Massive scandal hits Florida GOP

Don’t miss this excellent diary at DKos by writer davidkc concerning the crackup of the Florida Republican Party. Gov. Charlie Crist has now called for a federal investigation concerning allegations of financial improprieties by the Florida GOP during the tenure of former chair Jim Greer, who resigned in February.

It’s the usual GOP stuff: lavish spending, hush money, dirty tricks, those kinds of allegations. Several very handy and informative links in that DKos diary to Florida newspaper articles about all this, nice with coffee.

Why should we care about possible corruption among high ranking members of the Florida GOP, besides the sheer spectacle of even more Republicans being brought low by arrogance and greed? Don’t forget that our own Republican Attorney General, Rob McKenna, has signed on to the lawsuit to block health care reform brought by Florida AG Bill McCollum. Now McCollum has to investigate his party’s own scandal while he’s running for governor, with the Feds presumably watching over his shoulder. He was in a precarious political position anyhow, and now he’s walking on a razor on a tight rope.

Looks to me like McCollum has more important things to do than file frivolous lawsuits, and that Florida filing suit against reform was itself an orchestrated political hiss. Just sayin’.


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    Mark Centz spews:

    Justas long as Big Mac can account for every taxpayer dollar he’s spending on this effort, every billable hour he’s taking from his own day, and there are news organizations like The Stranger and Publicola asking questions and being rude on my behalf, let him hiss away. The more he wears teabagger livery, the better for Gov Inslee.

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    Michael spews:

    Opposing health-care may have helped some Republicans’ popularity, but it hasn’t fattened their wallets, according to The Washington Post. With midterm elections eight months away, GOP candidates trail Democrats in nearly every important category of fundraising, the paper reports

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Crist is desperately behind Rubio.
    This is a desperate act by a desperate man that has nothing to do with McCollum’s Constitutional Challenge of Oba-MaoCare.

    It’s a desperate stretch that doesn’t reach.

    Dummocrats cannot understand how to act when in power. Constant attacks on the minority will backfire. You need to actually LEAD.
    Oba-Mao is an ideologue who says one thing and does the Marxist opposite.

    Watch Fox News Sunday Night to find out more about the real Oba-Mao and how his current actions are consistent with his radical past.

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    czechsaaz spews:

    “Watch Fox News Sunday Night to find out more about the real Oba-Mao and how his current actions are consistent with his radical past.”

    Hee, hee, haw, stop, you’re killing me.

    Would that be the Fox News of editing interviews to make it look like they were conducted by a different anchor? Would that be the Fox news of putting a picture of Frederick Douglas up, with the wrong spelling, saying he debated Lincoln?

    “Baaaaaaa-baaaaa-baaaa” -Cynical

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    Alki Area spews:

    @4 Yeah “Fox News” may be popular, no debating that, but it’s a JOKE. It’s only popular with the dumbest of the population. Anyone with a brain or education just giggles when someone mentions Fox News. Especially with the “Fair and Balanced”(tm) tagline since it’s the exact opposite. But that’s Republicans for you, they look you in the face and say the opposite of reality.

    It’s the most ridiculous made up news you can find this side of The Onion, which is at least funny on purpose. I laugh and laugh when I hear Beck or similar go on about how the evil space alien robot Obama will outlaw Christmas with his magical Kenyan army before putting all Americans in concentration camps after stealing our guns. Just a lunatic bunch of child reporters. Funny (again not on purpose).

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    Michael spews:


    We need to lead? You mean like passing HCR, reforming the banking sector, drawing the war in Iraq to a close, ramping up the war in Afghanistan, ending mountain top removal mining and upping CAFE standards (for just a start)?

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    puddyklynicallostatsea spews:

    Hey righties, didja read the paper today? There’s a nice op ed piece by Rob McKenna. On the law. funnything though — he doesn’t even mention the power to tax for the general welfare when he tries to argue that HCR is unconstitutional.

    Gee, I wonder why?

    And he asked a question of can the feds force you to buy a product rather than be “inactive.”

    Hmmm…..we know the states can….I have no choice of who to buy electricity from. The housing code forces me to buy it, dammit, infringing on my tenth amendment liberty! And the state forces me to buy housing, the damn building code does not let me live on my Seattle lot without a house or dwelling unit to live in! My god, they even regulate WHAT KINDS OF ROOMS I HAVE TO HAVE AND HOW MANY WINDOWS, mygod, george washington would have a shit fit — nobody told him how many rooms or windows to provide for his slaves, right? He had LIBERTY AND FREEDOM, you see. Oh wait, our founders actually forced the slaves to be slaves, didn’t they? Man, we always forget about that. so they did’nt really have this notion of freedom as claimed, right clynical idjit?

    Let’s see what else. I am forced to buy food cuz I gotta feed my kids. I am forced to send them to school or enslave myself spending hours and hours at home educating them myself. Damn, no freedom there either!

    If I divorce, I can be forced to pay alimony. What in heck! Another socialist scheme to TAKE MY MONEY AND GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE. Clynical, puddydrudge, lostatsea, help me I need a teabagger to get back my liberty, the gumming wants to literally take my hard earned dollars and give them to someone else!!!

    And of course ther’es social security, medicare, mandatory auto insurance, damn, it’s getting to be JUST LIKE SOVIET UNION STYLE COMMUNISM. Can’t do nothin’ without all these intrusions on my freedom. They don’t even let me commit suicide, you know, that’s illegal, thus FORCING ME TO BUY FOOD AND CLOTHES AND SHELTER god damh these here commies who are forcing me to engage in private commerical transactions!

    And here’s the last straw. They won’t let me shit on my property. No, really! I wnated to take a dump but Big Brother over at the Seattle city code enforcement folks said “hey wait a minute, you are hereby forced to place your shit in a toilet and send it to SPU (ever notice how much that resembles the S.U.? hmmmmmm? think it’s a coincidence?) thus FORCING ME TO BUY SEWAGE SERVICES FROM SOMEONE ELSE NOT BY MY FREE ACT OF CHOICE AND FREEDOM.

    Damn, it might as well be the Khmer Rouge, fuckin’ commies down at City Hall!

  8. 9

    Oba Mao spews:

    Clynical, please report to reeducation camp no. 20202020. Your id no. is 30305890438908. don’t worry, we are going to “take care of” your family while you are gone!

  9. 10

    Oba Mao spews:

    NEw question on the census for for clynical lostinthehead and puddybuddy:

    what guns are in this house?

    are they in working condition?

    [Taken from every census from 1787 thru the Civil War — but now that we’re instituting communism, these questions will have another purpose! We will be compelling all the NRA members to join our national … “militia”…yeah, that’s it we will set up special “militia camps” for the gun owners. Heh, heh heh! They can’t sue about that that’s clearly in the federal govt. powers, to conduct national defense and ensure that well regulated militia!

    Gulags, here we come! And to think it all starts with a tiny $595 penalty on your tax bill. My god we have improved on Lenin’s techniques!]

  10. 11

    Oba Mao spews:

    notice how the right wing idjits shut up if you treat them like the childish bullies they are?

  11. 12

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @3 “You need to actually LEAD.”

    You’re trying to be funny, right? Please tell us this is a joke, Cynical. Given your party’s “leadership” record, I’d hate to think you meant this seriously.

  12. 13

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @7 “They won’t let me shit on my property.”

    Yeah, I had this problem, they told me I couldn’t shit on my property, so I moved to a public park.

  13. 16

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @10 “NEw question on the census for for clynical lostinthehead and puddybuddy: what guns are in this house? are they in working condition?”

    It looks like Klown may have been outdone:

    “Police say a man accidentally shot his neighbor in the head … the suspect pointed the rifle down with the barrel resting on the floor as he attached the sling …. Then he pulled the trigger ….”


  14. 18


    @7, many years ago there was a story in the PI about a woman that produced zero trash (other than light bulbs that she disposed if at he job). She ate whole fresh foods, composted the waste, and was forced to pay a sanitation fee. I think it was 1.75.

  15. 19

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Here’s a thought: Why wouldn’t Charlie Crist just switch parties? Since he’s no Faux Noise celebrity he’d fit into the REAL big-tent party just fine, and once he freed himself from The Stain, he’d probably be able to win his election by 30 points while simultaneously coming out of the closet.

  16. 20

    puddyklynicallostatsea spews:

    @18. Well obviously being forced to pay a sanitation fee of $1.75 is EXACTLY THE SAME AS starving 40 million rich peasants and Ukrainians to death and putting 20 million in labor camps and supressing all freedom, because as klynicalpuddybuddyandlostinthehead point out, any kind of collective action via democratic process is SOCIALIST COMMUNICISM LIKE IN RUSSIA!!!!!!!!

    Isn’t it funny how they’re finally shutting up?

    It’s clearly because they are too ignorant to deal with the points made above. They’re just like little 4th graders in the school yard. They make faces and scream, until someone slaps them and then they run away and cry like the yellow bellied chickens they are. Their lack of guts is amazing, only equalled by the their complete level of stupidity and lack of education. They’re a really good example of how the right wing corporate overlords dupe the ignorant to be conservative and convert them into robots spouting nonsense that only serves the rich and that’s just….total fucking nonsense.

    They still haven’t answered the question, “how did we get out of the depression?”

    Because it wasn’t thru smaller gummint reducing taxes and no borrowing. They still can’t answer why the high income states have income tax if income tax is supposedly death for your economy, nor can they answer the question of how come Canada with its communist socialist health care system and higher taxes could have reached parity with the USA in per capita income over the last few decades?

    See, this just destroys their stupid, ill informed, ignorant theory that a nice mixed economy creates a downward spiral. It obviousl cresates an upward spiral.

    So puddyklynicallostinthehead:

    if you want a bigger economy,
    which means

    you oughte be for BIG government with “socialism” like in Canada and Europe.

    really, you know, they do seem to think that over in France people are starving and dying in labor camps. Can you believe the level of profound ignorance this reveals? It’s like arguing with mentally disabled people. I mean at a certain point your anger at them just has to turn to pity.

    Klynicalpuddybuddylostinthehead….how sad. They actually think people in Canada have the same freedom as people did under Stalin or Mao.

    I do believe the only solution is special reeducation camps for them.

  17. 21

    czechsaaz spews:

    Stock righty answer…

    It’s simple. We got out of the Great Depression by fighting World War II.

    Of course, the gub’ment didn’t spend any money fighting World War II. There wasn’t a huge increase in spending on service member pay. No increase in the manufacturing sector due to increased gub’ment demand. The Gub’ment didn’t spend a damn dime on R&D labs or U.S. Steel.

    It was Magic!!!! World War II solved EVERYTHING!!! The New Deal was totally commie until WWII and the Japs and Krauts rescued the U.S. (Countdown to someone calling me a racist in 5, 4…)

  18. 22

    rhp6033 spews:

    From one of the articles in the link:

    Florida Republicans are upset with “…inept political operations, dirty campaign tactics, unfair treatment of candidates …, dubious fundraising practices and lavish spending.”

    I thought those were considered qualifying qualifications for being in the Republican Party – at least as far back as I can remember.

  19. 23

    rhp6033 spews:

    Wingnuts like to criticize government programs like F.D.R.’s Tennessee Valley Authority and Rural Electrification Program. But they conveniently forget that those, and other similar programs, allowed for the construction of dams on the Tennessee and Columbia river which provided cheap and plentiful electricity to run aluminum plants and uranium/plutonium processing plants during WWII. The result was a sky filled with B-17’s over Europe (referred to ultimately as the “Aluminum Overcast”, and B-29’s capable of delivering the atomic bombs over Japan fueled with processed nuclear fuel from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and Richland, Washington.

    German nuclear scientists had rejected as impractical the methods used by the U.S. to process uranium into nuclear fuel for bombs. They said there was no way enough electricity could be created to perform such a task in even ten or twenty years. When news of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nakasaki hit Britain, where German nuclear scientists were being detained, microphones concealed in the barracks revealed the German scientists insisting that it was Allied false propoganda, because they “knew” it was not possible to create one atomic bomb in the time allowed, much less two.

    Of course, they didn’t have the immense surplus of electricity required to produce both aluminum and process nuclear material that was available in the U.S., thanks to F.D.R.’s programs.

    (Note: a tip of the hat to Calvin Coolidge, who’s water projects paved the way by overcoming Republican opposition to using federal funds for dams which Republican purists argued should have been left to “private ventures”.)