McCain’s YouTube problem

It’s not like politicians have never lied or flip-flopped in the past, but it’s one thing to compare and contrast the printed word, and entirely another to do it via video. John McCain just can’t continue to contradict his prior recorded statements, pretending that YouTube doesn’t exist, and still expect to maintain his credibility with voters, especially now that he’s already damaging his reputation with reporters.


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    Jim, (a genuine musician) spews:

    I think it all depends on how well the surge is working and we are down to pre-surge levels (OOPS) and Iran is training Al Qaeda (OOPS) and it really doesn’t matter when the troops come home (OOPS) and the war will be over soon (OOPS) and Grampy McGeritol needs to take another nap.

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    YLB spews:

    Like McCain said about Kerry in 2004, “he’s going to have to answer to his record.”

    So it’s flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flop.

    Sorry wingnuts, what ever comes around you know.

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    ByeByeGOP spews:

    So how will the righties explain this? Are they going to try to say he didn’t say this stuff even though we have the video? Or will they take their usual approach. Attack the messenger and pretend the truth they know isn’t the truth at all.

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    All Facts Support My Positions spews:

    Insane McCain. Politics as usual. Say what ever the group you are talking to wants to hear, and forget about it.

    I am just wondering if he is completely insane. Does he really understand that every time he opens his mouth he only contradicts himself? When he is not directly contradicting himself, he is saying things that are nonsensical, or just plain stupid.

    And to think. John Insane McCain is the best the Republiconvicts have to offer. Kinda makes you want to laugh.

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    All Facts Support My Positions spews:

    Let’s pretend I am a reporter. My first questions would be: “Mr. McCain. How many girls did you sleep with while you were still married to your first wife? Do you think adultery is a sin? Do you think it is ok to leave your crippled wife to “play the field” as they say?

    There isn’t one single reporter with the balls to ask the first question I would like answered.

    The only thing I hate more than the Republiconvicts, is the cowardly ass kissing idiotic press.

    The Republiconvicts wouldn’t be able to dismantle America as they have done without a press corps that was playing along every step of the way.


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    michael spews:


    Got any youtube footage of that?

    And I still haven’t heard much in the way of you folks actually supporting McCain and Dino.

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    "Hannah" spews:

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    Broadway Joe spews:

    I hate to play devil’s advocate, but we all are allowed to change our minds about things. Even politicians can do that. But it’s a matter of scale. All politicians flip-flop to one degree or another, but McCain does it to such an extreme, it reminds me that I need to go buy a new pair of sandals…..

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    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Republican shill Hannah is at it again. Okay Hannah – if you can stop waiving the GOP flag long enough I challenge you to point out 5 flip flops from President Obama. Then I’ll point out 15 (that’s three times as many for you righties) from your boy Flip Flop McCain and they’ll ALL be much more substantial.

    Put up or eat yourself out cunt!

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    proud leftist spews:

    Hannah appears to be whoring again. She doesn’t want to turn off any potential client base. Throw a bone to the left, throw a bone to the right. Hannah, there is a right and there is a wrong. This election presents a rather clear choice. Which side are you on?

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    "Hannah" spews:

    @17 – I am an Obama voter, no doubt in my mind, but when I see the game continued to be played (on either side) I will call it out. I get sick and tired of those who will point out the other persons faults, yet support their person who also has some of the same faults. Which is it? Do we want to continue the GWB game of “well he did it, so can I” or are we all finally sick of that game?

    We have plenty of D’s and R’s that need to be cleaned out of the house, so to speak as, as we need people in office that TRULY want to represent the American people, not just the lobbyists and not just to win the trophy. We have had these people in the Ccongress and House who have allowed GWB to muck thinks up for the past 8 years and no one has stood up. We keep hearing about impeachment…well get on with it then…but no they sit and wait, for what???

    Time to elect a fresh face, hopefully honest man to clean up this government and its years of failures.

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    proud leftist spews:

    All of us have our faults. I have many, none of which I’m inclined to share on a blog. Politically, however, choices must be made. It’s great that you claim to be for Obama. But, he cannot succeed as a president without congressional support. He needs strong Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate. That requires all of us who support him being equally devoted to providing partisan support. The contemporary Republican Party lacks ideas, values, even scruples. Step up, Hannah, are you for change, or not?

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    The Downing Street memo: Remember that?

    “Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD [weapons of mass destruction]. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the / policy.” The memo also stated, “It seemed clear that Bush / had made up his mind to take military action, even if the timing was not yet decided. But the case was thin. Saddam was not threatening his neighbours, and his WMD capability was less than that of Libya, North Korea or Iran.” Nevertheless, “If the political context were right, people would support regime change,” explained Blair. And, according to the London Times, “a separate secret briefing for the meeting said Britain and America had to ‘create’ conditions to justify a war.”

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    proud leftist spews:

    Good God, man, are you insinuating that crossing a road without a green light, whatever might be the traffic situation, is okay?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @13 “at least McCain has a record to defend”

    He sure does:

    Wrecked 5 taxpayer-owned planes and a set of powerlines.

    Cracked under torture and collaborated with the enemy.

    Ditched his injured wife for a rich bitch.

    Packed his campaign staff with lobbyists.

    His involvement in Keating 5 scandal.

    Yep, you’re absolutely right, John McShame has a whole lot of ‘splaining to do.

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    ArtFart spews:

    It’s not just that McCain keeps changing his tune–it’s that he’s changing for the most part in the wrong direction.

    I pretty much gave up on him when he got up in front of God and everybody and “clarified” his opposition to the American military using torture to mean he was opposed to it merely because it would “encourage the enemy to do the same thing”, rather than because it’s just plain wrong.

    His current babbling about how he doesn’t want to “privatize Social Security” but instead give people the “option” of putting their contribution in some privately-managed “investment” that they’d “own” is pathetic. There’s the old right-wing extremist mantra that the government couldn’t possibly take care of your money as well as private bankers. Does that mean the same financial geniuses that wrote all those dicey mortgages and then packaged them into “high-rated bonds” and sold them to your 401K fund? Yeah, right!

    Let’s not even get started on whatever the hell he defines as “victory” in Iraq…are we going to continue to pursue that for the next “100 years” while we “bomb bomb bomb Iran” at the same time?

    Anybody for adding another couple trillion to the national debt? How about $20-a-gallon gas?

    I found McCain pretty appealing when he was running for the nomination in 2000. Since then he’s sunk to the same level of delusion and depravity as the Bush/Rove team that handed him his ass on a plate back then. Another term or two worth of their shit and there won’t be an America left to argue about.

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    ByeByeGOP spews:

    So in other words – GOP shill Hannah wants to make a vague, factless statement and then wants to bail – refuses to defend herself – probably doesn’t have an idea what to do – waiting for instructions from Lush Flimbaugh.

    Or she just wants to eat herself out.

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    Puddybud spews:

    To all real fathers on HA, Happy Father’s Day.

    To the moronic bybygoober, rujax!, clueless idiot, etc. —–ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Just SOME of the FlipFlop McCain highlights.

    Was against the Bush tax cuts – until he was for them…

    Was against torture – until he was for it…

    Was in favor of letting Roe v. Wade stand – until he was against it…

    Thought right wing asshole preacher Jerry Falwell was an agent of intolerance until he wasn’t…

    Was against ethanol – until he was against it.

    You get the idea.

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    "Hannah" spews:

    @26 – what “factless statement” did I make that I need to defend? Remember to provide facts to support that I made a “factless statement”.

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    History spews:

    Funny ByeBye, I was always told that Puddy was the product of an afair between R Nixon and Condi’s mama.

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    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Hannah you republican bitch you said President Obama was a Flip Flopper yet the best proof you can provide is an out of context YouTube clip.

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    "Hannah" spews:

    @35 – I am pointing out the hypocrisy of most here, ALL politicians D or R flip flop, and there is plenty more than 1 single clip on that youtube search! Look it up and then tell me who is the troll? Point to where I defend McCain on the main issues? I can sure point out where I defend Obama on the many issues people try to use against him…so enjoy all you want believing what you want, anyone who has gotten to know my views well enough know better. And when you can come on here and provide some actual debate and views besides the slanderous obsenities, others will actual value your views and opinions.

    And headless, yeah we all know who you really are!

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    Politically Incorrect spews:

    A word of advice Hannah: the main players here love the Democrats to the point of obsession. They simply will not recognize any mis-doings by Democrats, particularly liberal, Neo-socialist Democrats. They will only attack Republicans because this is a very liberal blog.

    If you find examples of Democrats behaving badly, by all means, bring it to the attention of the usual suspects. Don’t be surprised if they attack you, however. That’s just the way it is. If you go over to Stefan’s blog and attack Republicans, the response to your comments will be about the same.

    Don’t take any of it personally.

  25. 39

    "Hannah" spews:

    PI @ 38 – Oh I have learned not to take things personally. I know I don’t fall over left, so many here will disagree with me. People like BBG never bring any relevance to this blog, just obsenities so I have no problem throwing facts back in his face.

    I support who I support based off record of their serving the people, not JUST because of a D behind the name like BBG does. He would vote for a child molester as long as he had a D behind his name and there was no one but an R running against him. Sad what some people have come to.

  26. 40

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Hannah = GOP shill! Just remember we’ve outed her on it a dozen times. Don’t be fooled. She’s not one bit interested in the Democratic party other than to attack it.

    Now back to the subject of the thread. So far – more than a dozen credible sites have accumulated HUNDREDS of McCain flip flops and he (as well as his agent Hannah) will not be able to continue to get away with that thanks to the “Internets.”

  27. 41

    "Hannah" spews:

    @40 – wanna show some facts? Wanna show where I am against Obama or even Darcy? Try it there Mr Thinks He Knows It All!

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    Daddy Love spews:

    John McCain has finally really come up against it.

    For years he has been able to get away with outright lies on a regular basis because the press had internalized the “straight-talking maverick” narrative and simply ignored the huge pile of evidence to the contrary. But McCain can’t sweet-talk YouTube, and can’t ignore or explain away the many, many, and growing number of film clips of him personally saying one thing one day and another thing the next, and so clearly doing to just to pander to whatever political constituency needs fluffing at the time.

    He’s caught dead to rights in a medium he and the conservative movement can’t persuade, intimidate, or control. It’s glorious to watch.

  29. 43

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    …She’s not one bit interested in the Democratic party…”

    Neither am I BBG. The Dems are idiots.

  30. 44

    Jack Acid spews:

    Despite all the posturing on both sides there’s about a nickel’s worth of difference between the two parties.

    All you need to do is decide which area of your life you’d like invaded and where you’d like your tax money wasted.

    Do you want to deal with the religious zealots who pick and choose which words of their holy book to believe and want to forbid gay marriage or the religious zealots (and yes it is a religion) who rabidly devour the environmentalist propaganda?

    If you believe in something then back the idea, don’t just blindly follow the party that claims to believe in your ideals.

    Obama will most likely be our next President and he’ll probably do a decent job, but he’s not perfect. If he makes mistakes or shows bad judgment we should call him on it the same as anyone else. That’s our responsibility as citizens.