McCain kicking Obama’s ass

I know it’s early, but so far McCain is kicking Obama’s ass, 16 electoral votes to 3.  It’s a landslide.

Oops.. spoke too soon.  A bunch of polls just closed, and now Obama leads 77 to 34.  What a relief.

We’re watching CNN, but MSNBC has called Pennsylvania for Obama, which really puts a knife through McCain’s electoral strategy.


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    dutch spews:

    no matter how it goes…basing anything on msnbc is like a circle jerk…wait til more data is in otherwise you are drunk before you can say: President Elect McCain…:-)

  2. 9

    TJ Molina spews:

    Good grief… still at work and had ABC News Now on… they aren’t streaming ABC News… Sam Donaldson and the guy on the set are awful. Switched over to NBC’s stream with Brian Williams.