regional emergencies… a task the agency, under Brown, failed utterly.

But most absurd is Brown’s ridiculous insistence that the White House be held blameless for FEMA’s disastrous disaster response, an assertion directly contradicted by his own account of the chaos and confusion between him, Chertoff and White House staff. No doubt Brown was promoted more for his loyalty than his competence, but his unswerving defense of the incompetent who hired him suggests that his presidential sobriquet, “Brownie”, was derived more from the color of his nose than his surname. Moreover, Brown’s own bemoaning of the lack of resources at his disposal is a damning indictment not only of a failed presidency, but of a failed ideology that seeks to cut government “down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.” Well, now we all know what Grover Nordquist’s bathtub looks like: it is New Orleans under 20 feet of water… raw sewage and bloated corpses floating through the streets.

Brown intends to clear his name, but in doing so sets forth a narrative that confirms his critics’ deepest suspicions. He was the wrong man for the wrong job, appointed for all the wrong reasons. But what offends me most by his feeble effort to defend his reputation, is that he never apologizes — not for his poor performance, for I’m sure he did his best — but for taking the job in the first place. Until you have been there, you don’t realize it is the middle of a hurricane. The American people deserved a FEMA director who had been there before, and who knew a disaster when he stood in the middle of one… not three or four days after the fact.

Michael Brown was not that man.

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  1. 1

    fire_one spews:

    I am quite sure the all-Republican investigation will clear him of any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, our Chimpanzee in Chief returns to NO for the fourth time for a photo op. Someone please tell him that every time he goes to NO he interrupts vital work, including search and rescue, interrupts traffic, distracts aid workers, and is a general nuisance. He could serve better by staying home.

  2. 2

    GBS spews:

    it just me or has anyone else noticed that the only top level people who have been dismissed by this administration or have taken the brunt of revenge are are the ones who told the truth?

    Richard Clarke, Paul O’Neil, Joe Wilson and General Shinseki come to mind.

    Those who toe the party no matter what are rewarded with promotions and the medal of freedom.

    Those who tell the truth are fired or personally destroyed.

  3. 3

    Jimmynap spews:

    Goldy, I agree. That is exactly what I got out of his interview. The scape goats goat scape or, “I am incompetent because of those incompetents (and that darn hurricane)…. whatever Brownie(ye).

    It is equally interesting that when Honore’ shows up things start to happen. Do you that perhaps he didn’t have alot of respect among his superiors?… Chertof, Card etc… They might have seen that deer in the headlights and said “OH SHIT”.

  4. 4

    horse whisperer spews:

    It may be wishful thinking but hopefully the investigation will look into what the required FBI investigation revealed. It should have included his 10 plus years at the horse association, which “Brownie’s” official FEMA bio entirely omitted. I found it strange that “Brownies” few and far between defenders in the horse community, failed to be a tad taken back by that omission. Seems like “Brownie” was trying to hide his years in the horse world. Wonder why!

  5. 5

    Michael spews:

    @1 – Amid Katrina Chaos, Congressman [Rep. William Jefferson (D)]Used National Guard to Visit Home
    Two Heavy Trucks, Helicopter Were Involved in Lawmaker’s Trip at Height of Crisis

  6. 6

    mongo spews:

    A tangential question–what *is* the body count these days? I understand the chimp and his cronies have no desire in having the number, and its daily growth, become a matter of public record, but surely *someone* impartial should be able to focus on this and make sure it’s published.

    Anyone know?

  7. 7

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Speaking of horses, you asses sure are beating a dead one here.

    Could it be because you realize that although GW has taken a beating over Katrina he will still come out ahead?

    You do realize, don’t you, that the destruction part is over, except for you fringies whipping up the froth? As things improve, as NO is rebuilt, as success stories start trickling in, GW will be in the forefront, and as much as he was blamed, he will be that much further recognized for those improvements as they happen.

    Keep frothing fringies.

  8. 8

    bf spews:


    Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s abrupt decision Wednesday night to take responsibility for her state’s inadequate response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster followed an inadvertent confession that was caught on camera where Blanco admitted she blew it.

    “I really should have called for the military,” Blanco said, while chatting with her press secretary in between TV interviews. “I really should have started that in the first call.”

    Unbeknownst to Blanco, her bombshell acknowledgment was recorded on a network satellite feed, and by Tuesday the clip was getting wide exposure in Louisiana news broadcasts.

    In the early days of the Katrina crisis, disaster management experts repeatedly blamed the failure to send in the National Guard for the city’s descent into chaos.

    Most observers blamed the White House for the blunder – a misconception that was thoroughly dispelled by the governor’s inadvertent confession.
    Some say Blanco’s blooper was responsible for the abrupt change of tone in her speech Wednesday night to the Louisiana legislature.

    Where earlier she and her aides had openly blamed the Bush administration for bungling Katrina rescue efforts, Blanco announced: “The buck stops here, and as your governor, I take full responsibility.”

    Just as surprising were Blanco’s words of praise for the White House: “I want the people of Louisiana to know that we have a friend and a partner in President George W. Bush. I thank you, Mr. President.”

  9. 9

    mongo spews:


    And your point is?

    Nobody is saying the governor and mayor handled things well, clearly there’s blame to go around at the state and local level, and the next elections will give the locals the chance to give their opinion about how well their local leaders handled their jobs in a crisis.

    The bigger issue is that FEMA, which is supposed to be a key element of homeland security and able to deal with situations where local authority is overwhelmed, was caught completely flat footed due to incompetence.

    Why is her statement such a “bombshell”? No thinking person is going to absolve her of responsibility. I contrast that with Bush’s limited claim of responsibility–now there’s a bombshell, coming from someone who has never admitted responsibility for his actions in his life except when his advisors have told him it’s the smart play.

  10. 10

    Janet S spews:

    I find it shocking, just shocking! that someone has been appointed to a job who may not be qualified. Didn’t a Democrat Senate confirm him?

    By the way, I don’t see the same level of outrage toward the locals. This is just as important. Your mayor and governor are the ones who need to have the plans in place. Are we better prepared than LA? I guess we will find out from Gregoire’s hearings. Yeah, right.

  11. 11

    yearight spews:


    Both Richard Clarke and Joe Wilson changed critical parts of their “stories’ when under oath in front of the 9-11 commission.

    Do you have any better examples?

  12. 12

    fire_one spews:

    GBS @ 2 … and don’t forget that lady in Texas who told us that Rove took an illegal tax exemption. I understand she was fired the next day.

  13. 13

    fire_one spews:

    Ass @ 7 … yeah we know the Chimp will be “in front”. That’s what he is going to NO for; Photo ops. Makes him look like he’s leading, when actually he’s interfering..

  14. 14

    headless lucy spews:

    GWB is the WORST president we’ve ever had. And the interesting thing is that his cabinet is ,for the most part, his daddies cronies. I guess we “dodged the bullet” or , in other words the “Bullet was dodged” when his father was not re-elected or ,in other words , failed in his re-election attempt. He did not , in other words, win a second term or become re-elected.

  15. 15

    proud leftist spews:

    The party that cloaks itself in the language of personal responsibility is pathetically incabable of accepting responsibility for anything that goes wrong. Peter Pan Bush and his minions will never grow up. Ask no sacrifice, accept no fault, and spend like there’s no tomorrow.

  16. 16

    GBS spews:

    @ 11

    How about the other two mentioned?

    Do you recall Rumfeld’s remarks when General Shinseki told them we’d need couple hindered thousand troops in postwar Iraq? Rummy: “WILDLY off the mark!”

    And, no, the critical part to Wilson’s story is: “no attempt to sell or purchase yellow cake uranium was made in Niger by Iraq.”

    Richard Clarke wanted more attention on Al Qaeda, Bush, was on vacation when he supposedly read the Aug 6 PDB entitled “Bin Laden determined to strike in US.” And, he never chaired one anti terrorism meeting. Even though the Clinton administration told them Al Qaeda would be your #1 problem.

    This is exactly why you don’t hire some dumb hick to be the President of The United States of America.

    Clinton had the Midas touch. If he touched it it turned to gold. Bush has the Roto-Rooter touch, everything he touches turns to shit.

    Pick a topic you think Bush has done a GREAT job in performing. Remember when Bush used to talk about the “paltry 2%” return on Social Security?

    Yeah what a fucking brainstorm that was. Have you seen the Dow Jones average anytime in the last, oh say, 4 1/2 years.

    Jan 22, 2001 Dow closes at 10,578.
    Sep 15, 2005 Dow closes at 10,558.

    Do you need me to do the math for you, or do you get it that 2% on SS is 20-25 times better rate of return than what Bush has done with the economy?

    Clinton’s performance of handling the economy as measured in the same way over the same length of time in office looks like this:

    Jan 25, 1993 Dow closes at 3,292
    Sep 15, 1997 Dow closes at 7,721

    Shall I do the math for you again?

    This is what Bush is referring to when he says a “paltry 2%” he’s referring to when there is a Democrat in the White House who is a Rhodes Scholar and doesn’t say stupid things like “fuzzy math”, you moron.

  17. 19

    GBS spews:

    @ 10

    Oh, the Republicans were in charge of the US Senate then!! Oh my, I’m shocked, too! Just like you are stunned.

    This is the prime reason why we just don’t give an “Up or Down” vote in the senate on just anybody the president wants.

    That’s part of how the system of checks and balances work.

    Now, you wouldn’t be so shocked if you quit watching Fox News, reading SP blog, listening to KVI and/or Rush and start thinking for yourself. You’re dismayed because you’ve allowed yourself to be hoodwinked by the rights bullshit talking points.

    Please help restore democracy to America by not voting for any Republicans in 2006 and 2008.

  18. 21

    GBS spews:

    You know why that scares the shit out of me? Because people like that vote! That’s not meant to be funny either. Our lives, freedoms, and liberties are placed in the hands of people like her who obviously don’t have a grasp on what is the best course of action for our nation.

    God, Guns, and Gays, involve those three things with stupidity and you’ve got yourself a republican voting base.

    This is why funding education equally to all schools from a federal level and not local level is vital to the continued success of our nation. It’s why large blocks of the black population are poor. They live in poor neighborhoods, they can’t fund education that works and they remain in a cycle of poverty. Funding education through college is, in the end, in the interest of our national security going into the future.

  19. 22

    righton spews:

    gbs; spending by the govt on education has little to do w/ ignorance and poverty. sorry to flame the liberal highest dream, but root causes of their dire predicament include things like carryover of the racism of the past, living in a generally low wage economy, no father households, personal lifestyle decisions of the parents etc. Lots of low money school districts that turn out fine students. I’ll admit i don’t know the cure, but it sure ain’t throwing money at the schools.

    I guess maybe big honking subsidies for fathers to stay around the house, stay married might be the least wastefull way the gov’t could better their situation.

    Maybe relax min wage laws for factories producing in that area (naw, better to let chinese build stuff and we’ll give these folks welfare money).

  20. 23

    Jimmynap spews:

    @ 8

    Is that a suprise that Blanco said that?? Perhaps it she meant she should have called the military intead of FEMA!!!

  21. 24

    klake@ spews:

    Subject: Understanding the mess in New Orleans

    This is a long and well written article that in my estimation “Hits
    the Nail on the Head”. Please don’t ask me how to rectify the situation
    though. I have a few ideas, but I don’t think they would be acceptable
    in our “Politically Correct” world today …………. Cheers
    ………………. klake

    by Robert Tracinski

    It has taken four long days for state and federal
    officials to figure out how to deal with the disaster in New Orleans.

    I can’t blame them,
    because it has also taken me four long days to figure out what is going
    on there. The reason is that the events there make no sense if you think
    that we are confronting a natural disaster.

    If this is just a natural disaster, the response for public officials is
    obvious: you bring in food, water, and doctors; you send transportation
    to evacuate refugees to temporary shelters; you send engineers to stop
    the flooding and rebuild the city’s infrastructure. For journalists,
    natural disasters also have a familiar pattern: the heroism of ordinary
    people pulling together to survive; the hard work and dedication of
    doctors, nurses, and rescue workers; the steps being taken to clean up
    and rebuild.

    Public officials did not expect that the first thing they would have to
    do is to send thousands of armed troops in armored vehicle, as if they
    are suppressing an enemy insurgency. And journalists–myself
    included–did not expect that the story would not be about rain, wind,
    and flooding, but about rape, murder, and looting.

    But this is not a natural disaster. It is a man-made disaster.
    The man-made disaster is not an inadequate or incompetent response by
    federal relief agencies, and it was not directly caused by Hurricane
    Katrina. This is where just about every newspaper and television channel
    has gotten the story wrong.

    The man-made disaster we are now witnessing in New Orleans did not
    happen over the past four days. It happened over the past four decades.
    Hurricane Katrina merely exposed it to public view.

    The man-made disaster is the welfare state.

    For the past few days, I have found the news from New Orleans to be
    confusing. People were not behaving as you would expect them to behave
    in an emergency–indeed, they were not behaving as they have behaved in
    other emergencies. That is what has shocked so many people: they have
    been saying that this is not what we expect from America. In fact, it is
    not even what we expect from a Third World country.

    When confronted with a disaster, people usually rise to the occasion.
    They work together to rescue people in danger, and they spontaneously
    organize to keep order and solve problems. This is especially true in
    America. We are an enterprising people, used to relying on our own
    initiative rather than waiting around for the government to take care of
    us. I have seen this a hundred times, in small examples (a small town
    whose main traffic light had gone out, causing ordinary citizens to get
    out of their cars and serve as impromptu traffic cops, directing cars
    through the intersection) and large ones (the spontaneous response of
    New Yorkers to September 11).

    So what explains the chaos in New Orleans?

    To give you an idea of the magnitude of what is going on, here is a
    description from a Washington Times story:

    “Storm victims are raped and beaten; fights erupt with flying fists,
    knives and guns; fires are breaking out; corpses litter the streets; and
    police and rescue helicopters are repeatedly fired on.

    “The plea from Mayor C. Ray Nagin came even as National Guardsmen poured
    in to restore order and stop the looting, carjackings and gunfire….

    “Last night, Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco said 300 Iraq-hardened
    Arkansas National Guard members were inside New Orleans with
    shoot-to-kill orders.

    ” ‘These troops are…under my orders to restore order in the streets,’
    she said. ‘They have M-16s, and they are locked and loaded. These troops
    know how to shoot and kill and they are more than willing to do so if
    necessary and I expect they will.’ ”

    The reference to Iraq is eerie. The photo that accompanies this article
    shows National Guard troops, with rifles and armored vests, riding on an
    armored vehicle through trash-strewn streets lined by a rabble of
    squalid, listless people, one of whom appears to be yelling at them. It
    looks exactly like a scene from Sadr City in Baghdad.

    What explains bands of thugs using a natural disaster as an excuse for
    an orgy of looting, armed robbery, and rape? What causes unruly mobs to
    storm the very buses that have arrived to evacuate them, causing the
    drivers to drive away, frightened for their lives? What causes people to
    attack the doctors trying to treat patients at the Super Dome?

    Why are people responding to natural destruction by causing further
    destruction? Why are they attacking the people who are trying to help them?

    My wife, Sherri, figured it out first, and she figured it out on a
    sense-of-life level. While watching the coverage last night on Fox News
    Channel, she told me that she was getting a familiar feeling. She
    studied architecture at the Illinois Institute of Chicago, which is
    located in the South Side of Chicago just blocks away from the Robert
    Taylor Homes, one of the largest high-rise public housing projects in
    America. “The projects,” as they were known, were infamous for
    uncontrollable crime and irremediable squalor. (They have since,
    mercifully, been demolished.)

    What Sherri was getting from last night’s television coverage was a
    whiff of the sense of life of “the projects.” Then the “crawl”–the
    informational phrases flashed at the bottom of the screen on most news
    channels–gave some vital statistics to confirm this sense: 75% of the
    residents of New Orleans had already evacuated before the hurricane, and
    of the 300,000 or so who remained, a large number were from the city’s
    public housing projects. Jack Wakeland then gave me an additional,
    crucial fact: early reports from CNN and Fox indicated that the city had
    no plan for evacuating all of the prisoners in the city’s jails–so they
    just let many of them loose. There is no doubt a significant overlap
    between these two populations–that is, a large number of people in the
    jails used to live in the housing projects, and vice versa.

    There were many decent, innocent people trapped in New Orleans when the
    deluge hit–but they were trapped alongside large numbers of people from
    two groups: criminals–and wards of the welfare state, people selected,
    over decades, for their lack of initiative and self-induced
    helplessness. The welfare wards were a mass of sheep–on whom the
    incompetent administration of New Orleans unleashed a pack of wolves.

    All of this is related, incidentally, to the apparent incompetence of
    the city government, which failed to plan for a total evacuation of the
    city, despite the knowledge that this might be necessary. But in a city
    corrupted by the welfare state, the job of city officials is to ensure
    the flow of handouts to welfare recipients and patronage to political
    supporters–not to ensure a lawful, orderly evacuation in case of emergency.

    No one has really reported this story, as far as I can tell. In fact,
    some are already actively distorting it, blaming President Bush, for
    example, for failing to personally ensure that the Mayor of New Orleans
    had drafted an adequate evacuation plan. The worst example is an
    execrable piece from the Toronto Globe and Mail, by a supercilious
    Canadian who blames the chaos on American “individualism.” But the truth
    is precisely the opposite: the chaos was caused by a system that was the
    exact opposite of individualism.

    What Hurricane Katrina exposed was the psychological consequences of the
    welfare state. What we consider “normal” behavior in an emergency is
    behavior that is normal for people who have values and take the
    responsibility to pursue and protect them. People with values respond to
    a disaster by fighting against it and doing whatever it takes to
    overcome the difficulties they face. They don’t sit around and complain
    that the government hasn’t taken care of them. They don’t use the chaos
    of a disaster as an opportunity to prey on their fellow men.

    But what about criminals and welfare parasites? Do they worry about
    saving their houses and property? They don’t, because they don’t own
    anything. Do they worry about what is going to happen to their
    businesses or how they are going to make a living? They never worried
    about those things before. Do they worry about crime and looting? But
    living off of stolen wealth is a way of life for them.

    The welfare state–and the brutish, uncivilized mentality it sustains
    and encourages–is the man-made disaster that explains the moral
    ugliness that has swamped New Orleans. And that is the story that no one
    is reporting.

  22. 25

    rwb spews:

    This is why funding education equally to all schools from a federal level and not local level is vital to the continued success of our nation. It’s why large blocks of the black population are poor.

    Whaddaya mean? The No Child Left Behind Act is supposed to improve schools and education isn’t it?
    Or was that the No Affluent Child Left Behind Act?
    Seems pretty convenient that if a school doesn’t measure up that it’s funding is cut. That just keeps the poor poor. Just where the conservatives want them.

  23. 26

    Richard Pope spews:

    So does anyone have any idea how well George W’s speech from New Orleans this evening is going to go over?

  24. 27

    Dr. E spews:

    Advance GOP talking points in refernce to the President’s speech tonight:

    My favorite:
    “It’s wrong to say it’s either winning the war on terror or funding aftermath of Katrina. We have to do both that means we’ll have to cut spending where else [sic] to make sure we are fiscally prudent with the taxpayer’s [sic] dollars.”

    Wonder how many times we’ll hear that one on the Sunday talk shows. BTW, I’d like to know, for the record, what the GOP’s idea of “fiscal pruden[ce]” is.

  25. 30

    Swift Boat Vets For Universal Healthcare spews:

    righton @ 22

    You should take a look at a book by Matthew Miller titled “The Two Percent Solution: Solving America’s Problems in Ways Conservatives and Liberals Can Love.” I can’t get any liberal friends to read it; they are too consumed with beating the shit out of Bush than solving problems. And I don’t know many (any?) conservatives. There is some good stuff about school reform which includes (wait for it) school vouchers for parental choice, but well funded (Marsha Richards et al. tend to like cheap vouchers). So take a look.

  26. 31

    righton spews:

    thanks swift boat. Would be revolutionary to agree. I know little about the vouchers debate, except the volume of the opposition leads me to support vouchers. I think both sides let their antipathy for the other color their logic on a lot of things. (i also could care less about abortion till I hear Boxer Michelman etc screeching about it).

  27. 32

    GBS spews:

    Know Blunder @ 28

    Did you read your own dribble?!?!?!?!?!?

    DID YOU?!!!!!!!!!

    This is when he was confirmed as the DEPUTY Director, you fucking dolt. He was NEVER reconfirmed by the REPUBLICAN controlled senate when he was nominated to be the DIRECTOR of FEMA.

    Get your shit together before you come challenging me!

    You and Janet S. are fucking retards.

  28. 33

    Richard Pope spews:

    Fire_One @ 29

    Hopefully we won’t hear about the death tax tonight. Yep — keep it repealed so that the folks killed by Katrina can leave all their assets to their loved ones, and not have any of them taken by Uncle Sam for the death tax.

  29. 35

    proud leftist spews:

    NoWonder @ 17
    Bush’s “acceptance of responsibility” was without sincerity. He did not acknowledge that he personally screwed up in any fashion. He gave the speech solely as a matter of political expediency due to his falling poll numbers.

  30. 36

    NoWonder spews:

    GBS @ 32

    ‘This is when he was confirmed as the DEPUTY Director..’

    And your point is what? That the dems get a pass because they easily confirmed the next-in-line to the director?

    ‘Get your shit together before you come challenging me!’

    I am in awe. If we were to do as you demand it would no longer be fair.

  31. 37

    NoWonder spews:

    proud leftist @ 35

    ‘Bush’s “acceptance of responsibility” was without sincerity.’

    It is clear that even with Clintonian tears it would never be enough. (I did not have sex with that…woman.) Oh, Bush forgot the finger wave. You should have generated a set of requirements for an apology that would have made the lefties happy. Having trouble thinking of a list?

  32. 38

    Richard Pope spews:

    GBS @ 32

    Perhaps you are on to something here. I can’t find anything on


    to show that Mike Brown was ever confirmed as FEMA Director and DHS Under-Secretary.

    Perhaps the bill authorizing the Dept of Homeland Security eliminated the requirement for the FEMA Director (and Deputy Director) to be confirmed by the Senate?

  33. 39

    fire_one spews:

    NW @ 37 …and again, anytime the Repugnicans are under fire they bring up Clinton. They really don’t want to compare Clinton to Bush. Clinton = 8 years of Prosperity and Peace. Bush = Death, War and Destruction.

  34. 40

    NoWonder spews:

    fire_one @ 39

    ‘They really don’t want to compare Clinton to Bush.’

    Maybe not here on HA. In a reasonable debate, however, you bet. I think history will look favorably on Bush. Monica will always be the legacy of your guy.

  35. 41

    GBS spews:

    @ 39 re: 37:

    You’re absolutely correct F-1, they don’t want to compare Bush to President Clinton.

    Read my post @ 16 regarding the economy and how I compared them. It’s all you need to know about how Presidential Clinton was, and how, well, what a fucking dumb hick-a-billy Bush is.

    Read ‘em and weep you repukes.

  36. 42

    NoWonder spews:

    fire_one @ 39

    ‘…anytime the Repugnicans are under fire they bring up Clinton.’

    I do not feel under fire. HA is not a place any right-minded conservative would come to change minds or expect defense of repubs to sink in. I come here for target practice.

  37. 43

    mongo spews:

    NW @ 37–

    “It is clear that even with Clintonian tears it would never be enough. (I did not have sex with that…woman.) Oh, Bush forgot the finger wave. You should have generated a set of requirements for an apology that would have made the lefties happy. Having trouble thinking of a list?”

    What is it with people trying to drag clinton into this? Clinton’s failings didn’t contribute to any deaths, killer bj’s not withstanding.

    Meanwhile the count of lives ruined by bush’s crummy decisions and leadership increases daily. No one knows the count in NO cuz the military is threatening journalists who report on it:


  38. 44

    GBS spews:

    @ 43

    I hate republicans. They are so un-American, unpatriotic that they actually believe Bush is doing a GREAT JOB being the president.

    The propaganda machine is in high gear and the fucking idiots are buying in hook, line and sinker.

    The London Paper, The Mirror was right: How could 59,054,087 people be so DUMB!

  39. 45

    Baynative spews:

    Mike Brown should have just “Berger’d” his way out of it all by saying his mistakes were, “INADVERTANT!”

    …or does that only work for liberals?

  40. 46

    prr spews:

    “Nobody is saying the governor and mayor handled things well, clearly there’s blame to go around at the state and local level, and the next elections will give the locals the chance to give their opinion about how well their local leaders handled their jobs in a crisis.”

    What planet are you on?

    Go back and read some of the backlog here, none or you left wing freaks think that any blame goes anywhere besides Bush and Brown.

    This disaster was clusterfuck from start to finish, on every level of the government.

  41. 47

    NoWonder spews:

    GBS @ 41, 16

    ‘Read ‘em and weep you repukes.’

    Read ‘em. No, no tears yet.

    Joe Wilson – pardon the “biased” link, but there are many references to the 9-11 commission report and MSM quotes. Read both pages.


    Richard Clark – If he had been a GWB supporter Al Franken would have had a field day.

    Of particular interest are assessments of the Clinton administration and former White House counterterrorism official Richard Clarke, whose credibility is reaching Joe Wilson lows. It was Clarke who famously declared on March 21, 2004: “There’s absolutely no evidence that Iraq was supporting al Qaeda. Ever.”

    The report notes that the Clinton Justice Department included the Iraq-al Qaeda connection in its spring 1998 sealed indictment of Osama bin Laden. That indictment came before the al Qaeda attacks on U.S. embassies in East Africa–after which numerous Clinton officials cited an Iraqi connection to the al Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum, destroyed by the United States in response to those al Qaeda attacks. The relevant paragraph of the indictment reads:

    Al Qaeda reached an understanding with the government of Iraq that al Qaeda would not work against that government and that on particular projects, specifically including weapons development, al Qaeda would work cooperatively with the government of Iraq.

    According to the 9/11 Commission report, quoting from an email from Clarke to former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger on November 4, 1998:

    This passage led Clarke, who for years had read intelligence reports on Iraqi-Sudanese cooperation on chemical weapons, to speculate to Berger that a large Iraqi presence at chemical facilities in Khartoum was “probably the direct result of the Iraq-al Qida (sic) agreement”. Clarke added that VX precursor traces found near al Shifa were the “exact formula used by Iraq.”

    No evidence? Ever?

  42. 48

    mongo spews:

    NW @ 40–

    “I think history will look favorably on Bush. Monica will always be the legacy of your guy.”

    True enough re: monica.

    But what can bush look to for his legacy at this point?

    My list looks like:

    –missed opportunities to take preemptive action prior to 9/11 (e.g., “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.”)
    –started iraq war on false pretenses of 1) al qaeda involvement with saddam hussein and 2) presence of wmd
    –created largest budget deficit in history (doubly noted given the balanced budget he was handed when he entered office)
    –first president to be installed in office through action of supreme court
    –most well-rested president in US history

    What do *you* think his legacy will be? (Try to restrict it to his actual accomplishments to date rather than things you hope will happen–e.g., “democracy in iraq” or other wishful thinking).

  43. 49

    PacMan spews:

    Yes, my Baynative friend you are so correct.

    GBS: I have not been smacked down by you. Au contraire. You may have identified a few crossover Republican/Democrats but I know of the racist past of Al Gore Sr, and Robert KKK Byrd. My Repub friends made sure I can vote and have civil rights. I defy you to find why your lefty buddies ignored it. The latest left sided commentary on this blog is scummy at best. That’s why I haven’t been here. Example: Goldy took down Mike Brown. HE IS OUT! But does Goldy move on? No!

    Now HorsesAss heads, I take real offense to this commentary below. I have never stooped this low, but I am close to going there with “Lucite”!

    Lucite said disgustingly bad: Why did the Germans in Germany run amock after WWI ? It is so very ODD that you SUPPORT multi-national corporations and yet hold the beliefs that you do— and are unable to see the obvious internal contradictions of your assertions. This is the frustrating part of trying to communicate with you. You guys are like house niggers that can’t see who they really are.


    Comment by headless lucy— 9/14/05 @ 11:58 pm

    What amazes me is how no one your your f’ing side has not castigated him. Why is that? I asked about the democratic underground girl who passed the broken down lady with the small baby. Only Dr E said he would not act that way. And you all claim to be “compassionate progressives”?

    You all have definitely shown your true colors here. I have just read on Yahoo that the Governor admits that she blew it. But do you lefties seem to think we the right will forget talk like this? I certainly won’t. So right now, all of you donk lefties can KISS MY ASS. That includes you too GBS, and I include you because of all the leftist assholes here on HA, I thought you would have been out in front here condemning Lucite. But again you all continue to amaze me. I wait for the lack of candor from your side.

  44. 50

    mongo spews:

    NW @45–

    …and just a little bit lower on page 66 of the commission’s report (which also references the speculation in 1998 on iraq-al qaeda activity), the commission indicates:

    “Similar meetings between Iraqi officials and Bin Ladin or his aides may have occurred in 1999 during a period of some reported strains with the Taliban. According to the reporting, Iraqi officials offered Bin Ladin a safe haven in Iraq. Bin Ladin declined, apparently judging that his circumstances in Afghanistan remained more favorable than the Iraqi alternative…But to date we have seen no evidence that these or the earlier contacts ever developed into a collaborative relationship. Nor have we seen evidence indicating that Iraq cooperated with al Qaeda in developing of carrying out any attacks against the United States.”

    Hence Clarke’s comment: “There’s absolutely no evidence that Iraq was supporting al Qaeda. Ever.”

  45. 51

    JCH spews:

    Taxes are only for taxpayers…….Goldy’s filter is only for Republicans. Tax receivers demand higher taxes for those who pay. Headless Lucy and DON demand more “filtering”. Not a lot of difference.

  46. 52

    marks spews:

    GBS @16

    Clinton had the Midas touch. If he touched it it turned to gold. Bush has the Roto-Rooter touch, everything he touches turns to shit.

    You need a bit more chimera.

    To think, I actually thought you knew what you might be talking about. Midas touch? Where were you in the Clinton years?

    As an aside, I think Clinton was a good President for the period, but your hyperbole is excessive…

  47. 53

    Puddybud spews:

    Oh, no. the President is on TV. Glad it ain’t Stiffman or Botox, uhhh… Gore or Kerry.

    Finally, I knew PacMan would show up. Good for you PacMan. I placed commentary under Idyot Lucite’s prime example of wordsmithing. Lucite is an invective idyot. And just think, this is a prime example of a secular humanist. Calling Republicans the N-word. Don’t you comprehend that invective infuriates black people Lucite? But no, U B a secular humanist. Live and let live. That’s why you want to screw Republicans in the ass. Your secular humanist leaders say it’s okay to use the Hershey Highway. Nuff said Dr. E. Why do I need to investigate SH when we see prime example right here on HA?

    Regarding the guvnur, I have always said that what is done in the dark God brings out in light!!!! If the guvnur did her job correctly, this would have been a better outcome. But will Goldy write anything on this? Hell no. Hatred continues to drive the HA website. Hatred will always drive the HA website. That’s why I call it the Bile of Seattle.

  48. 54

    PacMan spews:

    RWB: You just don’t comprehend the No Child Left Behind Act. It’s for the left to admit their failed 40 year PC policies are not working like no phonics in school. Ted Kennedy wrote it you moonbat. Check it out. As soon as it was passed, Ted immediately swam upstream from it like he has swimming skills? Do you understand that these lousy city schools have been in your hands forever? I was a product of urban schools. I was drastically unprepared for the majority white IVY League institution. I thought I was really smart, got good grades, and had a future. I had to bust my ass because the inner city schools suck and your side it the cause. Where is Jesse Jackson on getting these schools fixed in city

  49. 55

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    GWB’s speech was fucking HOME RUN ! ! ! He talked about all the good work done by federal government to get things going again. Power is on, water and sewer being restored, business coming back, freight moving. Won’t read that in LMSM.

    Then he talked about rebuilding “higher and better”. And employing people so they are productive citizens instead of welfare parasites. Promoting home ownership instead of renting so people have pride in their neighborhoods. And giving money to people to get marketable skills who currently have none. He proposed 3 rock solid initiatives to give real help for recovery.

    Then he directly confronted the problems and took responsibility. He outlined a plan to make sure that we learn from the experience, so we’re better at handling disasters when they happen again.

    So all you hate filled moonbats who “misunderestimate” him: He just showed what true leadership is. He, the GOP and Murka will triumph out of this. All your attempts to throw dirt on him isn’t going to work.

  50. 56

    Puddybud spews:

    Now this is interesting:

    news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20050915/ap_on_go_co/sept11_hijackers – Pentagon destroying documents in 1999. Hmmm… does this mean Sandy Burgler got the rest of them?

  51. 57

    Puddybud spews:

    PacMan, my answer to you is in the bullpen. David Gergen is talking about the 9/11 Omission Committee Report on CNN. What a joke. Is he missing the latest information presented by Yahoo?

  52. 58

    fire_one spews:

    MTR @ 51 … Gosh, I guess the only thing missing was the “Mission Accomplished” banner…

  53. 59

    PacMan spews:

    Sorry about that last sentence in #50. I was watching our President on the tele. I have done some overseas traveling. This is the only country where the opposition party and people say he’s not my leader. Never have I heard that from overseas populations regarding their leaders. Why is that lefties?

  54. 61

    Aexia spews:

    This is the only country where the opposition party and people say he’s not my leader. Never have I heard that from overseas populations regarding their leaders. Why is that lefties?

    Why don’t you ask Dick Armey and the rest of the Republican Congressional leadership during the Clinton years?

  55. 62



    For once your right Fire one! I completely agree that the foreign lefty governments shoot their disagreeing citizens. That is why we repubs call you donks commies. You are learning.

  56. 63

    JCH spews:

    Maxine Waters Headless Lucy’s posts: right through the filter!! When you’re black, you are black!!!

  57. 64

    horse whisperer spews:


    Brian Williams just reported on MSNBC, that the lights came on by generator some 30 minutes before the presidential motorcade came rolling through. Williams is reporting live from NO.

  58. 66

    fire_one spews:

    Roofus @ 58 … so, you mean, we lefties shoot people?
    Pdiddy @ 60 … why not, he’s usually in the dark.

  59. 67

    Donnageddon spews:

    PacMan and Rufus, until you condemn JCH’s racist comments in “Meanwhile back in Iraq..” nothing, NOTHING you say about race has asny meaning. You are fucking hypocrites. Hypocricy knows no color.


  60. 68

    Jerry Springer Jr. spews:

    Mark the Redneck at @51:

    You know, if we wanted to read a RNC press release we could have gone to its website. Couldn’t you have given your prose just a wee bit more individuality? Come on, man, you’re blowing your cover.

  61. 69


    Roofus @ 58 … so, you mean, we lefties shoot people?

    Of course, uncontrolled leftyism is communism. Hell one commie lefty was responsible for over 20 million deaths. You need to shake loose of that revisionist history you were taught in public school.

  62. 71

    PacMan spews:

    Amazing. Not one lefty responds to me Lucite. How typical. How typical. When they aboslutely know it’s wrong they still can’t find the intestinal fortitude to call out one of their own. You lefties are a big bunch of liars. I can’t put into words the anger I feel. Yes Rufus they are donks.

    Hey IT (donk****don – thanks Pud), your tit for tat he did it too argument is worthless. IT, did he use the NIGGER word in Iraq? I have one epithet for you. Up YOURS! Does that clarify it for you donk***don? You have no idea what that word means to a “REAL” black person, especially coming from the left. Up YOURS Goldy! You saw it and you said nothing. And you all are comparing something JCH said about Iraq in the same category? Donk****don, did I say Up YOURS? Well Up YOURS again donk****don. Yes, take this Lucite and shove it up your ass. This crossed the line. You all secular humanists who hate God and what His Spirit means shows that you are not of His Spirit.

    As GBS banished Puddy, I banish you all. May your stay in Sheol be long and painful.

  63. 72

    Puddybud spews:

    Nice passionate commentary PacMan. I hate hearing the word nigger. But when a lefty uses it as a racial slur, what can you expect? Secular humanism my ass. The Bile of Seattle has no limits in whom they slur.

    Donk****don, I really think PacMan was wanting to say Fuck You but he’s a nice guy. So PacMan, was every Up YOURS a Fuck You? Just checking.

    Goldy are you going to release my earlier commentary or do I need to retry it?

  64. 73

    Puddybud spews:

    Lucite’s commentary opened my eyes. Most stuff you guys write has a small ring of truth at times. But Lucite stepped over the line. And no donk cares. Yes PacMan, typical, how typical.

    Now that the Mike Brown newsstory is old news, I look forward to the Shaffer/Phillpott/Smith/Weldon hearings now it looks like the Pentagon shredded vital documents in 1999. Yeah!!!

  65. 74

    PacMan spews:

    Puddy, are you asking or suggesting? If you are asking, yes you are correct. If you are suggesting, yes you are correct. Replase the Up YOURS with dj’s favorite words.

    Yes Goldy, what did Puddy say that you are holding up?

  66. 76

    NoWonder spews:

    mongo @ 48

    ‘Hence Clarke’s comment: “There’s absolutely no evidence that Iraq was supporting al Qaeda. Ever.”’

    I will let you read the last part of my post again:

    ‘This passage led Clarke, who for years had read intelligence reports on Iraqi-Sudanese cooperation on chemical weapons, to speculate to Berger that a large Iraqi presence at chemical facilities in Khartoum was “probably the direct result of the Iraq-al Qida (sic) agreement”. Clarke added that VX precursor traces found near al Shifa were the “exact formula used by Iraq.”

    No evidence? Ever?’

    So, which time was Clarke lying?

  67. 77

    danw spews:

    Bush was asked what he thought of Roe vs Wade, his response….”I don’t care how they get out of New Orleans.”

  68. 78

    PacMan spews:

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/....._emaillink – “The data also underscore the fact that many young people — particularly those from middle- and upper-income white families — simply do not consider oral sex to be as significant as their parents’ generation does. “Oral sex is far less intimate than intercourse. It’s a different kind of relationship,” said Claire Brindis, professor of pediatrics at the University of California at San Francisco. “At 50 percent, we’re talking about a major social norm. It’s part of kids’ lives.” I guess upper income families may need to learn from inner city po black renting lefty donks; making babies really is it!!!

    Thank you Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky.

  69. 79

    K spews:

    It is truly amazing how far off topic the rants go. Racism, hatred and general lack of substance abound. “I’m smart. you’re dumb” passes as witty debate.

  70. 80

    PacMan spews:

    Hey another lucite asshole kisser, danw. That’s old news. I received that by email last week.

    GBS I am really disappointed in you. Did you read me?

  71. 81

    PacMan spews:

    K which side are you on? If it’s lucite’s, then you kiss his ass too. Lucite wrote that filth and no lefty will renounce it. So I will continue to identify you as the enemy too unless you are a righty!

  72. 82

    Puddybud spews:

    More lies from the left: http://www.aei.org/publication.....detail.asp

    Oh no, Hilary’s favorite secular humanism location is backing Bush and Blair!!! news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4244060.stm

    When New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin was asked if he ever came close to throwing his hands in the air and calling Katrina a federal problem, he claimed “I never did that,” on Larry King Live.

    Dear Ray Nagin: How many times did you yell and scream about how you were waiting for the cavalry that never came?!?

  73. 83

    fire_one spews:

    Pdiddy – If you want the truth, just go to Google, type in failure and hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button…

  74. 84

    Donnageddon spews:

    PacMan, you are hollow now. Your words are meaningless drivel. You have had a chance to redeam yourself and you wasted it.

    So long, Moron!

  75. 85

    PacMan spews:

    Hey IT, kiss my ass. I have no need to redeem myself. For what? Please educate me. I call as I see ‘em and I see you lick Lucite’s ass too! Good day asshole!

  76. 86

    Donnageddon spews:

    PacMan, your words are hollow, you have seen racism, REAL RACISM, and you ignored it.

    You are not a Christian, and you are not a Man. You are a hollow void. You are the sound of people dying.


  77. 87

    Puddybud spews:

    Fire_one. Everyone knows all about how some lefty asshole in 2004 had everyone place hits to his web site to diss the President. We on the right know all the left’s tricks.

  78. 88

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Goldy seems to be afraid to bet $20 on the I-912 results.
    Goldy says it will be less than 6 points.
    I say it will be greater.
    Goldy is a chickenshit, tight-ass SOB who probably has the only dollar he ever really earned sewn into the crack of his ass!!

  79. 89

    PacMan spews:

    Donk****don, I didn’t masquerade as a woman, answering to Donna. Also I am very alive, I believe in the Almighty and you hate Him. I saw real racism? Where did I see real racism? If you be talking about NO, I saw real racism. Mayor Nagin and the Governor Blanco whom today said she screwed up, only because it was caught on tape. You see I ain’t one of those who jump on the bandwagon. I processed all the data and I saw two incompetent people who like all lefties deflect when the spotlight of God shows all.

    Yes Goldy was right, Mike Brown was incompetent to handle something this big. But there is no racism here. You are just an arrogant hateful asshole IT!

  80. 91

    Puddybud spews:

    Goldy, I’ll take that bet on one condition. If I lose I’ll buy you some of those love candles I found advertised down here in the SF area yesterday, since U B da sophisticated man!!! I bet I can order some really purdy scents just your style. But if I win I want you to send your $20 to the hmmm…, Ah yes… http://www.therefinersfire.org, a Messianic Jewish organization!!! Are we on???

  81. 92

    headless lucy spews:

    re 7: You’d congratulate the dumb bastard (bush–that one) for remembering to zip his trousers. Not because you think so much of bush, but because it would make you look stupid to the world to admit that you voted for this moron.

    “…when news of the successes comes trickling in…” You’re kind of funny in an unintentional way. Yes , I’m sure you and many like you will be pouring on the accolades when news of the successes comes “trickling” in….

  82. 93

    Donnageddon spews:

    PacMan is a Racist Defender. A vile sick smell left from the stench of rotting corpses. A man who see’s JCH’s racist comments and ignores them. A hypocritical ghost of the laughter of a lynch mob.


  83. 95

    PacMan spews:

    No donk****don IT, you are the most vile type of leftist. A racist. Get it? I am black. I can be a bigot, but you are in the majority, so you ARE THE RACIST. What an asshole. Oh, that’s right you are what you eat. And you been eating at Lucite’s asshole all night.

    GBS, are you MIA? KIA? GIA? FUBAR?

    Puddy you found KSFO. Great radio. Kirby is almost as good in the morning.

  84. 96

    headless lucy spews:

    re 8: 10 billion dollars of everyone elses money will buy you a lot of friendship in LA. We’ve gone over this before: On Aug. 26th, the day Blanco declared this a disaster, the president had the legal power to send in the troops. The fact that he didn’t is the president’s fault. What are you trying to imply: That the president knew this but was just being polite to Gov. Blanco? Do you think the people of America are stupid enough to buy this? ( Of course they are . I’m just being sardonic.)

    I can’t wait ’til the brown shirts come and they come for you first.

  85. 97

    PacMan spews:

    Puddy I see comment #52. Good for you Goldy for releasing it. Oh, donk****don, if I wasn’t clear earlier, U R an asshole. That’s about as rank as I get here.

  86. 99

    headless lucy spews:

    re 93: You may be the right color (I doubt it) but you’re not black. Howard Stern is blacker than you are! You are a poser of the most ignorant sort.

  87. 100

    PacMan spews:

    Lucite, you want to meet an over 6+ feet of black man, and as I pull down my pants watch you salivate? Name the place asshole. Show your butt-fucking face out in public so Stefan Sharkansky can get a good look at you. But wait if your head is really up your ass how would I know it’s really you?

    You see God was gooooooood to me! But since God knew when you were hatched (was it on Route 2 around Monroe at the fish hatchery, or was it by the Auburn Black Diamond Road fish hatchery) you would hate Him, He skimped on some vital statistics in your case. Now I know why you call Stefan the minnow because you are the real fish. And a racist fish as that.

  88. 101

    PacMan spews:

    Lucite: Marks met me. I know he can vouch for my blackness. But here on HA, it seems everyone left of center vouches for your racism, including your giving head cheerleader donk****don!

  89. 102

    Puddybud spews:

    Hey Useful idiots, another book for you to read by Mona Charen: Useful Idiots: How Liberals Got It Wrong in the Cold War and Still Blame America First. Find it on Amazon.

    Cynical, you are clairvoyant.

  90. 105

    headless lucy spews:

    PacMan–you are a pathetic Tom…..

    “There goes ol’ PacMan, see.

    You can see them shufflin’ feet!

    He would rather TOTE than eat…..

    And that’s what I like ’bout the South!”

    My apologies to Harry James

  91. 107

    Puddybud spews:

    See Lucite that’s just what PacMan was talking about. Utilizing stereotypes, use the nigger slam, you just don’t fucking get it.

    He already told all of us he don’t smoke or drink yet you think you are funny. He is pissed at you and you are not funny. You are a 11 year old kid now. Maybe Cynical was right you are around 11 years old. Isn’t mommy going to come up soon and have to scold you for using the Internet when you have to go to work tomorrow and drool over those sweet young male cheeks at school? Why don’t you walk into your little dingy bedroom and get out sho black shoe polish and go black face yo’ self?

  92. 108

    jsa on beacon hill spews:

    I normally don’t comment on Katrina threads. There’s a reason for this.

    You are all talking out your asses.

    Since there is probably nobody else on this board who has any working engineering experience, let me tell you how a “lessons learned” meeting goes.

    You bring all the participants into a room.

    Everyone sits down and says “How did this happen?”, “What did we do wrong?”, “What did we do right?”, and “What steps can be taken to keep wrong things from happening again?”. You then set targets to address the issues, and meet them. If you don’t, expect a phone call from management.

    This is how my meetings go anyhow. Of course, I’ve never been on a team that sunk a city under 20 feet of water either.

    You try to keep from pointing fingers at people. Instead, you look at the process and fix it. Yes, process is implemented by people, and people fail to do things. With good process, you can do a lot even with mediocre people. With poor process, even brilliant people will make mistakes under fire.

    That’s all. Go back to screaming at each other.

  93. 109

    PacMan spews:

    RUFUS: At least a white boy from north Seattle can see this Lucite shit is nasty. Thanks for the support. I was heading to bed and your comment cheered me up. Thanks Puddy for the support in the other thread. It still galls me that no moonbat moby troll will even denounce this vile shit. But I now know what’s par for the course on HorsesAsses.

    Puddy@89: Since Goldy is a racist asshole too, how can he accept your bet? I like your sentiment. He loses either way. He, upon losing the bet would have to send his money to a Christ-centered Jewish organization. And if he won, he loses by him receiving the lavender votive candle set from http://www.bouquetsadultcandles.com. Guessing from you it would be a special delivery.

  94. 111

    headless lucy spews:

    “RUFUS” “PACMAN”!!!???!! RASTARUFARIANAPACMAN…… I don’t get it???? Well, actually, I do.

    Niiiggggggggggggggeeeer Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!!

    No black person in this day and age is named RUFUS!!!!! That’s about as believable as POMPEII or ROCHESTER!!!!!!

    “Oh, ROCHESTER!!!”


    C’mon——Really. Do I look THAT stupid?

  95. 112

    Donnageddon spews:

    RUFUS @ 62 “My views on racism dont count.. I am a white boy. Born and raised in lilly white North Seattle in the 70’s.”

    RUFUS @ 104 “I draw the line when I start getting called a racist by lilly white leftist donk.”

    RUFUS, you are banished. You are a shit eating racist. Get it?

  96. 113

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    C’mon——Really. Do I look THAT stupid? -Comment by headless lucy— 9/15/05 @ 10:56 pm


  97. 114

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Nice pals you got here Goldy… I bet you’re really proud.

    Let you parents play amongst your pals? Your daughter?

  98. 115

    PacMan spews:

    David Goldstein, I’ll not be coming back here ever again. Cynical, my apologies but I have to. You LEFTIST PINHEADS are not even USEFUL IDIOTS. You sit in you comfy chairs eating foie gras and sipping your stupid cappacinos and lattes and allow this racist bile to continue. Yes Puddy this is the Bile of Seattle.

    GBS: I banish myself from here. Racist and continual racist hateful speech is not what I came here for. I came to discuss ideas. But I now see the true colors of leftist thought. Yes, we’ll always be niggers to you “progressives” Yes we’ll always be niggers looking for the white “progressive” massa to give me a welfare check and handout. Yes we’ll always be niggers so you white ‘progressives” can caricature smart people like Dr. Rice with big lips and a big booty. Martin Luther King Jr. was right on the money. The O’Jays had a song “They smile in your face all the time they want to take your place, the backstabbers”. You guys claim to be for affirmative action until it takes a college position from one of your kind.

    I will be taking care of the Mrs. and not wasting my time here. Don’t worry the door ain’t hitting my ass. But you will have one less visitor to you over duplicated numbers from multiple blogging lefty posters who change their name to be funny.

    Oh and as I leave; FUCK YOU lefties! Not crosslinked to Daily Kos!

  99. 116

    headless lucy spews:

    re 111: The idiots will take the bait every time………… This comment is NOT intended for the author.

  100. 120

    Puddybud spews:

    Shit, goodbye PacMan. Goldy are ya really proud now? He was more considerate of your position than I WILL EVER BE! You are a racist David Goldstein. %100 Percent Leftist “Progressive” Racist. You associate with the likes of Head-up-the-ass Lucite and nary a word, nary a word!!! Now we all see why Stefan Sharkansky banned Lucite.

    I would have paid top dollar for the Lucite – PacMan confrontation. Damn, it won’t be!

    Goldy, waiting on your acceptance of my fair offer.

  101. 121

    Puddybud spews:

    Ah yes, the two smug leftist racists on this site donk****don and lucite, smiling gleefully that it took racism to chase an America loving open-minded black man from HA.

    GBS: I am disappointed in you too. He respected you.

  102. 124

    Donnageddon spews:

    PuddyBud, when PacMan wants compassion he can earn it. But as long as he supports the Neo-Con agenda and ignores the obvious Racist posts of others, just because the TROLL agrees with his fascist beliefs… Compassion? Fuck that!

  103. 127

    headless lucy spews:

    You righties are shameless! Trying to use race the way you were! You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

  104. 128

    Puddybud spews:

    The only racist post was from Chuck. And if you look in the overseas papers, these European and Australian white people called it as they lived it. If that’s racism then your definition differs from mine.

    Other European newspapers are in the pity mode. But as asked of GBS: Who controlled the New Orleans power base since Huey Long, donkocrat? Your side, all donkocrats. If anything your side has perpetuated how the poor blacks lived in poverty. You, GBS and others continually deny these truths that are so self-evident.

    Now when “progressives” start calling people Niggers, that is over the line. If you can’t see that then you are not living out your secular humanistic atheism. Sorry donk****don, that doesn’t cut it.

  105. 129

    Puddybud spews:

    Yes donk****don, back at you. But as they used to say back east, “$100 and a note from your mother”. And I wouldn’t touch you with Lucite’s dick!

    Lucite you called me and others house niggers. PacMan took exception, asked you to retract, you didn’t, so he called pox on your house and left for good! If that’s the way to win debates you are a sad excuse for a “progressive”.

  106. 130

    headless lucy spews:

    It’s Stefan Sharansky………. He added the K to sound more aggressive. It’s definately not sexy to be known as the “SHAR”, but that’s who he is……….

  107. 132

    Donnageddon spews:

    PyddyBud @ 126 “The only racist post was from Chuck.”

    PuddyBud, you are banished. You are a shit eating racist. Get it?

  108. 135

    JCH spews:

    Maxine Lucy’s post slide right through…….My posts are all “filtered”. Post, or I’m out of here, Goldenstein.

  109. 136

    headless lucy spews:

    There were those who worked in the fields and those who worked in the house. Those who worked in the house protected their positions and felt above those who worked in the fields. But at the end of the day, they were all property. This is a truth the house niggers sought to deny. But it is a truism that Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice understand every day of their lives.

  110. 138

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    It is quite interesting when self-proclaimed “Progressives” like yourself are put to the acid test, you turn out to be worse than ARCHIE BUNKER! Cocksuckers like you are the ARCHIE BUNKER in LEFTIST PINHEAD clothing (tie-dye shirts, crap jeans and Birkenstocks) in your fantasy 60’s world. You pretend to “feel the pain” of black people. In reality fuckhead…you ARE the PAIN. Your whole political base is based on fear and reliance. You take a piece of shit shake-down artist Jesse Jackson and promote him to King. Jackson is only as powerful as LEFTIST PINHEADS enable him to continue to shake-down whoever he can with his fear-mongering bullshit. Jackson has dragged black Americans to the lowest level possible with his constant drumbeat that essentially delivers the subliminal message that Blacks are somehow too stupid or face impossible odds. Jackson beats his own people down with negativity. Assholes like LUCITE piggyback on this FOR POWER. In reality, LUCITE hates black people and has shown the contempt….REPEATEDLY.
    PACMAN isn’t the only black American on this Blog.
    But black or white….we all have two thing in common.
    We all know that LUCITE is a pathetic sack of shit AND
    that LEFTIST PINHEAD’s (aka LENIN’s USEFUL IDIOTS) are PROGRESSIVE all right…progressing straight to hell!!!

  111. 139

    headless lucy spews:

    re 135: In my mind’s eye I can see your fevered,spittle-flecked visage churning out this garbage at three in the morning. You’re cracking. You need Federal Assistence.

  112. 140

    Puddybud spews:

    Lucite you are a racist ASSHOLE. To use DJ’s more eloquent phrase: Fuck You.

    Donk****don: You are a racist enabler. A DOUBLE FUCK YOU TO YOU!

    Cynical you said it right. PacMan made it on his own without Jesse HiJack-son’s helpis flourishing in today’s world, and people like Lucite and Stupigeddon can’t swallow that thought. But these two can swallow man-made white ropey liquids.

    What gets me is the ones who decry racism on this blog: David, Torridjoe, DJ, GBS, and others. Nary a peep, nary a peep. I thought they wanted to dialogue. I guess not because of their silence they are racist enablers too!

  113. 141

    headless lucy spews:

    Dribblypud: I included you. We Dems are uniters, not dividers. I wish you’d get your feelings bumped and leave for good, too! PacMan left because he’s not black. You guys are so dense.

  114. 142

    For the Clueless spews:

    Hey Pudwhacker! One half of your tag team is splitsville!

    Buck up by reading some Jared Taylor… And lay off the foul language. Remember, you’re a “Christian”. Profanity is unGodly.

    You may now return to apologizing for the Bush death cult.

  115. 143

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I’ll bet PacMan feels like Steve Martin did in that movie where he thought for sure he was Black when he was raised by that wonderful black family!!
    Or that other movie, where the Black Guy wears the KKK outfit and is a leading KKK motivational speaker and no one knows he is black….including him!!!

    lucy stereotypes blacks into this very narrow, helpless mold because he builds his base on fear and anger. It’s an old, old trick….make blacks feel uncapable and screwed over and portray yourself as their Savior. I think most blacks are becoming sick of this pandering bullshit. Every race has folks who want something for nothing. These LEFTIST PINHEADS like lucy are the blacks worst nightmare. That’s why I call them LENIN’s USEFUL IDIOTS. lucy will support any person or program that forwards her LEFTIST agenda.
    The world according to lucytic—people are dependent on lucy and his comrades!!

  116. 144

    GBS spews:


    You’re disappointed in me? That’s because you’re out of intellectual argument so you’re reduced to anger.

    I totally cornered you on the racism issue way back when. I absolutely addressed the likes of Byrd and his despicable role in the Klan. I did speak out against him in our exchanges.

    But I also went into great depths about the demography of the south and how the population as a whole transformed from Democrat to Republican, the historical context and ramifications of the change AND I differentiated the actions of a few Democratic ASSHOLES like Gore Sr. and Byrd vs. the GOP’s overall party platform of discrimination known as the Republican Southern Strategy.

    In addition, I pointed out to you regarding the RNC’s recent apology to the NAACP for your party’s political strategy of alienating “coloreds” in favor of whites. Of catering to the needs and wants of White Christians in lieu of the needs of the black people in the south. And, today, when you look at the faces of the people who were trapped in NO, MS, LA and AL as whole, most of the people who were worst off were black. That is the legacy of the Republican Southern Strategy, not the Democrats War on Poverty!

    My argument was sound and based on historical fact. Yours was weak and based on opinion. The only historical fact you keep bringing up are the actions of one or two individuals (Byrd and Gore Sr.). But you completely ignore your party’s deliberate strategy to ignore the needs of America’s citizens based on color.

    Are the Democrats ideas on helping poverty stricken areas, and in particular black people perfect? HELL NO! Have they lifted the masses out of poverty? Again, HELL NO!

    But at least we are principled in trying to accomplish lofty goals as a national party. The Republicans were principled in the EXACT opposite.

    In the end, the reason why I took you head-on on this particular issue is because YOU compared the Democrats to the Taliban because we’re racists. That I charge I completely rejected and put forth my counter-argument for which you failed to dismantle.

    So here’s one more chance for you, PacMan, to finally answer the question you keep refusing to answer: If I’m wrong and the Democrats are the party of racists as you claim, then why in the HELL did the RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman apologize to the NAACP for the Republican Southern Strategy of discriminating against blacks?

    I’ll be waiting for your intellectual filled, fact based response the my very pointed and direct question.

  117. 145

    notpacman spews:


    ‘…then why in the HELL did the RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman apologize to the NAACP for the Republican Southern Strategy of discriminating against blacks?’

    Pandering for votes. If it works for the goose….

  118. 146

    GBS spews:

    PacMan & Puddybud:

    Both of you also railed hard against me because I’m former military and Democrat and you couldn’t understand why I would be a Liberal since, as you believe, Democrats in the 60’s were the only anti-war protestors and the only ones to defile returning soliders. PacMan, you in particular told me how that bad that made you and your family feel watching the hippies in the 60’s protest.

    Now, there’s the ASS HOLE above my post, Ms Chickenhawk, aka Mr. Cynical, whose said horrible things about Gold Star Mothers. Making statements that I know he wouldn’t have the BALLS to say to her face if her dead son could be standing by her side. Where’s your outrage here? This mother fucker is no better than the butt fucking pig who ran down the crosses in Crawford.

  119. 147

    notanybody spews:

    GBS 143

    ‘Making statements that I know he wouldn’t have the BALLS to say to her face if her dead son could be standing by her side.’

    If her son was still alive it is clear she would not be saying anything. She waited until he was KIA to pillary his choice to serve.

    If he is dead and just propped up beside her, what is your point.

  120. 148

    GBS spews:

    PacMan and Puddybud:

    I’ll say this: Anyone who uses racial slurs like nigger, white boy, spic, chink whatever are ass holes. Small minded ass holes who let their fears get in the way of their common sense.

    Guess what? We’ve got ass holes on our side, no doubt about it. But the Republicans have way more racist ass holes, then we do by a long shot.

  121. 149

    GBS spews:

    @ 144

    I didn’t say or infer propping up a dead soldier next to his mother so he could defend her from some ass hole, jerk-off like Ms Chickenhawk.

    What I said and what I specifically meant, was that a coward like Ms Chickenhawk, who is the poster boy for the Yellow Elephant crowd, wouldn’t say the things he did if her son were alive to defend her. By the same token, you’ll never see that monkey faced shit bag confront any Iraq Veterans Against the War either. The reason: he’s a fucking coward and he knows it. Period.

    That is my point. OK?

  122. 151

    GBS spews:

    @ 144

    Furthermore, Cindy Sheehan never publicly scorned her son for volunteering to serve. Get your facts straight. What she has done is ask the president this one simple question:

    “For what Noble cause did my son die for?”

    And, you know what? The Coward-in-Chief has yet to answer that question. Not just for her, but for the American public. That dolt has botched Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy, homeland security, Social Security, Medicaid, over extended the military. . .What do you think is GWB’s greatest accomplishment?

    I bet killing Osama Bin Laden is at the top of your list, isn’t it?

    Oh, yeah, he’s fucked that up, too.

    Looking forward to your keen response to Bush’s lack luster accomplishments. I mean illustrious accomplishments.

  123. 152

    GBS spews:

    Don’t sweat it, the list will be a short one if you’re being honest about W’s accomplishments.

  124. 153

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    GBS–@146 and other rants–
    I never said anything offensive about Mrs. Sheehan you asshole.
    In fact, I repeatedly acknowledged how deeply grief-stricken she must be. I did question whether or not she is being used to make political statements by the fringe lunatic left (that’s you asshole GBS)…frankly, there is no doubt about that.
    People like GBS are so blinded by rage that they make things up. I challenge you to put my specific comments in their entirety that offended you so much.
    Can’t find anything GBS??? I wonder why.
    GBS is a lying sack of shit!

  125. 154

    notanybody spews:

    GBS 149

    ‘Cindy Sheehan never publicly scorned her son for volunteering to serve’

    Not directly. Many things she has said regarding WHEN everyone in the US knew GW is a terrorist and that the Iraq war is a diversion implicates her son’s choice to enlist voluntarily. She did not speak out before he died, at least not that I can find.

  126. 156

    GBS spews:

    @ 150

    FUCK YOU! YOU LYING PIG. You did say those things about her being mentally unstable and not just grief stricken. Like most of the Yellow Elephant fuck heads you blended the two; grief stricken and mentally ill. I’ve already compiled your comments in previous threads so I won’t do it again.

    If standing up for the military and their families makes me the fringe lunatic left then that’s me to a “T”. Proud Liberal, Proud American, Proud Veteran and proud to defend those who have a different opinion than yours, those who can’t, and those, like you, Rush, Hannity, Cheney, Hastert et al, who won’t take up arms.

    But that’s why I served; so morons like you can have an opinion.

    You coward!

  127. 157

    GBS spews:


    One last thing, have you ever seen me posting at all hours of the night?

    HELL NO!

    So don’t go off on me about PacMan being pissed because I’m “silent” on the matter. Jesus Christ, I’ve got a million great things going on in my life and none of them include blogging at fucking midnight. Check my post times. I’ve got a great job working mostly from home which allows me to yack on line between getting a bunch of other things done. I turn my f’ing computer off by 6pm every night no matter what. With the exception of doing financial research for my Roth IRA. But that’s it.

    Sorry if PacMan got so pissed off at pixels on his monitor, but I’m sure he’s a little more thick skinned than that. If not, well, every man has his breaking point, I guess some angry words by people he doesn’t even know brought him to his breaking point.

    Whatever, but it’s not my doing. Quite frankly, whenever I see posts starting to break down along the lines this one did, I simply gloss over them. Rarely, would I care what the fuck morons are saying about race. The only reason I went back over this thread is because of the comments I saw regarding me, it made me take another look.

    Now I got to run for a while and get more work done. The phone is ringing which means money is coming in.


  128. 158

    GBS spews:

    @ 151

    “Cindy Sheehan never publicly scorned her son for volunteering to serve’

    Not directly.”

    If “not directly” then don’t try to use words like pillory. Is that the new right-wing talking point defamation word of the day?

  129. 159

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Well, well well…

    A democrat opens his mouth and despicable lies spew forth …what a surprise.

    The president of a Louisiana parish tearfully told a national TV audience the heartbreaking story of a coworker whose mother was left to die in a flooded nursing home days after Hurricane Katrina immobilized New Orleans – but, as it turns out, the story isn’t true. …

    The site claims Broussard, a Democrat, was “trying to score political points” by blaming federal officials when Louisiana’s emergency plan explicitly designates local officials as those responsible for pre-disaster evacuation and for responding directly after an event.

  130. 160

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Oh Gee… Isn’t this exactly what we predicted would A HREF=”http://newsbusters.org/media/2005-09-15-ABCPSP.wmv”>happen …

    An ABC News reporter who apparently expected hurricane evacuees to criticize the president after his speech last night, instead heard words of praise for Bush and blame for local officials.

    Dean Reynolds, in the parking lot of Houston’s Astrodome, spoke with black evacuees from New Orleans, but “not one of the six people interviewed on camera had a bad word for Bush – despite Reynolds’ best efforts,” said the Media Research Center in a report on the segment.

  131. 161

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    sigh… html is not my friend… of course, a PREVIEW BUTTON, such as the one they have at http://www.soundpolitics.com/ would help too.

    Oh Gee… Isn’t this exactly what we predicted would happen

    An ABC News reporter who apparently expected hurricane evacuees to criticize the president after his speech last night, instead heard words of praise for Bush and blame for local officials.

    Dean Reynolds, in the parking lot of Houston’s Astrodome, spoke with black evacuees from New Orleans, but “not one of the six people interviewed on camera had a bad word for Bush – despite Reynolds’ best

  132. 162

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    You crazed bastard!
    Of course Cindy Sheehan is mentally unstable….who wouldn’t be after losing a son. Plus she is expected to carry the Bush-hating venom for pricks like you!! You GBS are taking advantage of this woman…pure and simple. Keep trying to deflect the criticism….you smell of the vomit you spew!

  133. 163

    GBS spews:

    @ 158

    You lying bastard!

    That’s not how you phrased it and it’s not what you implied. If you think for one moment that I’m letting fuck-wads like you and Larry Northern off the hook — forget about it! I’m just like a pit-bull clamped down on you and I’m not letting go. Every time I see your sorry ass on this blog I’m going to remind you of what a scum bag, coward you really are and let you have it!

    Furthermore, you go on to prove your narrow mindedness by thinking I’m taking advantage of her by doing what her son cannot do — defend her rights and her honor. I don’t know Casey Sheehan, but I would venture a guess he wouldn’t be mad at me for sticking up for his mother.

    Not only am I defending her, I’m defending other Gold Star Mothers in her position from attacks and intimidation from ass holes like yourself. Just like what those fucking cowards in Crawford were doing to people at Camp Casey.

    I’ll tell you another thing you fucking one-sided jerk off, I’d do the same for any Gold Star Mother who wants to voice her support for Bush, but gets any shit from someone on the left.

    But that’s the difference between men like me and cowards like you and the rest of your ilk in this administration who didn’t serve; neither of you mind going to war just as long as someone else is doing the fighting. If it was such a fucking NOBLE CAUSE what aren’t Bush’s two capable daughters serving in Iraq? BAWK! BAWK!! BAWK!!!

    Fuck, Ms Chickenhawk that would interfere with their boozin’, smokin’ and cokin’ time wouldn’t it? How fucking noble is that? Wow, like father like daughters; when our country is at war and we needed able bodied people, you just couldn’t count on the Bush Crime Family members to be there.

    Well, except GWHB, at least he’s an honorable man when it comes to serving in the military.

    Oh, yeah, FUCK YOU!

    Oh, and FUCK OFF!!

  134. 164

    notanybody spews:

    GBS @ 155

    ‘Is that the new right-wing talking point defamation word of the day?’

    I will try to both use better words and spell them correctly in the future. The definition I thought was the best fit is:

    pillory – “inflict punishment on”

  135. 165

    GBS spews:

    @ 152

    Good read, thanks for the link. Yeah, the Bush admin sure screwed the pooch on this one.

  136. 166

    GBS spews:

    @ 161

    First, it’s not the spelling, it’s the intent. The only time I make an exception to that rule is when some other blogger is insulting another and makes stupid errors like that. Hell, read my posts and you’ll see I make plenty of typos.

    I’m not sure what you’re trying to infer anymore though. Are you trying to say that Cindy Sheehan is trying to publicly punish her son’s decision to join the service?

    Her son’s memory?

  137. 167

    GBS spews:

    PacMan, Puddybud:

    I’m taking off for the weekend. So if I won’t be responding to your posts, don’t take it personally. No throwing temper tantrums, and definetly no stomping your feet, holding your breath and promising to never visit HA again. PERIOD!

    ‘Cuz, you know, that I know, that you know, that I kow, that you WILL visit again.

    All right, my crackers, I’ll check you later. By the way PacMan, you and black people are not allowed to say “cracker” when referring to us honkies, OK?

    Sorry, man, but thems the rules, and that how I roll. Well, not like rolling on “E”, but you know what I mean.

  138. 168

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Cindy, when asked for comment, said “Bahhhh, Bahhhh” then looked toward her handlers from Fenton Communications to make sure she said it correctly.

  139. 169

    GBS spews:


    Just so you know, any time someone says “I have not been smacked down by you.”

    And, then follows it up with the French phrase: “Au contraire.”

    You know you’ve smacked the living shit out of that person so bad that they started speaking French.

    Do you know why French military rifles from WWII are worth so much?

    Because they’ve never been fired and dropped only once.

    See my question at 141. I’ve asked it enough times, you should have formulated an articulate answer by now. Hell, you’ve had a couple of weeks, months maybe, to pull together an answer.

  140. 170

    GBS spews:


    Reeaaaaaallllly?? WOW! Neat! I guess I’ll be joining your side. Fenton Communication, oh man.

    That’s like fucking up the greatest economy in the world, squandering $300 billion dollars building an Islamic state in Iraq, and ignoring your own Homeland Security plans after being attacked by the “evil-doers” on September the 11th, 2001 and figuring out that you haven’t made sure Ameri-Ka is safer.

    OK, now where do I go to drink from the mighty righty kool aid container. Do I have to listen to Kirby and John and LT. and Rush and Sean and the other brainwashing idiots? Or do I find it at “Shop-right” on aisle 666 where Regan is serving free samples of the elixir?

  141. 172

    marks spews:

    Ignorant Loocey @129

    He “left for good” because he’s not black.

    I have no idea why I am taken aback at your incompetence, perhaps it is because you purportedly “teach” children. Are those wrestling moves you teach consistent with actual wrestling, or is it the moves you use to compel youngsters to do your bidding? And just what bidding do you compel? I would guess warm showers are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak…

    Having met PacMan, I can assure you he as black as my brother-in-law. He is also as black as (and more intelligent than) Jesse Jackson, but then, so is my obsidian pet rock.

    So, the problem here is you use the N word and expect to sail the waters with impunity. I believe you have shipwrecked yourself on an iceberg, using the one term that no white boy like yourself can use EVER without direct quotes. Racism is indeed alive and well in Headless Lucy. Most of us knew that by your hatespeak in other topics, but this is your day to shine!


  142. 173

    headless lucy spews:

    You’re blind, marks…. And a posturing , moralizing dipshit who has no insight into what’s real and what ain’t. If I’m not mistaken(and I’m NOT) the kind of “welfare” you decry ended under the administration of Bill Clinton. It was a program DESIGNED by his administration and it worked. Do you remember what it’s like to have a competent President? It wasn’t that long ago. And don’t try to give the credit to the Republican congress. They fought it tooth and nail. The Republicans are the ones who want to keep minorities poor and dependent and on welfare and keep the poor whites thinking they got something ’cause the black man’s got it worse.

  143. 175

    michael spews:

    Well… duh-uh! Perhaps that’s why FEMA should be run by people who’ve actually been there before, huh?

    Hmm, I would say if the New Orleans Levee board was made up of people who knew, duh, anything about levees we wouldn’t be in this situation. Instead it is made up of Jim Huey – a businessman, Mike McCrossen – Orleans Parish Recorder of Mortgages, Dan Foley – Orleans Parish Civil Court Clerk, Darrel Saizan Jr. – Business Consultant, Eugene Green – president of the New Orleans Business & Industrial District, and Allen Borne – Lawyer.

  144. 176

    headless lucy spews:

    Michael, when you point your finger at someone, three of your fingers point back at yourself!! And your thumb is pointing a little bit up in the air……………..sort of………

  145. 177

    Puddybud spews:

    Lucite – Republican policies kept blacks poor. So if Everett Dirksen didn’t get his gang to vote for the VRA & CRA where would blacks be. Most level-headed economists accept and say democratically induced welfare destroyed the black home. I have given many links to that knowledge.

    GBS, I have a plane to catch I will discuss the racism with you further. Regarding PacMan, I have no idea if he is still here. I do know is email address since he wrote to me about college experiences back east.

  146. 178

    Puddybud spews:

    ProudAss: Just maybe the people of NO know who their massas are and those who are liberating them too. Six out of six say NO low-life govmint didn’t help them leave. Maybe they say the LA-NG keeping the supplies out and the MSM decided not to publish it.