Media double standards

But there is evil in our world that will destroy souls and nations if conservatives don’t unite against it. Our response to the problem of Judaism cannot mainly be war, though it may include war. We must respond with a renewed culture. We must counter the rise of Judaism with a faith of our own.

That is not to say that conservatives must be Christians, but conservatives must understand that the only defense against Judaism is a vibrant Christian culture. Politics is a contest of opinions about how best to protect a culture; while culture has to do with ideas and relationships, politics has to do with force and order. Our politics need not be immediately religious, but our culture must be.

The cult of Judaism repudiates self-government and all we hold dear. If we are to continue to be a self-governing people, we must be a people of strong character, and strong character is founded in the Christian faith. If conservatives are to be reunited, we must first unite against Judaism. From there we can renew our determination to be a self-governing and Christian nation.

Had any general election candidate written an overtly anti-semitic statement like that, no doubt our local media would be all over the scandal, and you can be damn sure the candidate’s own party wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole. But substitute “Islam” for “Judaism,” and those are all direct quotes from 25th LD Republican nominee Hans Zeiger.

Yet except for a couple bemused blog posts about Zeiger’s labeling of the Girl Scouts as a bunch of “radical feminists, lesbians, and cookie peddlers,” we’ve so far heard crickets from our local media about Zeiger’s intolerant, hateful, and dare I say fascistic political views.

Why? Well, I can only assume that our region’s journalists and editorialists are simply more accepting of anti-Islamic bigotry than they are of anti-Jewish bigotry. I mean, how else to interpret such an extraordinary double standard?

(Ironically, should Zeiger defeat Democratic incumbent Rep. Dawn Morrell, the media post mortem will no doubt berate her for failing to get her message out. Imagine that.)


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    worf spews:

    The hard truth is that you can not simultaneously believe that these rights are the inalienable gift of a creator, and also that they must be earned by having the right skin color, belonging to the right party or attending the right church. You can not even believe that these rights are the exclusive property of American citizens. Otherwise, they aren’t rights at all. They’re something you have until shouted down by the crowd.

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    wisepunk spews:


    I have been banned from the ST comment boards twice because I have done this exact same thing. Take a comment that someone makes about any group, substitute the group name with “Jews” and point out that what they are saying is bullshit.

    I guess the Seattle Times desn’t like us uppity Jews.

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    the toecutter spews:

    goldy? talking about double standards?


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    John425 spews:

    Goldy: FYI- Jews never beheaded Americans nor did they crash 747’s into our buildings, killing thousands. The state of Israel has about 7 million Jews in it, and that roughly equals the number killed in the Holocaust. Muslims want that number to be zero and they don’t care if Israelis are moved out or bombed out. You seem to fit the description of what has been described as a “self-hating Jew”.

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    Perfect Voter spews:

    Sometimes in my more perverse moments, I think it would be just great for Mr. Zeiger to become an elected Republican office-holder. His bat-shit crazy rantings would sure pose a dilemma for his less demented colleagues, and simultaneously diminish the Republican brand.

    Just as long as he’s not part of a Majority caucus!

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    John @4,

    The term is “self-loathing Jew,” and honestly, who the fuck do you think you are to tell me what kind of Jew I am? Your own anti-semitism bleeds through.

    And by the way, Muslims flew planes (none of which were 747s, FYI) into buildings, not Islam. Blaming Islam for the attacks, and by extension all Muslims, is kinda like blaming the Jews for killing Christ. (“Kinda,” because it was actually the Romans who killed Christ, but that’s another argument.)

    There are plenty of people of all races, religions and creeds who have done a lot of awful things. You want to blame the species, that’s fine. But don’t get me started on a list of Christian atrocities conducted in the name of the Messiah whose coming your Bible-verse-cum-screenname proclaims.

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    Michael spews:

    This seems more like media folks being lazy than anything. They’d have to a lot more work if they’d labeled The Z Man a nut job. Just ignore it and maybe it will go away…

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    rhp6033 spews:

    It seems to me the problem is that what passes for the mainstream media, locally (Seattle Times, KOMO, KIRO, Fox@13, etc.) have only enough resources devoted to the election races to repeat candidate’s press releases and report on poll results. Actually digging into a candidates viewpoints and qualifications and publicizing them would, from their viewpoint, (a) be making a value judgement which should be avoided, and (b) alianate roughly half of their audience.

    It’s a wonder they bother pretending to cover the elections at all.

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    spyder spews:

    Perhaps Goldy should do a weekly piece (heading into the election) substituting another religion for Islam in the writings of Herr Hans. Jainists, Hindus, Shintoists (how many did they kill?), and so forth, just to reiterate the point that the man hates, will always hate, and hates vehemently.

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    jeff spews:

    @4 You are right that Israel (or any other Jews) hasn’t killed Americans by beheading. But Israel did kill 34 of our soldiers when they attacked the USS Liberty. On a per capita basis Jews have killed about as many Americans in battle as Muslims have.

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    media whore spews:

    Oh c’mon. If the media didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

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    media whore spews:

    Mentioned before that I interviewed a USS Liberty survivor. LBJ put a Pulp Fiction gimp gag on everybody who crawled off or slid off that canted deck.

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    Gman spews:

    The 3rd Reich is being resurrected by God hating people, while waving an American Flag. This Country needs more homosexuals.

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    uptown spews:

    Most of the hijackers were Saudi. How come we never hear much about that from our wing-nuts?

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    czechsaaz spews:


    As an aside, when I was living in L.A., FAIR did a study on the media during one of Mayor Riordan’s campaigns. Of the 6 local TV outlets totaling 14 hours of news coverage per day in the six weeks leading to election day, the Mayor’s race was aired a whopping total of less than 10 minutes. (I’m summarizing since it was long enough ago that I’m too lazy to try to find it. I think the actual number was less than seven minutes.)

    I’d bet that local TV (which surprisingly is still your average Joe’s primary exposure to current events) hasn’t uttered the name of a single state house or senate candidate for more than 15 seconds.

    Local media was dead long before the SkyNets became popular.

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    czechsaaz spews:

    More @10

    Alterman has been pounding the point that the right’s “working the Refs” over “Liberal media bias” has resulted in the kind of coverage that treats both sides of an issue equally, no matter how insane one side is. It’s all done in the guise of “judgment free” coverage.

    Example, “Some say that allowing a Muslim community center to be built near the World Trade Center site is a requirement of constitutional expressions of freedom of religion and equal protection under the law. Others say Muslim Americans don’t deserve constitutional rights.”

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    not fucked up and confused spews:


    yes gleeman, because it should be an american right to be as nutty, sick, and confused as you.

    “Aids and Lube for Everyone!” could be your new slogan!

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    Dbl Standards spews:

    The White House eagerly tweeted the link to a New York Times hit piece on John Boehner that accused him of taking in loads of lobbyist cash. They called his connections to lobbyists “especially deep” — but not, apparently, if one compares them to current Democratic leadership in both the House and Senate. As Timothy Carney reports for the Washington Examiner, not only has Nancy Pelosi taken in twice as much lobbyist cash in this election as Boehner, but Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer have collected more in the last six months than Boehner has in six elections …

    via Hot Air

    Not a Roger Rabbit commentary.

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    Dbl Standards spews:

    the kind of coverage that treats both sides of an issue equally, no matter how insane one side is

    Fox, in its coverage that treats both sides of an issue equally, no matter how insane one side is, does a disservice to fairness and balance by by giving the insane left more coverage and fairness than it deserves.

    About this czech and I agree. Fox needs to start pounding the point that the left is fucking nuts. Bottom line. End of insane story.

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    uptown spews:

    Thankfully, it’s reported today that the Pentagon wants to sell billions in high tech arms to the Saudis. Can’t have the Iranians destabilizing the region can we? You remember the Iranians, they’re the folks who had their elected president overthrown by us and a puppet Shah installed until he got the boot.

    What could go wrong with arming a kingdom, whose very rich citizens are so pissed off that they support terrorists against us?

  21. 23

    Dbl Standards spews:

    You remember the Iranians, they’re the folks who had their elected president overthrown by us and a puppet Shah installed until he got the boot.

    Had their Soviet-symp president set aside in 1953 by a popular uprising emboldened by Kermit Roosevelt.

    After which Iran was a reliable and stable (compared to what came with Khomeini) US ally until 1978/1979.

    25 good years, in other words, for them and us until Carter bitched it up. Would that all our foreign policy worked as well.

  22. 24

    czechsaaz spews:


    “25 good years” in exchange for 30 and counting of Mullah’s, Terrorists, USS Vincennes, “The Great Satan”…. In short “25 good years” in exchange for the propaganda that eventually lead to radical Islam and the Jihad against the U.S.

    Yep, sounds like good working foreign policy to me.

  23. 25

    czechsaaz spews:


    Point made, but Hot Air taking a little liberty with the facts?

    “not only has Nancy Pelosi taken in twice as much lobbyist cash in this election as Boehner.”

    Looking at the link, in conservo-uneducated world $40m x 2 = $71m

    And just for laughs, in 2006 election cycle, when Rs were firmly in control, House Speaker Tom Delay $191m. That actually is significantly more than double than current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s $71m for the 2010 election cycle.

  24. 27

    rhp6033 spews:

    Carter “botched it up”????? I know that’s been the Republican theme since 1979, but it’s not gotten any truer over time.

    I had a few Iranian friends when I was an undergraduate in college, they were over here on student exchange programs. Although they came from rather priviledged homes in Iran, the ones who benefited most from the Shah’s regime, it was clear that Iran was a boiler building up steam which would eventually explode. The only question was how bad America would be burned in the process.

    One Iranian fellow sent home a letter to his parents with a picture of him and some of his American friends. In return he got a letter from Savak (the Iranian secret police) which told him to get his hair cut or have his scholarship funds removed. They also wanted details on all of his American friends in the picture, and their politics – again under threat of having his scholarship money yanked and a rather intense interrogation upon his return home.

    So by 1978, the Shah was facing pressure from every aspect of Iranian society. The traditionalists (Khomeini followers) wanted him out because they wanted a theocracy, and were offended by his western ways, and his imprisonment and torture of their leadership. The communists wanted him out because they were, well, communists, and they hated the Savak as well. The liberals wanted him out because they wanted a parlimentary democracy, and they also hated the Savak. By 1978 everyone knew the revolution couldn’t be contained, it was just a question of which faction would end up on top. Everyone knew that when the explosion came, the Shah would ask for U.S. assistance in putting down the revolution, even if it meant having U.S. troops battling demonstrators in the streets of Tehran. Carter was determined to avoid that scenario.

    So Carter tried to distance himself from the Shah, in the hope that the U.S. could re-establish some relationship with the new regime. But it was by then far too little, too late. Most Iranians considered the Shah and his family to be little more than puppets of the U.S., and the hated Savak to be the creations of the U.S. military and the C.I.A. Indeed one of the principle teachers and organizers of Savak was Herbert Norman Swartzkopf, who had gained fame as the man who captured the killer of the Lindberg baby while he was a State Trooper, and in counterintelligence in the U.S. Army during the war. This man was the father of Gen. Norman Swartzkopf, who led U.S. forces in the first Gulf War.

    The problem with maintaining a prepressive regime is that you can’t do it indefinately. With no outlet for the dissent, pressure builds up until it explodes. The Cold War had allowed virtually ever two-bit dictator to use the threat of communisim to extort military aid and grants of money from the U.S., which the dictators used to prop up their own repressive regimes, consolidate power, and enrich themselves. But they couldn’t maintain power indefinately on such a basis.

    Nixon realized this, as did Carter. The difference was that Nixon was able to put the problem off until somebody else had to handle it (which Kissinger confirmed was the outline for handling the end of the Vietnam war). This left Carter to deal with other pots which were near to boiling over, such as Iran, Nicaraugua, and Panama.

  25. 28

    czechsaaz spews:


    Ooops, I added extra zeros to the numbers on the Hotair link provided @20.

    40k x2 = 71k in conservoworld. (substitute Ks for Ms across the board)

    Also worth pointing out the oddity that House Speaker Pelosi, you know the most powerful member of the house, is outranked in lobbyist dollars by 5 Rs and 8 Ds. By former Speaker Delay standards, Pelosi is picking up pocket change.

    Interesting thing I’ve now noticed about Open Secrets. They break out “lobbyist” money (that Hotair is trying to make hay of) and PAC money.

  26. 29

    Doc Daneeka spews:

    “Politics is a contest of opinions about how best to protect a culture”




    Honestly, that one stopped me in my tracks. Sure, the garden variety racism is deplorable. But sadly not all that exceptional in America.

    But until I read this statement I honestly never contemplated that part of the reason for the rise of bat-shit-crazy on the far right was due to such a stunning mis-comprehension of basic political theory.

  27. 30

    Puddybud identifies zotz as another arschloch and as a dumb brick spews:

    Another disgusting lumping of people in “groups”. Just read the contempable commentary of the standard HA fools above.

    Goldy asked John425

    The term is “self-loathing Jew,” and honestly, who the fuck do you think you are to tell me what kind of Jew I am?

    Well Goldy… you surely tell everyone who is against your political persuasion we’re Tea”baggers”. Hmmm…? Surely sucks when someone attacks you personally eh?

    Gigantism is a particularly notable affliction of the right wing mentality.

    So that’s why you show yourself with a big head, pink hair, and leetle tiny appendages ylb… showing everyone this is a true caricature!?! Who knew?

  28. 31

    Puddybud identifies zotz as another arschloch and as a dumb brick spews:

    The traditionalists (Khomeini followers)


    Try again rhp6033. Traditionalists HAHAHAHAHAHA

  29. 32

    Brenda Helverson spews:

    As a lapsed Southern Baptist, I always learned that Christianity was founded on Judaism and that we all worshiped the same entity, although we saw Her in different ways. Likewise for what we then called Mohammedism – same Boss, different address.

    So for a Christian to repudiate Judaism seems to be a particularly nasty form of self-hatred.

  30. 33

    slingshot spews:

    Muslims in America are not the left’s ally. Let the right wing have their way. The last thing we need here is another right-wing, nut-incrusted religion denying the teaching of science in schools, mucking up pro-choice rights, fucking with LGBT rights, women’s rights, etc, etc, on and on. They’re just another group of fanatic lemmings looking to seize a chunk of power.

    Use your brain and let Newt Gingrich do your dirty work.

  31. 34

    Puddybud identifies zotz as another arschloch and as a dumb brick spews:

    No it’s the muslims overseas who are the left’s ally. If you could remember anything slingshit, since you have moronic moobat! memory malady, Puddy placed some muslim middle east commentary where they were happy Nancy Pelosi won the Sleazer of the House. Ask your good friend ylb to replay from his database the information. Puddy is sure ylb will glady replay the links for a brilliant commentator such as yourself.

  32. 35

    czechsaaz spews:


    Wow, Pudwacker! Glad you’ve returned to form

    “(insert nonsense) Puddy remembers what (libtards, morons, feckless…) don’t and (insert name calling, usually profane and scatological) cause Puddy posted it sometime in the past and Puddy won’t provide any links. Ask someone else to do it for me.

    That was the most classic Puddy intellectual fart that’s appeared on HA in quite a while.

  33. 37

    media whore spews:

    Czech, in trying to demonstrate the hotair innumeracy of “conservo uneduacated world,” tells us @28 that he flubbed his zeros and his M and his K @25. Actually, he said @26, but he flubbed that too.

    Sure glad we’ve got czech from libtardo-educated world looking out for us.

    But why, when he has so much libtard education to draw upon, does he carom into a very belated bash of Tom DeLay? Perhaps it’s because I failed to link the New York Times hit piece mentioned by Hotair.

    Yes, there’s no percentage in leading cheers for the Shah, not after he was bashed to death in 1978 and 1979 by our always-reliable media. Not after, as rhp tells us turgidly, he was despised by Iranian dissidents for not being sufficiently fundamentalist. Or sufficiently pro-Soviet. Or too pro-USA. Or something.

    I still say that Kim Roosevelt and the CIA had a rare win-win with its power-play in 1953. Iran won 25 mostly good years. To disparage that good quarter century by what followed is to trivialize history and the human condition, for which the only constant is change, often for the worse.

    Iran in the Carter 1970s is analogous to Turkey in the Obama here and now: a liberalizing secular state lurching toward destructive fundamentalism. If Iran’s lurch to the dark side in 1979 was all our fault for what happened in 1953, how are you going to blame America first for what’s going wrong in Turkey now?

    And yes, rhp, Nixon kicked some of the Iran problem down the road to hapless Jimmy. Every president kicks (part of) every problem down the road because there are seldom final solutions to anything in This Modern World.

  34. 38

    tailgunner spews:

    I have here in my hand the July 2010 National Geographic. It’s upset about the old clapped-out grid that’s divided into more parts than Gaul and that breaks down into regional brownouts and blackouts that are almost as costly as expense of trying to appease IRS.

    If only we’d shitcan out old stupid grid and get a new improved 21st-century smart grid. If only, says an associate VP for campus sustainability at this university, we’d kick our fatal attraction to bad fossil fuels while hooking up millions of smart electro cars to a smart grid like National Geographics.

    Too bad that The Atlantic pooped on the smartgrid parade. It seems, according to The Atlantic, that there’s a motherfucker (conficker) worm worming through almost everything, and there’s no DDT to snuff it.

    And then there’s terror czar Richard Clarke reporting that our greatest vulnerability is to cyberterror.

    So the smart left wants us to throw out our old horse-and-buggy grid with all its useful redundancies. Get a grid that goes with computer generated go power.

    But the rest of the left warns that, at this very moment, our computers are as fucked as a motherfucker.

    What’s a mother to do?

  35. 40

    czechsaaz spews:

    Oh @37?

    Failing to keep up? @26 refers to @26 questioning my numbers @20. (To use an internet cliche—FAIL!) Dodge the fuzzy HotAir math or have you figured out a formula where 40 x 2 = 71?

    The numbers (in ks, not ms, my bad as admitted) provided by HotAir for some reason break Lobbyists, Direct Corporate Giving and Pacs as seperate pieces. When you look at PAC contributions as provided by the links to Open Secrets @26 (Funny same source Hot Air used to “try” to deflect the issue) you see Pelosi – 1.275M(really M this time) from 435 contributors. Boehner – 1.840M from 745 contributions. Looking a touch further you might notice that the #1 industry contributing to Boehner is “Finance, Insurance, Real Estate” at a hair under half a million.

    So when the New York Times prints that Boehner met with hundreds of banking lobbyists in the runpup to the financial reform act AND Boehner receives a HUGE percentage of his campaign funds from those industries, despite the protestations of Hot Air, the Times is accurate. (Facts. Tough to deal with.)

    Your amateur analysis of Iran and the “blame America first” crutch is typical of brain-dead conservative thinking. The citenzenry of Iran from 1953-79 suffered greatly. From the vantage point of the oppressed Iranian citizen, the U.S.A. toppled the democratically elected government, propped up the Shah and caused that misery. The simmering hostility toward the U.S. in 1953 becomes a full roiling boil by 1979. But conservatives refuse to acknowledge that foreign policy considerations sometimes have negative results down the road. Reality isn’t conservatives friend. America can do NO wrong and make ZERO mistakes.